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									                                                          JOU 308 Copy Editing
                                                                       Editing Exercise 01

Directions: Follow the guide sheet (below) to locate and correct errors in conventions
and AP style in the following sentences using appropriate copy-editing symbols.

1.   Woe B. Gone, a former journalism student said, writing is easy.

2.   Joe Doe, an expert editor likes to edit copy, design pages, and write headlines.

3.   After police stopped traffic paramedics took the injured man to the Hospital.

4.   The new car had ineffective brakes, poor gas mileage, and handled poorly.

5.   The Democratic Presidential candidate said that his GOP opponents tax-cut plan

flouted federal and state laws.

6.   The faculty senate scheduled their meeting for October 12 2006.

7.   Police said the suspect’s address was 34 Smith Boulevard.

8.   The professors records said that nine percent of her students failed quizes.

9.   Also injured in the crash was Sidney Bloomington, four weeks old, son of Bob and

Alice Bloomington of Port Crane New York.

10. More than 7 people fainted after seeing the Journalism professors exam.

11. About eight % of the students claimed an instructors’ actions were unfair.

12. The hotly-debated topic offered a forum for airing students dispute’s.

13. The Professor ventured farther into the topic on a students request.

14. “I’m going to Disneyland!,” she said

15. A Government official said “I don’t know who’s policy this is, but it sucks.”

Guide Sheet for Editing Exercise 01

1.   Insert a comma after student
     Strike the comma after said
2.   Insert a comma after editor
     Strike the comma after pages

3.   Insert a comma after traffic
     Make Hospital lower case

4.   Strike the comma after mileage
     Strike handled poorly and insert poor handling

5.   Make Presidential lower case
     Insert an apostrophe into opponents (singular)

6.   Capitalize faculty senate
     Replace their with its
     Abbreviate October
     Insert a comma after 12

7.   Abbreviate Boulevard

8.   Insert an apostrophe into professors (singular)
     Make the nine an Arabic numeral
     Correct the misspelled word quizes

9.   Made the four an Arabic numeral
     Insert a comma after Crane
     Abbreviate New York

10. Mark 7 to have it written out
    Make Journalism lower case
    Insert an apostrophe into professors (singular)

11. Make the eight an Arabic numeral
    Mark the % to have it written out
    Move the apostrophe between the r and s in instructors’

12. Strike the hyphen following hotly
    Insert an apostrophe following students (plural)
    Strike the apostrophe in dispute’s

13. Make Professor lower case
    Insert an apostrophe into students (singular)

14. Strike the comma following the exclamation point
    Insert a period after said

15. Make Government lower case
    Insert a comma following said
    Replace who’s with whose
                                                            JOU 308 Copy Editing
                                                                      Editing Exercise 02

Directions: In the following sentences, use appropriate copy-editing marks to correct
errors in AP Style — particularly those dealing with capitalization, abbreviations and
acronyms. Some sentences may contain more than one error. Some may contain no
errors —10/5 or zero points.

1. Members of the democratic and republican parties will sponsor the event.

2. He sat in the dressing room gulping the remains of a Waldorf salad, a few French

   fries and a nerve-soothing Manhattan cocktail.

3. Rookie left-handed Pitcher bill Miles will marry the daughter of Defense Attorney

   John Jones.

4. Reverend Jesse Jackson said today that it is time for blacks to achieve the economic

   power they have long been denied.

5. Men from earth may visit Mars before the turn of the century.

6. “Let’s have a coke then play with the frisbees,” he said.

7. Rain fell in the southern part of the state yesterday.

8. Kellerman left the east after college, traveling west to realize this dreams in


9. The Associated Press stylebook is a journalist’s bible.

10. The president said constitutional guarantees are sufficient, and no legislation by

   congress would help.
                                                           JOU 308 Copy Editing
                                                       Editing Exercise 03 — Commas

DIRECTIONS: Print out this file. Then, review the following sentences (primarily for
essential/nonessential elements) and add commas where required —10/5 or zero points.

1.   The woman who did not attend the meeting said that she had to study for her

     chemistry exam.

2.   He did not however intend to return the money he borrowed.

3.   West Point cadets, who break the honor code are expelled.

4.   She was as a matter of fact chiefly interested in becoming a Hollywood celebrity.

5.   Raul’s wife Conchita is president of the local Red Cross.

6.   The German writer, Hermann Hesse, is a favorite with American college students.

7.   The courthouse which was renovated recently was built in 1878.

8.   Saul having forgotten to save his work lost all of his revisions when his computer


9.   St. Ignatius of Loyola, founder of the Society of Jesus, wrote his handbook of

     spiritual exercises in the sixteenth century.

10. The book, that your sister gave you for your birthday, won a National Book Award.

11. Patterson Tower the recently completed office building is a monument to concrete


12. The movie that I wanted to see is no longer playing.

13. Each person who enters the contest must send in two box tops.

14. John decided nonetheless not to buy the car.

15. The Mississippi River which once flowed north into Hudson Bay flows south into

     the Gulf of Mexico.
16. Your cat watching the dog intently walked carefully away.

17. The cat that was watching the dog most intently walked carefully away.

18. TV commercials sometimes the most entertaining parts of a program are essentially

    flashy corporate propaganda.

19. The dam project which many in the government consider to be a sign of national

    strength will destroy hundreds of villages and vast areas of wildlife habitat along the

    river banks.

20. The free-jazz musician Sun Ra claimed to be from Saturn.

21. The girl who teaches swimming at the neighborhood pool has a great deal of


22. The girl who enjoyed teaching swimming decided to major in physical education at


23. The high school course that was most valuable to me was typing.

24. Maria wearing an original dress of her own design was the center of attention.

25. Dogsled mushing which has been his favorite sport for years requires a lot of effort.

26. Dauphin Island located off the coast of Alabama is a favorite spot for fishermen.

27. He saw his favorite movie “Star Wars” eight times.

28. Two of her friends Kate and Beth are planning to share an apartment with her next


29. “Citizen Kane” considered by many critics to be the greatest American film ever

    made won only one Academy Award.

30. The officer who made the arrest had been investigated previously for excessive use

    of force.
31. There was no question that John's painting a huge colorful and ugly mural was the

    worst entry in the art exhibit.

32. Werner von Braun Willy Ley and Edward Teller noted authorities in the field of

    rocket development have done much to guide the missile program of the United


33. Mr. Cready’s ability to say the wrong thing at the wrong time is I believe amazing.

34. Running around the house the dog was abruptly stopped by a fence.

35. If the opposition should win our candidate would never have any political future.

36. Gracefully lightly and daintily the ballerina moved across the stage.

37. “Glamour” the woman's fashion magazine recently incorporated with Charm another

    fashion journal.

38. Joe was born on May 7 1955 and his best friend was born exactly two months later

    on July 7 1955.

39. Mr. and Mrs. Kwon my parents’ best friends sat in front of us at the football game.

40. On November 11 1918 the armistice ending World War I was signed.
                                                             JOU 308 Copy Editing
                                                          Editing Exercise 04 — Commas

DIRECTIONS: Print out this file. Then, review the following sentences and add commas
where required —40 points.

41. He left the scene of the accident and tried to forget that it had happened.

42. Oil which is lighter than water rises to the surface.

43. Madame de Stael was an attractive gracious lady.

44. Nice is a word with many meanings and some of them are contradictory.

45. The contractor testified that the house was completed and that the work had been

    done properly.

46. Some people refuse to go to the zoo because of pity for creatures that must live in

    small cages.

47. Taxicabs that are dirty are illegal in some cities.

48. The closet contained worn clothes old shoes and dirty hats.

49. The uninvited guest wore a dark blue tweed suit.

50. After surviving this ordeal the trapper felt relieved.

51. Mark Twain’s early novels I believe stand the test of time.

52. December 7 1941 will never be forgotten.

53. The field was safe enough wasn’t it?

54. Write the editor of the Atlantic 8 Arlington Street Boston Massachusetts 02116.

55. He replied “I have no idea what you mean.”

56. After a good washing and grooming the pup looked like a new dog.

57. Because of their opposition to institutions that force creatures to live in captivity

    some people refuse to go to the zoo.
58. Men who are bald are frequently the ones who are the most authoritative on the

    subject of baldness.

59. Vests which were once popular have been out of vogue for several years.

60. As a celestial goddess she regulated the course of the heavenly bodies and controlled

    the alternating seasons.

61. The problems involved in this operation are I think numerous.

62. Celene who does not usually tell anyone what she feels said she didn’t want to go to


63. To get tickets for some Broadway musicals one has to order three months in


64. Listening to the radio Jun heard an announcement that Spangler his own dog was


65. I used to live at 16689 Sutton Avenue Milpitas California but we have since moved

    to 1895

66. The Valley of the Moon the name of a section in Napa County California is the heart

    of the

67. Chris did not see how he could organize write and proofread this paper in only two


68. By the pilings of the old pier I found four starfish a clam and a sea anemone.

69. Yes Helen did mention that all three of you were coming for lunch.

70. I believe therefore that fraternities are good influences on a college campus.

71. The girl with the bright friendly smile wore a bright green scarf to celebrate St.

    Patrick’s Day.
72. As he read the Chekhov story he became aware of the Russian’s genius.

73. Dauphin Island located off the coast of Alabama is a favorite spot for fishing.

74. She was as a matter of fact mainly interested in showing off her vocabulary.

75. I often go to the seashore and collect rocks there.

76. Before reaching the summit the climbers were forced by a storm to turn back.

77. Did you know that James Agee the novelist and poet was also a film critic?

78. Lady Jane Grey was the queen of England from July 10 1553 to July 19 1553.

79. Joseph registered for English 101 History 204 and Biology 106.

80. After discussing “Rain” we agreed that Somerset Maugham could really tell a good

                                                             JOU 308 Copy Editing
                                       Editing Exercise 05 — Commas and semicolons

DIRECTIONS: Print out this file. Then, review the following sentences and add commas
or semicolons where required —40 points.

1.   Many companies make sugar-free soft drinks, which are flavored by synthetic

     chemicals the drinks usually contain only one or two calories per serving.

2.   Mr. Leyland played the viola professionally for many years and he now conducts a

     community orchestra.

3.   The crab grass was flourishing but the rest of the lawn, unfortunately, was dying.

4.   The hill was covered with wildflowers it was a beautiful sight.

5.   As I turned around, I heard a loud thump for the cat had upset the goldfish bowl.

6.   The artist preferred to paint in oils he did not like watercolors.

7.   The house was clean, the table set, and the porch light on everything was ready for

     the guests’ arrival.

8.   He looked carefully in the underbrush but he failed to notice the pair of green eyes

     staring at him.

9.   The foundations of the house had been poured but, to his disappointment, nothing

     else had been done because of the carpenters’ strike.

10. The computer could perform millions of operations in a split second however, it

     could not think spontaneously.

11. I thought registration day would be tiring but I didn’t know I’d have to stand in so

     many lines.

12. The dog, growling and snarling, snapped at me I was so frightened that I ran.
13. The snowstorm dumped twelve inches of snow on the interstate subsequently, the

    state police closed the road.

14. Professors are supposed to be absent-minded and I’ve seen plenty of evidence to

    support that claim since I’ve been in college.

15. The suspect said that he had never met the victim however, the detective knew that

    he was lying.

16. In the first place, it was snowing too hard to see the road in the second place, we had

    no chains.

17. I have read “Soul on Ice” but I have not read “The Invisible Man.”

18. San Francisco is my favorite city in fact, I plan to spend two weeks there this


19. The quarterback made a brilliant pass and the end crossed the goal line for the

    winning touchdown.

20. Large supermarkets fascinate me I can find everything from frozen chow mein to

    soybean flour in one place.

21. Ron and Mike were both in English class this morning they gave an interesting

    presentation on their research.

22. The obstacles are not insurmountable but they are real and formidable.

23. Riding a bicycle is excellent exercise I ride mine every day.

24. I am not interested in a trip to Asia this year however, I would like to go to Europe.

25. Not all highly educated people enjoy traveling, but many world travelers are

    particularly well educated.
26. Jack worked overtime to pay off his education debts at least, that was his explanation

    for his long hours.

27. Katherine has given up smoking about five times but she cannot seem to break the


28. His work may be almost totally forgotten but he would certainly be surprised to see

    how much current scholarship simply echoes his ideas.

29. Our dog seems to have a built-in alarm clock he wakes us up at exactly the same

    time every morning.

