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									Nachos                                                                Fried Jalapeño Poppers
 Fresh supreme nacho tortilla chips with homemade chili,                Five breaded jalapeño peppers stuffed with
 Monterey jack and cheddar cheeses, jalapeño peppers,                   creamy cheddar cheese. Served with homemade tomato
 lettuce, scallions, tomatoes, ripe black olives. Sour cream            sauce or raspberry sauce.
 and salsa are served on the side.
                                                                      Mozzarella Sticks
Meatless Nachos                                                         Six Breaded sticks served with homemade tomato sauce.
 Same as above, but without the chili.
                                                                      Breaded Mushrooms
Cheese Jalapeño Nachos                                                  Served with bleu cheese or your choice of dipping sauce.
 Fresh nacho tortilla chips with Monterey jack and
 cheddar cheeses and jalapeño peppers.                                Stuffed Mushrooms
                                                                        Crabmeat, cheese, bread crumbs, tomatoes and scallions
Cheese Quesadillas                                                      baked in mushroom caps with a wine sauce.
 Monterey jack and cheddar cheese, jalapeño peppers,
 scallions and tomatoes in a tortilla served with a side              Sampler Platter
 of sour cream and salsa.                                               Chicken Fingers, Mozzarella Sticks, Jalapeño Poppers,
 with chicken                                                           Pizza Logs, and Breaded Mushrooms

Pizza Logs                                                            Shrimp Cocktail
 Five egg roll skins stuffed with pepperoni and mozzarella              Five jumbo shrimp served with zesty cocktail sauce.
 cheese served with a side of homemade tomato sauce.
                                                                      French Fries or Curly Fries
Chicken Wings Doz.                                                      with a sandwich
 Buffalo Style: BBQ, Mild, Medium, Hot
                                                                      Onion Rings
 Barkeater Style: with a special sauce
                                                                        with a sandwich
 Served with celery sticks and bleu cheese

Potato Skins                                                          Garlic Bread                with cheese
                                                                        Five slices of toasted Italian bread covered with garlic herb
 Skin-on potato shells stuffed with bacon, scallions, Monterey          butter and served with a side of homemade tomato sauce.
 Jack and cheddar cheeses. Served with sour cream.
                                                                      Fried Calamari
Fresh Fruit and Cheese Platter                                          Crispy rings of tender calamari served with a side of
 Round Brie, cheddar and muenster cheeses served with                   marinara sauce.
 grapes, oranges, cantaloupe, honeydew, strawberries,
 and french bread. *Fruit varies with the seasons                     Hawg Wings
                                                                        Two generous portions of pork on a bone with fries, onion
Chicken Fingers                                                         rings, or curly fries.
 Five breaded tenderloins served with our house dressing.

                                                              Salad Dressings
                Italian, Light Italian, House Special, Bleu Cheese, Ranch, Thousand Islands, French, Parmesan Pepper,
   Greek, Balsamic Vinaigrette, Fat-Free Roasted Garlic Balsamic Vinaigrette, Fat-Free Raspberry Vinaigrette, Fat Free Honey Dijon.
                                                Crumbly Bleu Cheese or Caesar- extra
French Onion Soup Bowl                                                Julienne Salad
                                                                        Our large house salad topped with Virginia Baked ham,
New England Clam Chowder Bowl                                           turkey breast, American cheese and egg slices. Served
Soup of the Day Bowl                                                    with your choice of dressing.

