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									           SPRING 2010 | VOLUME #58                                               The Official Publication of Origlio Beverage

Cinco Celebration
                  You gotta love a “no strings” holiday. They are the ones
                    that require neither gifts nor mandatory attendance at a
                      family dinner. Cinco de Mayo is a perfect example. It’s a
                       celebration pure and simple, a much needed reminder
                     that summer is near. “Cinco” is an excuse to drink some
                   beer and have fun. But to the savvy merchant, it’s an
                    opportunity to sell profitable beer. Because consumers
                      form emotional attachments to brands associated with
                       festivities, pour on the promotions and reap better beer
                        sales in the long run. By celebrating Cinco, you have a
                        reason to direct your customer’s attention to the
                        entire category of Mexican beers, which features an
                      array of styles and price points. From light, quaffable
               lagers like Corona to the tawnier Vienna-style brews like
Dos Equis and Negra Modelo, these beers deliver a big
dose of Mexican authenticity and excitement to all your
Cinco de Mayo promotions.

Corona’s unmistakable imagery and
refreshing taste make a it perennial

                                                                                         Modelo Especial and Negra Modelo sales
                                                                                         are up 12.2% and 18.2% respectively
                                                                                         according to Beer Marketers Insights.

                                                                                        In This Issue
                                                       Mexican beer represents
                                                                                        Letter to the Trade..........................2
                                                       53% of the import
                                                       category.                        Falone’s...........................................3
                                                                                        Beer etc ..........................................4
                                                                                        New Products.................................5
                                                                                        Seasonal Selections.......................8
                                                                                        Portfolio Perfected .......................16
                                                                                        A Taste of Mexico.........................18
                                                                                        Programs ......................................18
                                                                                        The Retail Edge ............................22
                                                                                        A Marketing Makeover
                                                                                        The Beer Guy................................23
                                                                                        Two Brewers, Brewing as One
                      Hiring Good People
                      Hiring good people is trickier than it    Questions asked during an interview
                      sounds. In our current economy there      should be well thought out in
                      are a lot of available applicants, but    advance. You want the applicant to do
                      how do you know which ones are            most of the talking and your
                      right for your business? How do you       questions should be designed to elicit
                      find a new team player, whose work        responses that reveal something about
                      ethic and demeanor will complement        the person’s work ethic and ability to
                      your existing staff? A “gut-check”        get along with other people. Here are
                      is useful, but Human Resources            a few examples:
                      professionals have identified certain
                                                                n What skills should an employee
                      key indicators, or potential warning
                                                                  possess to get along with co-
       “Questions     signs you should consider before
                      saying, “You’re hired.”
     asked during                                               n What would your previous
                      Some of these indicators are very
                                                                  employer say about you?
      an interview    simple to spot. If a job application is
                      submitted with blanks or scratch-outs,    n Tell me how you would go about
    should be well    the applicant may be trying to hide         resolving a conflict with a co-
                      something. It could be something            worker?
    thought out in    negative about performance or             Listen carefully to the responses. If
         advance. ”   information about a rocky                 the applicant is quick to blame other
                      relationship with other employers.        people for work related problems, this
                      Your application should make it clear     person might not turn out to be a
                      that you will be checking references.     model employee.
                      It should also state that the terms of
                      employment are “at will” which            There are a lot of Human Resource
                      means that an employee can be             consultants and software packages that
                      terminated for good cause, or bad         offer sound advice on effective hiring
                      cause, or no cause at all. Conversely,    practices. The tools are out there so
                      the employee is equally free to quit at   with a bit of research, you can avoid
                      any time and for any reason.              hiring the “employee from hell”.

                                                                Dominic Origlio,

2                     Origlio Beverage •                             HeadyTimes v.58
On-Premise Spotlight: Falone’s
There is definitely something to be said about family…
especially families in business together.