30. The passengers on the plane were initially alarmed by the loss of altitude but the

    pilot and the crew kept them calm.

31. I realized at once that something was wrong I was not, however, the only person who

    was concerned.

32. I had to complete the assignment by Friday otherwise, I would have failed the


33. Ralph wanted to be a chemist but he changed his mind after taking CHE 121.

34. I finished reading “The Nation” and then I went to bed.

35. We always go to the mountains in the fall they are at their prettiest at that time of


36. Tim went to the candy store quite often the clerk even knew his name.

37. Criticism of capitalist expansionism does not surface in most discussions of the

    worldwide ecological crisis indeed, proposed solutions rarely deviate from a basic

    message of further technological “progress.”
38. The president has pledged to cut taxes repeatedly and the public has responded


39. The office was closed consequently, I could not pay my bill.

40. The air was beautifully clear it was a lovely day.
                                                           JOU 308 Copy Editing
                                 Editing Exercise 06 — Dangling/misplaced modifiers

DIRECTIONS: Print out this file. Then, review the following sentences for dangling or
misplaced modifiers. Correct problem sentences as needed —35 points.

1.   To please the neighbors, some fireworks were set off a day early.

2.   Though only 16 years old, the college accepted Martha’s application.

3.   Climbing up the ladder carefully, the frightened cat was brought down from the tree.

4.   After a quick change into my hospital gown, the nurse told me to relax.

5.   Before replacing any wall outlet, the electricity should be turned off.

6.   To be cooked well, you must steam vegetables.

7.   As a long sturdy rod, I know the Bassmaster 2000 is the best fishing pole available

     for fly-fishing.

8.   I have many fond memories of my Aunt. While still a boy, my Aunt and I went to

     the Dallas Cup Rodeo. For something so rustic, the event was quite exciting.

9.   Dentists provide many useful tips for your health. For instance, flossing your teeth

     daily, gum disease can be prevented.

10. Before engaging in strenuous aerobic exercise, warm-up activities are necessary.

11. Having laid an egg weighing two pounds, the farmer proudly displayed his favorite

     ostrich before the photographers.

12. Stung by wasps, bees, or other such insects, powerful toxins can bring on allergic

     reactions so severe that people die. Being aware of the danger is the first step to

     prevent such a death.

13. Giving into my desires, I ran out and purchased eight bags of barbeque pork rinds.

     My wife was not amused.
14. Ugly, warty creatures with protruding noses and bat-like wings, architecture students

    find gargoyles endlessly fascinating as expressions of the grotesque.

15. There are many pictures of comedians who have performed at Gavin’s on the walls.

    He is an unusual host noted for his decorations.

16. When following a strict diet high in protein and low in carbohydrates, weight loss

    programs can make a difference in the quality of life. Given that doctors

    acknowledge this fact, it is surprising more people do not try Dr. Adkins’ diet plan.

17. The robber was described as a six foot-tall man with brown hair and eyes and a

    mustache weighing 150 pounds.

18. Disgusted with his own dangling modifiers, the teacher reviewed his handouts.

19. The time had come to leave at last. Deciding to pack up for college, my dog stared

    sadly at me as I bustled about the room.

20. Inhaling the fumes from paint thinner, statistics show that significant brain damage

    can occur.

21. After several years of inhaling fumes from paint thinner, brain damage is often one

    of the results.

22. After being bitten by seven dogs, the mailman decided to carry industrial strength

    tasers with him during his early morning deliveries.

23. Having applied a tourniquet, the bleeding finally stopped.

24. The policemen finally stopped the criminal using pepper spray and handcuffs.

25. David struck down Goliath fighting against a giant.

26. Treated with penicillin, a severe allergic reaction occurred. The patient died at 10:34

27. With a cold, clear penetrating look, the poker game stopped cold as Slim Pickens lay

    down his cards.

28. Medical research offers the modern world many miracles. Using a small amount of

    infected nutrient, serums can be prepared to inoculate people against polio. Before

    making this discovery, scientists had no way to treat the disease.

29. Famous throughout the world for his shocking makeup, wailing lyrics, and

    androgynous wardrobe, the editor for the church newspaper chose to interview

    Marilyn Manson.

30. Circling the coldest regions of outer space in an endless dance, the astronomers

    watched the planet Pluto in awe.

31. Clutching a flensing knife and dreaming of a pâté made of human liver, the movie

    critic saw the familiar cannibal known as Hannibal Lector appear once more in the

    sequel. This madman first appeared in books by Thomas Harrison. Surprising to

    many fans, Anthony Hopkins was not the first actor to portray him.

32. Observing safe-sex practices or abstinence, the risk of contracting a disease like

    AIDS rapidly diminishes.

33. Because John knew only English, he could not read a menu that was offered to him

    by his waitress that was written in Spanish.

34. Thundering loudly over the waves and spraying millions of liters of water, I saw a

    huge tidal wave approaching the shore.

35. Having turned to the Dark Side, Yoda sadly watched his pupil Darth Vader become

    obsessed with power.
                                                              JOU 308 Copy Editing
                                                     Editing Exercise 07 — Irregular verbs

DIRECTIONS: Review the following sentences and write in the blanks the letters of the proper
forms of irregular verbs —40 points.

       1. When Mom __________ out the kitchen rug, dog hair, bread crumbs, coffee grounds
and spaghetti noodles flew through the air and dusted the sidewalk.
       A. shaked
       B. shook
       C. had shook

        2. At the back of the lab, Glenn decorated the margins of his biology textbook with
caricatures. When test time arrives, Glenn will wish that he had __________ the different cell
types Dr. Shuman was explaining to the class.
        A. drawn
        B. drawed
        C. drew

        3. Theodore bought beautiful roses for Glenda, his date. Because he did not have a vase,
he rinsed out a peanut butter jar. After Theodore __________ Glenda’s reaction to the
arrangement, he realized that he had not made a favorable first impression.
        A. saw
        B. had saw
        C. seen

        4. Jennifer has discovered that hanging clothes outside to dry has its disadvantages.
Recently, a spider crept into a pair of her jeans and __________ a day biting the “intruder” —
Jennifer’s bare leg — that had invaded the arachnid’s new home.
        A. spend
        B. spended
        C. spent

        5. Ms. Ayer __________ several deep breaths to keep from exploding at Jerry, whose
excuse for missing yet another class was that Grandma had died — for the fifth time in one
        A. taked
        B. took
        C. tooked

        6. Diane always wonders where she will next discover a pair of her husband’s dirty
socks. Yesterday, Mike __________ two in the refrigerator next to a carton of orange juice.
        A. leaved
        B. leaft
        C. left
         7. When Richie jammed the photocopier for the eighth time, Sharon, the administrative
assistant, picked up a heavy stapler and __________ it at his head.
         A. through
         B. throwed
         C. threw

       8. Because her hands were still slippery from the dishwater, Marilyn dropped the
watermelon, which __________ on the floor in an explosion of pulp and seeds.
       A. busted
       B. bursted
       C. burst

       9. On his way to an interview at the bank, Geraldo stepped in gum. Nervous about the
meeting, he failed to notice the candy wrapper and leaves that __________ to his shoe as he
walked from the parking garage to the lobby.
       A. sticked
       B. stuck
       C. stucked

        10. On Christmas Eve, Captain Beane wore a pair of antlers while greeting passengers
boarding his 727. The costume __________ little trust in Louise, whose fear of flying required a
serious pilot.
        A. built
        B. build
        C. builded

        11. Jim would have __________ the difficult and dirty job of cleaning the slimy gutters if
the blue sky, 70-degree weather, and new titanium graphite driver had not summoned him to the
golf course.
        A. began
        B. begun
        C. beginned

        12. After losing electricity during a hurricane, the Martinez family ___________ candles,
speared hot dogs on pencils, and roasted the wieners over this makeshift barbecue.
        A. lit
        B. lited
        C. litted

        13. Because Nigel had __________ to the supermarket with this week’s grocery money,
Shirley expected him to return with bread, milk, and other essentials. Boy, was she angry when he
came home with $50 worth of losing lottery tickets!
        A. gone
        B. went
        C. goed

         14. When Henry opened the vegetable crisper at the bottom of the refrigerator, the puddle
of rotting lettuce that he discovered __________ up the kitchen for the rest of the day.
         A. stinked
         B. stank
         C. stanked
        15. Whenever Mike _________ his Cessna 152, a small airplane, he worried about
running out of fuel, hitting birds, and being abducted by alien spaceships.
        A. flied
        B. flown
        C. flew

       16. Audrey had just __________ into her first forkful of omelet when she noticed
mushrooms in the egg. Because she was highly allergic to this vegetable, she had to spit the
mouthful into her napkin, wiping her tongue with a clean corner.
       A. bited
       B. bitt
       C. bitten

         17. Maria __________ from the cold glass of soda, trying to extinguish the anger that,
lava-like, threatened to explode at her husband Darren, who had spent the day watching college
football instead of mowing the lawn.
         A. drinked
         B. drank
         C. drunk

         18. Raphael would have __________ jeans and a T-shirt to the interview if he thought
such attire would land him the job. Because he knew better, Raphael struggled into a scratchy suit
that made him feel as though ants were crawling over his skin.
         A. wore
         B. wored
         C. worn

        19. One spring Joe __________ tomatoes in the backyard; pollution, insects, and
weekend badminton matches did so much damage to the poor plants that Joe went back to buying
canned tomatoes at the grocery store.
        A. grew
        B. had grew
        C. growed

        20. At first, Rose __________ to tolerate Simon’s lack of punctuality. His good looks
compensated for her having to wait an extra 10 or 15 minutes. But once Simon’s tardiness hit half
an hour, Rose dumped him for a boyfriend who looked at his watch.
        A. chose
        B. choose
        C. choosed

       21. A strong wind __________ through the trees, loosening clumps of moss, dead
branches, old kites, and baby squirrels, all of which fell to the wet ground below.
       A. had blew
       B. blew
       C. blowed
        22. Charlie believed that he had __________ the best essay of the semester, but when
Mrs. Varner returned the paper, the slashes of red ink and caustic comments immediately changed
his opinion of the work.
        A. wrote
        B. wroten
        C. written

        23. Becky had both an empty wallet and stomach, so she __________ a chocolate bar
from the candy rack. The ensuing guilt was harder to tolerate than her growling belly.
        A. stole
        B. had stole
        C. stealed

        24. In her dreams that night, Diana had __________ in a pool of warm cocoa; when she
awoke, the aroma of chocolate still tickled her nostrils.
        A. swimmed
        B. swam
        C. swum

         25. Chauncey would have __________ some of the squid eyeball stew if a long, gray
tentacle hadn't dangled over the side of the bowl.
         A. ate
         B. eaten
         C. eaten

        26. My grandmother doesn't trust banks, so she has __________ money all over the
house. Once, I pulled an old Reader's Digest off a shelf and found seven $100 bills stuck between
the pages.
        A. hid
        B. hiden
        C. hidden

         27. George would have __________ to class sooner, but a beautiful woman was listening
to him lie about his fat wallet and hot car, and he couldn't tear himself away from the
         A. came
         B. come
         C. commed

        28. If Eli hadn't escaped to the kitchen to cool down, he would have __________ a heavy
plate over the head of Mrs. Jones, who sent back her chicken for the fourth time.
        A. broken
        B. breaked
        C. braked

        29. Dashing down the hallway, Tuan slipped in a puddle of soda and crashed into the
water fountain. His elbow and nose __________ for the rest of the day.
        A. hurt
        B. hurted
        C. had hurted
        30. Giselle dreaded attending her US Government class. Whenever Dr. Duncan called on
her, Giselle felt as if she had __________ in her chair; she couldn't open her mouth, let alone
answer one of his questions.
        A. freezed
        B. froze
        C. frozen

        31. A thin stray kitten cried outside the back door. Because Rebecca felt sorry for the
poor animal, she __________ it some leftover ravioli, the only food she had in the refrigerator.
        A. fed
        B. fead
        C. feeded

         32. Last week, Hector had __________ his girlfriend Gloria an expensive gold necklace.
When he saw her flirting with Omar, Hector knew that he should have purchased new rims for his
car instead.
         A. gived
         B. gave
         C. given

        33. Because Kerri Ann __________ all of her biology homework, she spent the rest of
the evening with her friends. The next morning, when Dr. Wright passed out the difficult pop
quiz, Kerri Ann realized that her books should have been her only company.
        A. done
        B. had done
        C. had did

         34. On his way to an interview, Gonzalo __________ a hot dog to quiet his rumbling
stomach. While he was wolfing down this quick meal, yellow mustard dripped all over the front
of his crisp white shirt.
         A. buyed
         B. baught
         C. bought

         35. Omar woke up before dawn and drove to Daytona Beach. As the sun __________
over the ocean, he watched the water sparkle like the beautiful diamond earrings he had given his
girlfriend Gloria, who then dumped him for a new boyfriend with a higher credit card limit.
         A. rised
         B. raised
         C. rose

        36. Dan would have __________ his new truck to the grocery store if he hadn't been so
worried that a loose can of peas might roll around in the bed and chip the pristine green paint.
        A. drived
        B. drove
        C. driven
         37. For weeks, Judi searched cookbooks and culinary magazines for the recipe to make
squid eyeball stew. Finally, she __________ the instructions at, a web
site dedicated to preparing this sea delicacy.
         A. finded
         B. found
         C. founded

        38. After cooking all night, Paulette __________ a huge platter of chocolate-broccoli
muffins to the meeting. Everyone enjoyed the delicious combination of tastes while getting the
daily dose of vitamin C.
        A. braught
        B. brought
        C. brang

        39. When Mr. Tighe saw Julie using Moby-Dick as a coaster for a sweating glass of cold
soda, he __________ down his briefcase and lectured the poor woman on showing proper respect
for great literature.
        A. throwed
        B. through
        C. threw

         40. Jim's last temper tantrum __________ $200. He had thrown an expensive titanium
three-wood into the golf course lake, and his wife Nancy insisted that he hire a scuba diver to
retrieve it.
         A. cost
         B. coss
         C. costed
                                                              JOU 308 Copy Editing
                                      Editing Exercise 08 — Lie, lay, their, their, they’re

DIRECTIONS: Write the letter of the correct form of the verbs “to lie” or “to lay” in the
blanks below —20 points.