Homemade Chili (Seasonal) Bowl                                        Steak or Chicken Fajita Salad
                                                                        Fresh, crispy tortilla bowl filled with lettuce, tomatoes,
 with cheese                                                            onions, green peppers, Monterey Jack and cheddar cheeses,
                                                                        with slices of marinated steak or chicken breast.
House Salad                                                             Served with a side of sour cream and salsa.
 Combination crisp fresh greens with tomatoes, onions,
 carrots and red cabbage.
                                                                      Greek Salad
                                                                        Fresh lettuce topped with Feta cheese, Greek olives,
Caesar Salad                                                            tomatoes, cucumbers, pepperoncinis and onions.
 The classic combination of crisp romaine, garlic croutons and          Served with a special Greek dressing.
 shredded Asiago cheese, all tossed together in Caesar dressing.
 with grilled chicken breast                                          White Tuna Salad Plate
                                                                        Served on a bed of lettuce with potato salad, macaroni salad,
Taco Salad                                                              tomatoes, egg slices and green pepper rings.
 Fresh, crispy tortilla bowl filled with marinated beef,
 tomatoes, black olives, cheddar cheese and lettuce                   Pasta Salad
 with a side of sour cream and salsa.                                   Tri-color spiral pasta mixed with raw broccoli, carrots,
                                                                        roasted red peppers, cubed Muenster and sharp cheddar
Spinach Bowl Salad                                                      cheese; tossed in our Italian dressing.
 Fresh spinach, mushrooms, onions, tomatoes, olives,                    with BBQ chicken
 cheese, egg and bacon. Served with our famous
 house dressing.                                                      Potato Salad, Macaroni Salad
Antipasto Salad Small                Large                            or Cottage Cheese
 Fresh green lettuce, tomatoes, onions, olives, pepperoncinis,          Served on a bed of lettuce with tomato slices.
 provolone cheese and salami tossed in Italian dressing.
                                   All sandwiches are served with pickle spear, pepperoncini and chips.
                               Mayonnaise and lettuce come on all sandwiches unless otherwise specified.
                                         Bread choices: white, wheat, rye, pumpernickel or Italian.
                      Italian bun, sub roll, pocket croissant or Arabic Pita Bread- add      with mushrooms- add
                                                 with fries, curly fries or onion rings- add
Roast Beef Plus                                                       Italian Bun
 Lean beef (usually medium rare) on an Italian bun, loaded with         Italian bun filled with salami, turkey breast, provolone
 tomato, lettuce, horseradish sauce and mayonnaise.                     cheese, tomato, green peppers, onions and our
                                                                        special Italian dressing.
Bagged Beef
 Thinly sliced roast beef, tomato, lettuce, and mayonnaise            B.L.T.
 served on Arabic bread.                                                Crispy bacon, lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise on your
                                                                        choice of bread.
Club Sandwich
 Virginia baked ham, turkey breast or roast beef with                 Grilled Virginia Baked Ham and Cheese
 crispy bacon, mayonnaise, lettuce and tomato on your                 or Tuna and Cheese
 choice of toasted bread.                                               Served on your choice of white, wheat, rye or pumpernickel.
Ham & Swiss Club                                                      Veggie & Mixed Cheese Sandwich
 Virginia baked ham & Swiss, bacon, lettuce and tomato with             Lettuce, tomato, onions, peppers and provolone, American
 Russian dressing on your choice of toasted bread.                      and Swiss cheese with Italian or house dressing on Arabic or
                                                                        an Italian bun.
Salami & Provolone
 Served with lettuce and our special Italian dressing                 Create-A-Sandwich
 on a fresh Italian bun.                                                Your choice of roast beef, turkey breast, corned beef, Virginia
                                                                        baked ham, or white tuna on your choice of bread.
Combo Sandwich
 Turkey breast and Virginia baked ham, provolone
 cheese, lettuce, and tomato served on our Italian bun.

Arabic Bread
 Stuffed with salami, provolone cheese, tomato, onions,
 lettuce, and our Italian dressing.

Italian Sandwich
 Italian bun filled with salami, Virginia baked ham, provolone
 cheese, tomato, green peppers, onions and our special
 Italian dressing.

Barkeater’s Chicken Sandwich                                          Open Steak Sandwich
 Marinated grilled chicken breast covered with onions                   12 oz. choice rib-eye, char-broiled and placed on
 and green peppers. Topped with American cheese                         Italian toast. Served with your choice of French fries,
 and served on a sub roll.                                              curly fries or onion rings.

