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Volunteers – Peaceful Army
of the World
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International Human Rights
Film Festival 2005
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New UN Goodwill Ambassador
on HIV/AIDS in Ukraine
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Community Development
Surges in Crimea
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                                                         Dear Friends

                                                         This is my pleasure to introduce to you the next edition of the “UN in Ukraine Bulletin” highlighting progress and actions
                                                         undertaken by the UN country team in October-December 2005.
                                                         During this period several important events were on the UN agenda including commemoration of the UN 60th anniversary,
                                                         presentation of the global AIDS Epidemic Update 2005 on the threshold of the World AIDS Day, launch of the Corporate Social
                                                         Responsibility and Global Compact Forum, as well as numerous initiatives of 12 UN agencies and affiliated international
                                                         institutions operating in Ukraine.
                                                         The year 2005 was challenging but also significant in further strengthening democratic standards, values and institutions in Ukraine.
           It has witnessed enormous efforts invested by the Ukrainian government in addressing topical economic, social and development issues, as well as in initiating
           even more proactive integration into the world market community and revitalizing regional cooperation. But even more needs to be done in the upcoming years. We do believe
           that the United Nations Development Assistance Framework to be started in January 2006 will bean effective mechanism in consolidating efforts of the government
           of Ukraine and UN agencies along with other international partners in implementing institutional reforms, empowering civil society, increasing quality and accessibility
           of health care and health services and promoting balanced development and entrepreneurship for prosperity of the whole Ukrainian nation.
           We at the United Nations House in Kyiv send you our compliments and wish you every success, prosperity and inspiration in 2006!
           Francis M.O’Donnell, UN Resident Coordinator in Ukraine

                  UN Feature Initiative                                                                                             National Aspect
               The Global Compact in Ukraine .................................................................... 1             UNDP Supports Anti-corruption Efforts
                                                                                                                                of the Ukrainian Government ........................................................................ 5
                  Headlines: UN 60th Anniversary
                                                                                                                                    Special Days
               Message of the UN Secretary-General ........................................................... 2
                                                                                                                                International Day for the Elimination
               Gala Concert ‘Music from Every Continent’.................................................... 2                  of Violence Against Women ................................................................................... 6
               Conference on UN 60th anniversary .............................................................. 2

                                                                                                                                International Volunteers Day .................................................................................. 6
               UN Alley Ground Breaking Ceremony ........................................................... 3
                                                                                                                                Human Rights Day ................................................................................................... 7
               Golden Liliya International Festival ................................................................ 3
                                                                                                                                World AIDS Day ........................................................................................................ 8
                  Launches                                                                                                          Events
               UNICEF and UNAIDS Global Campaign                                                                                Assistant Secretary-General Kalman Mizsei
               “Children the Missing Face of AIDS” .............................................................. 4             Salutes Launch of Community of Democratic Choice ...................................... 9
               Regional Launch of the Global 2005                                                                               UNFPA: Ukrainian Youth Expands Its Capacity
               Update on AIDS Epidemic ............................................................................. 5          to Fight HIV/AIDS ....................................................................................................12

                  Regional Aspect                                                                                               New Draft Legislation on Refugees is Discussed by UNHCR,
                                                                                                                                Government of Ukraine and the Council of Europe ..........................................12
              Community Development Surges in Crimea ............................................. 10
                                                                                                                                UNDP and EC Make Judges Learn at Home and Abroad ...............................13
              Launch of Campaigns on Sustainable
              Development ................................................................................................10    Opening of the EU Border Mission ..................................................................... 13
              Beyond Chernobyl –                                                                                                Safe and Legal Migration Advice from IOM ..................................................... 13
              Moving on to Regional Prosperity ............................................................... 11
                                                                                                                                    UN Days Calendar
              Donbas: Addressing Challenges and Revealing
              Opportunities .............................................................................................. 11   January-December 2006 .................................................................................... 14

                   List of the UN Country team in Ukraine

                       Francis M.O’Donnell        – UN Resident Coordinator,                                                    Dr.Boris Vornik                         – Assistant Representative, UNFPA

                                                    UNDP Resident Representative                                                Vasyl Kostrytsya                        – National Correspondent, ILO
                       Jeremy Hatrley             – Representative, UNICEF                                                      Dr. Maria Cristina Profili               – Acting Head of Office, WHO
                       Simone Wolken              – Regional Representative, UNHCR                                              Alexander Lastovetsky                   – Administrative Associate, IAEA
                       Jeffrey Labovitz            – Head of Mission, IOM                                                        Dusan Vujovic                           – Country Manager, World Bank
                       Anna Shakarishvili         – Country Coordinator, UNAIDS                                                 Jeffrey Franks                           – Sr. Resident Representative, IMF
                       Joanna Kazana-Wisniowiecka – Dep. Resident Representative, UNDP                                          Elena Voloshina                         – Head of IFC Operations, IFC

                               UN BULLETIN                                                                                                                               Editor - In - Chief:
                                                                                                                                                                         Veronika Vashchenko
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Olena Bilous
                                       United Nations in Ukraine
                                       October - December 2005                                                                                                           Editor:                                 Designed by:
                                                                                                                                                                         Russell Cunning                         uStudio Design Company
                            Promotion of Corporate Social Responsibility and the Global Compact in
                            the Ukrainian Marketplace
UN Feature Initiative

                            The United Nations in Ukraine organized the Corporate Social Responsibility and Global Compact Forum in Kyiv to
                            promote the concept of corporate social responsibility and the Global Compact. The forum was organised with the
                            support of UMC, SCM, ISC-UCAN, Gestalt Consulting Group and the Eurasia Foundation.
                            6 December 2005                                     Over ninety participants discussed the development impact       The international experiences from both the business
                                                                                of the corporate social responsibility and the importance       point of view and governmental policy were presented
                                                                                of development and maintenance of private-public                by the international guests. The results of the UN survey
                            The aims of this high-level Forum were:
                                                                                partnership. They were drawn from private sector champions      on ‘CSR trends in Ukraine’ were also presented for the
                            • the adoption of socially responsible practices    of corporate social responsibility, the Government of           first time during the forum.
                              as a positive force for social, economic and      Ukraine, UN Agencies and Headquarters personnel,
                              democratic development,                           international development oranizations, trade and               The forum was designed as a pre-launch event for the
                                                                                labour unions, and civil society.                               Global Compact. The United Nations is aiming to launch
                            • involving private sector entrepreneurship in                                                                      the Global Compact in Ukraine in the first quarter of 2006
                              strengthening corporate social responsibility,    The Forum served as a good platform for presentation of         after it is signed by Ukrainian companies. As part of the
                            • supporting the promotion of the CSR concepts      corporate social responsibility and Global Compact in a         chain of activities a Global Compact Network, a national
                                                                                business-case context. Participants shared the experiences      conference and regional forums are also planned for 2006.
                            • the establishment of the Global Compact           of champions in Ukraine and explored the challenges and
                              network in the Ukrainian marketplace              opportunities of establishing a comprehensive corporate         The agenda and the report on the Corporate Social
                                                                                social responsibility policy by drawing on tried-and-tested     Responsibility and Global Compact Forum is available at

                                                                 What is Global Compact?
                                                                               In this way, the private sector – in partnership with other     opportunity of belonging to a network of leading
                                                                               social actors including government, civil society, labour       companies in the world and providing an excellent
                                                                               organizations, development agencies and academia –              ground for the exchange of experience and good
                                                                               can help to achieve sustainable development.                    socially and environmentally oriented business
      On 31 January 1999 United Nations Secretary-General Kofi                  Since the Global Compact is an international inception over
      Annan in an address to the World Economic Forum                          2400 companies from all regions of the world and
      challenged business leaders to join an international                     hundreds of international labour and trade organizations
      initiative – the Global Compact – that would bring companies             and civil society organizations have engaged to advance                  For further information, please contact
      together with UN agencies, labour and civil society to                   ten universal principles of corporate social responsibility               Yulia Svavolya
      support nine (now ten) principles in the areas of human                  in support of United Nations goals. There are nearly                      UN Coordination Assistant
      rights, labour, the environment, and anti-corruption.                    50 country networks around the world in existence today.
      Through the power of collective action, the Global Compact both          The Global Compact is not only about a code of conduct. It                Tel: (38 044) 253 9363
      on local and international level seeks to promote responsible            is an entirely free and voluntary global initiative, giving               e-mail:
      corporate citizenship so that business can be part of the solution       a unique
      to the challenges of globalization.

                   THE             Principles of the                           Human Rights                                                   Principle 6: The elimination of discrimination in respect

                                                                                                                                                           of employment and occupation
                                   Global Compact                              Principle 1: Businesses should support and respect
                                                                                            the protection of internationally proclaimed
                                                                                            human rights;
                   The GC’s ten principles in the areas of human                                                                              Principle 7: Businesses should support a precautionary
                   rights, labour, the environment and anticorruption          Principle 2: Make sure that they are not complicit in
                                                                                                                                                           approach to environmental challenges
                   enjoy universal consensus and are derived from:                          human rights abuses.
                                                                                                                                              Principle 8: Undertake initiatives to promote greater
                                                                               Labour Standards
                   • The Universal Declaration of Human Rights                                                                                             environmental responsibility
                                                                               Principle 3: Businesses should uphold the freedom of
                   • The International Labour Organization’s Declaration on                                                                   Principle 9: Encourage the development and diffusion
                                                                                            association and the effective recognition of
                     Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work                                                                                             of environmentally friendly technologies
                                                                                            the right to collective bargaining
                   • The Rio Declaration on Environment and                                                                                   Anti-corruption
                                                                               Principle 4: The elimination of all forms of forced and
                     Development                                                            compulsory labour                                 Principle 10: Businesses should work against all forms of
                   • The United Nations Convention Against Corruption                                                                                       corruption, including extortion and bribery
                                                                               Principle 5: The effective abolition of child labour

               60 ANNIVERSARY
UN Headlines

               The Secretary-General message on UN Day                                                                               24 October 2005

