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                                        Hoddle St Warrnambool Vic 3280
                                               Phone : 03 5561 3161
                                                Fax : 03 5561 2369
                                  email : warrnambool.west.ps@edumail.vic.gov.au
                                                 School Number 0182
                                              Every action has a consequence
                                      Positive actions result in positive consequences
                                     Negative actions result in negative consequences

                            Wednesday 21st October 2009
From the Principal

Perception and Reality
The dictionary says that perception is a concept which depends on
recognition by the senses and reality is totally the facts.
There are quite a number of uninformed people around this district who
have totally confused the two. This is best illustrated by the following
 Last week I was approached by the principal of another town State
Government school. The principal informed me that a family made an
appointment to enrol their twins for prep for 2010. The family was in the
process of moving down from Melbourne. When they gave their address the
Principal informed them that their closest State Government school was
Warrnambool West. The family replied that the real estate agent had told
them not to send their children to this school because a couple of ex West
students lived in his street and they run wild at night. The principal drove up
the street to see which real estate agent was handling the sale and
contacted me. I visited the agent on Friday morning and met with the
manager and we had a lengthy discussion which I hope will put a stop to this
type of comment being made by this group of uninformed people. The
perception was based on unrelated observations and hearsay. The reality is
Warrnambool West is a wonderful school with a dedicated staff who are
highly qualified and committed to ongoing improvement for all students. We
are working hard to promote the positive culture of this school. You can do
your bit by promoting the school positively whenever you can and setting
uninformed people straight on what is currently happening in this school.

Well done Mrs Lilley and Mrs Irvine on the article published in the ‗Shine‘
magazine last week. The article was based around the Australian
Developmental Curriculum. ‗Shine‘ is a monthly publication of the
Department of Education and Early Childhood Development which is sent out
to all DEECD centres throughout the state. See article to right;

Scientists in School Project
Miss Bunworth has been in contact with the CSIRO to arrange for a
scientist to come to our school in the near future to work with our students.
The Scientists in Schools program promotes science education in primary
and secondary schools, helps to engage and motivate students in their
learning of science, and broadens awareness of the types and variety of
exciting careers available in the sciences. Thanks Miss Bunworth.
Walk and Ride to School
Our school will once again participate in Walk/Ride to School activities this year on Wednesday, 21 October
2009. This is the fourth year that VicHealth has run this highly successful event as a part of Walktober to raise
the profile of walking and highlight its broader community health and social benefits. Last year 322 primary
schools across Victoria participated in the event, with just over 60,000 children walking to school on the day. A
VicHealth survey, sent to more than 500 schools that have participated in Walktober Walk-to-School since it was
first run in 2006, has found the event is encouraging more children to walk and cycle to school. The Parents‘ Club
is providing a free breakfast for students who walk or cycle to school. More information will come out from Mr
A big thank you to Mr.McCombe and the Parents‘ Club for their organisation.

Remembrance Day
At 11 am on 11 November 1918 the guns of the Western Front fell silent after more than four years continuous
On the first anniversary of the armistice in 1919 two minutes' silence was instituted as part of the main
commemorative ceremony at the new Cenotaph in London. The silence was proposed by Australian journalist
Edward Honey, who was working in Fleet Street. After the end of the Second World War, the Australian and
British governments changed the name to Remembrance Day. Armistice Day was no longer an appropriate title for
a day which would commemorate all war dead. In 1997, Governor-General Sir William Deane issued a proclamation
formally declaring 11 November to be Remembrance Day, urging all Australians to observe one minute's silence at
11 am on 11 November each year to remember those who died or suffered for Australia's cause in all wars and
armed conflicts.

Poppies for Sale
11 November is poppy day, the time of the year when by the wearing of a simple emblem, a red poppy, we salute
the memory of those who sacrificed their health, their strength, even their lives, that we might live in a free
country. Long known as the corn poppy (Papaver rhoeas) because it flourishes as a weed in grain fields, the
Flanders poppy as it is now usually called, grew profusely in the trenches and craters of the war zone. Artillery
shells and shrapnel stirred up the earth and exposed the seeds to the light they needed to germinate. We have
poppies for sale from the General Office. The Warrnambool RSL has subsidised $1.00 poppies to sell to students
for 50c. There is an assortment of other poppies at various prices for adults.

