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									                             New Horizon College English Test

                                              Band Three

I. Word Dictation
Directions: Listen and write down the words you hear. You are going to listen to the recording twice. The first
time, you write the word that you hear and, the second time, you can just check your answers. (32 points)
































II. Compound Dictation
Directions: In this section you will hear a passage three times. For the first time, listen carefully for its
general idea. For the second time, you are required to fill in the blanks numbered from 1 to 7 with the exact
words you have just heard. For the blanks numbered from 8 to 10, you are required to fill in the missing
information. You can either use the exact words you have just heard or write down the main points in your
own words. The third time is for you to check what you have written. (20 points)

                                                    Text 1

      At Hyde, we're guided by these Five Words: courage, integrity, leadership,(33)                        and
concern, and by the belief that each (34)                      is gifted with a unique potential. Our emphasis
on (35)                        over aptitude (天资), effort over ability, and character over talent creates a
learning environment where students (36)                         success with integrity — the kind of success
that lasts a lifetime.

      The Hyde School's basic purpose is to(37)                        character. A focus on character sets free
the deepest (38)                       in students' self-discovery. We help students answer three questions:

      Who am I?
       Where am I going?

       What do I need to do to get there?

       Educational(39)                             must begin with the family. The Family Education Program is
(40)                        . We believe that parents are the primary teachers and (41)                                  .
That's why we've developed a curriculum to help families and our teachers become a smooth working team.
At Hyde, parents and teachers (42)                                 to help them address their own character growth.

                                                           Text 2

       The educational goals at Hyde(43)                                 upon the development of individual character,
(44)                         with the belief that everyone is gifted with a unique (45)                               that
defines individual fate. The Hyde School Curriculum is (46)                                   to intentionally challenge
students to find out their unique potential. (47)                                several areas of learning and program
content that includes different (48)                                instruction and skill and character development, the
extended program not only provides students with a (49)                                   education, it also trains them
to probe beyond the academic to a conscience level of thought. This deeper level of learning places them on a
path (50)                            , examine, and oftentimes redefine their principles, interests, strengths,
obstacles, ideals, and ultimately their unique potential, and (51)                               their lives. While each
area of discipline offers its own unique and challenging content, (52)                                      is a common
thread woven into all curricula, offering students consistency and reinforcement in learning.

III. Fill in the Blanks with the Right Word
Directions: Fill in the blanks in the following sentences with the help of the first letter(s). Use only ONE word
to fill in each blank. (72 points)

53. A closed       conference       is   for   purely    private    discussion   which    neither   wants    nor   needs
    pub                         .

54. The more pub                               you get, the more people will be likely to support you.

55. When properly culti                                 and controlled by men, the earth by her nature yields an
    abundant harvest.

56. It is thought that rice was first culti                              in India and Indo-China, but it is now grown
    extensively throughout the Far East.

57. It is not the intention of this brief essay to give a com                            history of these ideas and their
    development in Christianity.

58. The result is neither com                             enough to inform nor selective enough to fully entertain.
59. The treatment is con                        because it can have unfortunate "side-effects".

60. These are the more con                          matters where sometimes people have opposing views or
    there are dilemmas for people.

61. Protestors claim the Foundation had agreed to sus                            all work on the building for two
    weeks while they discussed fears for their children's safety.

62. Talks with the United States over the trade relations, sus                         after the 9-11 event, have

63. He also said that he found his responsibilities "a very great st                      ", because his aunt was
    a difficult person who needed more care and more company.

64. Doing too much too quickly can be a st                          on muscles that aren't used to work.

65. But do you agree that we ought at least to carry out some pre                         studies?

66. The failure of yesterday's meeting to achieve even a pre                             compromise makes the
    prospect of a final agreement before the end of this year highly unlikely.

67. She was too con                         to use make-up but had no objection to skin-care products.

68. There are fundamental limits to how fast a con                           computer can go; that is the reason
    why we prefer up-to-date model of computers.

69. Each se                       is led by guest speakers with a specialist knowledge of the topic.

70. This is really a topic of public interest; we organize weekend conferences and se                        and
    discussion groups to those who are concerned with the topic to express their views.

71. It may yet be possible to convince manufacturers, governments and the public that energy saving is
    wor                       for our future.