Harbor Master Sandwich                                                Beef Dip            with cheese
 Thinly sliced prime rib with sautéed onions and                        Lean roast beef served hot on an Italian bun with au jus.
 green peppers. Topped with American cheese
 and served on an Italian bun.                                        Reuben
                                                                        Corned beef, turkey breast, or Virginia baked ham on rye
Cheddar Bacon Chicken Sandwich                                          topped with sauerkraut, Swiss cheese and Russian dressing.
 Char-broiled chicken breast covered with melted cheddar                Served open faced.
 and bacon. Served on an Italian bun.
                                                                      Covered Meatball or Sausage Sandwich
                                                                        Italian bun filled with three homemade meatballs or three sweet
Chicken Breast Sandwich                                                 Italian sausages covered with homemade tomato sauce.
 Boneless, skinless chicken breast, char-broiled and
 served with lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise on a                        With provolone cheese, peppers or onions add ea.
 toasted Italian bun.                                                   With mushrooms add ea.

Chicken Parmesan Sandwich                                             Hot Mixed
 Breaded chicken breast covered with our homemade                       Italian bun served with a combination of two homemade
 tomato sauce, melted provolone and parmesan cheeses.                   meatballs and two sweet Italian sausages covered with
 Served on an Italian bun.                                              homemade tomato sauce.
                                                                        With provolone cheese, peppers or onions add ea.
Buffalo Chicken Sandwich                                                With mushrooms add ea.
 Grilled chicken breast covered in hot sauce. Served on an
 Italian bun with a side of bleu cheese and celery sticks.            Sausage Sub
                                                                        Sub roll filled with sweet link Italian sausage, onions,
Broiled or Fried Haddock Sandwich                                       peppers and melted provolone, Swiss, or American cheese.
 Haddock served with tartar sauce and lemon on a
 toasted sub roll.                                                    Grilled Cheese
                                                                        Provolone, American, or Swiss cheese on your choice of
Grilled Portabella Sandwich                                             white, wheat, rye, or pumpernickel.
 Marinated in our Italian dressing, topped with a mixture
 of provolone, mozzarella and Asiago cheeses, roasted red             Grant Special
 peppers, lettuce and mayonnaise. Served on an Italian bun.             Tuna fish, cottage cheese and tomato covered with
                                                                        melted Swiss cheese. Served open-faced on rye
                                                                        or pumpernickel.
                          With fries, onion rings or curly fries - add               With sautéed mushrooms - add
Half-Pound Burger                                                           Mushroom Burger
 Old-fashioned thick and juicy all-beef burger.                               Our half-pound all beef burger topped with sautéed
 Served on a toasted roll.                                                    mushrooms and Swiss cheese. Served on a toasted roll.
 with cheese
                                                                            Garden Vegetable Burger
Half-Pound Burger Club                                                        Served with lettuce, tomato, and your choice of sauce.
 All-beef burger with bacon, lettuce, tomato,                                 Served on a toasted roll.
 mayonnaise and cheese. Served on a toasted roll.
                                                                            Leo’s Cube Steak
Bleu Burger                                                                   Tender, homemade cube steak served on your choice of
 Half-pound all-beef burger topped with crumbly bleu                          toasted bread. Add your favorite toppings.
 cheese. Served on a toasted roll.
                                                                            Leo’s Cube Steak Club
BBQ Burger                                                                    Our cube steak sandwich topped with cheese, bacon,
 All beef burger topped with bacon, BBQ sauce                                 lettuce, tomato, and mayonnaise. Served on your
 and cheddar cheese. Served on a toasted roll.                                choice of bread.

                          All fajitas are served with soft, warm tortillas, grated Monterey jack and cheddar cheeses,
                                           shredded lettuce, tomatoes, scallions, salsa and sour cream.
                       Steak Fajitas                                                          Grilled Chicken Fajitas
     Spicy char-broiled steak with sautéed onions, roasted                        Marinated chicken breast with sautéed onions, roasted
                red, green and yellow peppers.                                               red, green and yellow peppers.

                                              Combo Steak and Chicken Fajitas
                                              Combination of our steak and chicken fajitas,
                                     with sautéed onions and roasted red, green and yellow peppers.