                                         Today, as we celebrate sixty years of our United           They promised to fight terrorism in all its forms,
                                         Nations, we must recognize that the world today            and to take collective action, when needed, to save
                                         is very different from that of our founders.                populations from genocide and other heinous
                                         The United Nations must reflect this new age, and
                                         respond to its challenges – including, first and            They decided on important reforms of the UN
                                         foremost, the knowledge that hundreds of millions          Secretariat.
                                         of people are left defenceless against hunger, disease
                                         and environmental degradation, even though the             But on climate change and Security Council reform
                                         world has the means to rescue them.                        they could make only weak statements. And on
                                                                                                    nuclear proliferation and disarmament they could
                                         Last month, world leaders met in New York to               not agree at all. They have left us a great deal of
                                         try and forge a common response to these                   work to do.
                                         challenges. Leaders of both rich and poor
                                         countries committed themselves to detailed                 Today, as we mark the 60th anniversary of our
                                         policies which, if fully implemented, could reduce         indispensable institution, I promise you that I will
                                         hunger and poverty by 50 per cent in the next ten          do my part. And I trust that you, as global
                                         years. They decided to create new UN bodies for            citizens, will do yours.
                                         promoting human rights and building lasting
                                         peace in war-torn countries.                                                                                     “...
               UN Office in Ukraine and the National Opera of Ukraine held
               a gala concert ‘Music from Every Continent’
                                         23 October 2005                                            The visitors had a chance to enjoy the performances of:

                                         To commemorate the United Nations’ 60th anniversary,       Volodmyr GRYSHKO: soloist of the National Opera of
                                         the UN Office in Ukraine and the National Opera of           Ukraine, the Metropolitan Opera (New York, USA), and
                                         Ukraine with support of Ministry of Foreign Affairs held    the Mariinsky Theatre (Saint-Petersburg, Russia). One of
                                         a gala concert, ‘Music from Every Continent’ at the        the five best tenors in the world, he has performed with
                                         National Opera House.                                      Montserrat Cabalye and Lucciano Pavarotti. He is a National
                                                                                                    Artist of Ukraine, recipient of the Shevchenko Award, and
                                         The concert was an important charity event. Proceeds       an advisor to the President of Ukraine on cultural issues.
                                         from ticket sales and any contributions made went to the
                                                                                                    Viktoria LUKYANETZ: National Artist of Ukraine, former
                                         Ukraine 3000 International Fund’s Hospital to Hospital
                                                                                                    soloist of the National Opera of Ukraine, soloist of the Vi-
                                         Programme. Children with HIV, tuberculosis, hepatitis,
                                                                                                    enna State Opera, and a singer who has been applauded
                                         cancer and other serious diseases will be helped at the
                                                                                                    in Western Europe, America, Canada, China and many
                                         Ohmadit Paediatric Oncological Haematology Centre.
                                                                                                    other countries of the world.
                                         This premier concert featured music from every             Anatoliy BARISHEVSKIY: this year’s winner of the one of
                                         continent in an original and unique fashion. Most of the   the most prestigious contests, the Volodymyr Horovytzy
                                         pieces were performed in Ukraine for the very first         competition, Anatoliy is a student of the National Music
                                         time. This concert was not only an opportunity to          Academy of Ukraine.
                                         spend a very pleasant evening enjoying a unique
                                         musical event, but also a chance to help the more          Herman MAKARENKO, Ph.D.: Art director and conductor
                                         vulnerable members of our community when they              of the gala concert, conductor of the Ukrainian National
                                         need this help the most. As a result of this charitable    Opera, honoured artist of Ukraine, winner of
                                         event, an impressive 49,497 UA hryvnas was transferred     numerous international competitions, and professor of
                                                                                                    the National Music Academy.

of the United Nations
 UN Resident Coordinator greeted the participants of the International
 Conference devoted to the UN’s 60th anniversary.
 3-4 November 2005                                         Chairman of the Human Rights, National Minorities             Head of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Volodymyr
                                                           and Interethnic Relations Committee of the Verkhovna          Lytvyn, in which he emphasized importance of
 UN Resident Coordinator Francis M. O’Donnell O’Donnell    Rada of Ukraine Hennadiy Udovenko, Ukrainian scientists       developing future comprehensive cooperation
 designated representative of the Secretary-General took   and politicians, representatives of international and non-    among United Nations and parliaments of the
 part in the international conference “Sixty Years         governmental organisations, representatives of diplomatic     organisation’s countries-members.
 of the UN: Taking Stock of Achievements and Paths         missions to Ukraine participated in this event, which was
 to Greater Effectiveness in the 21st Century” and          jointly organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the      During the plenary sessions the participants addressed
 delivered to the participants the message from the        Diplomatic Academy of Ukraine and the Institute of            such issues as UN role, priorities and activities in dealing
 Secretary-General Kofi Annan.                              International Relations, with the support of the UN office      with problems of economic development, ensuring
                                                           in Ukraine. President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko sent the   international security and fighting terrorism, and
 Minister for Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Borys Tarasyuk,    message to the participants of the conference, as well as     solving world social problems.
 Head of the Presidential Secretariat Oleg Rybachuk,

                                                           Golden Liliya International Festival
                                                           22 October 2005                                               As Mr. Francis M. O’Donnell, UN Resident Coordinator
                                                                                                                         in Ukraine stated: “We want to ensure that the
                                                                                                                         contribution of sport towards peace and stability
                                                           The Golden Liliya International Festival was held in honour   is understood and promoted across the world.
                                                           of the United Nations’ International Year of Sport and        Golden Liliya provides a wonderful platform to
                                                           Physical Education, and also celebrated the UN’s 60th         do just that. Liliya and the festival organizers
                                                           anniversary.                                                  are making a long-lasting contribution to the
                                                                                                                         UN global ideals. So are the children here,
                                                           That was a show with more than 500 participants from          the sports and arts celebrities, and all the
                                                           12 countries including famous stars of sport and the          participants with us here today and through
                                                           arts. Also, Children from all over Ukraine, especially from   television. The excellence and teamwork that sport
                                                           vulnerable communities, were brought to Kyiv free of          nourishes, is the foundation for democracy, stability,
                                                           charge to attend the event. It was a show that evokes a       and development. It helps cement the unity of Europe
                                                           positive emotional and aesthetic response, because sport      after decades of painful division. We hope it will also
                                                           and art are universal languages of communication.             help to cement the unity of the world in a common
                                                                                                                         celebration of our humanity.”

 UN Alley Ground Breaking Ceremony devoted to the 60th Anniversary of
 the United Nations
 24 October 2005                                           The participants of the ceremony were Minister                “Today Ukraine and the United Nations are celebrating
                                                           of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Borys Tarasyuk, First            this 60th anniversary together. The challenges which
                                                           Deputy Speaker of Parliament Adam Martynyuk, UN               the world faces today – poverty, the HIV/AIDS
                                                           Resident Coordinator in Ukraine Francis M. O’Donnell,         pandemic, terrorism, corruption, and a threatened
                                                           Head of Kyiv Administration Oleksandr Omelchenko,             environment – are ones which Ukraine faces as
                                                           Heads of UN agencies, the representatives of the              well. Yet these challenges are accompanied by
                                                           diplomatic corps to Ukraine, and Ukrainian peacekeepers       great opportunities. The UN looks forward to
                                                           veterans, around 500 students of the European University      partnering with Ukraine as it becomes a
                                                           and children from UNESCO school in Kyiv.                      prosperous, democratic and peaceful nation, and
                                                                                                                         it greatly appreciates Ukraine’s contribution to
                                                           The stone was placed in the southern part of Novodnitsky      world peace and security, human rights, and
                                                           park, where the participants of the ceremony planted          sustainable development”, stated UN Resident
                                                           60 trees                                                      Coordinator Francis M.O’Donnell.

           Children: the missing face of AIDS
           UNICEF and UNAIDS Launch Global Campaign to Invigorate Action for the Millions of Children Affected by HIV/AIDS

           25 October 2005

           On 25 October, 2005, UNICEF, UNAIDS and other partners         Jeremy Hartley, adding, “with 1.4 per cent of the population         ‘Ukraine has the potential even to exceed the global
           launched a global campaign focusing on the enormous            aged 15 to 49 estimated to be infected by HIV, Ukraine               commitments and ensure that all children receive the
           impact of HIV/AIDS on children, saying it was a disgrace       could push back the epidemic, but the focus must be                  necessary antiretroviral treatment and all women in need
           that fewer than 5 per cent of HIV-positive children receive    on prevention among young people who currently account               are secure from passing the HIV virus to their babies’,
           treatment and that millions of children who have lost          for 80 percent of those infected.”                                   said Jeremy Hartley.
           parents to the disease go without support.
                                                                          The global campaign aims to achieve measurable                       UNICEF stated that children must be at the forefront of
           UNICEF said that children affected by the disease are the       progress for children based on internationally agreed                the fight against AIDS. According to UNAIDS, US$55
           “missing face” of AIDS – missing not only from global and      goals in four areas:                                                 billion will be needed over the next three years, US$22
           national policy discussions on HIV/AIDS, but also lacking      • Prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV: the vast        billion in 2008 alone, to confront the AIDS pandemic.
           access to even the most basic care and prevention services.        majority of the half-million children under the age of 15        There is currently a funding gap of at least US$18
           Millions of children are missing parents, siblings, school-        who die globally from AIDS-related illnesses every year          billion for 2005-2007. Not only does AIDS funding need to
           ing, health care, basic protection and many of the other           contract HIV through mother-to-child transmission. By
                                                                              2010 the campaign aims to provide 80 percent of                  increase dramatically, but a significant portion should be
           fundamentals of childhood because of the toll the                  women in need with access to services to prevent                 specifically targeted for children affected by the disease.
           disease is taking. According to UNICEF, every minute a child       transmission of HIV to their babies. Currently less than
           dies of an AIDS-related illness, a child becomes infected          10 per cent of women have access to these services.              The Unite for Children. Unite against AIDS campaign
           with HIV, four young people aged 15-24 become infected                                                                              was launched across the world - from Paris, Dublin and
           with HIV.                                                      • Paediatric treatment: less than 5 per cent of HIV-positive         London, to Geneva and The Hague - with the
                                                                              children in need of AIDS treatment are receiving it, and         global kick-off event taking place at the United
           In addition, an estimated 15 million children have lost at         only 1 per cent of children born to HIV-infected mothers
                                                                              have access to cotrimoxazole, a low-cost antibiotic that can     Nations headquarters in New York with Secretary-
           least one parent because of AIDS, and millions more have           nearly halve child deaths from AIDS by fighting off deadly         General Kofi Annan and other high profile guests. Prime
           lost relatives, friends, teachers, medical professionals,          infections. The campaign aims by 2010 to provide pae-            Ministers and Presidents, young people, international
           community leaders and other adults responsible for their           diatric AIDS medicines to 80 per cent of children in need.       celebrities, senior officials from UNICEF, UNAIDS and
           health and welfare. Yet less than 10 per cent of children                                                                           other campaign partners took part in press conferences,
           orphaned and made vulnerable by AIDS receive public            • Prevention: adolescents and young people age 10-24
                                                                              account for roughly half of all new HIV infections, but the      radio shows, soccer matches, gala events and tennis
           support or services.                                               vast majority of young people have no access to the              tournaments to show their support and solidarity
                                                                              information, skills and services needed to protect themselves    behind the Unite for Children. Unite against AIDS
           Designed to alter the common belief that AIDS affects               from HIV. The campaign aims by 2010 to reduce the
           only adults, the Unite for Children. Unite against AIDS                                                                             campaign.
                                                                              number of young people living with HIV by 25 per cent,
           campaign will alert the world to the reality that                  in line with agreed international goals.                         Everything you need to know about the campaign
           HIV/AIDS is robbing tens of millions of children of their                                                                           at http://
           childhood and threatening their future prospects.              • Protection and support of children affected by AIDS: by
                                                                              2010, it is estimated that there will be 18 million children
           A recent UNICEF-supported survey revealed that HIV-                who have lost at least one parent to AIDS in sub-
                                                                              Saharan Africa alone. Well before parents die, children –
                                                                                                                                                      For further information, please contact:
           positive women and their children face high levels of              especially girls – have to take on adult tasks such as caring            Dmytro Konyk
           stigma in the health care system, at the workplace and             for the sick, looking after younger siblings, generating                 UNICEF Ukraine, Kyiv
           in their own communities and families. “The rights of              income to pay for health costs, or producing food.
           those affected by HIV/AIDS, including children, are not             Often they must drop out of school. The campaign aims by                 Tel/fax: (38 044) 253 0479
                                                                              2010 to reach 80 per cent of children most in need of
           being ensured in Ukraine” said UNICEF Representative               public support and services.                                             e-mail:

           UNSG’s Special Representative
           on HIV/AIDS Meets with President Yushenko and Launches 2005 AIDS Epidemic Update in Ukraine                                                                  21 November 2005

           On November 21, 2005, Professor Lars Kallings, UN Secretary-                                                                       Network of People Living with HIV Volodymir Zhovtyak
           General Kofi Annan’s Special Envoy on HIV/AIDS for Eastern                                                                          and Irina Borushek, and the International HIV/AIDS Alliance
           Europe met with President Yushenko. During the meeting,                                                                            in Ukraine, Andrei Klepikov.
           Kallings emphasized the Secretary General’s high esteem
           for Ukraine’s progress in responding to HIV/AIDS in 2005.                                                                          During his visit, Kallings also joined national and
           In his first ever meeting with an international dignitary                                                                           international experts in launching the new AIDS Epidemic
           to discuss AIDS in Ukraine, President Yushenko agreed                                                                              Update for 2005 at a widely covered media launch in Kyiv.
           to take the national response to AIDS under his personal                                                                           This was the first time that the AIDS Epidemic Update,
           control, and agreed to consider his participation in the                                                                           which is published annually by UNAIDS and WHO, was
           next UN Special Session on HIV/AIDS in May 2006.                                                                                   launched in Ukraine for the region of Eastern Europe
                                                                                                                                              and Central Asia. The report underscores that Ukraine
           Professor Kallings was joined in the meeting by UNAIDS                                                                             has the most intense AIDS epidemic in Europe. Copies
           Country Coordinator Ani Shakarishvili, Minister of Health                                                                          of the report are available from UNAIDS in Kyiv.
           Yuri Polyachenko, representatives of the All-Ukrainian

                  UNDP Supports Anti-Сorruption Efforts
                  of the Ukrainian Government
National Aspect

                                                                           The UNDP took an active part in the elaboration                     Paragraphs of the decree, such as the introduction of
                  18 November 2005                                         and preparation of this Decree. Along with for-                     monitoring of top-officials expenditures, link directly to
                                                                           mal participation as advisors in the working group,                 the promises made at Maydan Nezalezhnosti in 2004
                  The President of Ukraine signed Decree                   consultants from the UNDP worked to prepare                         – when Mr Yushchenko was a Presidential candidate.
                  №1615/2005, “About the preferential                      necessary materials, took an active part in discus-
                  measures on anticorruption and economy                   sions, and helped to draft the text of the Decree.                  The UNDP continues its work targeted at establish-
                                                                                                                                               ing accountable and transparent authority in Ukraine
                  latency prevention”. By signing the De-
                                                                           The President of Ukraine quite often quotes major state-            by assisting to incorporate this Decree into the draft
                  cree the first step in implementing the                   ments from this Decree during his speeches and in-                  laws and regulations, encouraging capacity build-
                  President’s main priority – forming hon-                 terviews with journalists, emphasizing once again the               ing at the Ministry of Justice, and supporting ef-
                  est authority in Ukraine – was completed.                importance of the issues highlighted in this document.              forts to attract international technical assistance.

                  The Presidential Decree №1615/2005
                  “About the preferential measures on anticorruption
                  and economy latency prevention”
                  With the purpose of combating corruption, improving legislation, taking measures directed at the separation of business from authority,
                  improving the transparency of state authority institutions, improving effective business development conditions in Ukraine, removing
                  conditions that facilitate the shadow economy, and involving the community in monitoring these areas I decree:

                  1. to determine, as one of the priority measures for             e) toughening criminal liability for interference                i) making changes to the legislative acts so as to
                     combating corruption, the implementation of public               in investigating respective agencies, prejudicial                ensuring freedom of entrepreneurship activi-
                     monitoring of spreading criminal actions in political,           inquiry, and court processes; and establishing                   ties, limitation on state regulation of economic
                                                                                      responsibility for the interference in activities                processes, eliminating the causes favouring
                     economic and social spheres at the state and local               of the respective bodies that are considering                    corruption, deviation from tax payments, dues,
                     levels.                                                          cases of administrative violations involved in                   compulsory payments, and carrying out eco-
                                                                                      disciplinary proceedings;                                        nomic activities with violations of legislation;
                  2. to the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine:
                                                                                   f) improving the procedures for income and prop-                 j) providing state (administrative) services
                     1) to urgently draft and submit bills within 3                                                                                    to the natural persons and corporate entities
                                                                                      erty declaration by the officials and persons who
                        months for processing by the President of                     obtain or expect to obtain political posts, intro-               using the electronic information system,
                        Ukraine that concern the following:                           duce obligatory declaration of expenditures by                   “Electronic government”;
                                                                                      officials who obtain political posts, prosecutor’s         2) to ratify, within two months, the methodology
                         a) identifying such positions in the system of               office staff, security service, customs, internal
                            executive authority those agencies that are               affairs bodies and state tax administration staff,            and the order of conducting public monitoring
                            political, and establishing a simplified procedure         judges and their families, and also entrust the             of corruption cases in political and social spheres
                            for dismissing people who obtain such positions;          state tax administration to confidentially control           at national and local levels, forecasting annual
                         b) clarifying the definition of “corruption”, the types       the information provided in the declaration                 release of this monitoring results;
                            of corrupt actions and the subjects of these              on incomes and expenditures, and establish
                            actions, and other corruption infringements;              mechanisms for assessing whether income                  3) to implement, within two months, measures to
                                                                                      is consistent with the declared expenditures;               improve the electronic system of document
                         c) determining the mechanism of assigning
                                                                                   g) legalizing the incomes of natural persons and               circulation in the state and local authorities;
                            property that belongs to officials who obtain
                            political posts, and members of their families            corporate entities, which were obtained with the
                                                                                      violation of the tax and currency regulations set        4) to ensure involvement of the representatives
                            under the control of specialized independent
                            legal entity, and also prohibiting the above              by the legislation, forecast mechanisms for their           of the scientific and sociological institutions,
                            mentioned officials from receiving presents in              realization including one time declaration of all           enterprises, citizens’ unions, international
                            the form of goods or services, the value of which         the property and money, prohibition for the ex-             organizations, independent experts to the
                            exceeds an amount determined in the law;                  amination of taxing and other obligations by state
                                                                                      authorities of the respective natural persons and           process of drafting respective laws and
                         d) identifying and define conflict of interests during         corporate entities, which are liable for legalization       regulations in order to put into effect paragraphs
                            the performance of duties by the officials, and             and which emerged before its implementation;                1-3 of this article, and also to submit for
                            propose arrangements for preventing such a                                                                            public discussions draft laws mentioned in
                            conflict;                                               h) providing mechanisms for ensuring stability and
                                                                                      inviolability of property rights, gained according to       the point 1 of the article
                                                                                      the procedure set by the legislation in the process of
                                                                                      privatization of state property in period 1994-2004;

                       President of Ukraine Viktor YUSHCHENKO
                       November 18, 2005
               International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women
               New York, Secretary-General’s message on the International                                                                                                      25 November 2005
               Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women
Special Days

               ...”        Violence against women remains pervasive
                           worldwide. It is the most atrocious manifesta-
                                                                                      Gender-based violence is also damaging to
                                                                                      society as a whole. It can prevent women from
                                                                                                                                                            family, including and especially the next genera-
                                                                                                                                                            tion. That is why this year’s 16 Days of Activism
                           tion of the systemic discrimination and in-                engaging in productive employment, and girls                          Against Gender Violence, starting today, will be
                           equality women continue to face, in law and                from attending school. It makes women more                            used by Governments, United Nations entities
                           in their everyday lives, around the world. It              vulnerable to forced and unprotected sex, which                       and civil society activists to focus on the detri-
                           occurs in every region, country, and culture,              plays a key role in the spread of HIV/AIDS. It                        mental consequences of violence against wom-
                           regardless of income, class, race or ethnicity.            takes a deep and enduring toll on the entire                          en on the well-being of the world as a whole.                  “...
               At the World Summit in September, leaders pledged to               The new report prepared by the Inter-Agency Task                             The Task Force aims to ensure women’s full participation
               redouble efforts to eliminate all forms of violence against         Force on Women and Peace and Security tackles the                            in all stages of a given peace process, such as negotiating
               women and girls child. We know that this requires us               broad application of gender equality as well as the                          and implementing peace agreements as well as drafting
               to change the mindset, still all too common and deep-              protection of women through all phases of peace-                             and negotiating constitutions.
               seated, that violence against women is acceptable. That            keeping, humanitarian and post-conflict operations,
                                                                                                                                                               The report lays out in detail, by agency, how the UN will
               means leadership in showing, by example, that when it              addressing such issues as gender balance, gen-
                                                                                                                                                               enhance gender equity with specific dates for attaining
               comes to violence against women and girls, there are no            der-based violence, sexual exploitation and abuse.
                                                                                                                                                               each goal. The plan also includes several measures
               grounds for tolerance and no tolerable excuses. On this
                                                                                  The plan which was mandated by a landmark Se-                                earmarking budget allocations for gender-based initiatives
               International Day for the Elimination of Violence against
                                                                                  curity Council resolution on women, peace and                                – that is, making sure the financial resources to achieve
               Women, let us rededicate ourselves to that mission.
                                                                                  security adopted in 2000 draws on contributions                              these ambitious goals are available when needed.
               Secretary-General Kofi Annan has issued a comprehensive             from 37 different UN agencies and provides a blue-
               plan for reinforcing and integrating women’s issues into the       print for action to deliver concrete changes in how
               world body’s peacekeeping and post-conflict opera-                  they conduct their activities in the years to come.                         More information and the full report is available at
               tions with the aim of strengthening the commitment and                                                                               
               accountability of the United Nations to gender equality.