       1. Defeated, Melody __________ her head on the desk. Even though she had studied
       until 3 a.m., she could make no sense of the chemistry problems on the exam before her.
                A. lay
                B. laid
                C. layed

       2. The students who have Mr. Sebacher for World Literature believe that their professor
       reads Homer, Dante, and Shakespeare all evening. The reality is that Mr. Sebacher
       __________ on the couch, eats corn chips, and channel surfs until midnight.
               A. lies
               B. lays
               C. laid

       3. Theodora will nuzzle a snake, kiss a frog, and let a tarantula crawl up her arm. But if
       you were __________ a bowl of lima beans on the dining room table, she would run
       screaming from the house.
              A. to lie
              B. to lay
              C. to have lain

       4. Saxe, Diane’s horse, will let you know when she deserves another carrot or apple. She
       sticks out her tongue so that it __________ outside her mouth like a long, fat, pink worm.
               A. lies
               B. lays
               C. will lay

       5. ____________ on the kitchen counter, the chocolate chip cookie teased Spencer the
       Chihuahua, who sat on the linoleum, whining and drooling.
               A. Laying
               B. Lieing
               C. Lying

       6. Pumpkin, my oldest cat, loves __________ on my pillow. All night long, she and my
       head fight for room.
               A. to lay
               B. to lie
               C. to be laying

       7. Removing the dirty sock from her granddaughter’s mouth, Jeanne __________ Abigail
       in the crib and chased after Savannah, the family’s new kitten, who was using the couch
       as a scratching post. Babies of any species, Jeanne knew, required constant supervision.
                A. lain
                B. lay
                C. laid
8. Bill went to the bank interview smelling of wet dog. He had __________ his one suit
on the bed before going into the bathroom to shave. Dripping from the rain, Skipper, his
Labrador retriever, decided the jacket made a perfect towel.
         A. lain
         B. laid
         C. layed

9. Rachel __________ the telephone receiver on the table and returned to the sci-fi novel
she had left on the couch. The poor solicitor at the other end read five more minutes of
spiel before realizing that no one was listening.
         A. lay
         B. layed
         C. laid

10. While Karen was cleaning green peppers at the sink, Chris __________ a long, fat
anchovy onto the pizza, camouflaging it with sliced mushrooms and onions.
       A. laid
       B. layed
       C. lay

11. Jacob’s physics notes were tucked in his book bag. A half-read copy of Moby-Dick
served as a coaster for a glass of cold soda. An unopened trigonometry book was
__________ on the desk. Although final exams were only two days away, Jacob decided
to play another level of Tomb Raider, his favorite computer game.
         A. lying
         B. lieing
         C. laying

12. Kevin __________ the dripping barbecue sandwich on his plate and grabbed a fork
and knife. He ignored the stares of the other restaurant patrons and ate his sandwich with
         A. laid
         B. layed
         C. lay

13. The bright floral-print tie __________ against Dr. Kinser’s crisp white shirt gives
everyone the impression that snow has fallen in the rainforest.
        A. laying
        B. lying
        C. lieing

14. After an especially long week at work, Deepa __________ on the sofa, watching
television and trying to relax. Once the University of Florida football game began,
however, she was jumping up every five minutes to boo referee calls and cheer effective
Gator plays.
         A. lay
         B. was laying
         C. laid
       15. The last slice of cheesecake __________ on a platter in the middle of the table;
       everyone wanted to eat it, but only Cassandra was assertive enough to scoop the slice
       onto her own plate.
               A. lay
               B. was laying
               C. laid

       16. When Carol went hunting through the kitchen for a midnight snack, she found a stale
       chocolate chip cookie __________ in a crumpled bag behind an empty cereal box.
               A. laying
               B. lieing
               C. lying

       17. Robin can’t __________ anything on the counter. Money, glasses of orange juice,
       stacks of paper--all of these get swatted to the floor by Buster, her mischievous cat.
               A. lay
               B. lie
               C. have lain

       18. If Della hadn’t __________ the leaky take-out container of moo goo gai pan on the
       top shelf of the refrigerator, she would not have had to mop up the ooze that dripped over
       four shelves of food.
               A. lain
               B. laid
               C. lied

       19. A crumpled ten-dollar bill __________ at the bottom of the washing machine. Mike
       retrieved the money and drove to Tito’s Taco Palace, where he bought fifteen tacos and a
       large root beer.
               A. lay
               B. lied
               C. laid

       20. The message light on the phone was blinking. Eight appointments and an afternoon
       meeting filled the calendar. A stack of top priority work _________ in the middle of the
       desk. Valerie knew that lunch would be a bottled water and a handful of antacid tablets.

               A. laid
               B. lied
               C. lay

DIRECTIONS: Write the correct form of their, there, or they’re in the blanks below—20

       1. Unable to tolerate the dust one moment longer, Elizabeth spent the afternoon cleaning
       the living room tables and shelves. Now __________ slippery with furniture polish,
       glowing in the sunlight that spills through the open window.
2. “Oh, no! _________ are lima beans on my plate!” screamed Noel before he fainted
with a thud on the dining room floor.
3. Nothing makes Diane’s cat Big Toe Joe happier than a laundry basket full of fresh
warm towels. _________ he will sleep, purring in contentment and shedding long white
hair on the clean terry cloth.
4. Mrs. O’Shea spent the day steam cleaning the living room floor. Now her children can
hardly find the kitchen without __________ trail of dirty footprints leading the way.
5. Dolly hates dogs more than snakes or cockroaches. She believes that canines are
loathsome creatures because _________ only goal in life is to kill her front lawn with
6. Behind the sofa _________ is a collection of desiccated broccoli spears that Simon, the
family cocker spaniel, carries away for Noel, who cannot stomach the vegetable.
7. The knives in Roseanne’s kitchen are encrusted with bits of brownie and smears of
dried mustard. _________ is no way a doctor would ever consider operating with any
instrument that Roseanne had washed!
8. Bentley, our neighbor’s basset hound, has toenails that are so long that ________
curled like macaroni noodles at the ends of his paws.
9. Noel carefully sliced each Brussels sprout in half, carefully scrutinizing the heart of the
little cabbage. He always worries that ________ might be a worm buried in the middle.
10. Casey and Tamara had plenty of privacy for kissing because _________ were six
sheets drying on the clothesline in the backyard.
11. Warren hates cleaning the bathroom because his brothers always leave globs of
toothpaste in the sink, and _________ dirty underwear hangs from the doorknobs or lies
in damp piles on the tile floor.
12. Raymond’s parakeets love to sit on his head; _________ droppings litter his
shoulders like flakes of dandruff.
13. After a few ineffective swipes across the kitchen floor, Kristy returned the mop to the
closet. ________ it would remain for another six months.
14. In a frenzy of packing, the Gonzalez family even boxed their poodle, Chiquita.
_________ moving into a new home tomorrow, and everything must be ready to go.
15. Willard loves going food shopping late at night. The aisles are free of people, so
________ is no one to see him sneaking grapes in the produce section or filching cookies
from the bakery.
16. Russell and his friend Ted dived into ________ car and sped out of the parking lot.
Dripping milkshake, Billy soon followed, shaking his fist and swearing revenge at the
fleeing car.
17. Lolita heaped her brother’s plate with barbecue chicken, potato salad, and baked
beans. _________ was so much food that Henry needed two hands to carry the plate to
the table.
18. Eboni and Andrea can spend an entire paycheck during one trip to the mall. They eat
at the food court, shop for clothes and makeup, and buy popcorn and movie tickets with
________ last few dollars.
19. Maria gasped in horror when she looked at her new leather furniture. ________ were
scratches and punctures all over the armrests from the sharp claws of her cat Brandy.
20. After the long walk in the August heat, Norman’s two dogs collapsed on the cool tiles
of the kitchen floor, tongues rolling from _________ mouths in exhausted panting.
                                                                JOU 308 Copy Editing
                                         Editing Exercise 09 — Who, whom, who’s, whose

DIRECTIONS: Fill in the blanks in the sentences below with either who or whom —20 points.

        1. Kerry Ann, __________ hates spiders, wears bug-stomping boots wherever she goes.
        2. Professor Borglum glared at Reggie, __________ spent the entire class drawing space
aliens in the margins of the lecture outline.
        3. Into the dark apartment walked David, __________ we nearly killed with surprise
when everyone shouted “Happy Birthday” and jumped from behind the furniture.
        4. In desperation, Belinda sought help from Professor White, __________ she knew
preferred playing solitaire on his computer to assisting students during office hours.
        5. The doctor explained that Rex, __________ we had rushed to the veterinary clinic,
would not die after eating eight bananas that he stole off the kitchen counter.
        6. Tim was too embarrassed to say anything to Deidre, __________ had sautéed spinach
caught between two teeth.
        7. Grandma bought Freddie, __________ wears black T-shirts exclusively, a button-
down white oxford shirt and a navy blue blazer for Christmas.
        8. Grandma, __________ Freddie loves despite her bad taste in clothing, believes that a
blue blazer is an essential component of a young man’s wardrobe.
        9. __________ believes that Kyle will eat the tarantula fried in garlic and olive oil?
        10. Kyle, __________ will take anyone’s dare, no matter how outrageous, smacked his
lips in anticipation of the fried tarantula.
        11. The game show host presented a trophy and a $500 check to Kyle, __________ Sara
refused to give a congratulatory kiss.
        12. Oliver, __________ hates to cut the lawn, pushed the heavy mower through the tall
grass rather than face a fine by the homeowners association.
        13. With __________ will Scoobie attend the homecoming festivities, the handsome Jake
or the nerdy William?
        14. We gave our crunchy apple cookies to Marilyn, __________ spit the first bite into a
napkin and declared our new recipe “crapples.”
        15. Melissa searched the house for her little brother Morgan, __________ she found
asleep on a pile of clean towels.
        16. __________ will you invite to dinner this Saturday? Warn the person that Rhonda has
promised to make squid eyeball stew!
         17. Since she arrived late, Clarissa had to decide between __________ she wished to sit,
the prankster boys or the gossipy girls.
         18. If her humans are home, Santana will bark her head off should a stray leaf blow onto
the grass, but when the humans leave for work, she sleeps all day, no matter __________ enters
the yard.
         19. Richie, __________ tailgates so closely that he can rest his chin on the trunk of the
car in front of him, inspires many angry gestures from other drivers.
         20. Ingrid, __________ we admire for her quick wit and repartee, was speechless when
she received a D- on her first paper for Professor O’Neil.

DIRECTIONS: Fill in the blanks in the sentences below with either who’s or whose —20 points.

