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					Edition #1                                       2008-09 School Year                  September/October 2008

                 Gator Tales
        Sawgrass Springs Middle School
        Environmental Science Magnet School
        12500 West Sample Road
        Coral Springs, FL 33065
        Mrs. Adeline Andreano, Principal
        Main Number (754) 322-4500
        Attendance Line (754) 322-4502
        Fax Number (754) 322-4585
From the Principal: Adeline Andreano                                    This price includes drinks and pizza. A DJ will
                                    st                                  keep them dancing and having fun all afternoon
We are now almost through the 1 quarter of the new
school year. I want to thank everyone including teachers,               long. Volunteers are always welcome to help out
staff, maintenance, administrators and of course our                    at this fun event.
great parents and students for making things run                       October 16 and 17 we are seeking volunteers
smoothly during August and September. We are off to a                   during the school day for our 6th grade vision
great start and are looking forward to a super year here                and hearing screening. Please call Vickie Shaw
at SSMS.                                                                in the guidance department to let us know if you
Mark your calendar for a few events coming up here                      can help out.
in Gator land:                                                         Our 7th and 8th grade students are required to
      The City of Coral Springs is cooperating with us                 complete career visions, and an educational
         on our National Walk to School Day on                          prep education plan. We appreciate your
         Wednesday, October 8th. This is a day to                       support and assistance to ensure that your child
         save energy by having our students who are                     finishes the state mandated career plan. Eighth
         driven to school instead walk, ride their bike or              graders will not be promoted if their E-PEP plan
         their rollerblades/skateboard. All of our zone                 is not done. Teachers are presently signing
         schools are participating in this green idea.                  them on-line. Since it is web-based they can do
          Encourage your child who normally is driven to                this at home after they are logged on.
         school to walk or ride with a buddy or with a                 Please continue to use your child's planner to
         group of students. Help them plan the amount                   communicate with your child's team of teachers.
         of time it will take for them to walk in order to get          Review the planner often to look for upcoming
         to school on time. Our jazz band will be playing               chapter tests, projects, homework, etc. This is a
         in front of the school to help energize our                    great resource tool for students and parent to
         walkers and riders. Media coverage is                          make sure that their child is on track
         expected. Please support our walk to school day                academically in all their classes and continuing
         event. Volunteers welcomed. Thank you. Call                    to succeed at SSMS.
         Mrs. Andreano at 754-322-4511with any                         Thanks again for all you do to make us shine!
         questions.                                                     Remember Respect is Key!
      October 10-17 is our annual SSMS Book Fair                SSMS October Calendar of Events
         in our Glades Media Center. Please call us if           October 7 All County Honors Orchestra     4pm
         you wish to volunteer. In addition, we are              October 8 Color Guard Tryouts            3:45pm
         offering family portraits from 4 to 7pm on              October 8 National Walk to School Day
         October 15-17 in our Media Center. Wayne                October 9 Yom Kippur Holiday – NO SCHOOL
         Graphics Photography will give a portion of his         October 10-17 SSMS Book Fair (Media Center)
         proceeds to our PTA. Take advantage of this             October 15-17 Family Portraits (Media Center) 4-7pm
         opportunity to have your holiday photos taken           October 16-17 6 Grade Hearing Screenings
         and ready to send to family and friends. Check          October 17 Ice Breaker Dance              3:45-6pm
         our website for package offerings at                    October 23 Early Release Day              1:35pm It will be listed at the PTA link         October 24 Teacher Planning Day – NO SCHOOL
      Our PTA is planning our Ice Breaker Dance on              October 24 Last Day of 1 Quarter
         Friday, October 17 from 3:45 to 6:30pm.                 October 27 Start of 2 Quarter
         Tickets will be sold the week of October 13             October 28 Chorus All-State Test #2
         during lunch in the cafeteria. Tickets are $10.00
         each for Sawgrass Springs students only.