Fred Falone opened Falone’s take-out       imported bottled beers,
store in South West Philadelphia in        prominently displayed in an
1952. Born and raised in Italy, Fred       11 door, well-lit cooler. A
has worked in the industry since he        large array of 12 pks, 6pks
was a young man, helping his father        and single bottles are
run a similar business in the old          available for take-out or to
country. In turn, Joe Falone, Fred’s       drink in, while enjoying a
son has been by his father’s side,         meal in their quaint dining
helping run the family business since      area. “I’ll bring in whatever Joe Falone, Owner of Falone’s (middle) with his parents Fred
                                                                           and Kathy
he was a teen as well. After Fred’s        beer my customers ask for.”
retirement a few years ago, Joe took       Yuengling is a favorite among his          account for much of our country’s
over the family business and moved         patrons, “and I don’t mind bringing        wealth. The values and wisdom
it to its current location in Glenolden,   that in because it’s my favorite too!”     passed down through generations,
closer to his own home in Springfield      exclaims Joe.                              including a good work ethic, the
and just miles from family.                                                           knowledge of what it takes to run a
                                           Joe is 100% dedicated to his               successful business and the value of
“Everything I know I learned from
                                           business, just as his father was and       loyalty to co-workers, customers and
my father. When I need insight, I go
                                           his father before him. “I have             community are all staples of a strong
to him. His 50 years of experience
                                           dabbled in a few other jobs, but this      business foundation that will allow
pays off,” laughs Joe.
                                           is where my passion lies. It’s what        Falone’s to prosper for years to come.
Although retired, both Fred and his        I’ve done all my life.” The store is       What research may never show us,
wife Kathy still help out in the store     open 7 days a week from 7AM (they          Falone’s does… the wealth that
frequently. “My parents and I built        serve breakfast) to 2AM and Joe is at      family businesses accumulate may
great relationships in South West          the store every day. “I want to make       not be solely monetary. The feeling of
Philly, being there for so long our        sure things are running smoothly. I        security and the importance of
customers felt like an extended            don’t get much sleep, but when I do,       honoring a family name is worth
family. I learned the importance of        I can sleep soundly knowing all is         more than any dollar amount ever
great customer service and making          well with the store.” Now that’s           could be.
connections with people, just being        dedication. And his dedication pays
friendly and delivering prompt,            off. One of Falone’s customers
accurate service seems simple but it’s     recently reviewed the take-out store
really important. It’s what keeps          on, “If you live in the
people coming back. And, a thank           Glenolden area along Chester Pike, I
you goes a long way. Without good          would definitely suggest Falone’s,
customer service we would fail for         especially for late night. Not only are
sure,” Joe admits.                         they a decent pizza joint, they also
                                           sell beer (sounds like one-stop late
“It’s funny, we still have customers
                                           night shopping to me). Most places
who travel from the city to come see
                                           around town close rather early, so
us! Well, that and to get a great
                                           Falone’s capitalizes on the late night
cheese steak,” Joe laughs. “There is a
                                           business of beer and food. The last
ton of competition in this area. Our
                                           time I was in this place it was around
beer selection and cheese steaks are
                                           midnight and they were still going
what really set us apart.” Sliced fresh
                                           strong. The restaurant is very clean
daily, people say Falone’s has the best
                                           and well run. All the staff was
‘steaks’ around. After so many years
                                           very pleasant.”
in the business, Joe knows variety is
what people want. The tremendous           Research shows that family
beer selection at Falone’s consists of     businesses account for 2/3 of all the
over 100 different domestic and            businesses in the world and they also          Falone’s, Chester Pike, Glenolden