72. Take my advice that doing something wor                            can be the same as having fun!

73. In the West we are used to business deadlines, but in many Middle Eastern cultures a deadline is taken as
    an in                       , and such business behavior may well lose the overseas salesperson business.

74. He sent a glass of wine flying and in                        two fellow guests during a debate (争论) on the
    topic "Do Men Have to be Violent?"

75. Cu                        me for having nothing in this world to give him but gratitude (感谢)!

76. I cu                      myself for lack of balance; I was determined to be a professional dancer.

77. Do not be tempted to go to ex                        .
78. Carry out those instructions even if they sound ex                          .

79. At school I sometimes used to get better marks than him, but that was when he chose not to
    ex                       himself.

80. Guillaume did not ex                          himself to keep the promise, so we never believed what he had

81. Then I dis                          the students and left the classroom, trying to get my feelings under

82. In those years intellectuals were dis                        as uncreative and unproductive.

83. Computer is a soph                           kind of machine.

84. But, remember, the more soph                             we become, the greater the need for improving the
    management of a project.

85. The members thought that it was technically fea                                 and, under the right conditions,
    could benefit the region.

86. The more Branson thought about Field's plan, the more fea                              and attractive it began to

87. However, it was also proving difficult to dis                         old attitudes.

88. We had the opportunity to make a fun                            change, and I could not believe that we would
    allow that opportunity to pass away.

89. There is, however, a fun                          difference between present market conditions and those of
    the seventies.

90. We haven't ana                          the results according to the treatment that the patients received.

91. I mean, it wouldn't surprise me in the least if you ana                            this dream to find out that it
    had nothing to do with being at school and nothing to do with taking exams.

92. While tastes di                         from country to country, good design is appreciated everywhere, in
    Conran's view.

93. People di                       in their knowledge, skills, strength of character and understanding.

94. If in any doubt, con                         an engineer.

95. If you are involved in any form of drug misuse, con                             your doctor.

96. The brain of a writer is a particularly de                        instrument like the inner workings of a fine
    Swiss watch.

97. The needles were so fine and de                           and they gave no pain when in the hands of these
    skillful Chinese doctors.

98. He also engaged in open con                           with John Bramhall, Bishop of Derry, about the idea of
    freedom and democracy.

99. His argument was lost as there had been much con                            about what he argued.

100. Nowadays some people are inclined to worry about the loss of functions of the family while the more
     opt                        people will talk of the specialization of these functions.

101. Wishful thinking made the military officers more opt                             about their own victory and
     more inclined to forecast their enemy's defeat.

102. President Bush's recent speech on what is just and mo                             left the public feeling bitter
     and confused.

103. But when it comes down to concrete mo                                   judgments and commitments, such
     arguments will be explained in different ways.

104. What are the rules of admi                         to the football club?

105. Patients experience high anxiety levels at time of admi                          to hospital; most of them are
     eager to learn what they are suffering from or whether there is a cure for their diseases.

106. It is always the min                          , the specialized organzations of a society, that make the

107. Only a min                         of people move to some other places to live for one reason or another;
     most stay where they have always lived.

108. Judging by the smell, you can find that it is a mix                          of beer and fish and chips (炸土

109. The old man's power has been built on a mix                            of life-long experience, whole-hearted
     devotion and a strong sense of responsibility.

110. The more fle                         the action, the more complex must be the computational resources for
    monitoring and planning different types of activity.

111. Smaller companies would be well advised to be more fle                             if they want to survive in a
    market-driven economy.

112. Much more sophisticated models will be needed in the more com                                 situations met in

113. Faced with this unique and, above all, fearsomely com                              challenge, the West is just
     beginning to come up with a unique response.

114. He gri                       hard at the arms of his chair and forced himself to get up by himself.

115. They were gri                         by anxiety over the fate of their friends when they heard of the car

116. Inside, however, I felt in                      , inadequate to fill the teaching role.

117. How can you say women are in                           to men?

118. These people may help to neg                          with the fuel suppliers on your behalf where different
     opinions arise.

119. Money is not the only thing to think about when you neg                            a package deal.

120. I believe in my heart and soul that everyone has an equal responsibility to work together to keep the
     peace and har                        of this world.

121. It is a hope that the aim of creating a world that is full of har                         , joy, and self-giving
     will come true one day.

122. The victory ended a run of three suc                           defeats, and Shell showed himself ready to
     listen to the advice of his assistants and players during the final game.