               Volunteers – Peaceful Army of the World                                                                                                                          5 December 2005
               The United Nations volunteers serving in Ukraine along with the local community celebrated the International Volunteer Day by
               organizing press-conference and Volunteer Organizations’ Information Fair.
               UN volunteers invited the representatives of leading               Ms. Alla KHABAROVA, Director of Red Cross Ukraine, Ms. Cris-                 Also, the Volunteers Organization Information Fair was
               volunteer organizations along with Ukrainian celebrities to        tinaTURCI, UNVolunteers Programme Officer.The participants                     opened to demonstrate activities of more then 20 local
               encourage further development of volunteer movement                talked about their experiences as supporters and representa-                 and international VIOs operating in Ukraine including US
               in Ukraine. The speakers of the press-conference “Volunteer-       tives of the volunteers’movement and underlined the impor-                   Peace Corps, Ukrainian Red Cross Society, International
               ism and achievement of Millennium Development Goals:               tance of volunteers’engagement in order to eradicate extreme                 Foundation Caritas Ukraine, Ukrainian Association for Youth
               the importance of volunteers in the development process”           poverty at a global level. As important actors of the Ukrainian              Co-operation ALTERNATIVE-V, Dobra Volya Volunteers,
               were Mr. Francis M. O’DONNELL, UN Resident Coordinator             development process, they also highlighted the achieve-                      Age Concern Ukraine, Network of PLWHA, School of Equal
               in Ukraine, and himself a former United Nations Volunteer          ments accomplished by the volunteers so far in Ukraine and                   Opportunity, others. The representatives of these organiza-
               (1976-1978), Ms. Ani LORAK singer and previous UN Good-            the future prospective for a strengthened a fruitful cooperation             tions informed Kyiv community about the great potential
               will Ambassador, Mr. Karl BECK, US Peace Corp Director,            among Volunteers Involving Organizations (VIOs) in Ukraine.                  of volunteers’ activities through different communica-
                                                                                                                                                               tion tools and visual arts, including little performances.
               Background information on the UN Volunteers Programme
               The United Nations Volunteers programme (UNV)                      rehabilitation and in support of human rights, electoral                     the Arab States, the Caribbean, and Central and South America.
               is the volunteer arm of the United Nations. Created by the UN      and peace-building processes. They are professionals who                     Thirty per cent serve in the world’s poorest nations -- the least
               General Assembly in 1970 to serve as an operational partner in     work on a peer basis. They listen and discuss, teach and train,              developed. Half work outside capital cities, frequently in remote
               development cooperation at the request of UN member states,        encourage and facilitate. Volunteers also share and exchange                 towns and villages. This is in response to expressed needs, and
               it mobilizes qualified UN Volunteers and encourages people to       ideas, skills and experience.                                                it reflects the commitment which volunteers bring. Included
               become active in volunteering in their countries. It is adminis-                                                                                here are the field workers serving at the grassroots level in Asia,
               tered by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)           In which sectors do they work?                                               the Pacific and Africa. These are practitioners with excellent
               and works through UNDP’s country offices around the world.           The UNV programme involves a wide spread of sectors: it                      track records in village-level community work; they exchange
               Some 7,300 qualified and experienced women and men                  maintains a roster covering 115 professional categories.                     skills and knowledge among countries of those regions.
               of nearly 160 nationalities are serving each year in develop-      Agriculture, health and education feature prominently,
               ing countries as UN Volunteers. Since 1971, some 30,000 UN                                                                                      UNV in Ukraine
                                                                                  as do human rights promotion, information and commu-                         The first UNV served in Ukraine in 1993. Since then 38 UN volun-
               Volunteers have worked in about 140 countries. Currently,          nication technology, community development, vocational
               nearly 70 per cent are citizens of developing countries while                                                                                   teers (25 International UNVs and 13 National UNVs) have served
                                                                                  training, industry and population.                                           in our country. Currently there are 20 UNVs serving in Ukraine: 9
               the remaining 30 per cent come from the industrialized world.
                                                                                                                                                               International and 11 Nationals. 12 are based in Kiev and 8 in dif-
                                                                                  Where are they working?                                                      ferent regions of Ukraine. All of them are actively involved in dif-
               What do they do?                                                   Over the years, they have served in about 140 countries.Today 40 per         ferent development projects related to the areas of: fight against
               They work in technical cooperation with governments, with          cent are at work in Africa, 26 per cent in Asia and the Pacific, and 15       AIDS/HIV(4), community development in Chernobyl affected
               community-based initiatives, in humanitarian relief and            per cent in Central and Eastern Europe; the remainder is to be found in      areas (11), Human Rights (4), UNV Program development (1).

                  The 3rd International Human Rights Festival in Kyiv ‘Fight For A Larger Freedom!’
                  10 December 2005                                               On the Human Rights Day, the International                           On 10th December there was a gala opening and
                                                                                                                                                      screening of two gala-films: “It’s Our Country”
                                                                                  Human Rights Film Festival was launched                             (directed by Ludmyla Nemyria, Ukraine, 2005)
                  This year the festival took place on December
                                                                                   with the opening gala at O. Dovzhenko                              is about recent freedom movements in Ukraine
Special Days

                  10-16 in Kyiv at O.Dovzhenko film studio and                                                                                         and “Living Rights: Lena” (directed by Duco Tel-
                  Budynok Kino. Every year the slogan of the                                    Film Studio.                                          legen, Netherlands & Belarus, 2004/2005) is
                  festival and the topics are selected based on                                                                                       about a young girl living in the Chernobyl affected
                  important recent trends in nationally and the                                                                                       area. The film “Living Rights” won many awards
                  world at large. 2005 was a very important year                                                                                      from the following festivals: Parnu International
                  for UN as well as for Ukraine, since on its 60th                                                                                    Documentary Film Festival, 58th Locarno In-
                  anniversary UN has launched a new reform pro-                                                                                       ternational Film Festival, BUSTER Copenhagen
                  cess ‘time for renewal’. At the same time Ukraine                                                                                   International Film Festival for Children and Youth.
                  was going through the Orange Revolution where
                  the people of Ukraine were ‘demanding for                                                                                           In total 28 films from Ukraine, Kenya, Uganda,
                  renewal’. Both of these were aiming to achieve                                                                                      USA, Great Britain, Netherlands, Belarus, Japan,
                  one single desire ‘to have more freedom and                                                                                         Peru, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium were
                  rights for people’. Therefore, the slogan of the                                                                                    screened during this festival including 10 films
                  third annual International Human Rights Film                                                                                        made by Ukrainian Directors.
                  Festival-2005 is ‘Fight for a larger freedom’.
                                                                                                                                                      The International Human Rights Film Festival is aiming
                                                                                                                                                      to raise public awareness on human rights using
                  The festival programme was based on three
                                                                                                                                                      the powerful medium of films and was a result of
                  main topics: peace, dignity and prosperity. After
                                                                                                                                                      a combination of efforts of the UN system agencies
                  screening in Kyiv, in January-February the festi-
                                                                                                                                                      in Ukraine, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of
                  val will travel to other regions of Ukraine includ-
                                                                                                                                                      Ukraine, Ukraine Cinema Fund, Dovzhenko Film
                  ing Donetsk, Lviv, Odesa, Kharkiv. Besides the
                                                                                                                                                      Studio, Budynok Kino, Amnesty International in
                  awarded human rights films on peace, dignity
                                                                                                                                                      Ukraine, OSCE, Human Rights Culture Association,
                  and prosperity from all around the world, the
                                                                                                                                                      Kyiv Parliament of Children, Leo Burnett, Verum.
                  festival also offered public debates giving the
                                                                                                                                                      The Festival organizers wish to express their grati-
                  audience an opportunity to appreciate films
                                                                                                                                                      tude to the event sponsors, particularly to DHL and
                  and to discuss the human rights topics on elec-
                                                                                                                                                      media partners ICTV, What’s On, Gala Radio, Radio
                  tion rights, rights of minorities, rights of people
                                                                                                                                                      Еra, Kino Kolo, Ukraina Moloda, Site Maidan.
                  living with HIV/AIDS, and others. This year the
                  festival devoted a special section for the 20th
                                                                                                                                                      More information is available at
                  Anniversary of the Chernobyl catastrophe.

                  Statement by Kemal Dervis Administrator of the United Nations Development Programme On the Occasion of
                  International Human Rights Day

           ...” The international language of human rights has become
                widely accepted and spoken in the fifty-seven years
                                                                                   A human rights-based approach to development insists that
                                                                                   women and men have equal access to development, equal
                                                                                                                                                     In Afghanistan, for example, UNDP’s intensive advocacy
                                                                                                                                                     resulted in a Presidential decree allocating two seats per
                   since the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human        access to health, an education, employment, and dequate           province to women on the Constitutional Loya Jirga, the
                   Rights. This was underlined in September, when global           housing.                                                          body responsible for writing the country’s new constitution,
                   leaders at the 2005 World Summit firmly stated                                                                                     which today grants women and men equal rights before the
                   that human rights along with development, peace, and            Today, International Human Rights Day also coincides with the     law. In Honduras, UNDP advocated for the adoption of a
                   security are the pillars ofthe United Nations system.           final day of 16 Days of Activism against Gender Violence,          National Policy on Equal Opportunities, which in turn led to
                   These pillars are interlinked and mutually reinforcing, and     which gave focus to the damaging effect of gender-                 new legislation that now reserves 30 percent of
                   provide the foundation upon which to build our collective       based violence on society as a whole. It highlighted              parliamentary seats for women.
                   security and well-being.                                        the plight of women subjected to the systematic
                                                                                   sexual violence that has characterized so many armed              There are positive signs that the culture is changing. In
                   The decision taken at the Summit to strengthen the UN           conflicts; or exposed to HIV because they do not have              November, UNDP provided support and training to
                   Human Rights machinery by establishing a Human Rights           the powerto say o to unprotected sex with their partner.          Liberia’s electoral commission in advance of the country’s
                   Council, replacing the Commission on Human Rights,                                                                                historic presidential election – the first since the end of its
                   and by strengthening the Office of the High Commissioner          Injustices continue to take place, despite the fact that the      14-year civil war - which saw the first ever election of a
                   for Human Rights, are among a series of vital steps that        recognition of women’s rights is strongly enshrined in the        woman as an African head of state. This is a momentous
                   will allow us to move ahead with the promotion and              Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination      step forward for Africa, and my hope is that it will
                   protection of human rights for all.                             against Women, the Declaration on the Elimination of Violence     empower women and girls around the Continent to insist
                                                                                   against Women, and the Beijing Platform for Action.               upon the realisation of their individual human rights.
                   UNDP recognises that human rights are not only an               If the pervasive culture of the abuse of women’s economic,
                   objective but also an important development tool, with          social and political rights is to change, women must have equal   The principles enshrined in the Universal Declaration on
                   which we can support national efforts to achieve the             representation and the recourse to hold the powerful              Human Rights will never be realised if women and girls
                   Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and to prevent              to account. To this end, UNDP strongly supports national          - along with their talents and potential – are left out of
                   discrimination or exclusion from the development process        efforts to develop women’s access to the political system,         the equation. As UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan has
                   on the grounds of race, religion, or gender.                    where they have long-since been under-represented.                stressed, “What begins as a failure to uphold the dignity of
                                                                                                                                                     one life, all too often ends as a calamity for entire nations”.   “...