         1. If you want to identify that ugly bug in your hair, ask Claudia, __________ collection
of beetles covers every inch of her bedroom walls.
         2. The biggest entertainment at the picnic was Louis, __________ ability to eat an entire
hotdog in one mouthful amazed everyone who watched him demonstrate this feat fifteen times.
         3. In the computer lab sits Veronica, __________ furiously typing as she attempts to meet
Dr. William’s nonnegotiable deadline for the research paper.
         4. __________ going to bait Jerry’s hook and gut his fish if you invite your squeamish
brother to come fishing with us?
         5. Before you buy a pit bull or rottweiler puppy, talk to Thomas, __________ attack
hamster will bite the fingers of any hand that enters its cage.
         6. As Mom stood in front of the frozen vegetables, she thought of Lorraine, __________
loathing of lima beans would mean a dinner’s worth of complaints if Mom chose them for dinner.
         7. Pirouetting by the cash register is Celina, __________ as comfortable dancing in line
at the cafeteria as she is the in ballet studio.
         8. We all turned to stare at Brenda, __________ wacky hairstyle included feathers,
ribbons, and macaroni braided into her hair.
         9. Clive sat behind Julie, __________ long, curly, red hair dripped down her white
shoulders like strawberry syrup over vanilla ice cream.
         10. Tanya, __________ praying no one requests the last slice of cheese pizza, waited in
the long cafeteria line.
         11. Professor Byrnes sighed with impatience after he called on Kevin, __________ lack
of preparation always holds up the rest of the enthusiastic class.
        12. Jackie bought a half dozen tennis balls for her golden retriever Oliver, __________
bad habit of chewing off the fuzzy skins is expensive.
        13. Francisco steeled himself for a 50-minute class with his theatrical math teacher,
___________ jerky hand movements cause students in the front row to cringe like beaten dogs.
        14. Jerrod, __________ ashamed that he ate the last doughnut, is discreetly wiping
strawberry jelly from the corner of his mouth.
        15. Latoya chuckled as she watched her little brother Reggie, __________ little finger
waved in the air as he attempted sophistication while drinking hot tea.
        16. Our dog Cooper, __________ waiting politely under the table, expects a meatball
from everyone before dinner is over.
        17. __________ fungus-covered chicken salad sandwich is polluting the refrigerator in
the lounge?
        18. Mrs. Currall returned the A+ essay to Andre, __________ smile flashed despite his
usual surly attitude in class.
        19. Even though the lecture had begun, we knew we could soon expect Sasha,
__________ always hitting the snooze button on the alarm instead of getting out of bed to be on
        20. __________ going to drive Raymond to the park? He spilled a chocolate milkshake
on my leather upholstery last week, so he cannot ride with me.
                                                                JOU 308 Copy Editing
                                                Editing Exercise 10 — Pronoun agreement

DIRECTIONS: In the sentences below use copy-editing symbols to correct any errors involving
pronoun agreement —40 points.

1.   Nobody knows that eating chocolate-broccoli muffins is a good way to provide their bodies
     with vitamin C.
2.   The troupe of knife jugglers shocked their audience when a butcher knife accidentally
     decapitated the head of an old woman's poodle.
3.   Either the grill crew or the manager must give their permission for you to return that half-
     eaten double cheeseburger.
4.   Both the computer monitor and the refrigerator door have its shiny surface smeared with dog
     snot from our curious puppy Oreo.
5.   Which member of your track team makes their opponents resemble turtles trying to compete
     with a hare?
6.   The catering committee for the Halloween dance received many compliments for their squid
     eyeball stew.
7.   The new and improved laundry detergent restored Hector’s mud-stained pants to its original
8.   After feeding several quarters into the gumball machine, a person learns that they have little
     chance of receiving the miniature camera in the display.
9.   Mrs. Carson, like every other American literature teacher, has their own interpretation of the
     symbols in Moby-Dick.
10. Every puppy and kitten will cry at night until their owner comes to carry it to bed.
11. My grandmother, as well as too many other Americans, believes every word they read in the
     National Enquirer.
12. If anyone wishes to try one of Louise's famous fudge-stuffed mushrooms, they had better
     hurry before the guests devour all of these delicious treats.
13. Each of these computers has their own technical glitch that can frustrate the user.
14. If Tito’s Taco Palace continues to increase their prices, Samantha won't be able to afford the
     cheapest lunch burrito.
15. Tito’s Taco Palace stuffs their tortillas with many unusual items; for example, you can order
     peanut butter and octopus burritos or tarantula and mango tacos.
16. Every neighbor on my street looked up in surprise as the giant spaceship descended from the
     sky and hovered above their heads.
17. Someone in the apartment needs to remember to buy shampoo unless everyone wants to
     wash their hair tomorrow morning with dish soap.
18. Neither Floyd the dog nor Madison’s three cats enjoy sleeping on the hard, cold floor when
     he can jump onto the soft, warm bed as soon as she leaves for work.
19. These two young men will not pass the final exam in Fundamentals of Biology because he
     has spent the semester flirting with the pretty Josephine instead of listening to Dr. Shuman.
20. Not only the crickets but also a frog chirped outside David's window for so long last night
     that they kept the poor boy from getting any rest before his important pronoun agreement
21. If everyone picked up a single piece of litter every day, they would discover that the planet
     would become a much cleaner place.
22. The Committee of Victorious Vegetarians picketed the cafeteria so that they could protest
     the cruel and unusual treatment of plant matter by the cooks.
23. Not only the city council members but also the mayor donated their lunch money to a
     downtown shelter for World Hunger Day.
24. My thirty-six-year-old brother still prizes a squirrel skull and a cigar box full of baseball
     cards because it is a relic from his happy childhood.
25. While they were watching the Battle of the Bands, Mark and Pedro made bets on which
     musician of Nuclear Toasters would trash their guitar first.
26. When a tornado appeared on the horizon, the family agreed that they would have to postpone
     the picnic.
27. Jenny almost stabbed her husband Bill with the $150 sewing scissors because he had used it
     to cut roofing shingles.
28. Before a person adopts a big, hairy dog, they need to consider the amount of time spent
     vacuuming the floors.
29. Captain Kirk, as well as the other bridge crew, denied that they had dented the right thruster
     of the Enterprise while buzzing a Romulan outpost.
30. Every student, professor, librarian, groundskeeper, secretary, and coach cheered their
     approval when the cafeteria staff agreed to treat vegetables more kindly.
31. My friend Eric, like too many students in our Basic Spanish class, believes that they don't
     need to learn a foreign language.
32. If a person wants to eat healthy fast food, they should try Tito’s Taco Palace because it
     generously provides at least four ounces of high-protein insects in every tortilla.
33. Neither of those two surfers realizes their dangling arms and splashing legs are captivating a
     hungry shark cruising under the waves.
34. Either Ryan or his brothers will give his socks to a complete stranger complaining about
35. Each pig, chicken, goose, and rabbit breathed a sigh of relief and wiped the proverbial sweat
     from their brows when Farmer Jackson grabbed a rake instead of the butchering hatchet.
36. My friends would argue less if everyone kept opinions about basketball, music, and women
     to themselves.
37. After closing the restaurant, the pizzeria staff drove home, fell into its bed, and dreamed
     about things as diverse as Corvettes, poodles, and skies full of spinning pepperoni slices.
38. Bernie’s Burger Emporium claims that their burgers are low fat, but the optional condiments
     I need to make the dry patties palatable add plenty of calories.
39. Not only the cats but also Jasper the dog believes that the bed is theirs, and humans are
     permitted to sleep on it only because they warm the mattress.
40. When classes begin this year, Edgewater High School will allow their students to have
     piercings only in their ears.
                                                                JOU 308 Copy Editing
                               Editing Exercise 11 — Whoever, whomever, apostrophes

DIRECTIONS: Fill in the blanks in the sentences below with either whoever or whomever —20

        1. If you take biology with Professor Parker, be sure to read all of the assignment
directions. He gives As to __________ does exactly what he says.
        2. After taking a bad step, Glenda cursed __________ allowed a dog to defecate on her
pristine lawn.
        3. Belinda will welcome __________ Terry picks to join the study group, even if he
chooses another beautiful woman.
        4. __________ ate my last slice of leftover pizza will pay as soon as I catch the first whiff
of pepperoni breath.
        5. You can sit beside __________ you wish. Just remember that Grandpa will put you to
sleep with tales of what he could buy for 25 cents when he was a boy.
        6. Sherry will share her juicy bit of gossip with __________ she finds in the cafeteria.
        7. Professor Dunn can pick __________ she wants as our next author to study. Anyone
will be a big improvement over our month with Melville and that dreadful book, Moby-Dick.
        8. Jennifer will share her big bag of mixed nuts and dried cranberries with __________
sits beside her in the cafeteria.
        9. While researching on the internet, Teresa readily believes __________ she reads, no
matter how outrageous, misguided, or just plain stupid the person’s ideas are.
        10. At the end of the semester, Dr. Licata will leave piles of old books outside his office.
He gives these outdated editions to __________ wanders down the hallway and wants a free text.
        11. Chadwick will allow __________ needs a pencil or pen to borrow one, but he charges
one dollar per hour, hoping to earn enough money to buy a hotdog and soda at lunch.
        12. You can tell __________ seasoned this sauce that salt doesn’t contribute to global
warming or destroy the rainforest.
        13. Grandpa shakes his fist and honks his horn at __________ he catches cutting into the
cushion of space that he likes to maintain between his vehicle and the one in front.
        14. __________ walks past the cookie jar and neglects to give Santana a biscuit will soon
spy her big, sad beagle eyes pleading for a treat.
        15. Samuel is desperate to pass his calculus class and thus win the admiration of the
beautiful Julie, so he will trust __________ his professor recommends as a good tutor.
        16. Mom says that she is withholding allowance from ___________ left all of those wet
towels on the bathroom floor.
        17. __________ used the microwave oven left splattered spaghetti sauce and crusted
cheese all over the interior.
        18. __________ is brave enough must kill the giant spider in the shower.
        19. You can recommend _________ you want for the cashier position. But don’t waste
my time interviewing someone who cannot do the simple math necessary to make correct change.
        20. Despite Roger’s disgust, Emily let the Great Dane puppy lick her entire face. Emily
will kiss __________ she pleases.

DIRECTIONS: Review the sentences below and add apostrophes where needed —20 points.

    1. Whos the partys candidate for vice president this year?
    2. The fox had its right foreleg caught securely in the traps jaws.
    3. Our neighbors car is an old Chrysler, and its just about to fall apart.
    4. In three weeks time well have to begin school again.
    5. Didnt you hear that theyre leaving tomorrow?
    6. Whenever I think of the stories I read as a child, I remember Cinderellas glass slipper and
        Snow Whites wicked stepmother.
    7. We claimed the picnic table was ours, but the Smiths children looked so disappointed that
        we found another spot.
    8. Its important that the kitten learns to find its way home.
    9. She did not hear her childrens cries.
    10. My address has three 7s, and Tims phone number has four 2s.
    11. Didnt he say when he would arrive at Arnies house?
    12. Its such a beautiful day that Ive decided to take a sun bath.
    13. She said the watch Jack found was hers, but she couldnt identify the manufacturers name
        on it.
    14. Little girls clothing is on the first floor, and the mens department is on the second.
    15. The dogs bark was far worse than its bite.
    16. The moons rays shone feebly on the path, and I heard the insects chirpings and
    17. Theyre not afraid to go ahead with the plans, though the choice is not theirs.
18. The man whose face was tan said that he had spent his two weeks vacation in the
19. My professors advice was to try to get at least two As.
20. Johns 69 Ford is his proudest possession.
                                                       JOU 308 Copy Editing
                                                                      Editing Exercise 12

DIRECTIONS: Click on the link below to go to the Website. Complete Newsroom 1
through Newsroom 5. As you complete each quiz, print the final page that gives your
score, and submit the printouts when the assignment is due.
                                                       JOU 308 Copy Editing
                                                                      Editing Exercise 13

DIRECTIONS: Click on the link below to go to the Website. Complete Newsroom 6
through Newsroom 10. As you complete each quiz, print the final page that gives your
score, and submit the printouts when the assignment is due.
                                                       JOU 308 Copy Editing
                                                                      Editing Exercise 14

DIRECTIONS: Click on the link below to go to the Website. Complete Newsroom 11
through Newsroom 15. As you complete each quiz, print the final page that gives your
score, and submit the printouts when the assignment is due.
                                                            JOU 308 Copy Editing
                                                             Editing Exercise 15 — AP Style 1

DIRECTIONS: Print out this sheet. Then, using copy-editing marks, correct any errors in
AP Style. Finally, write the stylebook entry names and page numbers in the blanks
following each sentence. Two points each error —40 points.