123. Since 1990s, suc                         governments have conducted economic policies to offer more job
     opportunities by reducing public expenditure.

124. 1992 has been another year of frui                        cooperation with France.

IV. Fill in the Blanks
Directions: Fill in the blanks in the following sentences with an appropriate preposition or adverb. Fill in
each blank with only ONE word. (35 points)

125. The school operates                        the principle that values are the first, most important lesson.

126. The manager said that they operated                         the basis that they trusted everybody.

127. They agree                        writing to exert themselves to meet the requirements of the school.

128. They agreed                          rejecting the balance of power as a hopelessly inefficient mechanism
     for this purpose.
129. The Japanese insist                         having a job done well no matter how much time is required.

130. She insisted                       having wine with the meal, and as I hadn't had a drink in a long time, it
     made me feel rather uneasy.

131. McCann was advancing a traditional Marxist view which insisted                               the importance of
     economic and social class divisions as the basis of politics.

132. In believing my parents, I was forced                           the position of not believing in myself.

133. She says that many women are being forced                               arranged marriages, homelessness and
     denial of education.

134. The students are asked to make evaluations of the teachers                           a scale from zero to ten.

135. The importance of each source was measured                               a scale of 1 (extremely important) to
     5 (of no importance).

136. The police officer claimed success                         the action against drugs last week.

137. Your success                         your weight control program will make you healthy and fit enough to
     enjoy many different aspects of life.

138. The idea that success is measured                               growth instead of academic achievement is

139. A country's power can be measured                            its military and economic resources and growth
     in market.

140. I don't think he's superior                       us just because his father is an important man.

141. The new syllabus (大纲) is potentially superior                             the grammatical syllabus because it
     will produce a communicative competence (能力).

142. Cultural factors affect management behavior                            many ways.

143. These two Americans differ                            many ways, but they are alike in never having known

144. This approach                           the problem sounds feasible.

145. Within the last two decades, the new approach                                 this subject has assumed great

146. There was a drive                          academic achievement among students.

147. And in government, we are leading a drive                            quality throughout our public services.
148. Because of the difference in emphasis, time is seen                             a different perspective.

149. You are now able to see the problem                                 a higher perspective, knowing that you have
       created it for a reason.

150. The plans are being prepared                            quite a good pace.

151. It looks as if old hospitals are being replaced                           a reasonable pace.

152.                          that   I       mean      a    particular     pattern       of   management        behavior
       develops                          cultural forces.

153. What we need is to put more focus on creating brand-consciousness and                                 that I mean
       everything that makes up a brand, such as style, color, fashionableness, image, quality.

154. She has received considerable publicity                               her excellent performance in the film The
       Last Flower.

155. What they have done creates good publicity                                 them as well as being good for the

156. The teaching program was adopted                               parents' protests.

157.                          the student to gain admission, parents also must agree to accept and demonstrate
       the school's philosophies and outlook.

158. I wouldn't say he is kind; he still owes me $500                             my work in his store.

159. In the "I to you" approach decision-making proceeds                                 top management.

V. Replacement
Directions: Replace the underlined words in the following sentences with expressions or phrases using the
key word(s) supplied in the brackets. Please take care to use the right form and keep the original
meaning. (18 points)

160. He thought it was his duty to help those who were made homeless by the great floods. (see)

161. The new school is supposed to open at the end of August. (schedule)

162. The industrial revolution which started in Britain reached other countries in Europe. (spread)
163. It is known to all that knowledge grows out of books and experience. (develop)

164. Mr. John suggested a five-point plan at the meeting for promoting sales. (put)

165. We are utterly unprepared for the change of the weather. At the beginning , it looked like a nice day.

166. To me it is rather unfair to dismiss him from job just for being late for once. (kind)

167. So far the government has not worked hard and seriously on the economic problem. (grips)

168. The two sisters look alike, walk alike, and speak alike, but they are different from each other in their
     interests. (differ)

169. According to the parents, the teaching program is not so perfect. (point)

170. He sold his business and started a new one, hoping to make more money. (set)

171. Many Japanese pupils attend class after school for entrance examinations. This is the case with many
     Chinese pupils. (true)

