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SAR - NDMA Pakistan


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									         SAR / RELIEF OPERATION
 Cyclone Yemyin (03B) developed in NAS on 23 Jun 07
  and subsequently hit Makran coast on PM 26 Jun

 Heavy rain accompanied by winds of up to 60 Kts played
  havoc in coastal areas till Turbat causing widespread

 NHQ had issued instructions to Field Commands to
  provide necessary assistance to civil authorities when

 Subsequently, keeping in view the progress on SAR/
  relief operation, NHQ has made HQ COMCOAST overall
  co-coordinator of the operation
 Other Admin Authorities have been directed to provide
  following assistance as and when requested by HQ
  HQ COMPAK is to task PN fleet units
  HQ COMKAR and HQ COMLOG are to provide
   personnel, medical/ technical teams and relief
   goods/food items
  HQ COMNOR is to liaise/ coordinate with National
   Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) for
     Provision of relief goods/food items at Pasni
      Ormara Gwadar through C-130s.
      Evacuation of stranded personnel from coastal

Note: POC NDMA is Maj Asif Naseem (Ph no 9201046 -
 PN initiated SAR/ relief ops as soon as we started
  receiving distress calls on AM 26 Jun 07
 Following vessels/ fishing boats in distress have so for
  been provided assistance:
   DLB-600 (Barge) (60 persons onboard)
   LADY HAMMAD (Tug) (41 persons onboard)
   AL-MADINA (Fishing boat)
AL-DAULAT (Fishing boat)
SUMBAL SULTANI (Fishing boat)
AL-ABDUSALAM (Fishing boat)
AL-KAINNAT (Fishing boat)
AL-MUSTAFA (Fishing boat)
AL–HASHIM (Fishing boat)
     Following PN units are engaged in SAR/ Relief
     PNS TARIQ           FK – 72
     PNS NASR            FK - 73
     PNS KALMAT          FK – 75
     AT - 92             AL – 33
     SK –11              AL - 34
     SK – 12             AL - 36
     SK - 14

NOTE: Keeping in view the number of stranded personnel at
coastal stations and on request of HQ COMPAK, NHQ has
given approval to transport stranded personnel through PNS
 PN teams are attempting recovery of stranded
  personnel in following locations along the coast:

     Phornai Nadi
     Hangol River
     Buzzi Pass
     Shadi Kore
     Solband (Turbat)
     Mirani Dam
 PN units have so far clocked sea/ flying hrs as under

Units         Sailed on   E/ H on   Sea Hours
TARIQ         260830      262312    14 hours 42 Minutes

              270735      282300    39 hours 25 Minutes
              010300      At Sea
NASR          270935      291055    49 hours 20 Minutes
KALMAT        301700      At Sea
Aircraft/   No    of   Flying Hours
Helos       Sorties
AT - 92     03         14 hours
FK – 72     01         04 hours
FK – 73     12         09 hour 35 minutes
FK – 75     10         09 hours 15 minutes
SK –11      14         33 hours 45 minutes
SK – 12     08         20 hours 30 minutes
SK – 14     06         13 hours 10 minutes
AL – 33     13         14 hours 55 minutes
AL – 34     11         13 hours 15 minutes
AL - 36     01         02 hours 10 minutes
Operation Touch (Flood Relief Operation) was
 initiated in COMKAR command on 251300 Jun 07
Initially rescue teams assumed 06 hours notice.
 Later, notice of readiness was reduced to 02 hours.
On request of DCO Sarjani Town (Near Layari Nadi),
 HQ COMKAR tasked 01 x rescue team of PNS
 HIMALAYA to provide assistance
Rescue team recovered 01 X dead body and
 searching for 01 missing person of Saif ul Muree area
 between Surjani Town and Khuda Ke Basti
About 10 Mud houses has been destroyed and
 majority populace have been evacuated by local
 administrations to near by school
Rescue team is also providing first aid to injured
So far, PN units have rescued 44 survivors from sea,
 631 stranded personnel and 01 dead body from
 coastal areas

 The worst hit PN installation in coastal areas is
 water supply infrastructure at Basol (Ormara), which
 has completely submerged

Water rationing and other requisite measures are
 being taken by HQs COMCOAST to deal with the
On 29 Jun, Pakistan MET Department issued another
 warning of depression (strong monsoon weather
 system) in Arabian Sea

 In accordance with 4th update of said depression
 received on 011400 Jul 07, presently, deep
 depression is over central India and weakened to a
 well-marked low-pressure area

This depression is expected to pass along the Sindh
 - Balochistan coast and would cause following
Gusty winds are expected for next 04 x days in
 Sindh. In addition, heavy rains are expected in Sindh
 including Karachi on night between 3rd and 4th Jul 07

 Heavy rains are also expected in Southern
 Balochistan especially in coastal areas from 4 – 6 Jul
                  26 JUN 07
PNS TARIQ took AL DAULAT (fishing boat with 17
 personnel onboard) in tow from 12 NM west of CML
 and brought her back to fairway.   Thereafter, boat
 was handed over to its owner (Mr Younas)