1.   Andrea Smith, who has a Ph.D. in English, is Department Chair of English, Foreign

     Languages and Journalism and always works to accommodate the needs of her



2.   In fact, when they read The Sound and the Fury, she arranged for study groups to

     help students understand the bazaar nature of the idiot’s thinking.


3.   Fraternity members who had just returned from the state capitol in Jefferson City

     organized a clean up of downtown streets and sidewalks.


4.   Local residents were awestruck by the project, which was covered by kqtv.


5.   That almost didn’t happen, though, because the anchor at the TV station was adverse

     to stories that showed fraternities in a good light.


6.   The county’s long-time practice of not documenting inter-fund transfers may cost

     between $6 and $7 million in lost revenue and penalties.

7.   Commissioners reported that they would report to the Internal Revenue Service

     (IRS) any loans dispersed during the last two years.


8.   The robber, who displayed a semi-automatic handgun, was described as six feet tall

     and weighing 170 pounds.


9.   The hold up occurred Wednesday afternoon, just after 3 p.m.


10. Despite narrow gains nation wide, local retailers are hoping for more than three

     percent increases in Christmas sales.

                                                         JOU 308 Copy Editing
                                                            Editing Exercise 16 — AP Style 2

DIRECTIONS: Print out this sheet. Then, using copy-editing marks, correct any errors in
AP Style. Finally, write the stylebook entry names and page numbers in the blanks
following each sentence. Two points each error —40 points.

11. Vice-President Richard (Dick) Cheney is the 46th man to serve in that office.


12. Whenever he travels, Cheney asks that his hotel room temperature be set to 68 and

    that the tv be tuned to Fox News.


13. Missouri Western is located at 4525 Downs Dr., on the East side of St. Joseph.


14. The University earlier was located downtown on North Tenth Street.


15. Western’s student-faculty ratio is 19:1, while class sizes average twenty-five.


16. The Departments of Biology and Chemistry will make primary use of the addition

    planned for Agenstein hall.


17. Western’s newly-named president, Dr. Robert A. Vartabedian, will take the position

    in July, 2008.

18. A 20 member screening committee reviewed applications of the presidential

    candidates before choosing three finalists that were interviewed on campus in

    December 2007.


19. Vartabedian earned his bachelors degree from California State University in Fresno,



20. Thirty cars were involved in a December pile-up on I-29, forcing closure of the

    highway between Dearborn and the Iowa state line.

                                                         JOU 308 Copy Editing
                                                           Editing Exercise 17 — AP Style 3

DIRECTIONS: Print out this sheet. Then, using copy-editing marks, correct any errors in
AP Style. Finally, write the stylebook entry names and page numbers in the blanks
following each sentence. Two points each error —40 points.

21. The doctor was enroute to the convention when his plane had a mid-air collision.


22. Over all, post-Christmas sales should help to compliment sluggish holiday revenues.


23. Local realtor Jim Jones is attempting to sell the 88 year old building that once housed

    the Green Acres Retirement Home.


24. County Commissioners platted the site into two parcels, one 10 acres and the other 3



25. The City of St. Joseph wants $14,000 from a local restaurant, according to a suit

    filed Wednesday in the Buchanan County circuit court.


26. Dinky Diner Attorney Matt Houston explained that the city’s complaint stems from a

    tiff between the restaurant’s owner and the city council.


27. Some members of the Missouri legislature were upset by the term limit law, passed

    in 1992.

28. That law was the result of an amendment to the state Constitution, and legislators can

    serve only eight years in the Missouri house.


29. St. Louis, Mo., was site of one of the 2000 presidential debates between Texas

    Governor George W. Bush and Vice President Al Gore.


30. The October 22 debate featured a 90 minute final showdown between the two


                                                        JOU 308 Copy Editing
                                                           Editing Exercise 18 — AP Style 4

DIRECTIONS: Print out this sheet. Then, using copy-editing marks, correct any errors in
AP Style. Finally, write the stylebook entry names and page numbers in the blanks
following each sentence. Two points each error —40 points.

31. The Dec. storm dumped up to eight inches of snow across northwest Missouri during

    a 12-hour period.


32. A movie coming to theatres in Spring 2008 is based on one of Dr. Seuss’s books,

    Horton Hears a Who.


33. The robbers, one of whom brandished a 38-caliber pistol, made their get away in a

    stolen car.


34. Most Website guidelines recommend that an email address be included on the

    homepage for visitors to contact someone in charge of the site.


35. Irregardless of their gender, many teen-agers often fail to use good judgment when

    they are driving, especially at night.


36. It is okay for students to make appointments with Professor Charles Smith when they

    have questions about assignments.

37. His grandmother worked with Rev. Allen DePriest, Jr., during the 60s.


38. He would not give two cents for any of the republican candidates in the upcoming

    presidential race.

                                                       JOU 308 Copy Editing
                                                                      Editing Exercise 19

DIRECTIONS: Click on the link below to go to the Website. Complete Newsroom 16
through Newsroom 20. As you complete each quiz, print the final page that gives your
score, and submit the printouts when the assignment is due.
                                                         JOU 308 Copy Editing
                                                           Editing Exercise 20 — AP Style 5

DIRECTIONS: Print out this sheet. Then, using copy-editing marks, correct any errors in
AP Style. Finally, write the stylebook entry names and page numbers in the blanks
following each sentence. Two points each error —40 points.

39. The shop is located at the intersection of Young and Marilla Streets in Dallas, TX.


40. Former Missouri Governor Christopher S. “Kit” Bond served as clerk to the Chief

    Judge of the Fifth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Atlanta, Ga.


41. Bond was elected to the US Senate in 1992 and has a son in the marines, First

    Lieutenant Sam Bond.


42. A six-year-old boy was injured Friday when the car in which he was riding collided

    with a bridge abutment.


43. Two others in the car sustained minor injuries in the accident, which occurred at 12

    midnight south of the city.


44. For appearance sake, even the worst students try to attend class at least once a week.


45. Margaret Dreyfuss read a book entitled “The Red Badge of Courage,” which she

    bought for two dollars in the used-book store.

46. The young man began running towards the double line of warriors, the traditional

    gauntlet that marks entry into adulthood.


47. Att. Gen. Jay Nixon is a democratic candidate for Missouri governor.

                                                            JOU 308 Copy Editing
                                                            Editing Exercise 21 — Apostrophes

DIRECTIONS: Print out this sheet. Then, using copy-editing marks, correct any errors
with apostrophes —20 points.

1.   The researchers discovery has allowed them to make advances in AIDS research.

2.   It is becoming possible to mix various animals genes.

3.   Will a lower fat diet affect peoples overall health?

4.   A ten-minutes delay between classes allows you to get from one class to another.

5.   I plan to improve last semesters GPA by at least a letter grade!

6.   The childrens room was filled with toys.

7.   Peter didnt want to live in the mens dorms for more than one year.

8.   Everyones essays were due on Friday.

9.   My sisters boyfriend is housesitting at somebodys mansion during September.

10. My parents farm is located in Breeze.

11. This years distinguished speaker series is excellent.

12. Its going to be hard to work more than 20 hours this semester given the amount of

     homework I have.

13. Astronomers theorize that the 55 Cancri planets formed from a disk of dust around

     their star, the same way planets formed in the Earths solar system.

14. When a planet pulls 55 Cancri away from the earth, the stars light appears to redden

     slightly. The stars light becomes slightly bluer when a planet pulls the star toward the


15. 3Ms founders originally planned to mine and sell corundum, a high-quality abrasive

     mineral used to manufacture grinding wheels.
16. 3M sales representatives began bypassing their clients purchasing agents and dealing

    directly with plant workers. The companys first major breakthroughs in product

    development grew out of this strategy.

17. During the 1960s and 1970s Castros government made significant strides in

    improving Cubas educational and health care facilities and offered the Cuban

    revolution as an example to other developing nations.

18. The museums collections include large numbers of impressionist, postimpressionist,

    cubist and abstract artworks. Since its beginning, the museums collection has

    broadened, and it now includes sculpture, paintings and artworks from the entire

    modern period.

19. Godards first feature-length film, “À bout de souffle,” established him as the leading

    figure of nouvelle vague.

20. One of the citys major museums is the Des Moines Art Center (1948), designed by

    the Finnish-born architect Eliel Saarinen.
                                                          JOU 308 Copy Editing
                                                                          Editing Exercise 22

DIRECTIONS: These are a mess! Correct all errors in style, grammar, and punctuation
in the sentences below —20 points.

1.   When a friend dies part of yourself dies too.

2.   Marian ran out of the classroom and down the corridor after Andrew dropping her

     books along the way.

3.   My collection of five hundred books on all sorts of scientific subjects which were

     recently valued at three hundred thousand dollars have been destroyed.

4.   We took photographs of the patron saint of nail biters the Venus de Milo.

5.   Yesterday, John said, This afternoon I’ll bring back your book Conflict in the Middle


6.   Jack is a sports announcer, an alcoholic, and as a son he is very confused.

7.   Picture this a Neanderthal man deep in the forest gorges on the yummies of his time

     fruits berries anything sweet and pluckable.

8.   Last week we read The Catbird Seat a short story by James Thurber.

9.   Our three children Larry Curly and Moe have decided to enter show business.

10. Examining the actions of the main character, it is clear that he is the source of many

     problems in his family.

11. When in doubt mumble when in trouble delegate.

12. Last semester the student raised at four each morning.

13. Can you believe, Dot asked me, that it has been almost five years since we’ve seen

     each other?
14. An Americans devotion to McDonald’s rests in part on uniformities associated with

    all McDonald’s restaurants setting architecture food ambience acts and utterances.

15. Their relationship raises questions about their ability to communicate and how much

    they understand each other.

16. The star player along with the coach have disappeared together with their luggage

17. Some players hit the ball and stand dejected waiting for it to land others turn away

    and leave it to the caddy.

18. Exhausted and very hungry the journey was finished.

19. Vera lay the money on the counter.

20. The conflict arises for three reasons: first, Brick’s drinking, secondly, because

    Maggie is childless, and also that Gooper and Brick hate each other.
                                                               JOU 308 Copy Editing
                                                                           Editing Exercise 23

DIRECTIONS: These are a mess! Correct all errors in style, grammar, and punctuation
in the sentences below —20 points.

21. The Fox’s sat their garbage cans on Kinney Ave.

22. Dynamite was lavishly used and many of San Franciscos proudest structures were

    crumbled by man himself into ruins but there was no withstanding the onrush of the


23. The U.S. army are searching for their equipment, and the police is assisting with its

    off-duty officers.

24. She said, Time is a magazine I read regularly.

25. After reaching the end of the play, Maggie is still confusing to me.

26. Lila who lives in a trailer with a parakeet and some scrappy dogs and cats has been

    the town fire warden for almost 30 years.

27. Every student must complete their work on time, or they will incur a penalty.

28. Not only was Smith after the money but also the girl.

29. The combination of Jerry Lee Lewis music and western sandwiches are an excellent

    way to start Saturday morning.

30. The Mayor together with the Council have agreed to meet at 7 P.M. this evening.

31. The woman is wearing golden stretch pants green eyelids and a hive shaped head of

    hair that looks exactly like a fifty-cent cotton candy.

32. Hurling which has been the national sport of Ireland since legendary times is to

    American eyes like a soccer game played at ice-hockey speed.

33. Yesterday, she laid in the shade, today, though, she wants to lay in the sun.
34. While on maneuvers in South Carolina Billy Pilgrim played hymns he knew from


35. Guiding the ball through the upper chutes down a runover lane off the slingshot

    bumpers and to the flippers I cradled it there bouncing it back and forth until I had a

    perfect shot through the lighted spinner.

36. The train its metal wheels squealing as they spin along the silver tracks rolls more

    slowly now.

37. Either the prime minister or his chief advisors has lied to us; his press release,

    together with the supplementary statement, make that very clear.

38. French Professor Madeline Amour told me that my accent is abominable.

39. We always sit the boxes on the floor.

40. She is one of those people who worries about her figure.
                                                          JOU 308 Copy Editing
                                                                         Editing Exercise 24

DIRECTIONS: Use Microsoft Word or Adobe In Design to keyboard a headline for each
of the three story excerpts below. Submit a printout of the headlines. Do not edit the text
—10/5 or zero points.