HeadyTimes v.58                            Origlio Beverage •                                                      3
Off-Premise Spotlight:
Beer etc
The hardworking and adaptable
attitude of Ed Diamond and his family
has served them well. The Diamond
family has been in the beer business
since 1898 when they first owned
Diamond Beverage in Kensington,
Philadelphia. From generation to
generation the Diamond motto, “Be a
fountain, not a drain”, has laid the
                                             Ed Diamond, Owner of Beer etc
groundwork for their growth. To grow
your business it is necessary to work
                                             money on advertising and absorbs the             of a business. Despite common
hard at being proactive, not reactive;
                                             cost of the beer samples because he              misconceptions, the beer industry is not
recognize opportunities and adapt and
                                             believes in educating his customers. In          recession proof. Ed believes that it is
overcome with change. Beer etc is the
                                             this industry, you must be proactive,            only recession proof if you make it
product of these philosophies.
                                             rather than reactive. “Be a fountain,            that way.
Ed Diamond, the fifth generation             not a drain”.
                                                                                              Not only is Ed making his business
legacy, purchased the Diamond family’s
                                             The craft beer movement grows more               recession proof, he is making it a craft
newest location just over a year ago in
                                             and more every day because of owners             beer destination. His customers come
the Synder Square Shopping Center in
                                             like Ed Diamond. He has embraced                 from near and far.
Hatfield, Pa. Beer etc is reaping the
                                             the craft beer movement so much so
benefits of heavy traffic from the Giant                                                      Whether you are a regular or long
                                             that he and his staff have completed a
Superstore next door. The flow of                                                             distance traveler, your experience with
                                             Beer Judge Certification course
grocery store shoppers keeps his                                                              Beer etc will be second to none and
                                             enabling them to fully understand
business steady, but it’s his constant                                                        one you will travel back for.
                                             the many styles of
efforts that make it thrive. Efforts
                                             beer and their
including store layout, updated website
                                             complexities. When
and what he calls “manufactured
                                             his customers have
sales”. The store is very well organized
                                             questions or need
with manageable displays and clearly
                                             direction, he is able
posted pricing, either on shelf strips or
                                             to offer more
snap frames hung above the display. If
you are looking for cold beer, they
have 10 cooler doors filled with
                                             benefitting both his
domestic, craft and specialty import
                                             customer and his
products. The store itself is very bright,
                                             bottom line. Fine
clean and heated, which contributes to
                                             tuning Beer etc is a
a comfortable shopping experience. As
                                             work in progress,
for the website, they are making
                                             but what growing
continuous efforts to stay current. They
                                             business isn’t?
do this by maintaining an accurate list
of their draft beer inventory and often      Unfortunately hard
beer based recipes — all online. Beer        work isn’t always
etc is one of the few retail outlets with    enough to grow a
a draught system allowing them to offer      business. Being able
customers draught beer samples. Both         to adapt and
the website and store layout contribute      overcome adversity,
to what Ed calls his “manufactured           especially in trying
sales”. These are sales resulting from       times like these,
business decisions and efforts he            is imperative
consciously makes. Ed also spends            for the longevity
                                                                      Beer etc, Cowpath Road, Hatfield

4                                            Origlio Beverage •                                      HeadyTimes v.58
                                       Coors Light Innovations

Coors Light Home Draft                                           Coors Light “Window Pack”
Coors Light is bringing a revolutionary Home Draft               Our guy is active and he lives for his favorite summer
system to life in 2010!                                          activities. Whether he’s enjoying time throwing a frisbee
                                                                 in the park or barbequing at home with friends, the last
With 1/3 of all beer consumers preferring draft beer to
                                                                                        thing he wants to worry about is
bottled or canned, this new innovation allows the beer
                                                                                          warm beer. Now consumers can
drinker to enjoy real draft beer at home! The package
                                                                                           see if their beer is cold when
stays fresh and ready to use for 30 days and always
                                                                                            making their purchase. The
delivers a consistently smooth pour. The new Home
                                                                                             NEW Coors Light Window
Draft system is also compact and fits well in the
                                                                                              Pack will help ensure the
refrigerator, yet provides more ounces than current
                                                                                                beer is cold and ready
“mini-kegs”. In addition, the package incorporates the
                                                                                                 to drink!
Cold Activated technology so consumers will know when
their Home Draft is ready to drink.                                                            This innovative
                                                                                                secondary package
By creating a new product
                                                                                                 creates awareness and
category, the launch of the
                                                                                                  shopper intrigue. Now
Home Draft system will
                                                                                                   consumers can see if
communicate awareness of
                                                                                                    the Cold Activated
the innovation at retail to
                                                                                                  mountains on the
spark shoppers’ interest,
                                                                                         primary packaging are blue,
while brand-specific POS
                                                                                further reinforcing the benefits of
at the cooler will highlight
                                                                         Rocky Mountain Cold Refreshment.
the unique product

                                                     Smirnoff Premium Mixed Drinks
                                                     Just in time for the warmer weather, Smirnoff (a master of easy
                                                     mixed drinks) introduces a line of Progressive Adult Beverages as
                                                     convenient as beer but with the great taste of everyone’s favorite
                                                     mixed drinks. The new line of “mixed drinks” delivers a premium
                                                     taste experience with the perfect balance of flavor, sweetness,
                                                     alcohol and just a hint of carbonation. Using natural flavors and
                                                     triple filtered malt, these classic malt drinks are perfect for any
                                                     occasion. Available in Lemonade, Cranberry & Lime and
                                                     Blueberry & Lemonade. Offer your customers an alternative
                                                     to beer; a perfect opportunity for incremental sales! The
                                                     introduction of Smirnoff Premium Mixed Drinks will be backed
                                                     by a multi-million dollar advertising campaign all summer long.
                                                     Try the great taste worthy of a glass! Available now!