Edition #1                                     2008-09 School Year                   September/October 2008
PTA News                                                           Car Drop Off/Pick Up Lane
     Remember to join PTA, if you have not yet joined.                Parents please do not stop your car in the
     Send a check for $10.00 written out to SSMS-PTA.                 middle of the street to drop off your child. The
     Your child can give it to their homeroom teacher. We             school has designated spaces for student drop
     are striving to get as many parents and teachers                 off. Accidents can be prevented if we all follow
     signed up as possible. Joining PTA will bring you                the signs placed by the Coral Springs Police
     many benefits.                                                   Department. Keep your child safe and follow the
     o When shopping at Office Depot, use our school                  rules. For the safety of all children, please also
         ID # 70021021 for 5% rebate sent to our school               follow these rules:
         directly twice a year.                                      Do not use cell phones in the car pool lane.
     o Target also has money for education with their                Pull all the way up to the front of the line even if
         credit card. When signing up, list our school to             it is not convenient. This will help traffic flow.
         receive their 1% rebate checks which they send              Only pick up and drop off students in designated
         twice a year. These extra funds go into our                  areas.
         student general account for purchasing student              Please do not drive or park in the fire lane.
         certificates, rewards, incentives, and additional           Before/After-School Supervision
         supplies and programs used and needed for the                Parents be aware that Sawgrass Springs
         classrooms.                                                  provides supervision outside of school at
     o Thank you for all your support and help                        8:30am and until 4:00pm (thirty minutes before
         throughout the year!                                         and after school). Please make arrangements
Family Portrait Nights                                                so that your children are not left unsupervised
In the Glades Media Center on Oct. 15 -17 from 4:00 -                 before or after these times every day. There is a
7:00pm family portraits will be taken.                                before and after care program available. Contact
When was the last time your family posed for a                        the school and ask for more information if
professional family portrait? Now is the time to do so.               interested. Thank you!
For just $39.95 + 6.00 shipping you get a 5x7 matted &             Cellular Phones/ I-Pods
mounted picture and an extra 5x7 and (3) 4x6 photos.              Your child "assumes a risk" for bringing a cell phone,
No sitting fee. We'll have a holiday background and a             I-Pod or MP3 player to school. If the above-
generic background for you to choose from. Don't miss             mentioned items are lost, stolen or damaged, the
out on this great deal. You will love the results!
                                                                  school bears no responsibility for them . While these
Safety & Security Tips                                            items are not prohibited they must be out of sight
It is extremely important that schools strive to be as safe       and not turned on during school hours, including
as possible. We want to be proactive and take                     the time on a school bus. If an electronic device or
precautions to ensure a safe and secure environment as            cell phone is seen or heard on campus, it will be
possible. To achieve this goal at Sawgrass Springs                confiscated. Even if it falls out of a pocket
Middle School, we ask of our students and parents the             accidentally, it will be taken away. If any of these
following:                                                        devices are confiscated by a school official - they will
     Bullying                                                    not be returned until a parent or guardian comes to
    Unfortunately, bullying is a can be part of childhood         school before 4PM to retrieve it. When the
    and many times children are afraid to report it to the        confiscated item is returned a detention may be
    proper adult. Please encourage your child to talk to          issued. While the school will take measures to
    school personnel if they are victims of                       secure confiscated items, the Broward County Code
    bullying/harassment or if they witness it. We do try          of Student Conduct states “that employees of the
    our best to keep things confidential when bullying is         School Board of Broward County will not be held
    reported and deal with it quickly. Sometimes                  liable for items that are prohibited and are lost,
    children make remarks that they think is just a joke          stolen or confiscated including cellular phones.” The
    but their comments can be very hurtful to those it is         only time a student may use a cell phone is on a
    directed at. Students should report bullying and              school bus during a “life threatening” emergency.
    avoid verbal or physical altercations. If a situation
                                                              News from Officer Hughes
    becomes physical, students need to know that self-
                                                              Welcome to another successful and SAFE school year
    defense is not a valid defense. If a fight is started
                                                              here at SSMS. To ensure that we have a truly safe
    we are required to punish all the aggressors, not just
                                                              school year I would like to remind everyone of a few
    the one who instigated the incident. If at anytime,
    you feel that your child is being harassed or bullied,
                                                                  1) If your child is on a bicycle and is under the age
    please immediately report the incident to the
                                                                      of 16, he or she must be wearing a helmet. The
    appropriate grade level administrator, guidance
                                                                      fine for not wearing a helmet while riding a
    counselor or teacher. We can only solve problems if
                                                                      bicycle is $61.00.
    we are aware of them.
                                                                  2) All children have been instructed that they must
                                                                      cross Sportsplex Dr at the crosswalk.
