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Newsletter 2009 Issue 3


									                                2009 Newsletter, Issue 3

   Young Trad Tour:
   6 Years on

As the TMSA Young Trad Tour embarks on it’s 6th year, Innes Watson (Young Trad
Tour accompanist extraordinaire) looks back on the first five successful years to
reflect on why it is such an important opportunity for the next generation of young

The TMSA Young Trad Tour is a very well resourced and well-attended tour that
gives exposure to some of the best up-and-coming musicians in Scotland. The
tour is synonymous in importance not only to the winner of the competition but

                                     Inside this issue
  Young Trad Tour                     1-3   TMSA Patrons                      7-10
  Aberdeen Branch News                4-6   Honouring Willie Beaton           11
  Edinburgh & Lothians Branch News    7     Linlithgow goes to Girvan         12
                                      Newsletter 2009, Issue 3

  also to its 5 other finalists.
  The tour takes place after a festival-filled summer of gigs for the winner of the
  BBC Scotland Young Traditional Musician of the Year competition where they
  and the other 5 finalists embark on a Scottish (and occasionally Northern
  England) tour. The tour is organised by members of the TMSA and co-ordinated
  by Caroline Hewat. The previous year’s winner and any accompaniment that is
  necessary (as there are not always pianists, guitarists and even fiddles in the
  final six) join the finalists for a weekend of collaboration and rehearsal guided
  by musical director Corrina Hewat. Roughly a month later people find their way
  to the central-belt where Martin Coull the tour’s manager picks them up and
  they hit the road for their first gig or workshop.

  The tour stops at a variety of places including village halls, theatres, arts centres
  and concert halls. Prior to arriving at each place on the tour map Caroline will
  have tried to organise a meeting/workshop with a local group of enthusiasts
  whether it be musicians, youth groups or music publishers. The finalists and their
  “entourage” are not just put into situations that are paramount to them gaining
  experience but also situations that help to further the education or interests of
  each community that it visits. These Cultural Exchange initiatives are what the
  growing tradition in Scotland is built on and helps to ready another team of
  young musicians for a life career where, to earn the bread, gigging often needs
  some financial padding and where better to spend their energy but the area
  that supports the tradition the most.

  The gigs are supplied a team of sound technicians who are there to set up the
  sound and monitor it for the gig. This may sound like the young musicians being
  handed their evening on a plate but there is still the sound-check to be done!
  The tour is organised like any good tour should be; a comparison can be drawn
  from the Tune Up tours that happen now yearly. Those tours are put together by
  the bands that have experience in touring and selling their own shows and are
  funded by Tune Up (Scottish Arts Council). These tours have every angle
  covered and leave the musicians to check their sound and play their gigs.
  Much like the Young Trad tour, the difference being the 6 finalists do not yet
  have the experience or public interest necessary to put together their own Tune
  Up style of tour. The TMSA therefore grants these young musicians a kick-start
  very much sought after by other up and coming musicians.

  There has been a CD recorded of each tour thus far and I should imagine in the
  future that might be transferred onto downloadable live footage or sound-bites
  as the market moves ever-forward! The CD is an extremely important record of
  what each musician has achieved. Without the CD their accomplishments
  would be lost to the memories of time and the attending audiences! I
  remember the first time I was mentioned on a CD insert and it gave me a boost
  of confidence that I too can make it in this difficult world of folk music! The
  expense of making a CD today is something that touring bands and artists
  struggle with on a daily basis. Your first “record” is the one that could earn you
                                     Newsletter 2009, Issue 3                        PAGE 3

some money to continue if you have the right frame of mind but without the
                                                                     Irene people
money to make your first record, it may never happen. The TMSA allows Watt
who are on the CD to sell it at their own gigs and they pay a cost price for each
CD they sell, the same way record companies do. It is also a great tool to help the
TMSA and in turn the BBC Scotland
Young Traditional Musician of                                        Innes Watson
the Year competition by
showing others what has come
Now to personal experience: I
have accompanied the tour on
guitar for two years where there
wasn’t a guitarist in the
competition and on fiddle in the
year they were sadly lacking
one of those too. From my view
of things I really don’t know who
was more lucky, the 6 finalists or
me! I went into it having a little
experience of touring and a lot
of experience (for my age) in
playing with other musicians. I
watched some people of my

own fortunate background of having performed or played ceilidhs or dances
take on the tour and embrace the opportunities it poured out and they all had
an exceptionally good time. I also watched some people who had played a few
gigs but who hadn’t done much touring enjoy a lot of the experiences once and,
glad to have done it, decide never to do it again! The best thing I saw, however,
was people who had never done anything performance related or
collaboratively with other instruments come to the tour very nervous at how they
might fare and see those same people at the end of the tour or the final gig at
Celtic Connections completely comfortable, relaxed and very humorous on
stage! They say you can’t teach that and they are correct! Many professionals still
find it hard to talk to audiences and deal with the pressures of having to
remember arrangements and the late nights, early mornings wearing you down
little by little. The only way to taste that and learn to deal with it is to do it. I bet
many people never get the chance and end up wishing they could have at an
earlier more tangible period of their lives.

