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MARCH/APRIL                                                                   NO.38


                       THIS WAR IS THE PASSION
War is terrible scourge, an evil that brings death and destruction and untold misery
to thousands of innocent people. The War in lraq is no different and it is happening
in the season when we remember the bitter Passion and Crucifixion of our Lord and
Saviour, Jesus Christ. The passion is now. In a mysterious way, Jesus continues to
be with those who suffer the effects of war on both sides. He identifies himself with
the cries of the wounded and the tears of the bereaved. There are many mothers,
like our Sorrowful Mother, who lament the death of their sons in battle.
But the passion ends in Easter and Death turns into victory. Jesus by the power of
the resurrection gives new meaning to the horrors of senseless pain and death. We
can pray and hope that the wounds of hatred and revenge will be healed and our
earth can experience peace and forgiveness. We must not despair but continue to
hope in the power of the resurrection and believe in the basic goodness of mankind.
A new world must rise from the ashes of evil. We must continue to proclaim to the
world “Christ is Risen! Indeed, he is risen!”
I wish you all an Easter celebration that is low key but high in inner joy and hope
for peace and reconciliation.

Pastoral Guidelines From The Catholic Bishops of Pakistan
The war, which has finally started in Iraq, is likely to have a backlash here in
Pakistan. And so we must be prepared by taking note of the pastoral guidelines as
listed below:
1. Please show great sensitivity – be prudent and avoid loose talk and discussions.
2. If any rumour is circulating, first check it out and verify it before reporting it.
    The UAN (Universal Access Number) phone number: 111-109 – 090 is
    activated once again and there is a person on duty for 24 hours. In case of
    emergency, please phone this number, give your name and phone number
    and clearly report any incident.
3. Peace and social harmony committees should be reactivated or formed
    immediately, with network connections, with local police stations (thanas) and
4. Above all, we ask you to pray more fervently for peace. Public prayers should
    be recited in all parishes for a speedy end to the war and a return to peace. In
    every holy mass, priests should add the oration “In time of war” from the Urdu
    Missal, page 962.
                        Archdiocesan Pastoral Council
On Saturday, 22 of February 2003, the Archdiocesan Pastoral Council
(APC) was re-established in the Archdiocese of Lahore under the auspices of
His Grace, Archbishop Lawrence Saldanha.To stress the important role of this
council, the various sessions were facilitated by Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Asi, the
secretary of a council.
The purpose of this council is to help and give suggestions to meet the
pastoral needs of the Archdiocese of Lahore. This council consisted of 28
members (Bishop, Priests, Religious, lay people and the heads of different
diocesan institutions.
His Grace, presided over the Eucharistic celebration and whole workshop of
learning and sharing. He shared his thoughts and expressed hope that this
council will bring new life and strength in the Church of Archdiocese of

                          Holy Childhood Day - 2003
In the various parishes of Lahore Archdiocese, the holy childhood day was
celebrated with full zeal and enthusiasm. The purpose of this celebration was
to bring an awareness about the missionary role of children in evangelization.
The various parishes and schools have collected Rs. 26,00/- for helping poor

                         International Women’s Day
*To celebrate International Women’s Day, a special programme was
organized on March 8, 2003 at Sacred Heart Cathedral-Lahore. The purpose
of this programme was to show solidarity for women’s community at
international level.
1st part of the programme was facilitated by Sr. Genevieve, Sr. Thomarina and
Miss Aqeela Siddique in Caritas hall.
At the end, Archbishop Lawrence Saldanha presided over the Eucharistic
Celebration in which prayers were offered for those institutions and
organizations who work for the rights of women.
*To promote women’s role in the church and society, a women’s conference
was arranged on March 15,2003 at Dar-ul-Kalam, Lahore. 80 women from
various parishes and organizations attended this conference.
The various sessions were conducted by Sr. Genevieve and Miss Aqeela

                            Training Course in Sri Lanka
The international Young students (I.Y.C.S) arranged a training course for
young students on March 2 to 12, 2003 in Sri Lanka.
43 participants from Pakistan, (7 members) Bangladesh, India, Nepal and Sri
Lanka attended this course. Sr. Agnes FTL and Bro. Roderick represented
Lahore Archdiocese. The course was conducted by Bro. John D’Cruz FSC
and Msgr Cardinal Joseph using the pedagogy to SEE, JUDGE and ACT.
We do hope that the representatives of Pakistan will make use of this training
course in their vital apostolate in the respective dioceses.