Edition #1                                    2008-09 School Year                  September/October 2008
       Students caught crossing anywhere else will be           o   Searchable educational content designed to
       issued a $61.00 citation.                                    assist with homework and projects
    3) Finally, please do not stop on Sportsplex Dr. to         o   Monitored bulletin board with educational
       drop your children off. Besides being a safety               content provided by students, mentors, parents,
       hazard, it will cost you $90.00. With your                   and teachers
       cooperation, we will have another great year.            o   Links to select educational Web sites
SSMS Teacher of the Year Nominees                                   The Florida Tutor Network,
Back in the end of September there were 4 teachers        , is a similarly
nominated for the prestigious award of Teacher of the               designed site with the same features and is
Year at SSMS. Those very distinguished and well-                    offered by the Florida Department of Education
deserving candidates are Fran McMahon, 7 Grade                      to students attending schools in the Panhandle
Math Teacher, Sharon Murray, 7 Grade Reading                        Area Educational Consortium (PAEC), North
Teacher, Dori White, 8 Grade Math Teacher and Kathi                 East Florida Educational Consortium (NEFEC),
Randolph, Art Elective Teacher. We congratulate them,               and Heartland Educational Consortium (HEC).
all for being nominated and wish them luck as voting will   ART NEWS
take place in October to determine the 2010 SSMS            Congratulations goes to all the art students for
Teacher of the Year.                                        participating in the 2008 School Lunch Poster Contest
Gator Athletics                                             which is sponsored by Broward County Food and
        Soccer Tryouts have begun and the teams will        Nutrition Services. All first place winners are being sent
        be announced shortly. If you have any questions     to the county and judged with the other middle schools.
        regarding tryouts or the upcoming seasons           Our first place winners will be honored at the K.C.Wright
        please contact Coach Bremner for the girls’         administration building in October.
        team and Coach Gutierrez for the boys’ team.        The SSMS winners from our school are:
        The season begins on October 20. GOOD               8th Grade
        LUCK GATORS! Score a winning goal.                  Lauren Bertino             1st place
    o      Students who wish to participate in athletics    Carl Paalzow               2nd place
        must have a minimum 2.0 GPA in the grading          Alejandro Ortiz            3rd place
        period prior to start of season. Student must       Haithuy Pham               4th place
        also be in good standing with school in regards     Ronen Wolf                 4th place
        to behavior. If you have any questions, please      7th Grade
        contact the appropriate Coach or see Coach          Whinkie Leung              1st place
        Bremner (SSMS Athletic Director) in room 816.       Thi Tran                   2nd place
Educational Resources                                       Marielena Reyes            3rd place
The Department of Education recently completed the          Lillian Nguyen             4th place
production of two interactive web based tutoring            6th Grade
programs that we hope will be helpful to your students
                                                            McKeelan Warrior           1st place
for mastering the Sunshine State Standards and
                                                            Jamisha Jasmin             2nd place
providing homework assistance.
                                                            Isabella Louis             3rd place
        The Florida Learning Network
                                                            Margarita Duran            4th place, provides
        students homework help when they need it.           Congratulations to the winners!
        Whether students are struggling with subject-           o   September 21, 2008 was International Peace
        related concepts or need assistance with weak               Day so our students made paper pinwheels with
        skill areas, tutors are available through the               messages and art work expressing their
        convenience of the Internet. Students can                   personal feelings about peace in the world. On
        connect with a tutor from home, after-school                September 22, the pinwheels were placed on
        programs, the library—anywhere there is an                  the fences, media and office, and railings around
        Internet connection. Florida Learning Network is            the school.
        a collection of online resources for students in        o   I would like to thank the following teams and
        grades K-12. Tutoring and guidance in                       teachers and of course students who
        accordance with Sunshine State Standards is                 participated in this great activity. They are Team
        provided for mathematics, science, reading, and             603, Team 604 - Mr. Vandygriff’s class, Team
        social studies at no cost.                                  701 - Ms. Aber’s class, Team 704 - Ms. Beames
    Florida Learning Network provides students with                 and Ms. Long’s classes, Team 803 - Ms.
    these resources:                                                Sweeting’s class. Elective teachers that took
    o Real-time, online tutoring through an electronic              part in the event were Ms. Haggerty, Ms.
        whiteboard provided by trained tutors                       Lourenco, Ms. Aronson, Ms. Brooker, Ms. Baker
    o A whiteboard is a place where students and                    and Ms. Randolph's students. Thank you all for
        tutors can interactively ask and answer                     your hard work in helping with this wonderful
        academic writing questions                                  activity.
