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					     Summer 2009                        The Big Cheese Press                                 Session 2 M/W/F

  The Chronicles of Mozzarella
The Big Cheese                                                                       Badge
By Jessica Milton                                                                    By Kaetlyn Liddy
   Have you ever wondered what          ing omelets and chocolate oat-                 I interviewed Badge, he teaches
the Big Cheese does outside of          meal. Here’s the Big Cheese’s se-            magic here at art camp! He got
camp? Well here’s your chance!          cret recipe to chocolate oatmeal:            into magic at age seven. He in-
The     Big                                                                          vented a magic trick called “Re-
                                              •      Oatmeal
Cheese                                                                               welded” (which he did for us last
started                                       •      A scoop of raisins              Friday). He grew up in Toronto,
the     Art                                                                          Canada and his favorite magic
Camp be-                                      •      Peanuts
                                                                                     w     o     r   d           i     s
c a u s e                                     • A scoop of            chocolate      “ShuckeeDuckeeQuackQuack.” His
m o s t                                       protein powder                         scariest experience in magic is
camps are                                                                            when he nearly lit someone’s living
s p o r t s                                   • A tablespoon of peanut
camps. He                                     butter
wanted a                                      •      A packet of hot choco-
camp for                                      late
kids that
liked do-                                     • Top with extra bananas
ing things                                    to make it extra delicious!
indoors.                                        His favorite restaurants
He      ex-                                   are Maria’s Italian Kitchen
pects the                                     and Fabs. He likes ordering
camp     to                                   the Vegetable Lasagna or
go on for at least five more years.     the Chicken Marsala with lots of
The Big Cheese’s schedule at            mushrooms.       For a midnight
camp if he were a camper would          snack, the Big Cheese would eat
be drama classes with Stephen,          bananas with peanut butter. The
cooking with Chef Omar and Chef         toppings he likes on frozen yogurt
Andy, and magic with Badge. He          are chopped almonds, Reese’s                 room on fire! He has been teaching
loves surfing in Hawaii and cook-                            (Continued on page 2)
                                                                                     at art camp for seven years. If he
                                                                                     could have any color skin it would
                                                                                     be glow in the dark midnight blue.
Jed                                                                                  Badge can fit 4,806 gummy worms
                                                                                     in his mouth!
By Max Howard
   Jed, the 20 year old master in
fencing, is so cool. If Jed were rein-                                               Camp Poll
carnated as an animal, he would
like to be a bear because he likes                                                   By Molly Schwartz
bears. This cool-cat has been fenc-
ing for 11 years and has won 13                                                        I went around campus and
awards. Except only three of his                                                      asked:
awards actually mean something to
him. In high school, one of Jed’s fa-
vorite teachers was named Robert                                                      “What’s better - Menchies or
Ternansky (he taught organic chem-                                                    Pinkberry?
istry). This is Jed’s 3rd year at the                                                           Pinkberry: 6
Art Academy. He has had so much fun so far. Jed’s favorite kind of
cheese is Cheddar and his favorite color is blue. If Jed was Michael Jack-                     Menchies : 43
son, the first thing he would do is the slam dunk dance signature move.
Jed went to Orville Wright Middle School and he did not watch Sesame
Street as a kid. To make this awesome fencer cooler, he claims that his                 Which is YOUR favorite?????
current hairstyle is a “Jewfro” (SO AWESOME)!!!
Elizabeth                                                                    Hikari
By India Keefer                                                              By Molly Schwartz
   I interviewed Eliza-                                                        I, Molly Schwartz, interviewed Hi-
beth and this is what                                                        kari. Hikari has worked at Art Camp
I found out. Eliza-                                                          for four years. She is in charge of the
beth has been at this                                                        camp’s office. Hikari doesn’t like eat-
camp for eight years,                                                        ing food without taste. If Hikari was a
and outside of camp,                                                         camper, she would take a cooking
she parties, she trav-                                                       class, Voice Academy, Big Cheese
els, she goes to                                                             Press, and Cheer Squad. Hikari’s
Dodger games, and                                                            dream vacation is in Jamaica and she
goes to concerts. Her
favorite ice cream
flavors are pistachio and black        one older half-step brother. If she
cherry (yummy!). Two classes           could go on vacation ANYWHERE
that Elizabeth would take here         in the world, she would go to
at Art Camp are cartooning and         Greece and Italy, and if she could
magic. If she could invent a new       change her eyes, she would have
candy, it would be a combina-          blue cat eyes. Her favorite TV
tion of Snickers, M&M’s, marsh-        shows are “Simpsons,” “Family
mallows, and caramel. That             Guy,” and “Robot Chicken,” and
sounds like a great candy! I           her favorite types of books are
asked Elizabeth where she grew         adventure and crime solving
up and she said South Central          mysteries. And, Elizabeth thinks
L.A.. Elizabeth has two pit bulls,     she can fit 200 marshmallows in
two cats, and four siblings. She       her mouth! WOW! I had a lot of
has three younger sisters, and         fun interviewing Elizabeth.