                       Denationalization of F.C. College
After 30 years, the government of Punjab has denationalized F.C. College
with official notice on 20th of March 2003.We rejoice and thank God that a
great institution has been returned to the Christian community.Now there is
golden opportunity for Christian young generation to go head in education.

                         Diocesan Project Committee
His Grace, Archbishop Lawrence Saldanha has re-activated Diocesan Project
Committee and Fr. Roy Jayamaha has been appointed convenor of this
committee. One day programme will be organized for all priests on April
5,2003 at Dar-ul-Kalam,Lahore. The theme of this programme is: Pastoral
perspective of projects.

With great joy we welcome back:
    Sr. Daniela Baronchelli (FSP)
    Fr. Liam O’ Callaghhan (SSC)
    Fr. Colm Murphy (SSC)
We pray for your good health and long life so that you may serve our
Archdiocese for many more years.
         Archbishop’s Address to Lahore High Court Bar Association
His Grace, Archbishop Lawrence Saldanha was invited by the president, Mr.
Muzzamal Khan, of Lahore high court bar association to speak about
Addressing to the audience, the Archbishop of Lahore said that war is one of
the great evil of human history. War brings a lot of death and misery. He
stressed that our spiritual leader, Pope John Paul II is an outstanding
champion of peace. Again and again, he warns against war in Iraq. He looks
at the good of the whole human family and insists that all religions must live
in peace and tolerance.To promote peace, Pope John Paul II has fixed first
day of every year as World Day of Peace.
His, Grace, Archbishop Lawrence Saldanha invited all the lawyers to play an
effective and vital role in maintaining peace and justice in the country.He
emphasized that the lawyers must stand for what is true and right and uphold
the rule of law.

*Holy Week Video
The WAVE Studio in Lahore has produced video film about Holy week. This
video cassette is available at WAVE Studio and at St. Paul’s Book Centre -
Sacred Heart Cathedral, Lahore.
*Salvarian sisters in Youhanabad have taken over the charge of St. Xavier
Seminary, school Youhanabad – Lahore. This school was started in 1996 by
Fr. Bernard Mongion managed by Seminary.
*The National Catechetical Commission of Pakistan has announced to
celebrate National Catechetical Week on April, 28 to May 4 and Bible
Sunday will be on Sunday 4-5-2003.
*On 25th of May 2003 the national Communication Sunday will be celebrated
in Pakistan.
*Under the guidance and management of St. John of God Sisters, St.
Andrew’s school will start working in the month of April 2003. This school
will cater for poor children of that respective area.

Archbishop’s Engagements
1-2…Seminary Commission (Karachi).
3……Pastoral visit to Narowal and Pasrur.
5……DPC meeting for Pastors.
6……Confirmation: St. Anthony’s Lahore.
      Nurses’ programme, Renewal Centre- Lahroe.
7……Board Meeting: Sacred Heart School.
9……Board Meeting: Dar-ul-Kalam.
10…..Teachers of St. Anthony’s II.
      Youth Council Meeting.
13/20..Holy Week – Cathedral.
21/24..Bishop’s Conference, Multan.
25…...Blessing of Chapel: Jamke Cheema.
26……Simple profession at Tar Ghar.
       PTC Graduation, St. Anthony’s I.
27……Confirmation: Mariam Colony, Lahore Cantt.
28……Lahore Priests Conference, Renewal Centre.
30……Catechists Day.

*To Sr. Bernadette Khurshid J&M who lost her sister in Mariakhel.
*To Capuchins Baradari of Pakistan on the death of Fr. Henry in Belgium.
*To Fr. Benjamin Joseph on the death of his brother, Mr, Joseph Sardar, in
* Sr. Magdalene Hira who died on 23rd of January at the age of 94 in Lahore.
* To Sister of Charity (SCJM) on the death of

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