The TMSA Young Trad Tour is the only tour of its kind in Scotland and without such
a tour I feel young musicians would be lost at a critical point in their prospective
                                                          Innes Watson, March 2009
                                          Newsletter 2009, Issue 3

                            News From Aberdeen Branch

 Open Day at Garlogie
 The Aberdeen branch of the Traditional Music and Song Association held an
 open      day     at    Garlogie        Hall   on    Sunday        28th    June.
 The event was well attended and folk enjoyed a real ceilidh atmosphere with a
 great variety of performances. The main guests of the day were Anne Nicol and
 Craig Paton, both of whom are award winning young musicians and their
 combination       of    fiddle     and      accordion    sounded       fantastic .
 Kids were well catered for with traditional games and stories and, having enjoyed
 a cup of tea, the adults were entertained with a puppet show story by the
 youngsters. With no lack of talent in the room the ceilidh went on into the early
 evening with everything from bagpipes to Doric verse and great harmony singing.

 New Venue for Monthly Aberdeen Session
 Due to the sudden and permanent closure of our current venue the monthly
 session now takes place at the Sportsman's Club at 11 Queens Road. We’ve used
 this on a few occasions before for ceilidhs which has worked very well. The session
 takes place on the third Tuesday of the month starting at 8 pm. We'd love to see
 you there if you're in the area.

 This Page: Shirley Watt - Aberdeen Chairperson
 Next page (clockwise from top): Anne Nicol and Craig Paton; Eoin Taylor; Bob Nicol (Anne's Dad)
                                        PAGE 5
Newsletter 2009, Issue 3

                           Irene Watt
PAGE 6                             Newsletter 2009, Issue 3

Doric Festival Concerts
The Aberdeen branch will once again be organising 2 concerts as part of the
Doric Festival. These concerts are an opportunity to showcase the talent of
members to the wider public.

The format is broadly the same for both events with a blend of songs, Doric verse
and traditional tunes. It is also a great opportunity for some of our younger
members to perform alongside the more experienced hands.

Events this year will be: The now legendary Cookney Meal and Ale on 3rd
October. The Cookney Hall has undergone significant renovations in the last year
following a fund raising campaign. Much of the credit for this has to go to Joyce
and Geordie Murison who will also be performing at the event.

Other performers : Hector Riddell, Eoin Taylor, John Valentine, Dick & Maggie
Trickey and young fiddlers George & Stuart Davidson.

The     Tarves    Rant   at    Tarves   Village   Hall   on   10th     October
A new venue this year organised jointly with the Tarves Heritage Project.
Artistes include: John Dickson, Janice Clark, Jake Simpson, Russell Taylor, Carol
Anderson and the Hull family fiddlers.
                                                Graham White, Aberdeen Branch

   The Kids’ Puppet Show
                                     Newsletter 2009, Issue 3             PAGE 7

                                  TMSA Patrons

This year marks an important milestone for the TMSA as we announce our new
line-up of Patrons! Were delighted to welcome some new faces to the Patrons’
line-up. We’re also delighted to announce two TMSA Patrons concerts which will
take place this Autumn in Aberdeen and Edinburgh (see page 10 for details).

Dr Aly Bain MBE
Aly Bain is is considered one of the finest fiddlers in the
Scottish tradition. Born in Lerwick, Shetland Aly began
playing the fiddle at the age of eleven. In his early
twenties, Aly headed to mainland Scotland. His dramatic
playing, with great tone and technical ability brought
early recognition as an outstanding musician of the folk

He has worked on several international television series,
regularly collaborates with prominent musicians from
across the globe, and occasionally records as a solo

Aly has received many honours for his services to music,
including four Doctorates and an M.B.E., and numerous Honorary Citizenships in
the USA. He continues to be an ambassador for Scotland abroad and a powerful
advocate for traditional music.

His teaming up, star collision, with brilliant accordionist/composer Phil
Cunningham has added yet another dimension of appreciation for audiences
everywhere. They have toured and recorded together since 1988 and to date
they have recorded four albums, released on Aly's own record label Whirlie

Dr Margaret Bennett Ph.D
Margaret Bennett has sung at folk festivals and concerts
world-wide and, as one of the world's foremost authorities
on Scottish Folklore, she features in several films, TV
documentaries and on radio. Margaret has an MA in
Folklore and a Ph.D in Ethnology and currently holds an
honorary Research Fellowship at the University of
Glasgow School of Scottish and Celtic Studies. Margaret
has featured on over 10 albums.