1-18 Arial Normal-3

        PARIS — One of France’s most iconic institutions — the smoky cafe — will be
but a hazy memory beginning Jan. 1
        The extension of France’s smoking ban to bars, discotheques, restaurants, hotels,
casinos and cafes marks a momentous cultural shift in a country where thinkers like Jean-
Paul Sartre and Simone de Beauvoir once held court while clutching cigarettes in Left
Bank cafes.
        For smokers, this is the most distressing part of a phased smoking ban that began
last February in workplaces, schools, airports, hospitals and other “closed and covered”
public places like train stations.
        But many bartenders and restaurant staffers are looking forward to breathing
easier and to clothes that don’t stink of seeped-in odors from the clouds of smoke where
they work.
        Just about anywhere indoors will be off-limits for smoking, except homes, hotel
rooms and sealed smoking chambers at establishments that decide to provide them.

2-30 Arial Bold-2

        NEW YORK — New York and Chicago are about to finish 2007 with the lowest
number of homicides in more than 40 years. However, cities such as Baltimore, Atlanta
and Miami have seen killings increase because of what police say is a surge in guns and
gang violence.
        New York City reported 484 slayings as of Dec. 25 — down 17 percent from the
same period last year. The city is on track to have the lowest number of killings since
reliable record-keeping started in 1963.
        Homicides in New York reached an all-time high of 2,245 in 1990, making the
city the nation’s murder capital. Since then, the numbers have plummeted, and experts
attribute the decline in part to computerized tracking of crime trends and the practice of
strategically flooding high-crime areas with police officers instead of spreading them
evenly through the precincts.
        Chicago is on track to have the lowest homicide toll since 1965, when police
reported 395 killings. The city had logged 435 slayings through Dec. 26. In the early part
of the decade, police often reported more than 600 a year.
        Chicago officials credit the improvement to their tough stance on gangs, guns and
4-36 Arial Normal-1

        NEW MILFORD — A 43-year-old woman was arrested Monday on 10 counts of
obtaining a prescription by fraud after attempting to fill a prescription for Percocet.
        According to police, Berelice Donaghey, of Fishkill, N.Y., was arrested
Wednesday by members of the New Milford police’s Investigate Services Bureau. Police
say the New Milford bureau had received information from the federal Drug Enforcement
Agency that Donaghey had been falsifying prescriptions for Percocet both in New York
and in New Milford.
        Police were further alerted Wednesday by the Rite Aid Pharmacy in New Milford
that Donaghey had attempted to fill a prescription for Percocet, police say. She was
subsequently arrested.
        Donaghey was charged with 10 counts of obtaining a prescription by fraud and
was held on $50,000 bond pending a court date today, according to police. Police say the
investigation is ongoing and additional charges may be pending.
                                                           JOU 308 Copy Editing
                                                                          Editing Exercise 25

DIRECTIONS: Use Microsoft Word or Adobe In Design to keyboard a headline for each
of the three story excerpts below. Submit a printout of the headlines. Do not edit the text
—10/5 or zero points.

3-24 Arial Normal-1

        BROOKFIELD — The former football captain at Western Connecticut State
University whose body was found outside a Route 7 church last month died of exposure,
according to police reports.
        An autopsy conducted by the state medical examiner determined that Nelson
Bowden, 33, died of hypothermia and that his death was accidental, according to
Brookfield police Detective Joseph Lamaparelli.
        Bowden, who was married and the father of three children, lived in Stamford. A
passing motorist discovered his body, lying near a clothing donation box on the property
of the Faith Church, which is on the Brookfield-New Milford line.

2-24 Arial Normal-2

       DANBURY — A man walking on Main Street was robbed at gunpoint $30 in
cash Wednesday evening.
       Police said the victim was approached by a man who waved a black pistol in his
face and demanded cash about 7:40 p.m.
       The robber then fled east on Main Street. Detectives and a state police canine
responded but were unable to locate the suspect.
       He was described as a 6-foot white male, with short blond hair and about 20 years
old. He was wearing a hooded sweatshirt.

1-18 Arial Bold-3

         FARMINGTON, Conn.—An autopsy Friday determined that a woman whose
body was pulled from the Farmington River last week drowned accidentally.
         Farmington police say Jane B. Haze’s body was found after an officer responding
to a call of a dog in distress spotted a scrap of fabric from her jacket caught on ice in the
river Thursday.
         Police said Friday they had no further information about the 67-year-old New
Britain resident’s death. They are investigating whether the dog was hers and whether she
tried to follow it onto the ice to rescue it.
         The incident occurred in the portion of the river that runs through Farmington’s
Tunxis Mead Park.

                                                          JOU 308 Copy Editing
                                                                          Editing Exercise 26

DIRECTIONS: Use Microsoft Word or Adobe In Design to keyboard a headline for each
of the three story excerpts below. Submit a printout of the headlines. Do not edit the text
—30 points.

4-36 Arial Bold-1

         NEW YORK — The massacre of 32 students at Virginia Tech by a mentally
disturbed student gunman was picked as the top story of 2007 by U.S. editors and news
directors in The Associated Press’ annual vote.
         The rampage, which prompted colleges nationwide to reassess their emergency
response systems, received 82 first-place votes out of 271 ballots cast for the top 10
         The mortgage crisis, which roiled the U.S. housing market, was the No. 2 story,
and the war in Iraq placed third. Iraq was the No. 1 story in 2006 and has finished in the
top three since 2002 — the year of the prewar buildup.

26b — BATTLE
3-24 Arial Normal-1

         NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Fisk University, a historically black school near
bankruptcy, is sitting on a remarkable collection of 19th- and 20th-century art donated by
painter Georgia O’Keeffe — a lottery ticket it cannot cash.
         Two years of legal battles have prevented the school from turning some of the
valuable art into cash.
         The latest battle — over Fisk’s proposed deal to share the 101-piece art collection
with an Arkansas museum for $30 million — is scheduled for trial in February.
         University officials acknowledge it could be years before any money changes
hands, if ever. In the meantime, Fisk is struggling. The 900-student school has mortgaged
all its buildings and tapped all of its endowment not restricted to specific programs. As
recently as October, a Fisk lawyer told a judge that the school would probably run out of
cash before the end of the year.

26c — VETO
1-24 Arial Normal-3

         CRAWFORD, Texas—President Bush headed Friday toward a constitutional
confrontation with Congress over his effort to reject a sweeping defense bill.
         Bush announced he would scuttle the bill with a “pocket veto” — essentially,
letting the bill die without his signature 10 days after he received it.
         But that can happen only when Congress is not in session; otherwise, the bill
becomes law without a formal veto in 10 days. And the Senate maintains it is in session
because it has held brief — sometimes only seconds long — meetings every two or three
days with only one senator present.
        The White House’s view is that Congress has adjourned.
        It was unclear how the executive and legislative branches would determine
whether, in fact, Bush’s lack of signature would amount to vetoing the bill or turning it
into law.
        “My withholding of approval from the bill precludes its becoming law,” Bush
said in a statement of disapproval sent to Congress.
                                                          JOU 308 Copy Editing
                                                                         Editing Exercise 27

DIRECTIONS: Use Microsoft Word or Adobe In Design to keyboard a headline for each
of the three story excerpts below. Submit a printout of the headlines. Do not edit the text
—10/5 or zero points.

3-24 Arial Normal-1

        RALEIGH, N.C.—The family of a man hit by a car and mistakenly declared dead
has sued over the mistake, claiming it caused injuries from which he might not recover.
        Larry Green was walking across a highway in 2005 when he was hit by a car. He
was put into a body bag and sent to the morgue, and the medical examiner did not notice
Green was still alive until roughly 2 1/2 hours after the accident.
        Green, who now lives in a nursing home, was hospitalized for two months with a
severe head injury, broken leg and other injuries. He began some limited speaking five
months after the accident.
        In the lawsuit filed this month, the family claims medical officials inadequately
checked his vital signs after the accident. It also alleges the medical examiner disregarded
signs that Green was alive.

27b — STORM
4-36 Arial Bold-1

         CHICAGO — A winter storm moved into the Great Lakes on Friday, covering
the area with several inches of snow and disrupting holiday travel.
         More than 450 flights were canceled at O'Hare International Airport by midday,
and delays averaged 90 minutes. Officials urged travelers to check the status of their
         Delays at Midway Airport were about an hour, though it did not report any

1-18 Arial Normal-3

        SEATTLE—A woman and her boyfriend were charged Friday with first-degree
murder in the methodical shootings of her parents, her brother, his wife and their two
young children.
        Michele K. Anderson and Joseph Thomas McEnroe, both 29, confessed to
detectives they had shot six members of Anderson's family on Christmas Eve, according
to court documents. Anderson said both of them shot her parents, brother and sister-in-
law, while McEnroe killed the children, according to a separate affidavit.
        King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg, who will decide whether to seek the
death penalty, said the motive for the slayings may never be known.
                                                          JOU 308 Copy Editing
                                                                         Editing Exercise 28

DIRECTIONS: Use Microsoft Word or Adobe In Design to keyboard a headline for each
of the three story excerpts below. Submit a printout of the headlines. Do not edit the text
—30 points.

28a — MILK

         BOSTON — State health officials cautioned consumers not to drink milk
produced by a Massachusetts dairy, saying it was the likely source of a bacterial illness
that killed two men and sickened two others.
         Whittier Farms has suspended operations and distribution, said Dr. Alfred
DeMaria, the state director of communicable disease control. Most of its customers live
in Worcester County.
         The Department of Public Health issued the warning Thursday after identifying
four cases of listeriosis. Two of the victims, a 78-year-old man and a 75-year-old man,
died in June and October.


        MONTPELIER, Vt. — President Bush may have a new reason to avoid left-
leaning Vermont: Activists in one town want him subject to arrest for war crimes.
        A group in Brattleboro is petitioning to put an item on a town meeting agenda that
would make Bush and Vice President Cheney subject to arrest and indictment if they visit
the southeastern Vermont community.
        "This petition is as radical as the Declaration of Independence, and it draws on
that tradition in claiming a universal jurisdiction when governments fail to do what
they're supposed to do," said Kurt Daims, 54, a retired machinist leading the drive.
        As president, Bush has visited every state except Vermont.


       NEW FLORENCE, Pa.—Nine ethanol tanker cars derailed in western
Pennsylvania on Friday, causing at least two cars to catch fire.
       No injuries had been reported, officials said.
       The cars were part of a 42-car train traveling from Conway to Newark, N.J., when
they derailed around 1:45 p.m. about 50 miles east of Pittsburgh, said Rudy Husband,
spokesman for Norfolk Southern, which owns the train.
       The cause of the derailment was under investigation, Husband said.
       Indiana County Emergency Management said on its Web site that firefighters and
a hazardous material response team had been dispatched to the scene.

                                                        JOU 308 Copy Editing
                                                                       Editing Exercise 29

DIRECTIONS: Do not print out this file (yet). Use Microsoft Word with “Track
Changes” to edit the errors in this story involving AP Style, grammar, or punctuation.
Then, use Microsoft Word or Adobe In Design to keyboard a headline for the story.
Submit a printout of both the edited story and the headline —10/5 or zero points.

2-24AB-2 headline

       This December has been the snowiest in more than three decades.

       More snow has fallen here this December than any December within at least 36

years, according to Andy Watson, Meteorologist with the National Weather Service in

Pleasant Hill, Mo.

       Thursday, the area’s monthly snowfall stood at 11.9 inches. Another four inches

were expected to fall by midmorning today.

       Weather service records dating back to 1971 show that prior to this year, 1983

held Sweet Springs December snowfall record. That December brought 11.8 inches,

Watson said.

       This month’s snowfall has shattered the local December average.

       “Normally, you would get 3 inches for the month, so you’re 8.9 inches above

normal,” George Arn, National Weather Service meteorologist, said.

       The latest round of snow was expected to begin before 12 p.m. Thursday and end

by noon today, Arn said..

       The severe weather conditions that came with snow earlier this month weren’t

expected this time.

       “You shouldn’t have drifting and blowing snow problems,” Arn said, “and there

shouldn’t be freezing rain or anything.”
       News of the snow record didn’t surprise the exercise crowd at the Sweet Springs

Senior Center.

       “I was just telling my kids that this is the most snow we’ve had in a very, very

long time,” Wendy Gale said.

       Some of her childhood memories have more snow than today, she said, although

everything seemed bigger when she was little.

       Gale, 53, remembers sledding near what was the Washington School at 5th and

Armour Streets.