HeadyTimes v.58                           Origlio Beverage •                                                 5
Red Stripe Introduces Red Stripe Light
Available in April, Red Stripe Light is a fun new beer
with serious profits, mon! Red Stripe Lager is loved by
consumers everywhere and its sales are on the up and
up! Red Stripe drinkers are those who think for
themselves, love the stubby bottle and are willing to shell
out a few extra bucks to enjoy the delicious Jamaican
lager taste. For those who love light beer for easy
drinking occasions, Red Stripe Light is a perfect low-
calorie refreshment. The Red Stripe Light launch is
                           being supported with TV
                            advertising all summer long
                             and online presence all over       Sly Fox Adds Rt. 113 IPA to
                              the web! Hooray for light         Canned Beer Portfolio
                                                                The release of Sly Fox Rt. 113 IPA in cans this spring—the
                                                                fifth beer in the brewery’s canned beer line—is a prime
                                                                example of the old adage that the customer is always right.
                                                                The beer was first brewed back in 2002 when a customer
                                                                asked brewmaster Brian O’Reilly to make him “a beer as
                                                                big as that road out there,” gesturing toward Rt. 113
                                                                which ran in front of the Phoenixville Shopping Center,
                                                                which was home of the Sly Fox Brewhouse & Eatery. Sly
                                                                Fox became the first Mid-Atlantic brewery to use cans as
                                                                its primary package. Rt. 113 IPA was the most requested
                                                                style to be added to the line. If a single voice was enough
                                                                to inspire the beer’s creation, such an ever-growing chorus
Introducing…Harpoon Belgian Pale Ale!                           was hardly going to be ignored.
Harpoon Belgian Pale Ale is the first year-round brew to
                                                                This bold and spicy IPA, brewed with imported Pale and
      be added to the Harpoon family of beers since
                                                                Crystal malts and hopped with Centennial, Cascade,
       Harpoon Brown Ale was released in 2007. They
                                                                Columbus, German Northern Brewer, and UK East Kent
        first brewed a Belgian Pale Ale for a Belgian
                                                                Goldings, joins the GABF gold medal-winning Pikeland
            beer festival in Boston several years ago and
                                                                Pils and best-selling Phoenix Pale Ale as year-round
                        have been working on variations
                                                                canned releases in 24/12oz loose and 4-sixpack cases.
                        ever since.
                                                                Those three beers will also be packaged together in a new
                         Harpoon Belgian Pale Ale is a          Cantacular Trio 12-pack, a
                         fusion of Belgian and American         combination which is sure
                          brewing styles. The traditional       to be a hit with the
                          Belgian yeast used for                growing number of Sly
                           fermentation produces fruity,        Fox fans. Dunkel Lager
                            slightly spicy aromatics. A         and Royal Weisse will
                            blend of Pale, Caramel and          continue to be canned,
                          Munich malts creates a golden         seasonal releases.
                         amber hue with malty, sweet
                                                                Your customers wanted
                        notes up front. A generous
                                                                Rt. 113 IPA in a
                      addition of Amarillo hops delivers
                                                                convenient, easy to
                     a floral, citrusy hop character
                                                                transport package.
                    throughout and Apollo hops lend a
                                                                And the
                      hint of bitterness to the finish.
                                                                customer is
                             Harpoon Belgian Pale Ale
                                                                always right.
                          will be available in April in 6-
                      packs and on draft.