172. The teacher keeps his eyes not only on the top students but also on those who are left behind . (lag)

173. Mrs. Johnson is proud of her daughter who came first in the competition. (pride)

174. Fifty people, and more if necessary, can put themselves up in the small hotel. (pinch)

175. I will tell you the real story on the condition that you won't tell others. (provided)
176. He changed to his wife's religion when he married her. (convert)

177. You will really have to try hard to make up the work you missed. (exert)

VI. Cloze (With No Choices Provided)
Directions: Fill in each of the following blanks with one word. In each case, use the exact word that appears
in your textbook. (10 points)

       Commitment(178)                                       parents is a key ingredient in the Hyde mixture. For the student
to (179)                                    admission, parents also must agree to accept and demonstrate the school's
philosophies and outlook. The parents agree (180)                                                 writing to meet monthly in one of 20
regional       groups,      go   to     a     (181)                                     three-day     regional       retreat,     and     spend
(182)                                 three times a year in workshops, discussion groups and seminars at Bath. Parents
of Maine students have an attendance (183)                                                  of 95% in the many sessions. Joe and
Malcolm Gauld (184)                                         say children tend to do their (185)                                            when
they     see       their     parents        making      (186)                                     efforts.     The      biggest         obstacle
(187)                                 many parents, they say, is to realize their own weaknesses.

VII. Cloze (With Four Choices Provided)
Directions: Read the following passage carefully and choose the correct one from the two choices given to fill
in each blank. (20 points)

       The        Hyde      school(188)                                 (cultures,       cultivates,        grows,     evaluates)        values
(189)                               (believe, believed, believes, believing) that academic achievement will, as a
matter of course, naturally (190)                                           (comes, come, follows, follow). This has caused the
school       to    (191)                               (obtain,      get,     receive,     accept)      a    considerable         amount        of
(192)                               (publicity,             multiplicity,                simplicity,             publication)                  and
(193)                               (publication, controversy, multiplicity, control). The first public school program to
(194)                               (open, close, do, put) was quickly (195)                                           (stopped, suspended,
prevented,        closed)     due      to     teachers'     complaints.         The       program       caused       many        teachers       to
(196)                               (prospect,            protest,           project,        protect)          about            the        more
(197)                               (efforts,     strain,       achievement,            morals)      workload.        By        the     fall     a
(198)                               (preliminary, previous, original, primary) public school program will have
(199)                               (outset,          begun,         commenced,             opened).           Other        US           school
(200)                               (philosophies,                managers,                founders,              politicians)                 are
(201)                       (watching, eyeing, looking, staring) the program. Last fall many parents in the
New Haven (202)                           (commute, commune, communication, community) of Connecticut,
(203)                       (said, talked, told, complained) about the opening of a Hyde Foundation program.
They were (204)                         (federal, feared, scare, fearful) of (205)                  (majority,
major, minority, minor) and troubled students. Certainly during Jimmy DiBattista's first days at Hyde he threw
(206)                       (cures, curses, nurses, purchase) and (207)                            (criticisms,
insults, blows, praise) at everybody.

VIII. Translation from Chinese to English
Directions: Translate the following into English. (8 points)

208. 我们的目的不在于培养孩子上大学,而是着重培养他们的一种生活方式。

209. 今年秋天,我们学校计划启动一项预备教学计划,该计划的目的是建立更亲密的师生关系。

210. 就像在上海的中学一样,求真实、讲诚实、崇好奇、学知识也在江西的中学得到广泛推崇。

211. 传统教育制度不可能被改造只可能被抛弃的想法是一个有争议的话题,引起了国家领导人的关


212. 海德中学的课程类似于那些提供大学预备课程的传统学校,设置完整,有英语、历史、文学、数


213. 公立学校学生家长的活动计划仍在制定当中。这项工作的困难大得多,因为很难使家长相信自身

214. 家长参加讨论班的出席率低,这违背了家长在新学期开始时所做的承诺,当时学校曾会晤了他


215. 一旦品德第一的思想在海德中学试行成功,它就成了其他学校学习的典范。

IX. Translation from English to Chinese
Directions: Translate the following into Chinese. (8 points)

216. The Hyde School operates on the principle that if you teach students the merit of such values as truth,
    courage, integrity, leadership, curiosity and concern, then academic achievement naturally follows.

217. Explaining his approach to education, Joe Gauld points out that the conventional education system
    cannot be reformed, saying "no amount of change" with the horse and carriage "will produce an

218. It means trying to measure the impact of these cultural forces on contemporary life, and also coming to
    grips with changes now taking place.