       “The snow was up above the playground wall, and it hadn’t even been plowed

yet,” Gale said. The wall was a few feet tall.

       “We’d slide down the hill on cardboard,” she said, laughing.

       After blanketing Sweet Springs, today’s snowfall was expected to move


       Next week, temperatures might be unseasonably warm, possibly in the mid-40’s,

Arn said.

       “This should be the last of any wintry type activity for a while,” he said.

                                                        JOU 308 Copy Editing
                                                                       Editing Exercise 30

DIRECTIONS: Do not print out this file (yet). Use Microsoft Word with “Track
Changes” to edit the errors in this story involving AP Style, grammar, or punctuation.
Then, use Microsoft Word or Adobe In Design to keyboard a headline for the story.
Submit a printout of both the edited story and the headline —30 points + 20 points.

2-24AB-2 main headline
1-18AN-3 second deck

     The naysayers who thought Sweet Spring’s Mayor would be too unpredictable and

would stymie economic development should’ve been at Thursday’s meeting covering the

Springs Shopping Center re-development proposal.

     Rod McMillen indeed was his all-too-predictable unpredictable self, calling Deputy

Mayor Mike Jones “full of (expletive)” But that did nothing to slow the mall’s

momentum toward receiving $45 million in public assistance toward its reported $128

million redevelopment (actual construction costs are $83 million).

     A majority of the City Council seem to have their major questions answered heading

into a January 3 final vote on the mall plan. The general feeling among Council members

and many in the community is that the mall is too important and in too prominent a

location to risk letting it die.

     McMillen called a Council work session Thursday with the Tax Increment

Financing (TIF) Commission, which voted 9-2 in favor of the mall plan. McMillen said

he wanted to make sure the Council and the commission was “on the same page of a

complex issue,” to know when “enough is enough” regarding TIF, and to understand the

commission’s recommendation.
     When Jones got a chance to speak, he said he didn’t think it was right for the

volunteer commissioners to have to justify themselves. McMillen said that wasn’t his

intention. Jones said he respectfully disagreed. And McMillen replied that Jones was “full

of (expletive), pardon my French.”

     After the meeting, Jones said he didn’t hear McMillen say the words and said

McMillen is entitled to his opinion. Two Council members said they heard the statement

loud and clear and said they were disappointed that McMillen said it.

     The Council continues dealing with dysfunction, much of it either from or directed

at the mayor. Council members afterward said that while it may not be healthy, they’ve

become accustomed to it, and have to choose which battles are worth fighting.

     As for the meat of the meeting, most agreed that while they might not think of the

mall as “blighted,” it meets the legal definition of “blight.” TIF reimburses a

development with all of the new real estate taxes and half of the new sales taxes to

eliminate blight.

     Citizens who attended the meeting were less willing to accept the mall’s plan as-is.

Bernie Fredericks railed on the project as “corporate welfare,” and Bill Gentry suggested

the mall pay to bury the utility lines in the area.

     Ken Voight suggested that the public is leaving “money on the table” and suggested

the mall earmark funds for the Sweet Springs School District.

     Councilwoman Barbara Montee said afterward that she definitely thinks the mall

needs some help but thinks the $45 million subsidy is to high.

                                                            JOU 308 Copy Editing
                                                                            Editing Exercise 31

DIRECTIONS: Do not print out this file (yet). Use Microsoft Word with “Track
Changes” to edit the errors in this story involving AP Style, grammar, or punctuation.
Then, use Microsoft Word or Adobe In Design to keyboard a headline for the story.
Submit a printout of both the edited story and the headline —10/5 or zero points.

4-30AB-1 headline

     A St. Charles casino is looking to deal voters a ballot that could nix a competitive

disadvantage just before another casino opens up across the river.

     After several bad hands with the Missouri Legislature, Ameristar Casinos is

attempting to put a loss limits repeal before voters in November. The company’s proposal

is similar to a bill from Senator Charlie Shields (Republican), St. Joseph, which failed in


     Ameristar on Dec. 21 filed a letter of intent with the secretary of state to start a

statutory initiative petition. Ameristar has until May 4 to collect between 86,000 and

95,000 signatures after the state approves ballot language, a roughly month-long process.

     An Ameristar official contended the drastic measure came in response to the spring

approval of gambling expansion, which fueled plans for a casino near Earth City,

Missouri, just across the river from St. Charles.

     With $500 casino loss limits every two hours, Missouri casinos don’t have a fighting

chance, said Troy Stremming, chief governmental affairs officer.

     Shields’s bill would’ve repealed loss limits, but also would’ve capped gaming

operation licenses to 13 gambling boats in the state, the current number. It also would’ve

imposed a two percent education fee on casinos with gross receipts of more than $30

     An anti-gaming opponent stalled debate this spring on the issue over two days in the

Senate, but Sen. Matt Bartle, R-Lee’s Summit, backed off after an agreement to increase

taxes on gaming boats by 4.25 percent. Revenue from the taxes would’ve gone to fund

higher education scholarships. The changes never went into effect, though, as the

proposal didn’t make it out of the House of Representatives.

     “I believe it has limited ability for success in the Legislature,” Shields said in

response to the petition drive.

     Shields said he intends on taking his version of the bill back to legislators in 2008, a

move Ameristar supports. The casino just wants something in its back pocket — in case

the bill fails again.

     “If the legislature is not able to get something done, then we have another avenue,”

Stremming said.

     Ameristar’s proposal keeps the additional gross revenue tax at 1 percent, with

proceeds estimated at going to elementary and secondary education. Stremming, who

said the tax could generate an additional $80 to $100 million a year for schools, said

casino taxes already fund K-12 education and the company wanted to keep the ballot

language simple instead of pitching it for higher education.

                                                             JOU 308 Copy Editing
                                                                             Editing Exercise 32

DIRECTIONS: Do not print out this file (yet). Use Microsoft Word with “Track
Changes” to edit the errors in this story involving AP Style, grammar, or punctuation.
Then, use Microsoft Word or Adobe In Design to keyboard a headline for the story.
Submit a printout of both the edited story and the headline —10/5 or zero points.

4-36AB-1 main headline and 2-24AN-2 second deck

        WICHITA, KAN. — Local police said it was a typical holiday Grinch tail: A home

was burglarized on Christmas Eve and wrapped presents were stolen off a kitchen table.

        Little did they think the culprits were kids.

        Authorities said Friday that a nine-year-old girl and a five-year-old boy used a gift

card to pick the lock on the back door of a home a block away. They then took about

$200 in wrapped presents that were located on a kitchen table, including Hannah

Montana and Jonas Brothers CD’s.

        The couple, who lived in the home, returned from some Christmas Eve shopping to

find the house broken into, and the presents gone, Wichita Police Detective Jim Phillips


        One of the children’s relatives who also lived in the neighborhood spoke with the

couple, and realized the gifts matched some mysterious extra presents the children

appeared to receive on Christmas.

        The relative contacted the children’s mother who got the truth out of them on

Wednesday and then contacted police.

        “A 9- and 5-year-old would never be on our suspect list. For a burglary? Maybe for

taking a bike or something like that, but not for a burglary,” Phillips said.

        The childrens names were not released, and charges are not planned.
                                                           JOU 308 Copy Editing
                                                                          Editing Exercise 33

DIRECTIONS: Do not print out this file (yet). Use Microsoft Word with “Track
Changes” to edit the errors in this story involving AP Style, grammar, or punctuation.
Then, use Microsoft Word or Adobe In Design to keyboard a headline for the story.
Submit a printout of both the edited story and the headline —10/5 or zero points.

4-36AB-1 main headline and 2-24AN-2 second deck

     FAYETTEVILLE, ARK. — The parents of a University of Arkansas student who

died after a suspected hazing incident last spring sued the school Thursday, claiming it

didn’t adequately supervise the fraternity house where excessive drinking occurred.

     A wrongful death lawsuit was filed by lawyers for Gary and Julie Grill, whose son

Gary Grill Jr. died in May after a party at the on campus Phi Kappa Tau house in which

authorities say pledges were urged to consume large quantities of alcohol.

     The suit in State Superior Court seeks an unspecified amount of money from the

university, as well as Ohio based Phi Kappa Tau, and four members of the fraternitys

now-defunct University of Arkansas chapter.

     Grill, an 18-year-old freshman from Fresno, Cal., was pronounced dead on March

30 at a Fayetteville hospital, two days after the party. He had a BAC of .426, according to

autopsy results released by prosecutors.

     Debbie Panos, an administrator who helps run the university task force started after

Grill’s death to address alcohol issues declined to comment on the lawsuit. But she said

the university has done a great deal to improve safety, including implementing tougher

sanctions for alcohol violations and prohibiting alcohol at all social events in residence

halls or greek houses.
     Steve Hartwell, the national chief executive of Phi Kappa Tau, also wouldn’t discuss

the lawsuit, but said the fraternity has proper policies and procedures in place for its


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2-24AB-2 headline

     A Miami police officer has been arrested on charges of raping a 14-year-old girl

who studied martial arts at his home in Coral Gables, Fla. and at his martial arts school,

the authorities said on Friday.

     Trent Barnard, 39, was suspended without pay and stripped of his gun and badge

after he was arrested at 4 a.m. Thursday morning by Miami police officers who pulled

him over as he was driving to his city job, officials said.

     Barnard is assigned to the Upper East Side and has been a police officer for nine

years, said police Lieutenant Patrick M. French, a spokesman for the Miami Police

Department. The officer, who is married, was formerly a schoolteacher.

     The child, who is now 15, came forward with her parents on December 21, the

police said. The child said that she became a student at Barnard’s martial arts school in

the summer of 2004; and when she reached the green-belt level of her training in

December 2005, the officer had her sign an oath of obedience and take her clothes off. He

then sexually abused her.

     From 2006 through October 2007, Barnard had sex with the girl 20-40 times at

various locations, including at his home on Maple Dr. and at the dojo, or martial arts

school, he operates in Wynwood/Edgewater, French said. Calls to the school on Friday

were not returned.
        An investigation led the police to a 2nd child, who also said the officer had her sign

an oath of obedience and asked her to disrobe when she reached the green-belt level in

spring 2007, when she was 14, French said.

        But she did not comply, the lieutenant said. Barnard has not been charged in that


        Police have alerted the authorities and are trying to determine whether other victims

exist, said French. Investigators carried out search warrants at the officer’s locker at the

station house, and at his home to look for cameras or computers.

        French said Barnard “twisted the martial arts code” of obedience between a teacher

and a student and violated his position of trust.

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1-18AN-3 headline

     Jean Miles was literally frozen stiff, “like a piece of meat out of a freezer,” when a

friend found her in the snow after a night of 22-below-zero temperatures. But the 19-

year-old has made an unusual recovery.

     “At worst, I might lose a couple of toes,” she said.

     “I can’t explain why she’s alive,” Dr. George Saher, who helped treat the young

woman, said. “She was frozen stiff, literally. It’s a miracle.”

     Miles was frozen after a midnight automobile accident in rural Northwestern Iowa.

When she arrived at a Sioux City, IA., hospital, her skin was too hard to pierce with a

hypodermic needle. Her temperature was too low to register on a thermometer. Her face

was ashen and her eyes were solid and did not respond to light.

     “The reaction didn’t appear until two or three hours after she started thawing out,”

Saher said. “The body was cold, completely solid, just like a piece of meat out of a


     Her ordeal began late Dec. 20 as she was returning to her parents home near Le

Mars, Iowa. The family car skidded off the road on the edge of the Sioux Indian

Reservation and stalled in the windy, frigid weather.

     Clad in western boots, a coat and mittens, she began walking to Ken Nelson’s home

two miles away and collapsed only fifteen feet from his door.
     Nelson found her as walked out the door at 7 a.m. the next morning. Her body was

so stiff that Nelson loaded her diagonally in the back seat of his car and headed for the


     Doctors were unable to give her intravenous feedings because “she was frozen too

solid to penetrate the skin,” said Saher’s brother, Dr. Edgar Saher.

     Her pulse, hardly registering through her frozen skin, was about 12 beats a minute

and her temperature was too low for a thermometer, with a low reading of 88, 10

degrees below normal. But in several hours, wrapped in an electric heating pad, she

began to revive.

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     Following her last final of the semester, Alicia Rodriguez couldn’t believe it: She

had only 24 hours to move out of her residence hall within Colorado Stadium.