               The UN Country Team along with other donor organizations
Special Days

               On November 17, 2005                                        On December 1, 2005                                            On December 14-24, 2005
               Lilia Podkopayeva was designated as                         A ceremony dedicated to the Worlds                             The photo exhibition “DOORS!?..” telling
               the next UN Goodwill Ambassador on                          AIDS Day took place near the the Red                           about the real facts from the life of a HIV
               HIV/AIDS in Ukraine.                                        Ribbon memorial.                                               positive young girl from Belarus

               The UN Resident Coordinator Francis M.O’Donnell             The ceremony was jointly organized by the Network              was organized in Kyiv by the UNDP Governance of HIV/
               publicly announced the appointment at a press-              of People Living with HIV/AIDS along with other partner        AIDS project. It was the joint initiative of the UNDP in
               conference in the UN House in Kyiv. Other speakers          organizations in the frameworks of the campaign                Ukraine and Republic of Belarus with the financial
               of the event were Mr. Jeremy Hartley, UNICEF                “Understanding is a real action!”. This campaign took          support from UNAIDS. The exhibition was held with great
               Representative in Ukraine and Chair of the HIV/AIDS         place not only in Kyiv, but also in 42 cities of Ukraine.      success in such cities as Minsk, Moscow, Riga, Vilnius
               Theme Group and Mr. Yuriy Subbotin, UNAIDS Project                                                                         and this December in Kyiv.
               Manager. Mr. O’Donnell presented Ms. Podkopayeva            The speakers of the ceremony were Minister of Health
               with an official certificate designating her as UN Good-       of Ukraine Yuriy Polyachenko, UNICEF Representative            Overall, 23 000 people attended the exhibition. This
               will Ambassador on HIV/AIDS in Ukraine for 2005-2006.       in Ukraine Jeremy Hartley, Head of the Coordination            exhibition is aimed at building up a human and
                                                                           Council of the Network Of People living with HIV/AIDs          tolerant attitude to people living with HI/AIDS and
               United Nations Goodwill Ambassadors are famous              Volodymyr Zhovtyak, Lilia Podkopayeva UN Goodwill              protecting their dignity.
               personalities which draw public attention to key con-       Ambassador on HIV/AIDS in Ukraine, USAID Mission
               temporary issues and promote UN values and ideals           Director Earl GAST, Executive Director of the International    With the help of the specially designed space, photos,
               in their countries. Goodwill Ambassadors are usually        HIV/AIDS Alliance in Ukraine Andriy Klepikov, President        diary’s entries, light and music a unique atmosphere
               celebrity musicians, sport stars and actors. Due to their   of Transatlantic Partners Against AIDS John Tedstrom,          was created to tell about the life of one of the million
               personal reputation and professional achievements,          founder of the ANTIAIDS Foundation Elena Franchuk,             and remind that everyone may have an incurable
               their status as Goodwill Ambassador is an important         Director of the Ukrainian AIDS Center Alla Shcherbynska.       disease such as cancer or AIDS.
               symbol for the national audience. The United Nations        At the end of the ceremony the participants placed the
               encourages Goodwill Ambassadors to use their high-          flowers to the Memorial and joined hands as a sign of           And everyone may experience discrimination – you,
               profile status to advocate for much needed attention         their solidarity with HIV-positive people.                     your beloved, friends and relatives. Hence, the art
               and support for key issues, such as HIV/AIDS. Differ-                                                                       project “DOORS!?..” helps everyone realize the value
               ent UN Agencies nominate the Goodwill Ambassadors                                                                          of life.
               at the global level include Angelina Joli, Jacky Chan,
               Ronaldo, Anatoliy Karpov and others. Goodwill Am-           On November 30, 2005
               bassadors in Ukraine have included Walid Harfouch
               – UN Goodwill Ambassador on HIV/AIDS (2001-2003),
               Andrey Medvedev – UN Goodwill Ambassador on                 The joint statement for World AIDS Day was released by the international donor
               HIV/AIDS (2003), Ani Lorak – UN Goodwill Ambassa-           agencies supporting HIV/AIDS programmes in Ukraine.
               dor on HIV/AIDS (2004), Ruslana Lyzhychko – UNICEF
               Goodwill Ambassador (2005), and Slava Vakarchuk             During a joint press-conference the participants addressed the latest Government’s initiatives to fight against HIV/AIDS and
               – UNDP Goodwill Ambassador for Youth (2005).                presented recommendations based on international experience. The Speakers of this event were Ian BOAG, Head, Delegation
               The Goodwill Ambassadors are designated for a period        of the European Commission in Ukraine, Paul BERMINGHAM, Director for Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova, World Bank, Jeremy
               of up to two years, renewable. The Goodwill Ambas-          HARTLEY, UNICEF Representative in Ukraine, Earl GAST, Mission Director, US Agency for International Development (USAID).
               sadors are not paid salary, although a symbolic pay-
               ment of $1 per year or equivalent may be granted to
                                                                           The text of the joint statement “International Donor Support for an Intensified National Response to HIV/AIDSin Ukraine”
               them. The Goodwill Ambassadors are engaged in
                                                                           is available at
               public advocacy and in public awareness activities.

                                                                           UN Asisstant Secretary-General Kalman Mizsei
                                                                           Salutes Launch of Community of Democratic Choice Forum. UN Lauds Ukrainian
                                                                           Reforms, EU Market Economy Status and Launch of New Community of Democratic
                                                                           Choice Forum

                                                                           The CDC was formed following on a joint statement                 Mr. Mizsei welcomed opportunities for continued

                                                                           signed by Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko and               cooperation between UNDP and the CDC members.
                                                                           Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili last August in             “At UNDP we look forward to working with the countries
                                                                           the Georgian town of Borjomi.The ‘Borjomi Declaration’            in our region, and with collective undertakings such as
                                                                           envisaged the forum as a “powerful tool for releas-               the Community of Democratic Choice,”he said.
                                                                           ing our region from all remaining divisions, violation
                                                                           of human rights, any confrontation, and any ‘frozen’              He also congratulated Ukraine and Moldova for their
                                                                                                                                             cooperation in enabling the launching of the new EU
                                                                                                                                             BorderAssistance Mission based in Odessa, and
                                                                           Mr. Mizsei, who addressed the CDC forum on behalf of              thanked the European Commission for its confidence
                                                                           UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan, congratulated                     in contracting UNDP as its implementing partner in this.
                                                                           Georgia and Ukraine on their impetus to reform
                                                                           and underscored the value of robust democratic                    Over the past several weeks, UNDP has contracted and
                                                                                                                                             supported the deployment of 119 personnel, complete
         On December 2, 2005 the leaders of the Balkan, Baltic             institutions.
                                                                                                                                             with vehicle fleet and a range of fully-equipped offices
         and Black Sea regions along with the delegates from
                                                                           “Democracy is an end in and of itself,” he said.                  in the area. “This would not have been possible without
         the other East European nations, the US, as well
                                                                           “However, the experience of our region shows that                 the confidence of the European Commission, the Council
         as representatives of the international and civil society
                                                                           democracy is also a means to achieve successful                   of Ministers, and the active cooperation of EU member
         organizations gathered in Kyiv for the Forum of the
                                                                           economic transition from the ruins of the command                 countries in seconding customs and border experts at
         Community of Democratic Choice (CDC).
                                                                           economy to a sustainable system that delivers rising              short notice”, said Mr. Mizsei. “Flexible, on the ground,
         UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan sent a top UN                      living standards, durable livelihoods, and fair                   and with an established trust of Governments in the
         official to represent him at the Forum: UN Assistant                opportunities to its citizen.                                     region, UNDP has a solid track record of cooperation
         Secretary-General and UNDP Assistant Administrator,                                                                                 with the EC in fields like this in several countries” he
                                                                           “The creation of the Community of Democratic Choice               said “It fits squarely with our support to regional
         Director of the Regional Bureau for Europe and the CIS,
                                                                           offers a splendid opportunity for the countries that               organisations in their efforts to promote the values
         Kalman Mizsei, well known in Ukraine and the region
                                                                           have grasped this message to encourage countries                  enshrined in the UN charter, and to forge regional
         as a leading expert in the economics of transition.
                                                                           that are struggling to find the strength to forge ahead.”          peace, integration, and stability”.
         ”Democracy and development are mutually
                                                                           Delegates at the Kiev forum adopted the Declaration of            Mr. Mizsei was also the initiator of the Blue Ribbon
         reinforcing, and both are vital if countries in Eastern
                                                                           the Countries of the Community of Democratic                      Commission for Ukraine, which has offered several
         Europe and the CIS are to avoid a “trap of partial
                                                                           Choice, and agreed follow-up meetings for 2006. The               reports, recommendations, and continuing high-level
         reforms”, said Kalman Mizsei, at the founding forum
                                                                           Black Sea Forum for Dialogue and Partnership will take            policy advice to the President and his Government
         of a new regional grouping to promote democratic
                                                                           place in Bucharest in March, and will be followed by              in managing a second wave of sustainable economic
         values, stability and economic growth.                            additional meetings in Vilnius and Tbilisi.
                                                                                                                                             and institutional reforms.