219. First, in any approach to a problem and in any negotiations in Japan, there is the "you to you" approach,
    as distinguished from the Western "I to you" approach.

220. The "you to you" approach practiced in Japan is based on each side — automatically and often
     unconsciously — trying to understand the other person's point of view.

221. The difference is that Western style decision-making proceeds mostly from top management and often
     does not consult middle management or the worker while in Japan, ideas can be created at the lowest
     levels, travel upward through an organization and have an impact on the eventual decision.

222. The Japanese business person works to achieve harmony, even if the deal falls through, and will spend
     whatever time is necessary to determine a "you to you" approach, communicating personal views only
     indirectly and delicately.

223. Provided there is intelligence and a willingness to exert yourself, there is a place within the company to
     try and to succeed.

X. Vocabulary and Structure
Directions: Choose the best one to complete each sentence. (27 points)

224. Can you give me an ________ of how much it will cost to take the journey?
     A. assessment                B. evaluation             C. admission            D. estimate

225. Because a degree from a good university is the means to a better job, education is one of the most
     ________ areas in Japanese life.
     A. sophisticated             B. competitive            C. considerate          D. superficial

226. He badly ________ his back digging in the public garden on Children's Day.
     A. stressed                  B. exerted                C. pulled               D. strained

227. His plan sounds ________, so you'd better carry out.
     A. feasible                  B. useless                C. worthy               D. federal

228. When we shook hands I was conscious of his firm ________.
     A. fist                      B. hand                   C. punch                D. grip
229. After a short holiday, he ________ himself once more to his studies.
     A. applied                 B. converted              C. engaged                   D. exerted

230. It is a joy to hear ________ apologies (道歉) that are from the bottom of one's heart.
     A. real                    B. true                   C. sincere                   D. realistic

231. Drinking alcohol can ________ your ability to drive properly.
     A. effect                  B. affect                 C. influence                 D. impact

232. The purpose of the seminar is to train some of the employees to work ________ in the branch offices
     A. later                   B. late                   C. lately                    D. latest

233. As the door of China is open, Western ideas and ________ come in.
     A. moral                   B. morale                 C. morals                    D. value

234. Climate and weather affect every ________ of our lives.
     A. factor                  B. respect                C. aspect                    D. part

235. ________ in simple living was what her parents wished for.
     A. The girl was educated                             B. The girl to be educated
     C. The girl educated                                 D. The girl's being educated

236. ________ the calculation is right, scientists can never be sure that they have included all variables and
     modeled them accurately.
     A. Even if                 B. As far as              C. If only                   D. So long as

237. The East and the West can work together for their ________ benefit and progress.
     A. common                  B. mutual                 C. same                      D. cooperative

238. English is the necessary foreign language on our school's ________.
     A. class                   B. course                 C. lesson                    D. curriculum

239. It might be ________ to give your attitude towards study a second thought.
     A. worth                   B. worthy                 C. worthwhile                D. worthily

240. All flights ________ because of the snowstorm, many passengers could do nothing but take the train.
     A. were canceled                                     B. had been canceled
     C. having been canceled                              D. have been canceled

241. Over half of the population of the country ________ in traditional sports.
     A. take                    B. practise               C. go for                    D. participate

242. She isn't beautiful. But she is ________ pretty.
    A. kind of                 B. a kind of              C. of a kind                 D. a sort of

243. We must ________ a better way to save money if we are to buy a new house.
    A. work out                B. work at                C. work on                   D. work for

244. If he had been more careful with the details, his plan would not have ________.
    A. fallen off              B. fallen through         C. fallen away               D. fallen over

245. In a time of social reform, people's state of mind tends to keep ________ with the rapid changes of
    A. step                    B. progress               C. pace                      D. touch

246. Our journey was slow because the train stopped ________ at different villages.
    A. continually             B. continuously           C. gradually                 D. unceasingly

247. This crop does not do well in soils ________ the one for which it has been specially developed.
    A. outside                 B. other than             C. beyond                    D. rather than

248. A survey was carried out on the death rate of new-born babies in that region, ________ were surprising.
    A. as results                                        B. which results
    C. the results of it                                 D. the results of which

249. We'll visit Europe next year ________ we have enough money.
    A. provided                B. until                  C. lest                      D. unless

250. These two areas are similar ________ they both have much rain during this season.
    A. to that                 B. in that                C. besides that              D. except that

XI. Short Answer Questions
Directions: Read the following passage(s) carefully and give brief answers to the questions. (10 points)

                                                   Text 1

    Preparation for competitive entrance examinations requires a lot of energy and financial resources. It
consumes the energy of the students and their mothers if not the whole family. As a consequence, both parents
and students see the goal of education at each level is to successfully pass entrance examination to a good
school. And this is where cramming schools, known as juku come into play.