Edition #1                                     2008-09 School Year                   September/October 2008
    o   Our supplies for this project were purchased by                It will showcase how both schools
        our own PTA while the straws were supplied by                  implemented and succeeded in conducting
        the McDonald's at 11655 West Sample Road.                      large scale project based learning and
        Thank you to the manager of that McDonald's,                   integrated technology on all three grade
        Igor Santiago for his generous donation. We                    levels. Way to Go SSMS and Westglades!
        appreciate everyone’s help in this very               Tutoring hours for both programs are Monday through
        worthwhile endeavor.                                  Thursday from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. Eastern Time and
                                                              Central Time for K-5 grades and from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m.
                                                              Eastern Time and Central Time for grades 6-12. Help
                                                              desk hours are from 2 p.m. to 10 p.m. Eastern Time for
                                                              both sites. Students, parents, and librarians can register
                                                              at any time. Students under 13 must have parental
                                                              permission to participate in the tutoring sessions. Only
                                                              students can participate in the tutoring sessions but
We are proud to announce our morning Go-pher                  parents can link to their student and view saved tutoring
Reading Club. This club meets Monday thru Friday              sessions.
from 8:15 - 8:50 in Room 206. The purpose of this club        Tutoring
is to expose students to environmental books and to                   Spanish Tutoring will be available in Room 803
build stamina for upcoming state tests by reading daily.              every Thursday morning at 8:15 A.M. Students
Ms. Collins, our Reading Specialist, circulates and tells             should consult their Spanish teacher in advance
students the readability level of each book they read.                to obtain a pass to enter the school early. Take
Refreshments and book talks are throughout the week                   advantage of this opportunity if you are in need
and a Friday raffle takes place. (You must be reading to              of assistance or struggling in class. Please
win!) A couple of field trips and author visitations are in           contact Dr. Grun, the coordinator of this
the planning stages for the year. The club is open to all             program, if you have any questions.
students.                                                             Math Tutoring by the Coral Glades Mu Alpha
                                                                      Theta Honor Society has begun! These math
Glades Media Center                                                   tutors come to help our SSMS students every
       The media center now has projects on                          Thursday (except early release days) at 3:40 PM
        display from our Summer Reading Program.                      in Room 803. All math students are welcome!
        Come down and check out these wonderful                       Please attend and receive individual tutoring
        projects.                                                     coordinated by Dr. Grun. Come get an early
    We are also gearing up for our annual Book                       start on preparing the Math F-CAT as well as
        Fair in the GLADES which is set for Friday,                   getting any needed assistance for your math
        Oct. 10 - Friday, Oct. 17. Students will be                   classes.
        visiting the fair with their Reading teachers.                Tutoring is held Before and After School at
        The schedule is as follows:                                   SSMS on Tuesday & Thursday mornings as well
Oct. 10..........Ms. Shasek and Mrs. Murray                           as afternoons in our CARE PROGRAM. This
Oct. 13..........Mrs. Ehrenman and Ms. Shelley                        program assists students who are in need of
Oct. 14..........Mrs. Cartmell and Mrs. Boodoosingh                   FCAT math and or FCAT reading assistance.
Oct. 15..........Mrs. Brand and Ms. Sargiotto                         Contact Mrs. McMahon or Mrs. Collins for
Oct. 16......... Mrs. Phelps and Mrs. Derogene                        placement and additional information.
Oct. 17..........Ms. Aber and Mr. Pollotta                    STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION
    The media center's website has been                         Student Government held their elections on
        redesigned as part of the school's overall                     Friday October 3. SGA is in the process of
        site. Be sure to check out all the new                         tabulating the results to see who their new
        resources and links we have online.                            officers will be for the 2008-09 school year.