         Community of Democratic Choice Statement on behalf of United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan by Kalman Mizsei
                                                                           was, ladies and gentlemen, the global community’s                 remark this morning, I would add that elections in our region
         2 December 2005                                                   agreement of the Millennium Development Goals as the              too often don’t meet international standards. The outcome
                                                                           fundamental tool of the international community to fight           sometimes is foregone conclusion, played out against the
                                                                           poverty around the globe. The MDGs are the offspring               backdrop of the neglect of the rule of law and human
         Dear President Yushchenko, Presidents, Excellencies,              of the wonderful Millennium Declaration of the year 2000.         rights abuses. Too often farcical elections go hand in
         representatives of civil society, ladies and gentlemen,           In this Declaration almost 189 heads of state and                 hand with stalled economic reforms, leaving predatory
                                                                           government established the most explicit correlation between      elites in sole charge of a country’s valuable assets. Citizens
         It is a particular pleasure to be here with you today,            democracy and development. It is crucial to remember that,        find themselves in a trap of partial reforms – with their
         representing the United Nations Secretary-General, Kofi            by adapting the Millennium Declaration, the United Nations        way to both freedom and prosperity barred. This is a
         Annan. The Secretary-General sends his regrets that               member states committed themselves to democratic rule.            situation that both Georgia and Ukraine, the two sponsors of
         he cannot attend the Forum owing to longstanding                  That pledge is also binding for all countries across the region   this Forum, know well. Yet both countries found a way out
         prior commitments, and he wishes every success to your            of the Baltic, Black and Caspian Seas – without exception!        of this trap. In both cases, fraudulent elections so violated the
         deliberations. It is also a special professional distinction to                                                                     spirit of democracy that citizens rose up in peaceful revolu-
         me to be able for participate at this Forum, given UNDP’s         Dear Delegates! We at the United Nations also feel that our       tions to demand genuine elections. In the process, a chance
         long-term engagement with virtually all of the countries          organization needs to do more to realize the goal of mak-         was created for a new wave of political and economic mea-
         represented at the Forum. UNDP is honored to be involved          ing democratic rule universal on the planet. The outcome          sures aimed at completing the economic and state transition
         with the economic and governance reforms of Georgia               of the World Summit, we feel, has taken us closer to that         so successfully implemented in the new EU member states.
         and Ukraine as well as many other countries represented           goal. A new Human Rights Council will replace the dys-            Ladies and gentlemen! Democracy is an end in and of itself.
         here by their presidents, such as Macedonia and Moldova.          functional and discredited Human Rights Commission.               However, the experience of our region shows that democracy
         I should also say that, as a Hungarian, I am proud of my          The budget of the High Commissioner for Human Rights              is also a means to achieve successful economic transition from
         country’s democratic and economic transition successes.           will be doubled. Efforts will be made to ensure that the           the ruins of the command economy to a sustainable system
         The speakers before me talked a lot about the relevance of        Security Council acts on warnings from the UN human               that delivers rising living standards, durable livelihoods, and
         democratic revolutions - indeed, again as a Hungarian I can       rights body. The ‘responsibility to protect’ populations from     fair opportunities to its citizens. Evidence shows that the
         say that I am proud of our, however unsuccessful, revolution      genocide, war crimes, ethnic cleansing, or crimes against         more robust a country’s democratic institutions, the better its
         of 1956, a first in the whole region against totalitarian com-     humanity – by use of force if necessary – will henceforth         prospects for long-term growth. As the Secretary-General has
         munist rule that, as Mr. Barsony pointed out, has triggered       override even the entrenched concept of state sovereignty.        observed, “democracy and development reinforce each other”.
         a lot of positive processes in Hungary and in the region.                                                                           This is a message that our region needs to heed. The cre-
                                                                           Honesty also compels us to take a look at the state of democ-     ation of the Community of Democratic Choice offers a
         As President Yushchenko mentioned in his introductory             racy in our region. Here it is crucial to remember the Secre-     splendid opportunity for the countries that have grasped
         speech, democracy is a deeply entrenched value of the             tary-General’s admonition that “creating democracy means          this message to encourage countries that are struggling
         United Nations. One of the most important achievements            much more than holding elections”. Referring to President         to find the strength to forge ahead. This mirrors the man-
         of the World Summit in September this year in New York            Basescu’s                                                         date of the UN and we look forward to fruitful cooperation.         9
                  Community Development Surges in Crimea:
                  UN Resident Coordinator, Representatives of Diplomatic Missions,
                  International Donor Organizations and the Government of Ukraine Visited Crimea
Regional Aspect

                  On October 25-28, 2005                                          Following on-site meetings, the participants took part in     In 1995 CIDP started activities in two regions of Crimea;
                                                                                  Stakeholders Advisory Panel Meeting to discuss the current    by 2005 it expanded to 12 regions. CIDP aims to consolidate
                  A delegation of country-partners of the UNDP Crimea             achievements of the programme and to agree on its             stability by promoting sustainable development, human
                  Integration and Development Programme visited the               future operations. “I was very impressed by what the local    security and good governance, as well as encouraging
                  Autonomous Republic of Crimea. During this visit the UN         authorities were doing, by what the private sector was        self-help initiatives in communities where large numbers
                  Resident Coordinator in Ukraine Francis M. O’Donnell,           doing. I think is our duty to the other partners              of formerly deported people live. In partnership with the
                  the Ambassador of Switzerland Christian Fassler, the            including ourselves to give full support to those efforts. I   international community and Governments of Ukraine
                  Ambassador of Sweden John-Christer Ahlander along               can guarantee you that my country Switzerland remains         and Crimea, CIDP works in five major areas: promotion
                  with other members of the delegation met with the               very much committed to this cooperation based on              of good governance and participatory decision-making;
                  Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of the Autonomous                the community approach. We have worked with CIDP and          income and employment creation with emphasis on
                  Republic of Crimea Boris Deich, Chairman of the Council         it was an excellent cooperation, we are ready to pursue       SME development; tolerance and social cohesion through
                  of Ministers of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea Ana-          our cooperation in this sector”, stated the Ambassador of     education and culture as well as improvement of quality
                  toliy Bordugov, other ministers, and heads of different          Switzerland. Several other donors echoed these                and accessibility of basic infrastructure in needy areas.
                  committees of the Verkhovna Rada of the Autonomous              sentiments.
                  Republic of Crimea, as well as rayon and community leaders.                                                                   A human security and development monitoring system
                                                                                  “The most important thing, is that local communities          was set up to observe and analyze trends and changes
                  During this trip, the Ambassadors of Sweden and                 are now motivated to shape their own futures, with            in Crimean society to respond to potential conflict
                  Switzerland, the representatives of the Ministry of Foreign     enthusiasm”, said Francis O’Donnell, at the conclusion of     through timely actions by the Government of Crimea.
                  Affairs, the Ministry of Economy, the Embassies of Austria,      the visit. “We must spread the benefits of this approach       Over the past decade, hundreds of projects have been
                  Canada, Norway, Netherlands, Turkey, Finland and the            to the rest of Crimea and Ukraine overall.”                   implemented on the basis of community initiatives, includ-
                  Delegation of the European Commission to Ukraine,                                                                             ing water and gas supply, reconstruction of roads, creation
                  Moldova, Belarus had a chance to see preventive                 The UNDP Crimea Integration and Development                   of health posts, youth and educational centres, business
                  healthcare centre functioning in Trudolyubovka settlement,      Programme was initiated in 1995 in response to the            promotion centres and tolerance promotion projects.
                  to take part in performance of youth development centre         complex challenges faced by Ukraine with the mass
                  in Arkadyevka settlement, to learn about community-based
                  water management and operation in Novonikolaevka
                                                                                  return of more than 260,000 people, including Crimean
                                                                                  Tatars and smaller groups of Armenians, Germans,
                                                                                                                                                 For further information, please contact:
                  settlement and the business-enabling “One Stop Shop”            Greeks, Bulgarians and others, who were forcibly                      Elvina Mustafaeva
                  project of Regional State Administration in Sovetskiy Region.   deported from Crimea in 1944 by the Soviet                            UNDP/Crimea Integration and
                                                                                  Government.                                                           Development Programme
                                                                                                                                                        Tel: (380 652) 248 002

                  Ivano-Frankivsk and Rivne: Launch of Awareness
                  Campaigns on Sustainable Development (SD)
                  Awareness campaigns on sustainable development were             Training was held on September 7th in Ivano-Frankivsk         At the end of the training its participants filled a
                  launched in the partner municipalities of Ivano-                and September 23rd in Rivne. The event took place in          questionnaire to evaluate the knowledge gained and
                  Frankivsk and Rivne. It was suggested that the most             participation of 46 persons in Ivano-Frankivsk municipal-     visualize its further dissemination.
                  efficient way would be to disseminate the idea                    ity and 35 in Rivne (school directors and deputy director,
                  through the partner school network.                             municipal authorities, school networks, education de-         Most of the school directors consider usage of new
                                                                                  partment etc.). Thus, the ideas of sustainable develop-       knowledge as supplementary materials to existing
                  Therefore, trainings of trainers from Ivano-Frankivsk           ment will be communicated to 80 agencies on average.          school subjects to be the best way of introducing them
                  and Rivne school networks was organised within the                                                                            to the school curriculum (70%); though, they also sug-
                  framework of appropriate awareness campaigns on SD              The introductory speeches were given by the munici-           gest initiating an appropriate optional course (26,7%).
                  principles, MDGs, Loval Agenda 21 (LA-21) and related           pal authorities, namely O.Synyutka, Deputy Mayor (in
                  issues. It is expected that the trained teachers will ex-       Ivano-Frankivsk) and T.Nakonechna, Deputy Head of             Mostly, the knowledge gained is suggested to be further
                  plain and teach principles of SD and related issues to          Directorate of Investments (in Rivne), who substantiated      disseminated through thematic talks, meetings, round-
                  their colleagues and to students, and advocate these            the vitality of SD for the municipalities.                    tables, open classes and lectures with teachers, par-
                  polices and practices among other target audience.                                                                            ents, students, reporting on the issue during the meet-
                                                                                  It was followed by the presentations on SD, LA 21,            ing of the pedagogical council, disseminating publica-
                  The objective of the training sessions “Sustainable             activities of MSDP in the cities. Municipal Sustainable       tions, providing them to libraries, holding seminars,
                  Development and Activities of United Nations Development        Team members were encouraged to present their                 trainings, inviting resource persons for giving lecture, and
                  Programme in Terms of Their Implementation” was to              experience in order to build their capacity as trainers.      issuing and disseminating the thematic information bulletin.
                  make participants knowledgeable in SD principles                                                                              86,7% of the participants consider cooperation with MSDP
                  and policies, LA-21, major objectives and role of               Afterwards, the local resource persons presented their        to be necessary for the schools of municipality, and would
                  The Municipal Sustainable Development Programme                 reports on the most vital issues for appropriate              like to get detailed information on possibilities of joint
                  (MSDP), MDGs, role of the school network in                     municipalities, identified by the schools themselves           projects.
                  implementation of SD principles.                                during the initial meetings in the 2nd quarter of 2005.
Beyond Chernobyl – Moving on to Regional Prosperity
On October 31 – November 2 2005