PN Seakings recovered 7 persons from fishing boat
 SUMBAL SULTANI in position 3 NMs NW of CML and
 8 survivors from capsized boats AL-ABDUSALAM
 and AL-KAINNAT in position 18 NMs West of Gadani
                       26 JUN 07
 DLB 600 was a barge being towed by Lady Hammad from India
  to Abu Dhabi. 60 personnel were onboard DLB-600. On 26 Jun,
  DLB – 600 sank In position 96 NMs SW of CML. Crew of DLB –
  600 abandoned the vessels and made distress call. Valantine
  one was in vicinity and rescued the 55 survivors of LADY
  HAMMAD. PN Atlantic carried out aerial reccee to locate
  vessels in distress. Aircraft located LADY HAMMAD and
  survivors of DLB-600. Thereafter, aircraft vectored/ guided tug
  VALENTINE ONE and VLCC ARINA to pickup survivors.
  VALENTINE ONE recovered 55 out of 60 survivors. On 27 Jun
  07, two more survivors of DLB-600 were recovered by PNS
  TARIQ. Three persons of DLB-600 are still missing. PN units
  have made all efforts possible to locate remaining survivors of
  DLB 600. VALENTINE ONE towed back LADY HAMMAD and
  presently, VALENTINE ONE and LADY HAMMAD are at EW-9
                   26 JUN 07
30 x Chinese national working at Gwadar port project
 were evacuated and kept at PNS AKRAM for about
 24 hours and sent back to Gwadar

Upon request from fishermen at Ormara, shelter was
 provided to about 80 x fishing boats at JNB

PN teams rescued 02 x villagers from area short of
                  27 JUN 07
Fokker -72 reported approximately 150 isolated
 houses in water in area 5 NMs around 25 21N 64 00E
 (29 NMs ENE of Pasni) and approximately 30
 men/women stranded near broken bridge in area 3
 NMs around 25 26N 63 45E (20 NMs NE of Pasni).
 Efforts are in hand to render necessary assistance

PN Seakings rescued 09 x survivors from 02 x
 capsized boats AL-MUSTAFA and AL–HASHIM in
 position 305 Gadani 04 NMs. In addition, helos
 distributed 1000 meals pack to approximately 400
 stranded personnel between Aghor to Ras Malan.
                   27 JUN 07
PN Alouettes carried out search 20 NMs around
 PASNI and recovered 08 x stranded personnel. Later
 PN helos rescued 02 x persons and evacuated 01 x
 dead body from MAKOLA. Personnel were also,
 reportedly, stranded in Solband village near Turbat.
 PN Alouettes stationed at Pasni attempted to
 proceed to Turbat thrice but were unable to reach
 there due severe weather en-route
                  27 JUN 07
Medical and relief camp has been established at
 PASNI airport.     Food and medicine provided to
 stranded personnel (about 100) at PASNI airport.
 Crises information cell has been established at
 PASNI airport for coordination with other agencies

Food and shelter was provided to 10 x stranded
 fishermen at JNB.
                  28 JUN 07
02 x Rescue Teams of SSG (N) personnel comprising
 of 3 officers and 14 CPOs/Sailors have been
 dispatched to Turbat and Pasni to carry out rescue
PN Alouettes (33 & 34) proceeded to Solband
 (Turbat) and rescued 20 stranded personnel to safe
PN Seaking (11 & 12) carried out stage through
 operation from Pasni and rescued 72 stranded
 personnel from Solband to safe locations. On return
 to MEHRAN helicopters carried out search for 20
 NMs around HUBCO for survivors of two fishing
 boats in distress but had no joy
                  28 JUN 07
SAR Operation by PNS TARIQ & NASR was aborted
 at 281545. PNS TARIQ returned harbour at 282300
 and PNS NASR entered harbour at 291000 Jun 07

Fokker-75 transported SSG(N) seal teams and 1800
 KGs rescue/food items to Turbat and Pasni at 280800
 Jun . Returned Karachi via Pasni & Ormara at 281741

Alouette 36 tasked to render assistance to sinking
 fishing boat AL BABA off Gadani at 281430 Jun. No
 joy, RTB at 281640 Jun
                   28 JUN 07
Fokker 73 tasked to transport 2800 KGs food item/
 medicines to Ormara and to recover SSG(N) seal
 team from Pasni to Ormara. Took off at 281655 Jun
Medicines, Atta 1600 KGs, Onion 200 KGs, Potatoes
 300 KGs & Vegetable 68 KGs despatched JNB for
 relief operation
Coordination meeting with Tehsil Nazim, Naib Nazim,
 TPO Pasni and PAF Pasni Base Commander was
 held. PAF authorities urged to coordinate air rescue
SSG(N) team comprising two officers and seven
 personnel stationed at Pasni for rescue operation
                  28 JUN 07
Coordination meeting with Nazim and Naib Nazim
 was held at Ormara airport for assessment of