    On Friday, Oct. 26, 2008, our media                           SGA has a lot on the agenda this year to help
        specialist, Mrs. Gellers, will be presenting                   our school and communities. There are a few
        student work from last year's Project Glides                   events already planned:
        at the Florida Association for Media in               * October 20th and November 13th are leadership
        Education Conference in Orlando, Florida.             conferences for all SGA members
        Co-presenting with her will be Mrs. Haneski,                            th
                                                              * November 14 eight students will be attending the
        media specialist at Westglades Middle                 "Uniteens" Conference at the Coral Springs Center for
        School. The session is entitled, "Truth From          the Arts.
        the Trenches".                                             All SGA activities focus on developing the
                                                                       intrinsic desire to help those in need and to
                                                                       make improvements in our community and
                                                                       school. We are also helping to develop the skills
                                                                       of our future leaders. SGA Advisor is Dr. Grun.
Edition #1                                       2008-09 School Year                    September/October 2008
GUIDANCE DEPT. NEWS                                              The exams are roughly 40-50 questions each -- about 10
Mr. Ron Pearlman: Director and 7th Grade Counselor               less than the students had to answer in March.
Susan Barbakoff: 8th Grade Counselor                             GIRLS CAN: Girls Can is a program for teenage girls,
John White:           6th Grade Counselor                        ages 13-17, offered through Broward Community
Vicky Shaw:           Guidance Data Specialist                   College. It's all about helping teenage girls make good
Promotion Policy                                                 choices so they grow up to be healthy, well-adjusted
In order to be successful, it is best to start with the end in   adults. The program focuses on assessing interests and
mind. The Guidance Department would like to remind               values, creating career and educational goals, and
you of the promotion policy 6000.1;                              dealing with issues of psychosocial problems. The six
In order to be promoted a student must:                          week workshop is FREE. Topics include communication
     1. Pass four (4) subjects. Two of those subjects            skills, assertiveness techniques, student success skills
         must be from the four required: Math,                   and more. Call 954-201-2398 for more information.
         Language arts, Science, and Social Studies              The Broward School District Family Counseling
      To receive a passing grade, students must earn            This program is housed on our campus at SSMS. All
         4 points in full year subjects:                         services are private, confidential and free. They provide
         A=4 pts., B=3 pts C=2 pts., D=1 pt., F=0 pts.           short term individual, family, and group counseling. The
     2. Meet the minimum testing levels in Math and              professional staff hold Masters Degrees or higher in
         Reading on the FCAT.                                    counseling, social work, or psychology. For
         All 8th grade courses, including 7th grade              appointments, please call 754-322-4545.
         Spanish 1 and Algebra have a plus system as
         follows:                                                Grade 8 News
         B+ = 87-89, C+ = 77-79, D+ = 67-69.                     (EPEP)
         Minuses are not part of the grading system.             This year all eighth graders will also be reviewing their
         Note: Seventh grade students must pass the              Electronic Personal Education Plan where they will map
         career planning course taught via Geography             out a four year high school plan. This is all very new and
         class.                                                  exciting. For more information, log on to
     o If your child does not meet the standards                 Magnet Showcase: It's never too early to plan. Eighth
         listed above, they will be retained in their            graders who are interested in a Magnet High School
         current grade level. Summer school is NOT               should attend the Magnet Showcase. All Magnet High
         provided this year.                                     Schools will be represented.
     o Students who meet the promotion requirements              Date: December 3, 2008 Time: 5 - 9 pm Location:
         above, but fail any of the core classes, must           Broward County Convention Center
         recover (retake) and pass those courses prior to        Magnet High School Presentations: It’s that time of
         graduating middle school and entering high              year for eighth grade students to think about what high
         school.                                                 school they would like to attend next year. On
Recovery Program:                                                November 13, various magnet high schools will be
      Florida law states that middle level students can         visiting with the students and presenting their programs
         not be promoted to 9th grade unless they have           titled “What is your Major Area of Interest (MAI)?”
         successfully completed three courses in                 National College Fair: The National College Fair is
         Mathematics, Language Arts, Science, and                being held in Ft. Lauderdale where you can find out
         Social Studies. As stated above; School Board           about college admission requirements, financial aid and
         Policy 6000.1, If your child has successfully           college majors. You can meet face to face with
         completed the required four courses and is              representatives from around the country.
         promoted to the next middle level grade, but has        Date: Thursday, Nov. 15, 2007
         failed one or two of the core academic classes:         Times are: 9:00am - 12:30 pm and 5:00 pm - 8:30 pm
         Math, Language Arts, Science and or Social              Location: Broward County Convention Center. For more
         Studies, they must recover (successfully                information, log on to
         complete) the core course(s) that were failed in
         order to transition to 9th grade.                       Grade 7 News
FCAT QUESTIONS POSTED ONLINE                                         The Duke University Talent Identification
In a recent newspaper article, the Sun-Sentinel                         Program began again this year in August with a
publicized that students and parents now may go online                  “Talent Search” identifying approximately 150
to view select versions of last March's FCAT. Most of                   students. Students were given an envelope to
the questions for grades 7 and 8 are posted and can be                  bring home containing the Student Guide to the
viewed at                  7th Grade Talent Search, an application form,
and                    and an eligibility criteria informational sheet.