    Juku is a privately run education service offered for a fee. They come in all sizes. Some jukus are run by
an individual. Some others are run by a business entity(实体)with a large number of teachers. In some
schools, college and university students are hired as teachers. School children come to study at juku after
school during the week and sometimes during weekends as well.

    The exact number of jukus and the number of students enrolled in the programs are unknown since the
government statistics do not show any figure. In theory, there is no need for additional education of school
subjects. The only primary agencies of formal education are regular schools. Therefore, there is no recognition
of these education services by the government ministry.

     Jukus fall generally into two kinds, shingaku juku and gakushuu juku. Shingaku juku is what is often
referred to as cramming school where students who wish to prepare for the entrance examinations to enter
schools.     Gakushuu juku offers additional courses to help students keep up with the subjects in school.
Most of the students go to either one of the jukus but there is a small percentage (1.4%) of students who go to
both. Between 8 and 9 % of the students enroll in two programs. The average number of days they go to these
programs each week is 2.51 for elementary school children and 2.78 for the seventh and eighth graders. (314

251. Where do jukus come into play?

252. Why do students have to pay for study at juku?

253. When do school children come to study at juku?

254. Why does the government not recognize jukus?

255. If you want to keep up with the subjects in school, which juku should you choose to go?

                                                    Text 2

     In Japan each university offers an examination of its own. Even though many national and public
universities as well as some private universities today ask students to take one common national examination
as the first of the series of examinations, the university always offers its unique examinations to those who did
well in the common national examination.
     And many private universities and colleges simply do not ask students to take the common national
examination but offer their own examinations instead.     By relying on their own unique examinations, some
private universities and colleges try to attract students with particular qualifications (资格)and interests. This
is one of the ways that academic institutions try to establish themselves with distinction and strength in
particular subjects and fields.

     As for a student, he or she can take more than one entrance examination to the universities of his or her
choice. If there is no conflict of schedule, he can take several examinations. Some travel long distance to take
examinations in various cities in Japan. In the months of January and February and into early part of March,
many high school students travel across the country to take examinations of the schools they want to enter.

     But because there are far fewer places in the universities than the applicants, every year a large number
of students cannot make it to the university. Those who could not get into the university of their first choice
may end up going to the university of their second or third choice. But many others who spend an additional
year or more trying again to gain admission to the school of their choice become ronins — students who
graduated from high school but have not been able to get into a university.

     (Note: Ronin is a term borrowed from pre-Meiji(明治时期)Japan. Ronins were those samurais(武
士) who lost their masters for a number of reasons and had no master they could say they belonged to.) (332

256. How do some private universities see the common national examination?

257. Why do many private universities do not ask students to take the common national examination but offer
     their own instead?

258. How do these universities see their own examinations?

259. Suppose a student has chosen three universities and there is no conflict of schedule, how many
     examinations does he/she have to take at least?
260. What does ronin mean today in Japan?

XII. Reading Comprehension
Directions: Read the following passage(s) carefully and do the multiple-choice questions. (20 points)

                                                         Text 1

     So long as teachers fail to distinguish between teaching and learning, they will continue to undertake to
do for children that which only children can do for themselves. Teaching children to read is not passing
reading on to them. It is certainly not endless hours spent in activities about reading. Douglas insists that
"reading cannot be taught directly and schools should stop trying to do the impossible."

     Teaching and learning are two entirely different processes. They differ in kind and function. The function
of teaching is to create the conditions and the climate that will make it possible for children to devise the most
efficient system for teaching themselves to read. Teaching is also a public activity: it can be seen and observed.