6                                           Origlio Beverage •                            HeadyTimes v.58
      Rodenbach Now Available in                                Sierra Nevada 30th Anniversary Series
       Small Bottles                                            Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. will mark 2010 with a
         The world renowned “original” Flemish sour             yearlong celebration of the trailblazing brewers
          ale is available (again) in 11.2oz bottles! There     who helped transform America into the world’s
           is no denying it, Rodenbach is a sour beer           most exciting brewing nation. 2010 is the 30th
            with tastebud-tingling flavors of green apple       anniversary for the Chico-based brewery, and
             and red current, making it the missing link        Sierra Nevada is teaming up with the founders
              between beer and wine. Its refreshing             of the movement to benefit select charities and
               tartness comes from blending three parts         beer drinkers across the country. March of
                of fresh young ale with one part mature         2010 will see the first of four beers in a
                 oak-aged ale. Special yeasts and micro-        series of collaborative projects with
                  flora in the wooden aging barrels             America’s craft-brewing pioneers: Fritz
                  combine to create the signature               Maytag of Anchor Brewing; Jack
                sourness. Rodenbach is superb with              McAuliffe, founder of New Albion
seafood and earthy dishes, mushrooms, cheeses and               Brewery and authors, homebrewers
pasta. Now in convenient “small” bottles available              and beer advocates Fred Eckhardt and
year round.                                                     Charlie Papazian. Together, this group
                                                                is credited as ‘the men who launched
                                                                a thousand breweries’ and without
Mike’s Classic Margaritas                                       them, our current day craft-beer-
So authentic you may want to pay for them with                  renaissance might never have
pesos, Mike’s Classic Margaritas are                            happened.
here! It may be your biggest                                    “We wanted to pay tribute to the
opportunity since the                                           original pioneers who helped me
arrival of Mike’s Hard                                          and hundreds of others get
Lemonade! Margaritas are                                        started,” said Sierra Nevada founder
America’s favorite cocktail and                                 Ken Grossman. “Few people in the craft-
they can be enjoyed anytime. At 5.5%                            brewing world have accomplished more than these guys
ABV, these delicious cocktails are made                         and we thought it might be fun to get the original crew
with real lime juice and agave nectar                           together and make something special.”
for a real margarita taste. Available
                                                                The beers will be released periodically throughout the
in Raspberry, Peach and Traditional
                                                                year, starting with the first limited release in March,
Lime flavors, these new malt
                                                                and continuing until Sierra Nevada’s 30th Anniversary
beverages are available year-round
                                                                on November 15. The first release, Fritz and Ken’s Ale is
in 11.2 oz 6pk bottles. Unleash the
                                                                a nod to the robust black ales that seduced both Fritz
fiesta with Mike’s
                                                                and Ken in the early years. This Pioneers Stout is a rich
                                                                and roasted ale, perfect for aging and worthy of your
better way to
                                                                finest snifter.

                                                                Newcastle Brown Ale Draught Keg
                                                                Using the same technology as
                                                                the Heineken and Heineken
                                                                Light Draught Keg, Newcastle
                                                                is extending its portfolio with
                                                                an exciting new introduction!
                                                                The Newcastle Brown Ale
                                                                Draught Keg brings the
                                                                refreshing taste of Newcastle to
                                                                your customers, straight from the
                                                                Draught Keg or in a BeerTender.
                                                                This exciting new product will be
                                                                available in April.

HeadyTimes v.58                             Origlio Beverage •                                            7
When Demand Exceeds Supply
Many of our craft beer seasonal and limited release offerings are available in limited or extremely
limited quantities. If you are interested in something you see in this publication and it is out of stock
when you place your order, please call your Origlio sales representative to discuss a similar option.
Origlio also sends out a “craft email blast”, weekly to inform our customers of seasonal offerings
available to you immediately. If you are interested in receiving this email please contact Kathy
McCann at with your e-mail address.

Great Divide Belgica                                             Great Divide Colette Saison
Belgica, the Roman name for the Low Countries, is a              Farmhouse Ale
marriage of the best in American and Belgian brewing             This Saison Farmhouse ale is Great
traditions. Belgian pilsner malt, a generous amount of           Divide’s homage to the beers that
American and European hops and a unique Belgian                  Belgian farm workers have enjoyed
yeast strain combine to give the Belgian IPA big notes of        for centuries. Brewed with barley,
citrus and spice, creating a lively concoction perfect for       wheat and rice and fermented at
spring. Belgica is available in May.                             high temperatures with a special
                                                                 blend of four different yeast
                                                                 strains, Colette is fruity and
                                                                 slightly tart, with a dry finish
                                                                 that makes it the rarest of
                                                                 treats — a beer as refreshing
                                                                 as it is complex. Available

Abita Strawberry Harvest Lager
Strawberry Harvest is a wheat beer made with real
Louisiana strawberries, picked late in the season
when they’re at their sweetest. This brew has earned
quite a reputation in a short time, causing the
brewery to up their production year after year.
When this brew is found, emails and phone calls fly
to friends informing them of the store’s location.
Strawberry Harvest is a crisp, light lager with just a
hint of strawberry sweetness. It is wonderful with
desserts or lighter fares like salads, pastas and fresh
cheeses. Available in March.