                                                                             is going there this summer. If Hikari
Chef Omar                                                                    could combine two animals, she
                                                                             would combine a dolphin and a dog.
By Cassidy Perling                                                           Hikari likes to go shopping with her
                                                                             daughter. If Hikari saw a tarantula
                                                                             juggling, she would be speechless.
  Chef Omar is an excellent chef!
                                                                             Hikari likes the sport of volleyball.
He mostly likes to barbeque.
                                                                             The most important thing to know
Cooking always came natural to
                                                                             about Hikari is that it takes her one
him, and as we all know, he’s
                                                                             lick to get to the center of a Tootsie
great at it! It is amazing he’s the
only chef in his family because he
has a great skill! Cooking isn’t the
only thing he enjoys doing. When
he’s not cooking he’s at the casino
                                                                             The Big Cheese…
or the racetrack. Chef Omar has
                                                                             continued from page 1
been a chef for six years.When he
was younger he was still cooking                                             Pieces, strawberries, and blueberries.
but he never imagined he would                                               His job when camp isn’t in session is
be doing it professionally. He is                                            to sleep a lot, fix things around his
hoping to be coming back next                                                house, and start planning for camp
year. Chef Omar enjoys watching                                              next year. At home, The Big Cheese
food network. If he could have his                                           loves playing with his shitzu, Oreo. He
own TV show he would. To help          a magical store that carries eve-
                                       rything. He grew up in Pa-            would like to be Spiderman so he
around the kitchen he would in-                                              could swing from building to building.
vent a robot that does all the prep    coima; CA. Chef Omar’s favorite
                                       fruit is whatever is in season.       His one wish is that his mom would
work. If there was one thing that                                            get better because she’s sick. That’s
he does not like about cooking is      He likes old depressing music
                                       according to Myra and enjoys          the scoop on The Big Cheese.
cleaning up after. Also looking for
ingredients. He wishes there was       black cherry ice cream.

Page 2                                                                                       The Chronicles of Mozzarella
Amee                                                                           Marie
By Hanna Stimmel
                                                                               By Lucy Blumenfield
   Amee’s favorite class is Storytell-                                           Marie is cool. I interviewed her.
ers because she loves to read the                                              Marie’s hero is Elizabeth and Mark
stories that the kids create. Amee                                             because they can do everything. If
goes jogging with her friends. She                                             you want to know what she does
plays games on her computer, and                                               outside of Art Camp, she is a thea-
just hangs out and relaxes on the                                              tre counselor in an after school
weekends. She thinks she would                                                 program. She loves it. She lives
be a horse rancher. Then she
could ride, care for, and draw her
favorite horse. If Amee met a cat,
she would ask it where is a good
place to nap and ask it if it likes to    her to draw more. The classes she
live with people. When she was            teaches here at Art Camp are Here
little, she saw a photo of a horse        Be Dragons, Storytellers, Animal
and decided to draw it. It turned         Drawings and Pastel Perfection.
out to be pretty good so she drew         Thanks for reading.
more. Her parents saw it and told

By Aida Castelblanco                                                           with her parents. In the kitchen,
                                                                               Marie loves Mochi and Taro. It’s
  If you don’t know Andrew very                                                like a party in my mouth, she says.
well, you should probably read this                                            If she’s on the phone, she would be
story. Andrew’s favorite colors are                                            using Virgin Mobile. “Don’t care for
green and red. I asked Andrew what                                             phone service. Love pre-paid.” She
his favorite fantasy animal was and                                            says. When she’s in her room,
he said he likes the Griffin. Did you                                          she’ll be playing with jewelry and it
know his favorite animal is a Panda                                            will slip out of her hands and she
and his favorite flower is a rose? He                                          will lose it. She’d also be listening
also likes adventure books and                                                 to her new band called Decouphag
wearing baseball hats. His favorite                                            (in the future). She has butterflies
drink is Jamba Juice. Hope you had                                             on her wall. I almost forgot, she
fun reading! Bye.                                                              would be playing piano and clari-
                                                                               net in this future band. Goodbye.