                White or Cheese Pizza                                                              Single Topping
             Personal $    12” Round (8 slice) $                                           Personal $    12” Round (8 slice) $
                   16” Square (12 Slice) $                                                       16” Square (12 Slice) $
                   Pepperoni Deluxe                                                                Sausage Deluxe
          Cheese, pepperoni, mushrooms & peppers                                         Cheese, sausage, mushrooms & peppers
            Personal $     12” Round (8 slice) $                                          Personal $      12” Round (8 slice) $
                   16” Square (12 Slice) $                                                       16” Square (12 Slice) $
                       Veggie Pizza                                                                 Super Deluxe
              Tomatoes, peppers, onions, olives,                                   Cheese, pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms & peppers
              mushrooms, broccoli, red peppers,                                          Personal $      12” Round (8 slice) $
                      feta, butter & garlic                                                     16” Square (12 Slice) $
             Personal $       12” Round (8 slice) $
                   16” Square (12 Slice) $
                                                               Extra Toppings
                   Cheese, pepperoni, sausage, artichokes, ham, mushrooms, roasted red peppers, pineapple - add
                               Onions, peppers, broccoli or black olives - add      Anchovies - add
                                               Any extra topping on small pizza - add

                       Italian Specialties        Served with our house salad and Italian bread.
Seafood Pasta Small             Large                                       Angel Hair or Homemade Linguini
 Shrimp and scallops sautéed in our wine sauce and tossed                     Covered with your choice of homemade tomato sauce,
 in your choice of Alfredo sauce, olive oil-garlic sauce or                   Alfredo or Marinara sauce and served with homemade
 marinara sauce and served on homemade linguini.                              meatballs, sweet Italian sausage or one of each.
Homemade Lasagna                                                            Italian Combo
 Ma’s Italian specialty; baked noodles, sweet Italian sausage                 Half order of lasagna, manicotti, a stuffed pepper and
 & ground beef with a ricotta cheese mixture covered with                     spaghetti with a homemade meatball or sweet Italian sausage.
 homemade tomato sauce.
Stuffed Peppers                                                             Pasta Primavera
                                                                              Lightly sautéed fresh vegetables served with your
 Large green bell peppers stuffed with a mixture of ground                    choice of Alfredo sauce, olive oil-garlic sauce or
 beef and rice covered in our homemade tomato sauce.                          marinara on homemade linguini.
Broccoli and
Chicken Linguini                                                            Chicken Primavera
                                                                              Lightly sautéed chicken breast and veggies served with
 Homemade linguini topped with sliced grilled chicken                         your choice of Alfredo sauce, olive oil-garlic sauce or
 breast and fresh broccoli covered in a creamy Alfredo sauce.                 marinara on homemade linguini.
                                    Four manicotti filled with ricotta, mozzarella and Romano cheese
                                    with your choice of homemade meatballs or sweet Italian sausage.
                           All dinners served with fresh bread, tossed green salad with your choice of dressing,
           baked potato, mashed potatoes, French fries, curly fries, onion rings, garden rice, mixed vegetables or side of spaghetti.
                     Dinners served Monday - Saturday at 5:00 PM and Sunday at 12:00 noon.

Prime Rib 12 oz.             16 oz.                                        Broiled Haddock
 Slowly roasted to preserve the juices and flavor,                            Fresh haddock lightly seasoned with garlic and
 this tender and flavorful beef is served in its own                          white wine broiled to perfection.
 natural juices.
 with sautéed mushrooms add                                                Deep Fried Haddock
                                                                              Our generous portion of fresh haddock is dipped in
New York Strip Steak                                                          our seasoned batter, breaded and then deep fried.
 Choice beef known for it’s flavor! 12 oz. cut from the
 heart of the sirloin and char-broiled to perfection.                      Fresh Sea Scallops
 with sautéed mushrooms add                                                   These tender and succulent ocean jewels are broiled in
                                                                              our light wine sauce. A tasty choice from the sea.
Rib-eye Steak
 12 oz. of our tender and juicy rib-eye char-broiled.                      Shrimp Scampi
 with sautéed mushrooms add                                                   Six shrimp, seasoned and broiled in our savory garlic
                                                                              and wine sauce with scallions and roasted red pepper.
Sirloin Steak                                                                 Served over homemade linguini or rice. (no side dish)
 12 oz. of top sirloin char-broiled to perfection.
 with sautéed mushrooms add