Perception Quote – ―People only see what they are prepared to see.‖ ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

School Council Report
 A fire drill will be planned for this term as part of the Fire Readiness season.
  A television with DVD will be installed in the entrance foyer to display student work and school advertising
   Netbook arrangements for 2010 are being investigated by our Regional Network Leader
   A review of the profit and loss reports for the school canteen was discussed. Because of the decline in
student population the operation of the canteen is not viable. The service provided by the operators has been
excellent but the overheads outweigh the income. An arrangement with the Morris Road shop is being
investigated to service the school for lunch orders at least two times a week from the start of 2010.
 The refurbishment of the school library etc timeline is as follows:
1. Tenders out this Friday
2. 5 week tender period
3. Tender valuation time                                  School Website
4. Early December start (signs and site sheds only)
Real work start in mid January.                            Our school website is up and running and we are
                                                          currently dropping information under the various
Gavin Arnott
                                                          tabs. You can access the website at
  Sunday 1st November

       10.00am - 1.00pm

 BBQ Lunch & Drinks Provided

There will be a Working Bee on Sunday 1st November
to help tidy up our front entrance garden.

We will be weeding and mulching the garden beds as
well as doing a little bit of pruning.

Please bring trailers and any gardening equipment you
have at home.

We need as many people as possible to make this a
successful day.

            ―Many hands make light work‖
                                             Room 3
Andrew Amory. On Friday I went to footy and got a certificate and a silver medal. We got pizza and a drink with it. The next day
I spent my birthday money, so did Tara. I got cars and pokemon cards. After that I went to Will‟s house. We played sword fights,
PS2 and Basketball. We had fun.
Rhys Bellman. I can see 4 wheels and I can see a steering wheel. I can see a body and I can see a car.
Guan Bright. Yesterday Jorja G brought in a puppy. It was called Bruce and it was cute. It was a brown and cream colour. It
tried to lick our faces. He is ten weeks old. We got to hold it and pat it too.
Sienna Buckle. On the weekend I went to Phoebe‟s house. I hurt myself, I hurt my toe. There was another friend named Olivia. I
had blood on my toe. I had to get a bandaid. My friend helped me. I liked it when she helped me.
Ryan Buhlman. On the weekend my cousin came over to my house. My Mum got us Star Wars complete saga. You can create a
character. You can good and bad people. You can play multi – player. Me and my cousin played multi – player. We played with
my light saber. I got two Harry Potter games too. My sister was annoying me. My cousin went to his house. I played with my
cars. I liked them. I lost a lid to a texta. My Mum found it. My Mum was happy. Then I played Lego Star Wars again.
Ieeshia Campbell. Jorja let us pat her puppy. It is brown and he was wagging his tail.
Marlee Campbell. ON the weekend Georgia came to my house. We played in the sand pit and we made sand cakes and cold water
tea. We went to the shop and we bought lollies. Then we went to the park. We stayed there for half an hour. We went home to
cook. We made mini quiche and they were yummy. They had spring onions, ham and tomato in them. The next day I went to
bowling and I had fun when I was there. I found a dollar and I played a game.
Tyler Cust. On the weekend I went to Toyworld. Mum found a toy sword. It was a water pistol. My Dad found a toy Triantula. I
was scared. I had so much fun at Toyworld.
Makayla Flett. Yesterday there was a puppy. His name was Bruce. He had soft ears and he was cute and he was a little puppy.
He walked. He is ten weeks old. He was on the lead. I had a pat. He had a waggly tail.
Mark Foster. 5O Cent and Andrew went to the skate park with me. Then we went home. Then we played the PS3. Later 50 cent
and Andrew went home.
Jordan Gould. Once, a long, long time ago, on a big magical land I met a Dragon named Scar. When I met Scar he was all alone
with no- one to play with. I said, “ I will play with you. “ He said, “ Really?” I said, “Yes” He said, Well Thanks!” The end.
Jorja Graham. Dress Up Day. Today I dressed up as Gabriella. I wore a red dress with curly hair. I wore a pair of leggins and a
pair of shoes. They have a black bow and they are black too. My leggings are white.
Zane Juchtzer. On the weekend I went to Melbourne. I went to the Museum. I saw some Dinosaur bones. I saw a T – Rex. I
stayed in Melbourne for one night.
Brendan McWhirter. On the holidays I went to Melbourne. We went to Caribeen Market and gardens. My cousins and I went
bungy jumping. I did double back flips and front flips too. We went on the mini jeeps. We won. We even went on chair lifts
across the lake. We had boat rides. There was a very very big rock climb. There was a tree rock climb and a water one too.
Matison Wytcamp. On the holidays I went to Marybourough. I went to the park. I got three pieces of bark stuck in my leg. I had
to go to the hospital. Then I got a High School Musical book and an icecream.