     Learning to read involves all that each individual does to make sense of the world of printed language.
Almost all of it is private, for learning is an occupation of the mind, and that process is not open to public

     If teacher and learner roles are not changeable, what then can be done through teaching that will aid the
child in the quest for knowledge? Smith has one principal rule for all teaching instructions. "Make learning to
read easy, which means making reading a meaningful, enjoyable and frequent experience for children."

     When the roles of teacher and learner are seen for what they are, and when both teacher and learner
fulfill them appropriately, then much of the pressure and feeling of failure for both is eliminated. Learning to
read is made easier when teachers create an environment where children are given the opportunity to solve the
problem of learning to read by reading. (277 words)

261. The problem with the reading course as mentioned in the first paragraph is that ________.
     A. it is one of the most difficult school courses
     B. too much time is spent in teaching about reading
     C. students spend endless hours in reading
     D. reading tasks are assigned with little guidance

262. The teaching of reading will be successful if ________.
     A. teacher can enable students to develop their own way of reading
     B. teachers can improve conditions at school for the students
     C. teachers can devise the most efficient system for reading
     D. teachers can make their teaching activities observable

263. The word "scrutiny" at the end of Paragraph 3 most probably means "________."
     A. inquiry                 B. observation              C. control                D. suspicion

264. According to the passage, learning to read will no longer be a difficult task when ________.
     A. children become highly motivated
     B. teacher and learner roles are changeable
     C. teaching helps children in the search for knowledge
     D. reading enriches children's experience

265. The main idea of the passage is that ________.
     A. teachers should do as little as possible in helping students learn to read
     B. teachers should encourage students to read as widely as possible
     C. reading ability is something acquired rather than taught
     D. reading is more complicated than generally believed

                                                     Text 2

     One day, when I was on my way to my high school, another young man who was walking past me
decided to show off in front of his friends and show them how "manly" he really was. Without saying a word,
he walked up to me and began punching me. Once I began fighting back, he pulled out a gun and pointed it
straight at me. After seeing this, I ran as fast as I could towards my school, hearing the group of boys laughing
badly behind me. While most people hold the belief that inner-city schools can only hinder the learning
process, I would argue that these schools provide experiences which enrich one's education simply because of
their location (位置) in the city.

     To clarify this point, I must first describe the ways in which Saint Ignatius High School is different from
the typical inner-city school. This private, Catholic (天主教的) institution consists mostly of white students
who come from wealthy families. Although Saint Ignatius is in the city, it also gives its students one of the
best education in the state.

     Society usually tends to focus on the negative side of inner-city schools. Many people like to stereotype
(模式化) these schools which, while these general statements may be true in some cases, tend to be worse
most of the time.

     Take Mrs. Borroni, my Spanish teacher, for example. She would often take time out of her class to tell
her students about the numerous activities after class with which we should get involved. She loved her job so
much that she stayed after school every day to moderate activities such as Amnesty International and the
Spanish Club. Her students, including me, joined all of the clubs which she moderated just because she made
them so interesting.    Because of Mrs. Borroni, I got heavily involved in the school's activities and learned a
lot in the process. (313 words)

266. The author's argument that inner-city schools "provide experiences which enrich one's education simply
     because of their location in the city" is based on ________.
     A. consensus opinion                                     B. his personal experience
     C. a film he saw                                         D. a story he read in a book

267. Saint Ignatius High School differs from the typical inner-city school in all the following except
     A. minority students                                     B. poor students
     C. location in a city                                    D. inferior education system

268. Many people tend to speak more of ________.
     A. the negative sides of inner-city school
     B. teachers' lack of love for teaching at St. Ignatius
     C. students' lack of love for learning at St. Ignatius
     D. daily fights at St. Ignatius

269. All the following describes Mrs. Borroni except ________.
     A. hard-working              B. considerate              C. responsible               D. indifferent

270. It seems that the author's attitude toward inner-city school is ________.
     A. optimistic                B. defensive                C. critical                  D. bitter

                                                      Text 3

     I usually did not think about the topics of crime, poverty, or homelessness. As far as I knew, these things
did not exist. The surroundings around St. Ignatius forced my eyes open as early as the first day of school. The
poverty of the area surrounding St. Ignatius made me see how truly lucky I was. I now began to appreciate
everything that had been handed to me in life. In the long run, this led me to put a lot more faith in God
because of all that He had given me. This also indirectly led to my involvement in the community around the

     Because of the generally poor conditions of the area surrounding St. Ignatius, people always needed help.
My school went as far as requiring that every student undertake at least one service project for a semester. I
chose to do my service during my second year, although I did so unwillingly.                 As my project, I helped
organize an after-school program to help tutor(辅导)eighth grade students from around the area. I got an
amazing response to the program.