8                                            Origlio Beverage •                       HeadyTimes v.58
Oskar Blues Gubna                                                Dock Street Illuminator
Emphasizing that complexity of character can arise from          This copper colored lager
simple elements, this ale is made with 3 malts and 1 hop.        has a huge malt presence.
Its light amber color and slightly spicy malt character are      Full, rich and rounded with
derived from the use of German Dark Munich Malt and              malty complexity and
Rye Malt respectively. North American 2-row barley               tangy Hallertau hop
combines with the other grains to lay the foundation for         character. Limited
the hop onslaught to come. Summit hops are used                  availability now in
exclusively in the boil for bitterness, flavor and aroma         draught only.
but it doesn’t end there. Post-fermentation dry hopping
allows the 10% ABV monstrosity to gently coax the                Dock Street
citrus rind and grapefruit aroma to join the 100 IBUs            Bubbly Wit
already present. This beer will greet you with a pungent
                                                                 This year’s batch of Bubbly Wit is
citrus blast, provide a spicy yet round middle and
                                                                 slightly reformulated from previous
finish with a brisk, clean bitterness. Available in limited
                                                                 years. A stronger-than-average,
release in March in 12 oz cans and draught.
                                                                 Belgian-style Wit Bier, brewed with
                                                                 100% champagne yeast. Its
                                                                 smooth, clean malt profile has
                                                                 notes of citrus and coriander
                                                                 paired with a delicate fruitiness
                                                                 lent by the yeast that lingers long
                                                                 after the finish. High carbonation
                                                                 rounds out the profile of this special
                                                                 ale — the true champagne of beers.
                                                        says, “It’s unbelievably drinkable with a
                                                                 good amount of alcohol and just the right amount of
                                                                 body. The champagne yeast really does it for this one.
                                                                 Great job Dock Street!!!” Available now in draught only.

                Great Lakes                                           Great Lakes Lake Erie Monster
                Holy Moses White Ale                                  Lake Erie Monster is an un-filtered Imperial India
                  Named after Moses                                   Pale Ale with huge hop flavor. While still relatively
                  Cleveland, a                                        new, the Imperial IPA style is one of the fastest
                  Connecticut native                                   growing in the craft beer industry and a favorite
                   who founded                                         among “hopheads”. A beer this distinctively hoppy
                    Cleveland in 1796,                                  inspires many a tall tale. And they don’t come
                     Holy Moses White                                     taller than Bessie, the legendary monster that
                      Ale is spiced with                                   roams the shallow depths of Lake Erie. Try this
                      orange peel,                                         deliciously strong, hoppy beer with steak, pork
                      chamomile and                                        chops, aged cheese or dark chocolate. Available
                      coriander. This                                      in May.
                      brew is perfectly
                      complemented by
                     mild seafood, salads
                     and spiced/herbed
                     dishes. Available in April.

HeadyTimes v.58                              Origlio Beverage •                                             9
Port Brewing Anniversary Ale                                    Lagunitas Undercover Investigation
This massively hopped, Strong IPA is brewed                     Shut Down Ale
to celebrate Port Brewing’s anniversary each                    Back again! The beer that defies style… malty and rich
year. Brewed with Columbus, Amarillo                            with a snappy hop finish, Undercover Shutdown Ale was
and Simcoe hops with Columbus and                               brewed in
Amarillo dry hopping, Anniversary Ale                           remembrance of
has a thick, chewy hop presence that is                         the 2005 St.
only barely contained by enough malt                            Patrick’s Day
to balance. Light golden to pale                                Massacre and in
orange in color, this hoppy brew has                            celebration of
a lasting pure hop expression with                              Lagunitas’ 20 day
moderate warming alcohols in the                                suspension that
finish. Available in 22 oz bottles                              same year! This
and limited draught in May.                                     especially bitter ale
                                                                is deceptively
                                                                smooth and silky at
                                                                9% ABV. Available
                                                                in April.

                                                                Lagunitas Wilco Tango Foxtrot
                                                                Lagunitas’ newest seasonal brew is a big ol’ Imperial
                                                                brown ale to help with your slippery slide into
                                                                springtime. This limited release is described as a malty,
                                                                robust jobless recovery ale by the folks at Lagunitas.
                                                                Rich, smooth, dangerous and chocolatey, WTF is
                                                                available in limited quantities in 22 oz bomber bottles
                                                                and draught in March.