In Chernihiv an important regional conference took place:
the International Conference “Chernobyl-affected regions
in Belarus, Russia, and Ukraine – from recovery to a new
developmental approach”. The event was organized by the
UNDP Chernobyl Recovery and Development Programme
(CRDP) in cooperation with the Chernihiv Oblast State Admin-
Coordinator and UNDP Resident Representative in Ukraine.
Participating in the conference were representatives of
the Ministry of Emergencies of Ukraine; the heads and
representatives of oblast and raiyon state administra-
tions; delegations of the UN Representative Offices in
Belarus and Russia; Minamino Daisuke, Embassy of Japan         Those are just the first steps and our major task is to ensure   The ChEDF activities will focus on implementation of
in Ukraine, and other representatives of the diplomatic        these models are used on a regular basis in our countries”,     recent recommendations to the governments of Belarus,
corps in Ukraine; representatives of the Russian Federation    said Pavlo Zamostyan, Programme Manager of the UNDP             the Russian Federation and Ukraine from the Interna-
and the Republic of Belarus; renowned experts; Ukrai-          Chernobyl Recovery and Development Programme.                   tional Chernobyl Forum in Vienna. ChEDF will particularly
nian and Foreign businessmen and representatives of cor-                                                                       be focused on economic and social policy and adoption
porations; scientists; journalists; and the UNDP CRDP team.    The Chernobyl Economic Development Forum (ChEDF)                of a new approach to economic development of the
                                                               was established at the conference in Chernihiv, with            affected regions to combat poverty.
The objective of the conference was to analyze the             the goal of contributing to the economic recovery of
current state and future prospects of cooperation be-          the Chernobyl-affected territories. The objectives of the        As Francis M. O’Donnell, UN Resident Coordinator and UNDP
tween Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, the United Nations,            ChEDF are to build a platform for elaboration of a coherent     Resident Representative in Ukraine emphasized, “Today’s
international organizations and donor countries whose          sustainable economic development strategy to be                 event has basically indicated that we have truly turned
assistance contributes to the mitigation of the Chernobyl      implemented in the Chernobyl-affected territories, as            the page in the region, including Belarus, Russia and
Catastrophe consequences and to the recovery of                well as to increase investments in the region.                  Ukraine, and we have recognized that time has come
the Chernobyl-affected territories. The conference                                                                              to get away from depressive dependency. We have
made a significant contribution to strengthening                “I think the importance of the forum was to see that            a clear vision where we have to go with economic
sub-regional partnerships between governmental                 there is a need for change in the approach to the results       development. The signed Memorandum of Under-
bodies, institutions and organizations on the eve of           of the catastrophe. We need to change priorities so             standing and adopted Resolution of the Conference are
the 20th anniversary of the Chernobyl Catastrophe.             that less attention is given to humanitarian aid, and           two instruments that will guide our future activities.”
“Conference participants discussed the recommen-               far more to provide solid foundations for economic
dations of the report ‘Strategy for Recovery’ and              recovery. And such a foundation could give back to               For further details, please contact
exchanged experience and successful examples of                people their dignity and the feeling that they are the                 Mykola Movchan, UNDP/CRDP
addressing Chernobyl-related issues involving local            hosts of their future”, said professor Jerzy Osiatynski,               tel: (38 044) 253 5068
communities and applying economic incentives.                  Former Polish Minister, UNDP and World Bank Expert.                    e-mail:

Donbass: Addressing Challenges and Revealing Opportunities
On November 15-16, 2005                                        Government of Ukraine for the period of 2006-2010.              emphasized importance of citizens’ active position and
                                                                                                                               committed the participation in building their own
UN Resident Coordinator in Ukraine Francis M. O’Donnell,       During this visit the priorities of Donetsk govern-             future
the IMF Senior Resident Representative Jeffrey Franks           ment policy for the upcoming years, as well as eco-
and other members of UN country team visited Donetsk           nomic reforms, health and environmental challenges,             In Luhansk Mr. O’Donnell and colleagues met with
and Lugansk regions to meet the representatives of local       strategy of regional development were discussed                 local media community in the frameworks of
governance, civil society organisations and business           with the representatives of the local authorities.              the press-club “Localisation of Media Development
sector.                                                        Besides, the delegation visited the Donetsk Metallurgical       Goals”. This discussion took place in the threshold of the
                                                               Plant and met the representatives of business sector            upcoming public hearing on Millennium Development
During visit to Donetsk, they met the Governor of              to discuss economic aspects of regional development.            Goals to be held on November 19, 2005 in Luhansk.
Donetsk Oblast Mr. Chuprun, the Mayor of Donetsk               Also, the delegation had a chance to talk to the                Natalia Sitniova, Manager of UNDP Project “Millennium
Mr. Lukyanchenko and the First Deputy of Donetsk               representatives of the Donbass non-governmental                 Development Goals” and Irina Akimova, Director
Oblast Council Mr. Zats. The United Nations con-               organisations to discuss and to assess perspectives             of Information and analytical centre “Blue Ribbon” also
tinues to support the people and institutions of in            and future initiatives on empowering civil society,             took part in this discussion and answered the questions
developing and implementing effective and sustainable           ensuring gender equality and increasing environ-                of journalists, as well as presented analytical
policies targeted at civil society empowerment and             mental sustainability in this region.                           materials produced by the respective projects.
nation’s prosperity. This year the United Nations system
in Ukraine and the Government of Ukraine signed the            On November 15, 2005 Mr. Francis O’Donnell was a guest          The UN delegation also visited Teplogorsk city and talked
United Nations Development Assistance Framework                of live information and analytical program “V Kourse” at        to the acting mayor to learn about the situation
(UNDAF) elaborated on the basis of a recent Common             the TV company “Kiev Rus”. Talking about localisation           at the depressed territories and major challenges
Country Assessment. This concept is a core docu-               of Media Development Goals as well as UNDAF joint               faced by the local communities.
ment for coordinating UN agencies’ programmes and              programming for five upcoming years, Mr.O’Donnell

         Ukrainian Youth Expands Its Capacity to Fight HIV/AIDS
         25-28 October 2005                                                 training on sustainable development youth-led

         For several years two UNFPA projects Youth Peer Education          The Forum provided young leaders with an opportunity
         Network (Y-PEER), and Global Youth Partners (GYP) Ini-             to combine theoretical learning with hands-on
         tiative have been active in Ukraine. These projects target         experience in developing advocacy projects. Over five

         HIV/AIDS problem among young people from different                  days of the Forum, participants have developed and
         perspectives. While GYP Initiative is advocating for placing       presented project concepts for advocacy actions devoted
         young people at the centre of the response to the HIV/AIDS         to the World AIDS Day.
         epidemic, Y-PEER is providing expertise and technical
         support to peer educators in accomplishing prevention              Out of twelve presented project concepts six have been
         and counselling work in the field and reaching out to               voted by the participants to be the best and were further
         under-served youth.                                                supported by UNFPA. As a result of creative work at the
                                                                            Forum, NGOs from Zaporizhzhya, Kherson, Chernigiv, and
         39 representatives of non-governmental and student                 Mariupol along with two student organizations from
         organizations that are involved in the projects have               Kharkiv will conduct various public advocacy events
         participated in the Youth Forum that took place in                 on 1 December 2005.
         Yalta from 10 to 14 October 2005.
                                                                            To follow-up on the cooperation initiatives started at the               For further information, please contact:
         At the Forum, young activists and peer educators                   Forum, a UNFPA Ukraine Country Office Youth Advisory Panel
         have expanded their knowledge of advocacy for                                                                                                Yevgen Bezvushko
                                                                            has been established. The Panel membership is open to all
         sexual and reproductive health and rights of young                                                                                           UNFPA
                                                                            individuals and organizations that share UNFPA’s commit-
         people, improved the skills of peer-to-peer education              ment to improvement of sexual and reproductive health                     Tel: (38 044) 536 0824
         and safe behaviour promotion, and participated in the              and promotion of safe behaviour among Ukrainian youth.                    e-mail:

         Government of Ukraine, UNHCR and the Council of Europe
         discussed the new draft legislation of Ukraine on refugees

         23-24 November 2005                                                was developed, the Ministry of Justice asked UNHCR as           UNHCR and the CoE hail positive developments mentioned
                                                                            the mandated international organization and the CoE             in the draft law. Thus, persons, who do not fall under
                                                                            to provide legal expertise to the draft Law. The draft law      the definition of the 1951 Geneva Convention but
         The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees                  was also shared with all relevant branches of the executive     nevertheless have special humanitarian needs - people
         (UNHCR) and the Council of Europe (CoE) organized a                and legislative power of Ukraine.                               who found themselves in refugee -like situations i.e.
         seminar on “International and European norms and                                                                                   coming from war, military conflicts and zones of public
                                                                            The seminar served as a platform for initiating a consul-
         standards related to refugee protection and current                                                                                disorder or risk of torture, inhuman and degrading
                                                                            tation process on the draft law with the participation of in-
         legislative developments in Ukraine”. Members of                                                                                   treatment or punishment – would benefit
                                                                            ternational and national experts, authorities concerned as
         the Parliament, representatives of the Ombudsperson’s                                                                              from introduction of subsidiary forms of protection.
                                                                            well as practitioners from regional migration services and
         Secretariat, President’s Secretariat, Prosecutor’s General                                                                         UNHCR and the CoE perceive this seminar as a very
                                                                            NGO lawyers.
         Office, Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Justice,                                                                            useful opportunity to address the current gaps and
         Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Labour and Social Policy,        Leading international experts presented the experience          shortcomings in the existing Law on Refugees.
         Administration of the National BorderService, Security             of selected European countries and analyzed compatibi-
         Service of Ukraine, State Committee for Nationalities and
         Migration, regional migration services took part in the event.
                                                                            lity of the draft law with the relevant international
                                                                            and European standards.
                                                                                                                                                    For further information, please contact:
                                                                                                                                                     Natalia Prokopchuk
         In January 2005, the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine began          It is expected that the recommendations of the seminar                   UNHCR RR Kyiv
         to draft a comprehensive Law “On the legal status of               would be reflected in the updated draft, which could be
         aliens,” which is also meant to establish, in a specific chapter,   soon submitted for consideration to the Cabinet of Ministers             Tel: (38 044) 288 8424
         the protection regime for refugees. When the draft law             and later sent to the Parliament of Ukraine for adoption.                e-mail:

          Briefly about the UN Refugee Agency
          The UN Refugee agency (UNHCR) provides protection and              Since its creation, UNHCR has helped around 50m refu-          with the government, parliament, central and regional
          assistance to the world’s refugees. Its founding statute, as       gees, earning two Nobel Peace Prizes in the process.           authorities as well as with NGOs, UNHCR supports
          well as the 1951 Geneva Convention relating to the Status          Currently there are 20m people of concern to UNHCR.            the development of a comprehensive asylum system.
          of Refugees and its 1967 New York Protocol - the two most          UNHCR established its presence in Ukraine in March             Ukraine adopted the first Refugee Law in 1993 and
          important instruments of international refugee law - de-           1994. As of January 2004, UNHCR Kyiv assumed Re-               started to implement it in 1996. In 2001 the Refu-
          fines a refugee as a person who cannot or does not want to          gional Representation for Ukraine, Belarus and Mol-            gee Law was revised. Currently about 2,500 recognized
          return to his/her home country because of a well-founded           dova. UNHCR’s current main role in Ukraine is to advise,       refugees reside in Ukraine. In January 2002, Ukraine ac-
          fear of persecution for reasons of race, religion, nationality,    assist and monitor the country’s implementation of its         ceded to the 1951 Convention and its 1967 Protocol.
          political opinion or membership in a particular social group.      responsibilities for the protection of refugees. Working       More information can be found at

         UNDP & EC Make Judges Learn at Home and Abroad
         October-November 2005                                        Courts and Support to Court Administration” during              Two training workshops on Competition Law were
                                                                      October and November 2005.                                      held in Kiev, November 7-11, 2005; in terms of
                                                                                                                                      added value, they were among the most successful
         Judicial reforms in Ukraine are expected to enhance          More than 100 Judges of commercial courts from various          activities of the Project. The participants had a chance
         the quality of judicial legislation and justice delivery     regions of Ukraine participated in those events. They profited   to learn and discuss issues pertaining to the cur-
         towards achieving European standards.                        from the opportunity to learn about different European           rent developments and perspectives of Ukrainian,

                                                                      Countries legislative and judicial systems, and they were       European and US Competition Law; the activities
         The United Nations Development Program organized             able to discuss and compare the most vital issues of the        of the Anti-Monopoly Committee of Ukraine; and
         and conducted in-country training sessions and               judiciary in Ukraine, as well as perspectives of the judicial   the problems experienced by the Ukrainian judiciary
         European study tours on different aspects of                  reform.                                                         in applying Anti-Monopoly legislation.
         Ukrainian and International legislation relating to the
         judicial sector with a view to improving training and        Study Tour participants visited Lithuania and                            For further information, please contact:
         professional information for the benefit of the Ukrainian     The Netherlands where they were able to receive                           Olga Bala
         judiciary. These activities have been performed within       information on the organisational structure of Court                      Project “Reform of Arbitration Courts
         the framework of the Project “Reform of Arbitration          administration. in these two countries                                    and Support to Court Administration”UNDP/EC
                                                                                                                                                tel.: (38 044) 230 3143; (38 044) 561 6720

         Opening of the EU Border Mission to the
         Republic of Moldova and Ukraine
         30 November 2005                                             The press-conference and opening ceremony took                  The mission comprising 69 EU staff including 50
                                                                      place at the Operational Headquarters of the EU Border          national staff seconded by EU Member States will
                                                                      Mission in Odessa with participation of the European            help enhance the capacities of Moldovan and Ukrai-
         The EU Border Mission to the Republic of Moldova             Union High Representative for the Common Foreign                nian border and customs sevices to adequately
         and Ukraine was launched. The United Nations                 and Security Policy Dr. Javier Solana and the Euro-             ensure customs and border controls and border
         Development Programme implemented the program,               pean Commissioner for External Relations and Euro-              surveillance along their common border, with a
         and it is financed by the European Commission.                pean Neighborhood Policy Dr. B. Ferrero-Waldner as              particular focus on Transnistrian section, includ-
                                                                      well as UN Resident Coordinator and UNDP Resident               ing through on-the-job training. It is hoped that
         The Mission was officially launched after the European         Representative in Ukraine Francis M. O’Donnell, UNDP            improving co-operation between the two countries
         Commissioner Dr. B. Ferrero-Waldner, Foreign Minister        Deputy Resident Coordinator Joanna Kazana-Wisnio-               on border issues can also help create the right cli-
         of the Republic of Moldova A.Stratan and the Foreign         wiecka, UN Resident Coordinator and UNDP Resident               mate for settlement of the conflict in Transnistria.
         Minister of Ukraine B.Tarasyuk signed a Memorandum           Representative in Moldova Bruno Pouezat, the Foreign
         of Understanding on 7th October to establish the             Ministers of the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine.               For more information on the EU Border Mission to the
         mission.                                                                                                                     Republic of Moldova and Ukraine, please, visit the project

         Safe and Legal Migration Advice From IOM
         17-19 October 2005                                           These trained staff will counsel Ukrainians who are              The goals are to provide accurate information about the
                                                                      considering going abroad, and give them accurate                current realities and possible dangers that labour migrants
         An estimated 2 million Ukrainians are currently living       visa information.                                               could face outside of Ukraine and the consequences of ir-
         abroad. It is crucial to have accurate information when                                                                      regular entry and stay in foreign countries. This informa-
                                                                      Centres are located in Kyiv, Lviv, Kharkiv, Ternopil and
         considering going abroad to work, study, or travel.                                                                          tion can minimize potential risks individuals face abroad.
                                                                      Odessa. Information lines will be operated by the
                                                                                                                                      CMA staff can inform clients on workers’ rights
         The European Union funds a capacity building program         following non-governmental organizations:
                                                                                                                                      overseas, legal methods for migration and informa-
         for migration management. This has enabled the Inter-
                                                                      Regional Initiatives Fund, Kyiv (800) 505-5010, West-           tion on the dangers of irregular migration abroad,
         national Organization for Migration Mission in Ukraine
                                                                      ern-Ukrainian Resource Centre, Lviv (032) 297-68-13,            and other topics such as pre-departure visa in-
         (IOM Ukraine), in partnership with Ukrainian civil society
                                                                      Caritas Kharkiv, Kharkiv (057) 752-81-25, Revival of            formation and prevention in human trafficking.
         and the Ukrainian Government, to open five Centres
                                                                      the Nation, Ternopil (0352) 52-39-52 and Southern               The Centres will assist Ukrainians looking for work in
         for Migrant Advice (CMAs).
                                                                      Ukrainian Centre of Young Lawyers, Odessa                       European or other countries or returning from work-
         On 17 – 19 October, 2005, the IOM joined with European       (048) 760-16-16                                                 ing abroad, and third country nationals in Ukraine.
         Union Member States, the Canadian and United States
         embassies in Ukraine, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of
                                                                      Ukrainians can now get information themselves via
                                                                      phone consultations and the internet website:
                                                                                                                                               For more information, please contact
         Ukraine, the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy, and the                                                                             Wendy Lu McGill
         State Committee on Nationalities and Migration and State                                                                               IOM Kyiv:
         Employment Service to provide a second round of CMA          Staff are trained to advise clients who come to the
         staff training.                                               offices with issues related to moving abroad.                               Tel: (38 044) 568 5015
                                             2006 UN Days
          January 2006     27 January        International Day of Commemoration in Memory of the Victims of the Holocaust

          February 2006    21 February       International Mother Language Day

          March 2006       8 March           United Nations Day for Women’s Rights and International Peace
UN Days

                           21 March          International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination
                           21 March          Beginning of the Week of Solidarity with the Peoples Struggling against Racism and Racial Discrimination
                           22 March          World Day for Water
                           23 March          World Meteorological Day
          April 2006       7 April           World Health Day
                           23 April          World Health Day World Book and Copyright Day
          May 2006         3 May             World Press Freedom Day
                           15 May            International Day of Families
                           17 May            World Telecommunication Day
                           21 May            World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development
                           22 May            International Day for Biological Diversity
                           25 May            Beginning of the Week of Solidarity with the Peoples of Non-Self-Governing Territories
                           29 May            International Day of United Nations Peacekeepers
                           31 May            World No-Tobacco Day
          June 2006        4 June            International Day of Innocent Children Victims of Aggression
                           5 June            World Environment Day
                           17 June           World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought
                           20 June           World Refugee Day
                           23 June           United Nations Public Service Day
                           26 June           International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking
                           26 June           International Day in Support of Victims of Torture

          July 2006        5 July            International Day of Cooperatives (first Saturday of July)
                           11 July           World Population Day
          August 2006      9 August          International Day of the World’s Indigenous People
                           12 August         International Youth Day
                           23 August         International Day for the Remembrance of the Slave Trade and Its Abolition
          September 2006   8 September       International Literacy Day
                           16 September      International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer
                           21 September      International Day of Peace
                           25-30 September   World Maritime Day

          October 2006     1 October         International Day of Older Persons
                           2 October         World Habitat Day
                           5 October         World Teachers’ Day
                           9 October         World Post Day
                           10 October        World Mental Health Day
                           11 October        International Day for Natural Disaster Reduction
                           16 October        World Food Day
                           17 October        International Day for the Eradication of Poverty
                           24 October        United Nations Day
                           24 October        World Development Information Day
                           24-30 October     Disarmament Week

          November 2006    6 November        International Day for Preventing the Exploitation of the Environment in War and Armed Conflict
                           16 November       International Day for Tolerance
                           20 November       Africa Industrialization Day
                           20 November       Universal Children’s Day
                           21 November       World Television Day
                           25 November       International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women
                           29 November       International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People

          December 2006    1 December        World AIDS Day
                           2 December        International Day for the Abolition of Slavery
                           3 December        International Day of Disabled Persons
                           5 December        International Volunteer Day for Economic and Social Development
                           7 December        International Civil Aviation Day
                           10 December       Human Rights Day
                           11 December       International Mountain Day
                           18 December       International Migrants Day
                           19 December       United Nations Day for South – South Cooperation

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