Scottish folklorist Hamish Henderson writes:
“She is a folksinger of great sensitivity and versatility, and
PAGE 8                              Newsletter 2009, Issue 3

is undoubtedly one of the major figures of the modern Scottish Revival. There can
be few scholars on either side of the Atlantic who succeed in combining such a
wide range of skills as Margaret Bennett. Margaret embodies all that is best of the
spirit of Scotland.”

Dr Phil Cunningham OBE
Widely regarded as one of the most exciting and
innovative accordion players of the times, Phil
Cunningham has taken this instrument from strength
to strength, setting the standards by which many
young players fix their sights today.

                                                                                   Photo: Robin Gilanders
The accordion being only one of the strings to his
bow…multi instrumentalist Cunningham works
extensively in the television and film world as a
composer, music director and presenter, He is much
sought after as a record producer and he manages
to juggle all of these diverse commitments to enable
him to continue touring with long time musical partner and friend Aly Bain.

Phil was awarded the MBE in 2002 for services to Scottish Music and was voted
Best Instrumentalist in the inaugural Scottish Traditional Music Awards in 2003.

Barbara Dickson: OBE
Dickson earned her initial reputation during the 60s
as part of Scotland's flourishing folk scene. An
accomplished singer, she has tackled traditional and
contemporary material and enjoyed a fruitful
partnership with Archie Fisher.

Her career changed course after meeting Willy
Russell who cast her in his award winning musical
‘John, Paul, George, Ringo… and Bert’. Barbara has
also appeared in the musicals ‘Blood Brothers’ and
‘Spend, Spend, Spend’ and recorded songs from
‘Evita’ and ‘Chess’.

Barbara has had roles in TV shows including ‘Taggart’, ‘Band of Gold’ and ‘The
Missing Postman’. Acclaimed writer and director Chris Bond created a stage
show for Dickson in 1996 called ‘The Seven Ages of Woman’ which won her the
Liverpool Echo Actress of the Year Award. It premiered at the Liverpool Playhouse
and toured extensively throughout1997 and 1998.

As a multi-million selling recording artist with an equally impressive Olivier award-
                                    Newsletter 2009, Issue 3                    PAGE 9

winning acting career Barbara has firmly established herself as one of the most
versatile performers in the UK. 2008 saw her celebrating 40 years as a professional

Archie Fisher:
Archie Fisher was born in Glasgow into a large singing
family. After moving to Edinburgh in 1960 and
appearing regularly at folk clubs such as The How, his
first album –‘Far Over the Forth’ - was released in 1962.
In 1969 he teamed up with Barbara Dickson, who went
on to feature on several of his albums.

He has become an internationally-known singer-
songwriter, recognised as one of the most influential
folk artists of his time and has enjoyed a parallel career
as a broadcaster, presenting concerts, interviews, live
studio sessions, review panels, features, and the latest
folk music recordings to his listeners on his BBC Radio
Scotland programme "Travelling Folk".

Dr Sheena Wellington: (Honorary Doctor of Music
2007 ;Hon Degree St Andrews 2000; Hon Degree
University of Dundee)
One of Scotland's leading traditional singers, Sheena
was born in Dundee into a family of singers and factory
weavers. Her repertoire covers everything from Burns to
ballads to the best of contemporary songwriting,
drawing from the rich Scottish tradition passed from
musician to musician through the ages.

A passionate and articulate advocate for traditional
music, she has played a leading role in the fight for
recognition, status and improved funding for Scotland's
traditional arts.

“..she can lay fair claim to being chiefly responsible for the seriousness with which
her branch of the arts is now taken ...” The Herald (Glasgow)
“..... the most moving moment of all”- (The Times, London).
 “.... a moment to open the muscles of the heart.......” (The Scotsman, Edinburgh).
PAGE 10                             Newsletter 2009, Issue 3

                             TMSA Patrons Concerts

   Enjoy a great night and help us fundraise for the future of the TMSA!