Newcastle Summer Ale
From the brewers of Newcastle Brown Ale, this
refreshing seasonal offering has a clean taste and
mild hoppiness that consumers find appealing
during the warm months and Philadelphia is a
test market for the product! At 4.4% ABV, this
pale ale is a uniquely sessionable ale brewed
with a combination of Golden Promise and
Optic malts which provide a sweet clean taste
and pale color. Fuggle hops impart mild
hoppiness and light bitterness while the hop
aroma comes from the addition of Styrian
Golding hops. This light, invigorating seasonal is
perfect for warm weather consumption.
Available for select on-premise accounts in May.

10                                          Origlio Beverage •                           HeadyTimes v.58
Samuel Adams Longshot Variety Pack
Your customers created it and Sam Adams brewed it!
             The Longshot American Homebrewer
                                 Contest is complete and
                                    the winner’s brews are
                                      available in the
                                      Longshot Variety
                                      Pack this spring!
                                      This year’s winning
                                      beers include Mile
                                      High Barleywine (a
                                      rich and malty
                                      barleywine with
                                      notes of caramel and
                                      plum), Lemon
                                      Pepper Saison
                                      (brewed with vanilla
                               and gently spiced with
                      lemon zest and grains of paradise)
and Old Ben Ale (an ale with notes of fruit and raisin         Samuel Adams Summer Styles
with a hint of caramel in the finish). Over 1500
homebrews were entered, so these brews are the best of
                                                               Variety Pack
the best! This unique mix pack is available in limited         This year’s Samuel Adams Summer Styles Variety Pack
release in April.                                              includes 4 bottles each of Samuel Adams Boston Lager,
                                                               Samuel Adams Light, Samuel Adams Summer Ale,
                                                               Samuel Adams Pale Ale, Samuel Adams Blackberry
                                                               Witbier and introducing Samuel Adams Latitude 48 (a
                                                               Beer Lover’s Choice competitor that received
                                                               overwhelming reviews despite the fact that it did not
                                                               win). The newest addition to the Samuel Adams family is
                                                               available only in the Summer Styles Variety Pack.
                                                               Latitude 48 is a unique IPA style brewed with a select
                                                               blend of hops from top German, English and American
                                                               growing regions all located close to the 48th Latitude
                                                               within the “hop belt” of the Northern Hemisphere. The
                                                               combination of hops in this beer creates a distinctive hop
                                                               character that is not overpowering. The beer is dry
                                                               hopped with Ahtanum, Simcoe and East Kent Golding
                                                               hops for a powerful citrus and earthy aroma. The hop
                                                               character is balanced by a slight sweetness and full body
                                                               from the honey malt blend.
Samuel Adams Summer Ale
Sam Summer Ale is an American wheat ale; bright and
citrusy, brewed with mysterious grains of paradise. This
summer seasonal uses malted wheat as well as lemon zest
and the rare pepper from Africa, to create a crisp and
spicy flavor and body. The ale fermentation note imparts
a background tropical fruit note reminiscent of mangos
and peaches. All of these come together to create a thirst
quenching, clean finishing beer, perfect for warm
summer days. Available mid-April.

HeadyTimes v.58                            Origlio Beverage •                                         11
                                                         Woodchuck Summer Cider
                                                         Woodchuck Summer Cider is the perfect refreshment on
                                                         a warm day. Exhibiting a slight tartness, it begins with a
                                                         full, robust flavor followed by a rich taste, reminiscent of
                                                         New England blueberries. Summer Cider is an excellent
                                                         accompaniment to cheese, fruit, chocolate and
                                                         cheesecake. Available in May.