While sample questions have been available for years,                   Congratulations to those selected students and
this year an interactive addition allows visitors to the site           good luck to all participants.
to take the tests online and view results IMMEDIATELY.
Edition #1                                       2008-09 School Year                  September/October 2008
        “Career Visions,” a Broward County Public             Go to:
         School Career Education Program, has all    
         seventh grade students exploring careers with         for more information.
         the computer program labeled “Career                  CRITTER CLUB
         Visions,” an internet based, Career                   Please Help the Critter Club by helping collect donations
         Education Tool for students and parents.              for displaced homeless pets in wake of Hurricane Ike
         All seventh grade students, via their World           which struck down ferociously in the state of Texas and
         Geography class, will need to complete the 8          in the Houston and Galveston areas. Please help out the
         module program which must be completed                Humane Society of Houston! They need our support.
         within the first 18 weeks of school. The modules      Due to Hurricane Ike, many animals in Galveston were
         can also be done from home. Students will use         abandoned. Many people are homeless and had to give
         their regular Virtual Counselor logins to access      up their beloved pets!
         the program. Teachers will decide on how best         Collections will be taken from Oct. 6-10.
         to instruct students to accomplish all of the         Why? Galveston's shelter was totally demolished and
         lessons. Students who are working from home           Houston usually has 150+ animals, but now is over 400.
         will need to download the latest versions of          Ft. Lauderdale is taking 22-30 animals over this
         Adobe Flash and the internet browser they will        weekend to try and help since we are fellow-strike zones
         use.                                                  for hurricanes. Houston is in dire need of supplies
      All students who ENTERED middle school                  How? Have some sort of collection envelope, box, and
         during the 2006-07 school year will be                container. All change and & paper money welcomed.
         required to complete and pass this career             The coins will be separated and counted by Ms. Molina's
         planning course prior to matriculating to             peer counselors.
         high school. CHOICES Explorer is the                  The Result: The money will get a gift card from Wal-
         Department Of Education's career advisement           Mart listing Houston's shelter as the recipient and SSMS
         website. It is used as a part of the lessons in       as the donor. It will be sent inside an encouragement
         Career Visions. ePEP, an electronic personal          card. Our efforts will allow the volunteers at the Houston
         education plan, is also used as a part of Career      shelter to purchase the items they need most and we
         Visions. The 7th graders will begin the process       won't have to pay shipping and handling charges.
         of completing their four year high school plan, as          If not a homeroom teacher, or not a classroom
         a part of the course. When they are in 8th grade               teacher, please help by stopping by any
         they will revise, update, change or modify their               classroom to make a donation. A collection box
         entire ePEP before going to high school. For                   will be placed in guidance and the office for
         more information go to                           personnel passing through.
Grade 6 News
Florida Statute requires Broward Schools District to
develop and implement a school health screening plan
for vision, hearing and scoliosis each year for all sixth
grade students. These required screenings will be held
on the date below. If you prefer not to have your child
participate in any of these screenings, please notify the
school in writing, and your request will be honored.
Hearing            October 16, 17
Scoliosis/BMI December 16
Vision            November 10, 12
Don't forget that there are real tutors online for free for
ALL kids. While students must go to the library to use
this valuable resource, I understand that the quality is
exceptional. For more information, students and or
parent may call or visit their local library branch or visit for more information.
The Homework Hotline program provides homework
assistance to Broward County students in grades 1-12
by way of a telephone communication network.
Teachers staff the telephones on Mondays through                HAPPY HALLOWEEN TO ALL SSMS
Thursdays from 4:00-8:00 p.m. The program is housed
at Plantation Community School. The phone number is
                                                                  FACULTY, STAFF & FAMILIES!
(754) 322-1970.