     Many of the students came to these tutoring sessions more than two times a week. They always showed
gratitude (感激) for any help that they could get.       Going into this project, I did not expect to get much out of
it. After completing it, however, I thought that I would try another service project. By the time I had graduated
from St. Ignatius, I had volunteered at food banks, worked on various committees (委员会) to organize
projects, and worked at shelters for the homeless. By working on various service committees, I learned how to
better interact with others in order to get a goal accomplished. The service projects also helped me to further
appreciate everything that I had in life. (301 words)

271. Before he came to St. Ignatius, the author was ______.
     A. brave                   B. unsophisticated           C. clever                    D. intelligent

272. Which of the following words can be used to describe the author while he was crossing the city on his
     first day to school?
     A. Excited.                B. Nervous.                  C. Depressed.                D. Shocked.

273. ________ got the author involved in the community around the school.
     A. All that God had given him                           B. His childish view of life
     C. His lucky childhood                                  D. The poverty of the area

274. Undertaking at least one service project for a semester is ________.
     A. St. Ignatius's requirement
     B. the eighth grade students' requirement
     C. the author's wish
     D. the wish of the people near St. Iguatius

275. The two projects undertaken by the author is ________.
     A. beneficial to St. Ignatius only
     B. beneficial to the people who had got the help only
     C. beneficial both to St. Ignatius and the author
     D. beneficial both to the people who had got the help and the author

                                                        Text 4

     Throughout my childhood, I rarely ever heard about any kind of crime.         Obviously I was going to have
to behave (表现) a little bit differently in this new environment. Because of St. Ignatius's view as an essential
part of the community, people could not exactly be banned from walking around the campus during the day.
This meant that I would sometimes see homeless people begging for money as I ran from class to class. One
day I ran into someone begging on the corner near school. I decided to give the homeless person a dollar. At
the time I saw no reason in my teachers' warnings. For the next week straight, this man waited for me at the
same place in the hopes that I would give him more money. He hassled me every day until I finally told him
that I was not going to give him anything else. Because this may have been an unusual case, I did not want to
make any conclusions about homeless people.             However, I did learn from this experience that I should
probably listen to my teachers more often on issues such as this one.

     Students' lives become enriched simply by attending an inner-city school.       For someone who had lived
in the suburbs all his life, such as myself, a new style of living can be experienced. If St. Ignatius High School
were not in the middle of Cleveland, I would not have had so many opportunities to grow and mature as a
person. Going to school in the city helped me to overcome the childish views I once had, and I am now better
prepared to take on the challenges which await me in life. (282 words)

276. Why did people there walk around the campus during the day?
     A. Because the local people came to learn here.
     B. Because his school was viewed as an essential part of the community.
     C. Because his school was opened to all people.
     D. Because the local people wanted to take shortcuts.

277. In the sentence in Paragraph 1 "He hassled me every day until I finally told him that I was not going to
     give him anything else." the word "hassled" means ________.
     A. attacked                B. begged                  C. troubled                D. asked

278. What lessons did the author learn from the beggar's case?
     A. He realized how dangerous it was as a middle school student.
     B. He learned from the experience that he should listen to his teachers on the issue.
     C. He decided he would not help anyone anymore.
     D. He thought all homeless people were bad.

279. Which of the following statements is not the evidence that students' lives became enriched by attending
     an inner-city school?
     A. The religious aspect of one's life grew.
     B. One was easily able to get involved in community.
     C. One would never make mistakes.
     D. One became much more aware of the dangers which exist in the city.

280. ________ makes the author better prepared to take on the challenges which await him in life.
     A. His teachers                                       B. The curriculum of St. Ignatius
     C. His life experience at St. Ignatius                D. His religious belief

XIII. Short Composition Writing
Directions: Write a short composition of about 150 words on one of the topics given below and according to
the structure you have learned. (30 points)

A short composition starting with a general statement supported by examples:
The Hyde School enjoys considerable publicity for its work with troubled youngsters.

A short composition starting with a general statement supported by examples:
The Japanese have a characteristic style of communications that is different from the Western

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