Jorja Romein. A long, long time ago people thought that dragons were dead. One day a dragon named Fifi had three babies. She
went to her keeper and said I want Toast and milk. Get me milk and toast. The keeper‟s name was Adam. He went to the kingdom
and asked the king if he could have milk and toast. The king said yes. The babies were crying „ WAH‟ the keeper left 10 pieces of
bread so the Mum said I will burn this toast. She breathed in and burnt the 10 pieces of toast. The keeper came back with only
milk. They lived in a cave and they never went out of the cave. They have a light so they can see. They liked the keeper and they
liked the King.
Will Turner. Joey the Kangaroo. Joey the kangaroo was jumping around Tower Hill. People were throwing boomerangs around.
Joey jumped around the tree. The people were still throwing the boomerangs. The joey jumped to a van. The van drove to a zoo.
The end.
Malka Yota. One day I went to the pool with my friends, Marlee and Guan. We were bored and then we saw a cat. The cat
jumped into the pool. Then my friends and I got out of the pool as fast as we could. I called the RSPCA and they came to pick up
the cat. Then Marlee and Guan and I could go back into the pool.
                 WWPS Parents & Friends
                   Association News

 FRIDAY 13th NOVEMBER                             Meeting Thursday
       5pm - 8pm
                                                  22nd October at
          @ SCHOOL GROUNDS                         7pm @ school.
           CLASSROOMS)                               Parents
          BBQ
          Kids rides                              Association
          Xmas stalls                           Special Food Day
          Raffles
          More details to follow                  PIZZA DAY
          Best dressed themed Friday 13th         Tuesday 3rd

Fete News

One of our classrooms is holding a second hand stall at our Fete. They require
some second hand items for this stall for example toys, clothing, books etc. If you
are able to help by donating any unwanted items that are in a reasonable, clean
condition please leave at front office.

          $2 eac   MILKSHAKE DAY’S

     ice:                       Mrs Martin, Mrs Davis will be making
Pr            milkshakes each lunch time on Thursday 22nd & Friday 23rd October.

                       Strawberry, Vanilla & A Surprise flavour each day.
                            Milkshakes will be available from the
                                     undercover area from
                                       1pm– 1.30pm.
                            Milkshakes will be freshly made using
                            Milk, Icecream & Flavoured topping.

                                   All money raised will be
                                         donated to
                               The WWPS Anti Cancer Council

      IMPORTANT DATES                                                Wednesday 25th November
30th Nov—10th Dec                                                    2010 Prep Visit Transition
Prep, 1, 2 Swimming —More info to come
                                                                     Tuesday 1st December
Wednesday 4th November                                               BUSHWAZEE
Morning tea for 2010 New Prep Parents.
                                                                     Wednesday 2nd December
Wednesday 11th November                                              Beach to Bush
2010 Prep Visit Transition                                           Royal Life Saving Society
                                                                     Years 3-6
Friday 13th November
Family Night Fundraiser See advertisement                            Wednesday 8th December
Jump rope for heart                                                  Transition / Orientation Day

Wednesday 18th November                                              Wednesday 16th December
2010 Prep Visit Transition                                           Year 5/6 Picnic Port Fairy

Monday, Tuesday 23rd - 24th November                                 Thursday 17th December
Port Fairy Camp, 3/4 & 5R                                            Last day school for students
                                                                     2pm Year 6 Final Assembly

                                           Students of the Week
                                                      Weekending 16/10/09
     Room 1           Sam Dridan

     Room 3           Jai Sutton & Mark Foster

     Room 4           Jayde & Lachlan Graham

     Room 5           Ashley Morfett

     Room 7           Marni Cook

     Room 8           Lachlan Campbell

    Room 11           Tara Amory

    Room 12           Sam Alberts

    Room 13           Mallory Humpreys

    Room 14           Tianha Gilmour

    Phys Ed

    Tuesday 12.30-1.00           Wednesday 12-1.00        Thursday 12-1.00               Friday 11.30-1.00

                            6                        7                             8                             9
       October                                                           Sharon Gore

                            13                       14                             15                           16
              Merlynn Harrison               Sue Taylor                   Jill Burgess               Patrick Ripley

                           20                        21                            22                          23
            Anthea Mansbridge                                       Nayani Edirimanna                Kerry Connell

                           27                        28                            29                          30
                                                                                                         Jo Dyson

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