                                                                                           cause they have good
Mark -    By Jake Rasmussen, Nathan                                                        graphics. His favorite
Gault Crabb, and Ben Lutes                                                                 Lego set is the Millen-
                                                                                           nium Falcon and his
                                                                                           favorite Michael Jack-
Mark is the Lego Robotics and            minds him of his
                                                                                           son song is “Beat It”
Gaming teacher at camp. He said          favorite   movie
                                                                                           but he can’t do the
he would make a game with Legos          “Tron.”    If he
                                                                                           Moonwalk.     I bet he
and call it Legends of Lego Mani-        could make a
                                                                                           definitely   will   see
acs. His favorite hobby is sculpt-       video game, he
                                                                                           “Tron: Legacy.” Mark
ing. He really loves Batman Com-         would    call     it
                                                                                           said he’ll wrestle a
ics #5.    His favorite subject is       Trontasia     (joke
                                                                                           kangaroo in a hippy
probably Lego Robotics. He loves         on Fantasia). If
                                                                                suit and drink cheese coffee. His
Star Wars Episode 4 – A New              he could play any celebrity in Ar-
                                                                                favorite cheese is gouda. He’s
Hope. He also says he loves Bart         magetron, he would play Jeff
                                                                                also upset with Fuji apples. He
Simpson Professional Skate-              Bridges (the creator of Tron). He
                                                                                loves to play Zelda and draw. He
boarder! The reason that Mark            created the class Gaming because
                                                                                loves pizza and Mario. So that’s
likes Armagetron - a game you            he thought it would be fun for eve-
play in Gaming; is because it re-        rybody. He likes video games be-       what Mark is like.

Summer 2009                                                                                                   Page 3
Myara                                                                 The content of the Chronicles of
By Eleanor Alishav                                                    Mozzarella newspaper is entirely
                                                                      the creative ideas of the Big
  If she could die her
hair any color it would                                               Cheese Press staff, under the su-
be purple. Her favorite                                               pervision of instructor Marcia
movie is Loratue. Her
favorite song is in Span-                                             Sanchez-Walsh.
ish. It is Quetequeria.
She was born in Jal-
isco, Mexico. If she                                             Stephanie
could take four classes,                                         By Emma Warshaw
they all would be magic.
Her favorite food is sea-                                           I got a chance to interview Stephanie, the
food. She likes neither                                          Sculpture Works, Art O’ Rama, and Mosaic Ma-
Jessica    Simpson     or                                        nia teacher, and found that she is a very inter-
Lindsey Lohan. Her fa-                                           esting teacher. Stephanie was born in New York
vorite movie star is                                             and stayed there until she was three, and then
Julia Roberts. Her favorite color is green. Her favorite food    moved to Connecticut.        She likes all of the
is strawberries.                                                 classes and cannot choose her favorite.         If
                                                                 Stephanie could invent a candy, it would be
                                                                 fudge with chocolate covered almonds with rib-
Tami                                                             bons
By Carmen Levine                                                 and covered
                                                                 in chocolate.
Out of Tami’s busy
                                                                 S t e p h a n i e ’s
schedule, I got to
                                                                 favorite        ice
squeeze in an interview
                                                                 cream             is
with her. Tami started
                                                                 B r e y e r s
working with the Sum-
                                                                 Rocky Road.
mer Art Camp in 2009.
                                                                 W h e n
Outside of camp, she
helps other people with
                                                                 was        about
their computers. So
                                                                 six she be-
sort of like a computer business. She learned how to use a
                                                                 came inter-
computer in the 5th grade, and is amazing at it now! Her
                                                                 ested in art
favorite computer program is File-Maker, a database pro-
                                                                 and       music.
gram that organizes info. Tami grew up in North Holly-
                                                                 The       coolest
wood, and now lives in Sherman Oaks. At home she has
                                                                 place Stepha-
one dog named Ketchup, and three computers. One HP
                                                                 nie has ever been is Venice, Italy. Stephanie has
laptop and 2 desktops. On her gadgets, she goes on the
                                                                 been at this camp for eight years. That was
most addicting sites to her, which are, a site sort
                                                                 when the camp was started. When she is not at
of like iTunes, and Facebook. If she could make up any
                                                                 camp, her favorite things to do are go to con-
website it would be called And there
                                                                 certs, cook, go to the beach, and be with friends.
you could find all her Photoshop products of Ketchup (her
                                                                 Stephanie’s favorite animals are cats and horses
dog) in movie form. Right now she has a song Poker Face
                                                                 and if she could be a flower she would be an or-
in her head. If she could be on any game show she would
                                                                 chid. The biggest project she has ever done is
be on “Don’t Forget the Lyrics.” She thinks she’d be pretty
                                                                 make furniture that looked like animals out of
good at it. She has very curly hair and if she could dye it
                                                                 wood and metal. Stephanie’s favorite projects to
all one color it would be neon purple. It was awesome to
                                                                 teach are all of the sculptures. As you can see
get to interview someone like Tami.
                                                                 Stephanie is a really cool person.

                                                                                            And her concerns for
Yoga Lyn                                                                                    the world are food,
By Kaetlyn Liddy                                                                            health care, and edu-
                                                                                            cation. She is most
I interviewed Yoga Lyn. Her per-        tary school. When she                               proud of her work with
sonal dream is to write a best-         was a kid she wanted to                             children, and a book of
selling book. Lyn grew up in Los        be an actress. Her favor-                           hers is coming out in
Angeles and works at an elemen-         ite place is Paris, France.                         the fall.

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