                            TMSA Patrons Concert, The Lemon
TMSA    Patrons Concert, Tree, Aberdeen 7th November 2009,
Queens Hall, Edinburgh 30th 7.30pm
October 2009, 8pm           Featuring two of our new Patrons, Margaret
                                     Bennett and Sheena Wellington, this concert
The first of our fundraising         will also give a platform to some of the well
concerts featuring three of our      know competition winners of the Aberdeen
new Patrons: Barbara Dickson,        Branch of the TMSA.
Archie Fisher and Sheena
Wellington.                          Also appearing will be:
                                     Eoin Taylor - bothy ballad singer.
Other special guests will include    Irene Watt - traditional singer & harpist.
Young Trad Tour musicians who        Carol Anderson - fiddler & competition judge
appeared on some of our              Graham White - traditional singer & Bothy
previous years’ tours - check the    Balladeer. Champion of Champions at Elgin
TMSA website for details for
                                     Joint comperes for the concert will be
updates on guest artists.
                                     Geordie Murison, who was Champion of
Tickets: £15.00 (£10 OAP/Child/      Champions in 2008, and TMSA stalwart Jim
TMSA Member)                         Taylor, who are well known for their quick wit
Available from the Queens Hall       and repartee.
Box Office: 0131 668 2019
                                     Tickets: £12.00 (£8 OAP/Child/TMSA Member)
Doors open at 7pm
                                     Available from: The Lemon Tree on 01224
                                     641122. Also available from:
          Deadline for Issue 4: ( 01224
              Fri 20 Nov             641122)
                                              Newsletter 2009, Issue 3                                PAGE 11

                                Honouring Willie Beaton

                                                                             A memorial ceilidh
                                                                             was held for Willie
                                                                             Beaton – fiddler and
                                                                             singer extraordinaire
                                                                             -   at      Lauries in
                                                                             Glasgow in early
                                                                             July. Willie had been
                                                                             awarded honorary
                                                                             membership of the
                                                                             TMSA at the AGM
                                                                             last year but sadly
                                                                             passed away before
                                                                             arrangements could
                                                                             be made to present
    Willie’s sister – Christine Hauser and daughters - Hannah and Katie      the award to him
    with his honorary TMSA membership certificate.
                                                                             personally. This event
gave us the opportunity to present the membership to Willie’s family. TMSA
Treasurer, Fiona Campbell, was able to say a few words about how Willie had
influenced so many people both in Scotland and Dublin, before presenting
the certificate. The ceilidh was a great event with contributions from people
such Adam MacNaughtan, members of the Incredible Fling Band, Mick West,
Rod Paterson and Willie’s daughter, Hannah Beaton and friends.

News from the             Edinburgh          &
                                                   The Rolling Hills Folk Club re-opens on
Lothians Branch                                    September 4th with Madsen &
If you missed the sell-out Northern                Graubaek from Denmark followed by:
Streams concert in April, don’t                    September 18th - Sylvia Barnes and Sandy Stanage
forget you have another chance
                                                   October 2nd - Ian Davison
to see Calum Stewart – Scottish
flute player and Young Trad Tour                   October 16th - Wizz Jones
finalist 07 with Daniel Carlsson –                 November 6th - H A B B A D A M launch their Scottish
Swedish Saxophome player and                       tour
Heikki Bourgault – guitarist from                  November 20th - Scott Gardiner and Johnny Kemp
Brittany on Saturday 12                            December 4th - Rantumscantum
September, 7.30pm at The Lot,                      December 18th - Christmas Party featuring the Fisher
Grassmarket, Edinburgh. They will                  Lassies
be joined winners of two Danish
Folk Music Awards 2008 – fiddler,                  The club meets on the first & third Fridays
Hal Parfitt Murray and keyboard/                   of the month upstairs at the King’s Arms,
accordionist Nikolaj Busk. More                    Melrose TD6 9PB
details and to book see                  
                                         Newsletter 2009, Issue 3

                   Linlithgow Captures the Silverware at Girvan

                                                                    Three of the five trophies
                                                                    which can be won at Girvan
                                                                    Traditional Music Festival
                                                                    went this year to Linlithgow.

                                                                    Liz Wilson, TMSA Director and
                                                                    member of Edinburgh and
                                                                    Lothians Branch won the
                                                                    Girvan Folk Song Club Cup
                                                                    for traditional song for her
                                                                    rendition of ‘Time Wears
                                                                    Awa’ and the Queens
                                                                    Quaich for storytelling with a
                                                                    lovely selkie tale from
                                                                    Orkney called ‘One Spared
                                                                    to the Sea’.

                                                                    This is the second time that
                                                                    she has won the Queen’s
                                                                    Quaich and was delighted
                                                                    to win the song trophy as
    Liz and Paul with their trophies                                that had eluded her in the

 Also bringing silverware to Linlithgow was fellow Edinburgh and Lothians Branch
 member Paul Streater. He took the trophy for song writing with a song about
 the conflicts in the Middle East. ‘Line in the Sand’ uses the viewpoint of the
 great birds of prey that migrate round the east end of the Mediterranean,
 looking down from high on humankind’s squabbles. He started writing it three
 Middle East crises ago, and finished polishing it up the night before the
 competition. This is not Paul’s first award; he won the inaugural Falkirk Folk Club
 songwriting competition, and has been a past finalist in the Glasgow
 Songwriting Festival competition.
                                                      Edinburgh & Lothians Branch

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