                                                          The Barkeater Bull
                                              Once again, our choice sirloin is served to you,
                                            however this time we present you with a hearty 1 lb.
                                              New York Strip char-broiled to your preference.
                                                    with sautéed mushrooms add

Barkeaters Chicken Dinner                                                  Chicken Parmesan
 Two tender grilled chicken breasts, topped with sautéed                      Boneless breast of chicken lightly breaded and deep fried,
 mushrooms, peppers, onions and mozzarella cheese.                            topped with provolone cheese and our homemade tomato
                                                                              sauce. Served with a side of angel hair pasta.
Chicken Teriyaki
 Two boneless chicken breasts marinated in our                             Veal Parmesan
 special teriyaki sauce and char-broiled.                                     Breaded veal cutlet topped with homemade tomato
                                                                              sauce, provolone and parmesan cheese. Served with a
Pork Chops                                                                    side of angel hair pasta.
 Two center-cut pork chops char-broiled
 to perfection.

                                             Ask about our Daily Dinner Specials

  Turtle Cheesecake • Snicker Bar Pie • Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie • Coconut Cream Pie
                                             Ask Your Server For Dessert List

  Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Ginger Ale, Sierra Mist, Mountain Dew,
             Lemonade, Iced Tea, Coffee, and Tea
                        (above include one free refill)
        Saranac Orange Cream                           Saranac Root Beer
                       (above two are bottled sodas)
          Available by the glass.                                              Bottled
           House                                    Miller High Life Labatts Blue Light   Budweiser
Chablis   Cabernet Sauvignon                        Labatts Blue     Michelob Light       Miller Lite
Chardonnay   White Zinfandel                        Bud Light        Miller Genuine Draft Genesee
                                                    Coors Light      Pabst Blue Ribbon    Samuel Adams
           Merlot                                   Genny Light      Saranac Black & Tan  Honey Brown
         Special Features                           Heineken         Killian’s Irish Red  Molson Canadian
        Available by the glass. . . $
                                                    Corona           Michelob Ultra       Aspen
                                                    Molson Light     Dos Equis            Yuengling
      Stonehaven Shiraz                             Molson Exel      Labatts Ice
       Glenora Riesling
     Satori Pinot Grigio                                            Miller Lite Fosters 1812
Covey Run Cabernet Sauvignon
   Yellow Tail Chardonnay
                                                                    Wildberry Wine Cooler              Smirnoff Ice
      Yellow Tail Merlot

      Strawberry Daiquiri                                                                                 Margarita
       Strawberry and Light Rum                                                                  Our special Margarita recipe with
                                                             Mudslide                          Tequila in Strawberry or Golden, too!
                                                   Vanilla ice cream, Coffee Liqueur,
                Colada                                   Irish Cream and Vodka
Our special Piña Colada recipe with Rum                                                           Strawberry Shortcake
in Original, Strawberry, Coffee or Melon.                                                          Vanilla ice cream, Strawberry
                                                                                                            and Amaretto

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           Riverside Drive, Clayton, NY 686-2020                                 Reed Point Road, Fisher’s Landing, NY 686-3781

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          Eastern Blvd., Watertown, NY 788-9744                                     James Street, Alexandria Bay, NY 482-4438

CAVALLARIO’S STEAK & SEAFOOD HOUSE                                                          SHORTY’S PLACE
        Church Street, Alexandria Bay, NY 482-9867                                  Coffeen Street, Watertown, NY 782-7878
      Many years ago the North Country was inhabited by the
Algonquin Indian tribe. The interior mountainous region of New York
State was seldom traveled because of its harsh winters and rugged
terrain. When it was traveled, the purpose was either for hunting
expeditions or for traveling war parties. According to legend the
Algonquins were forced to eat the inner bark of trees to keep from
starving during difficult times, which was a survival practice not
uncommon among the Native American tribes of eastern North
America. They were referred to as “Adirondacks,” which translated
means “those who eat bark.” In 1837 to commemorate the Algonquins
the High Peaks district was named the Adirondack Group. The name
Adirondack has since been used for the whole region.
      Welcome to Barkeater’s Cafe. We hope our restaurant will reflect
some of the warmth and beauty that the Adirondacks of New York
State offers. Relax and enjoy!

                                                Leo Coleman

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