     “We were just rushed to get out of there, said Rodriguez, a pre-education


     All students have only a calendar day after their last finals to move out of dorms for

winter break, said Patrick Calloway, Interim Director of Residence Life, as every

residence hall will close Dec. 15.

     While students can plan for the time crunch ahead, some, like biology freshman

Kirk Maness, wish they didn’t have to remain isolated from their residence hall homes.

     Maness lives at Sky View Apartments, 1050 East Eighth St. Without access to his

things, he will stay in Phoenix over winter break to work.

     Others needing to remain in town, will opt to move back home or stay with students

who live off campus.

     Jane Dillinger, a media arts sophomore, is subletting her apartment to a friend who

needs to work in Tucson over winter break. She chose to live in an apartment this year

because it was more flexible.
     The only on-campus housing that stays open is Campus Center, the 12 month

graduate housing facility, giving some students the opportunity to stay rooted in one

place year round.

     But, Callway said, “If they don’t have an academic reason to be here, they tend to

get into trouble.”

     During winter break, the university closes for a period, as utilities like heating are

shut down to save money, he said.

     More than 15 years ago, he said the university used to keep one dorm open.

Occupants would be told to remove their valuables, and then a temporary resident would

swoop in. Calloway believes that system wasn’t fair to the paying occupants, and doesn’t

think a similar arrangement would work again.

     “Since we have so many different buildings, it would be hard to decide which ones

to choose and to get services just to that one building,” he said.

     Calloway said he’s heard little student clamoring for winter housing.

     “My entire time here, in 13 to 14 years, there hasn’t been a major push,” he said,

“maybe one person a year will pose a question.”

     “We are clear with people upfront that these are the dates and time we’re open,” he

said. “We don’t have people who come and ask for that housing.”

     Residence Life currently serves over 6,000 students living on campus and has no

plan to keep residence halls open year-round.

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3-24AN-1 headline

        ATLANTA — Rain fell in the city for a 4th consecutive day Tuesday, assuring that

2006 would not go down as the driest year on record for the drought stricken Atlanta


        The most arid year ever recorded for Atlanta was 1954, when only 31.30 inches of

rain fell.

        Meteorologists had feared this year would have even less rain, predicting that

showers on Sunday morning would taper off. But the rain continued long enough to raise

the 2006 cumulative rainfall to 31.85 inches.

        Dry weather was forecast for Wednesday.

        More than one third of the Southeast is in a severe drought. The Atlanta area, with a

population of 5.2 million, is in the middle of the effected region, which includes most of

Tennessee, Alabama, North and South Carolina, as well as parts of Kentucky and


        Hopes that Atlanta would escape a record-book entry this year rose as a parade of

rainstorms began last week. Atlanta got rain on 10 out of the last 12 days.

        On Monday morning, the 2006 cumulative rainfall total hit 30.5 inches, and an

overnight soaking was on the way, fed by moisture from the Gulf of Mexico.
     On Tuesday morning, the Weather Service said it didn’t look like enough would fall

during the day to match the 1954 level, seeming to guarantee a new record. But by 6:45

p.m. Tuesday, more than 1.25 inches had accumulated for the day.

     Rainfall is measured at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, just south

of the city.

     Rain has also been unusually sparse in other Georgia cities this year, including

Athens, Columbia and Macon. However, each of those cities has seen worse years than

2006, said Stephen Clark, a meteorologist for the National Weather Service.

     The latest rain had only a small effect on the metropolitan area’s main source of

drinking water, Lake Lanier, where the receding water is exposing roads and the

foundations of buildings submerged since the reservoir was created in the 1950’s.

     On Friday, the water level in the reservoir stood at an all-time low. By 6 a.m.

Tuesday, it had raised less than a foot.

     “What’s falling now won’t show up until tomorrow or the next day,” said Rob

Holloway, a spokesperson for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, which operates the


     “Anything that stops the level from falling is a good thing,” he added, “but we’d like

to get a whole lot more.”

     The lack of rainfall across the region has set off intense fighting between Georgia,

Florida and Alabama over the federal government’s management of water in the region.

     Alabama Governor Bob Riley recently asked the federal government to release less

water from its reservoirs, such as Lanier, but Georgia and Florida are concerned about

how that would affect their supplies.
     Last month, Georgia Gov. Sonny Perdue held a public prayer vigil for rain on the

steps of the capitol.

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     BALD KNOB, ARK. — Rumors spread by text-messaging erupted through a school

after a student’s suicide, rumors that other students planned to kill themselves, that kids

planned to bring weapons to school, that there was going to be “shooting gallery.”

Panicked parents rushed to take their children home.

     But police and officials at Bald Knob High School say the panic turned out to be

only a way for students to avoid taking semester-ending exams.

     “Somebody took advantage of a tragedy that happened in Bald Knob, a tragedy of a

young man taking his life,” superintendent Kyle Blevins said. “Somebody exploited that,

and I guess that made me madder than anything else. Somebody was so insensitive to use

that for his or her own gain.”

     A current ban on cell phones at the school will be enforced when the winter break is


     Bomb threats and disruptions have happened before at the 300-student school in

Bald Knob, in northeastern Arkansas. But police say the proliferation of cellular phones

gave electronic-age wings to small-town gossip.

     “There are rumor mills in this town like you just cannot believe because everyone

knows everybody. 90 percent of people are kinfolks with somebody else,” Police Capt.

Jim Manson said. “You get a ripple that spreads like a wave.”
     Crime is slow in the town of 3346 people. Police on average respond to one

reportable call a day. An evidence-tagged 18-pack of beer still sits on a department desk,

labeled as confiscated back in September.

     The rumors started Dec. 16 when officers responding to a call found a 16-year-old

student hanged at his home.

     Later that day, the sheriff’s office received a call from a school official saying some

parents were concerned about rumors spreading of threats of a shooting at the school.

     On Dec. 18, police and a sheriff’s deputy were at the school as students entered, and

school district officials used a handheld metal detector to scan everyone entering the

building. They also looked through bags for weapons.

     “The only thing we found were cell phones,” Blevins said.

     After the searches, text-messaged rumors began circulating in earnest.

     “They just said there was going to be a shooting gallery,” Manson said. “They was

supposed to have been a pact and all this kind of stuff — that there were going to be eight

or 10 hang themselves over the holidays.”

     Panicked parents headed to the campus, and by 10 a.m., only 25 students remained

at the 300-pupil elementary school.

     Police in nearby Searcy called, asking if Bald Knob police needed help, saying they

had a report of a shooting at the school. Ambulances were diverted to the area.

     Blevins said the panic was initially spread by students, who claimed they had

received threatening text messages.

     “Of course, this never happened. It’s just more damn rumors,” Manson said. “Every

kid down there has a cell phone, and they just jibber-jabber, jibber-jabber.”
     On January 7, the first school day of the new year, Blevins said, school staff will

institute a zero-tolerance policy on cellular phones. He also plans an investigation into

who caused the panic and promises to push for expulsions.

     “Its like hollering fire in a crowded theater,” Blevins said. “We can’t have people

doing that.”

     However, Manson doesn’t believe any criminal charges are likely.

     “It’s all just a rumor,” he said.

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2-24AN-2 headline

     Sales of previously-owned homes nudged up in October, but that did little to

improve the weak housing market caused by record-high foreclosures and harder-to-get


     The 0.4 percent increase of existing single-family homes, condominiums and

townhouses equaled a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 5.1 million units. Even with the

increase, the sales pace was still the second-lowest on record going back to 1999. The

lowest pace, 4.98 million, was registered in September.

     “There’s little reason to pop open any champagne corks,” said Michael Lanham, a

real-estate analyst at Weiss Research, Inc.

     To be sure, sales are down 20 percent from October 2006, underscoring problems

plaguing the housing sector.

     Economists were calling for sales to either move up slightly or hold steady for


     Home prices continued to founder.

     The median price of a home sold last month was $210,200. That marked a 3.3

percent drop from a year ago and the fifth biggest annual decline on record. The median

price is where half sell for more and half sell for less.
     On Wall Street, the bump up in nation wide home sales failed to ease investors’

fears about the economy’s outlook. The Dow Jones industrials tumbled 101.05 points to

close at 13,264.82. For the year, the Dow managed to post a respectable gain of 6.43


     By region of the country, sales were mixed.

     Existing home sales jumped 10.3 percent in November from October in the West.

They were flat in the Midwest. However, they fell by 2 percent in the South and by 3.3

percent in the northeast.

     “There is no doubt that housing is weak and will be weak in 2008,” said economist

Ken Maryland, President of ClearView Economics.

     The inventory of unsold homes in November was 4.25 million homes. At the current

sales pace it would take 10.3 months to exhaust that overhang.

     “Inventory is still high and further reduction in prices may be required in some areas

to induce buyers back into the market,” said the association’s chief economist, John Yun.

     A dip in thirty-year mortgage rates in October probably helped give nationwide

existing-home sales the small boost last month, the association suggested. Yun thought

the small increase could be taken as a sign that the market might be stabilizing. That said,

previous signs of stabilization earlier in the year have been dashed.

     A credit crunch which took a turn for the worse in the summer has aggravated

housing problems. It has made it more difficult for people to secure financing to buy a


     The housing market has been suffering through a severe slump following five years

of record-breaking activity from 2001 through 2005. Both sales and home prices turned
weak. The boom-to-bust situation has heightened dangers to the economy as a whole and

has been especially hard on some homeowners.

     Foreclosures have set record marks. A drop in home prices left some people stuck

with balances on their home mortgages that eclipsed its worth. Other home buyers were

clobbered as low introductory rates on their mortgages jumped to much higher rates,

which they couldn’t afford.

     “A significant number of mortgages reset in early 2008 will likely increase

delinquencies and foreclosures, driving prices lower and pushing buyers away,” predicted

Benjamin Ruiz, economic analyst at BMO Capital Markets Economics. “This could get

even worse before it gets better.”

     The housing and mortgage meltdowns have increased the likelihood that the country

will slip into a recession. Also, the situation has given democrats and republicans —

including those who want to be the next president — plenty of opportunities to spread

blame around.
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3-30AN-1 main headline and 1-18AB-3 second deck

     Thousands of stranded travelers considered the prospect of celebrating Christmas at

motels and shelters after drifting snow and the risk of avalanches closed the main

highway through the Colorado Rockies.

     A 60-mile stretch of I-70 was shut down west of Denver, and officials said it would

be at least mid-afternoon Tuesday before it opened. They were waiting for 70 m.p.h.

gusts to die down so they could use low-yield explosives to break the snow lose and avert


     In the meantime, Santa had to wait.

     Ken Simons of Grand Junction and his wife were trying to get to Denver for the

holiday when the closing of the highway forced them and more than 2,500 others to

spend Monday night in shelters.

     With no definite word on when they could hit the road again, some faced the

prospect of spending Christmas on a cot in a school gymnasium.

     Liquor stores did a brisk business.

     “We’ve definitely seen a rush,” said John Wilhelm of Antler’s Discount Liquor in

Frisco. “People are coming in complaining that they are stuck” or caught in slow-moving

     Leaha Whitman was trying to get back to Fort Lauderdale, Fl., with her boyfriend

and his mother after a skiing trip but had to spend the night in Frisco, missing their

midnight flight from Denver International Airport.

     “Were not even thinking of Christmas right now,” Whitman said, “we are just trying

to get home to family.”

     High winds piled deep snow into more than two dozen narrow ravines in the

mountainsides — known as avalanche shoots — raising the danger of deadly avalanches

cascading onto I-70. Blowing snow reduced visibility to nearly zero.

     At the Eisenhower Tunnel, where the interstate passes under the continental divide

at 11,000 feet above sea level, wind gusts reached 70 mph, keeping crews from clearing

the avalanche chutes.

     “That is basically the problem we are having right now,” Colorado Dept. of

Transportation spokesman Betty Nelson said. “It’s not snowing; it’s blowing snow.”

     While many people took advantage of seven Red Cross shelters in schools and

recreation centers, others relied on the kindness of strangers.

     Jerry Brian of Colorado Springs said people he had never met before let him stay in

their Silverthorne home because motels were full.

     “We called the local Quality Inn, and they basically laughed at us,” Brian said.

     I-70 is the main route between Denver and many of the state’s major ski resorts. The

closing of the road could hurt ski business during the lucrative holiday season.

     Blowing snow and low visibility also kept three other mountain passes closed

Sunday: U.S. 40 over Berthoud Pass, U.S. Six over Loveland Pass and U.S. 550 over Red

Mountain Pass.
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