COMCOAST was interviewed by press and media
 (GEO, Dawn News and AP)

08 x personnel alongwith Zulu boat were stationed
 Turbat for further rescue operation, 15 x personnel
 were rescued

A civilian snake bite patient was detained AKRAM
 sick bay 282000 for treatment
                  28 JUN 07
JNB / AHSAN road is dangerously damaged. 50 Ft
 road at 10 KM is flooded away. Road clearance is in
 progress at 7 to 9 KM for AHSAN

Relief goods comprising tents, medicines and
 vegetable have been handed over to Tehsil Nazim,
 Naib Tehsil Nazim and union council Nazim Ormara
                   29 JUN 07
FK-73 transported SSG(N) seal teams with 1800 kg
 equipment from Pasni and Turbat to Ormara. SSG
 (N) Teams at Turbat and Pasni relocated at Ormara.
 Aircraft also recovered 08 x patients from Ormara to
 MEHRAN. Thereafter, A/C transported 1800 KGs
 food items to ORMARA at 1647. A/C returned to
 Mehran at 291845 Jun and while returning, recovered
 46 stranded personnel from Ormara
SK-11 and SK-14 transported 3200 KG food items
 from UTHAL to HINGOL river surrounding area at
 0935 and arrived MEHRAN at 1244.       On return
 passage SK-11 rescued 09 x stranded personnel
 from KUND MALIR including ADIL LCT(T) of AHSAN
                   29 JUN 07
AL-33 and AL-34 were stationed at ORMARA for SAR
 Ops. AL-33 transported 03 x members MSA medical
 team and Medicines to Coast Guard Helipad at
 PASNI. Helo also distributed 2000 LB relief Goods to
 Flood stranded personnel off ORMARA

CDR SSG (N) conducted initial survey alongwith
 Tehsil Nazim area west of Ormara. Situation grave.
 Numerous     villagers   stranded   on   high   ground
 requesting food/ rations
                   29 JUN 07
04 x seriously injured persons were evacuated and
 hospitalised at Turbat

Food and medical services provided to 40 x
 personnel at Pasni

Basol wells area completely inundated. Air relief Ops
 in progress.
                   30 JUN 07
KALMAT sailed 1620 for JNB to transport food stuff
 (500 packages)/other relief Goods including 350 tons
 fresh water. Ship entered JNB at 011640

SK-11 and SK-12 tasked 0810 for relief Ops Gwadar
 area staging through Pasni. Helos carried out 02 x
 sorties each and transported 3000 Kg food items to
 surrounding areas. Thereafter, helos recovered at
 Pasni at 1530

Mehran provided transport to 89 x personnel
 evacuated by PAF C-130s from Ormara
                   30 JUN 07
Relief coordination cell    is   functional   at   HQs

JNB-Ahsan road is remained blocked

Basol pumping station well No 1 has been
 completely destroyed while well No 2 and 3 are
 substantially damaged.      DG room and booster
 transfer PP remained submerged for more than 72
 Hours. It is suspected that fresh water line between
 Basol and JNB is also damaged/blocked. Land route
 from JNB to Basol wells remained block due severe
 damaged road and Basol bridge.                Repair/
 constructions activities may not be possible
                  30 JUN 07
Road link between Pasni and Gwadar has been
 opened for traffic

Dry provision and water provided to 45 x stranded
 passengers on coastal highway near Mumtaz Hotel

Water was provided to local population of Ormara
                   1 JUL 07
TARIQ embarked relief Goods and proceeded to JNB
 at 010300 Jul. After, disembarking relief goods, she
 is returning back alongwith 265 stranded personnel
 onboard. She will enter harbour at 012030 Jul 07

FK – 73 transported 2500 KGs relief goods and 06 x
 member medical team to Makran.       On return A/C
 ferried 38 stranded personnel and 13 x service
 personnel FROM Ormara to MEHRAN.              During
 second sortie, FK-73 transported 1800 KGs food
 items and 500 x KGs medicine to MAKRAN
                   1 JUL 07
FK – 75 transported 2500 KGs relief goods, 250 KGs
 medicines and 06 x personnel medical team to
 Gwadar.    On return, A/C ferried 28 x stranded
 personnel and 09 x service personnel from Ormara to
SKs –11 & 12 were tasked for relief operation at
 Ormara. En-route Ormara SK-11 transported 500
 KGs ration and 04 x personnel of Husnain Builders
 Makola. SK – 11 also dropped 600 KGs relief goods
 at Shadi Kor for stranded personnel.      En-route
 Ormara, SK – 12 dropped 300 KGs relief goods per
 post at Mulaship-1, Mulaship-2 and Shumal Bandar.
 Said posts are check posts of PCG. Helo also
 evacuated 02 x stranded personnel to Ormara

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