                                      Heavy Seas                   New! Heavy Seas Letter of Marque
                                      the Big Dipa                 Hop Rye Porter
                                       Part of the Heavy           Winners from the Heavy Seas 2009 Letter of Marque
                                       Seas Mutiny Fleet           Homebrew Competition worked along side the Heavy
                                       series, the Big Dipa        Seas brewers to create this one time, special release.
                                       is a Double IPA,            Letter of Marque features a different beer every year
                                       triple hopped during        selected from the Heavy Seas national homebrew
                                       brewing. This beer is       competition. Historically, a Letter of Marque was a
                                       well balanced               document that made a Pirate a legitimate professional.
                                       with an earthy hop          Hence, Heavy Seas’ Letter of Marque makes a home
                                       aroma and flavor.           brewer a legitimate professional as well! Part of the
                                       Brewed with 5               Heavy Seas Mutiny Fleet, this brew is available in
                                       pounds of hops per          limited quantities in 22 oz bottles and draught
                                       barrel! In keeping          in April.
                                       with the Heavy Seas
                                       philosophy, this is a
big beer with a surprising balance. The
best part is, you’ll hardly notice its
10% ABV. Available in 22 oz bottles
and draught in limited release
in March.

Heavy Seas
Red Sky at Night
This Belgian style Saison is a
country farmhouse ale with
7.5 % ABV. A complex, yet
delicate ale, Red Sky at Night
is brewed with a unique
Belgian yeast that develops a
spicy, fruity flavor making it
a wonderful pairing with
salad, fish or poultry.
Available in 12 oz bottles
and draught in May.

12                                           Origlio Beverage •                             HeadyTimes v.58
Dogfish Head Immort Ale                                           Harpoon Summer Vacation Mix Pack
                                        Vast in character,        Enjoy a break with the Harpoon Summer Vacation Mix
                                        luscious and              Pack! This 12-pack offers four styles of freshly-brewed
                                        complex, Immort           Harpoon beer; there’s a little something for all palates.
                                        Ale is brewed             Included in the mix is the hoppy, medium-bodied
                                        with peat-                Harpoon IPA, the summertime staple Harpoon Summer
                                        smoked barley,            Beer and the refreshing unfiltered wheat beer, UFO
                                        organic juniper           Hefeweizen. The mix pack will also feature the limited
                                        berries, vanilla          edition Harpoon Crystal Wheat, which is available
                                        and maple syrup.          exclusively in the Summer Vacation 12-
                                        It’s aged on oak          pack. A crisp,
                                        and fermented             refreshing wheat
with a blend of English & Belgian yeasts. This brew is            beer filtered for
available in limited quantities in May.                           brilliant clarity,
                                                                  Harpoon Crystal
Dogfish Head Festina Peche                                        Wheat is brewed
                                                                  with a hint of
This refreshing neo-BerlinerWeisse is fermented with
                                                                  lemon essence to
honest-to-goodness peaches! Sadly, there are only a few
                                                                  balance the tart
breweries left in Berlin still brewing the Berliner
                                                                  wheat malt. There’s
Weisse style which is characterized by its intense tartness
                                                                  no need to take
(some say sour). There were once over 70 breweries in
                                                                  extra vacation days
Berlin alone making this style of beer! In addition to
                                                                  to enjoy a Harpoon
fermentation with an ale yeast, Berliner Weisse is
                                                                  Summer Vacation!
traditionally fermented with lactic cultures to produce its
                                                                  Available in April.
acidic or green apple-like character. It is delicately
hopped with a pale straw color and served as an aperitif
                                                                  Harpoon Summer Beer
or summertime quencher. To soften the intense sourness,
Berliner Weisse is traditionally served with a dash of            Harpoon Summer Beer is brewed to be enjoyed with
                 woodruff or raspberry syrup.                     friends during the warm summer months. It is brewed in
                                                                  the Kolsch style, which originated in the
                  In Dogfish Head’s Festina Peche the
                                                                  Rhineland city of Cologne (Koln).
                  natural peach sugars are eaten by the
                                                                  Harpoon Summer Beer is brewed with
                   yeast and the fruit complexity is woven
                                                                  an ale yeast and, like other northern
                   into both the aroma and the taste of
                                                                  German light ales, it is straw gold in
                    the beer so there is no need to doctor
                                                                  color and light bodied. The hops
                     it with woodruff or raspberry syrup —
                                                                  provide a crisp, dry finish that make
                      just open and enjoy! For a delicious
                                                                  this beer particularly refreshing.
                       treat, pair it with grilled chicken or
                         fish and a salad. At 4.5 % ABV,          “Our quality malts create a soft
                           Festina Peche proves that extreme      mouthfeel with a dry finish — true to
                           beers don’t have to be extremely       its German roots,” says Al Marzi,
                           boozy! Available in 4-packs and        Harpoon’s Chief of Brewing
                           draught in May.                        Operations. “Harpoon Summer
                                                                  Beer has a very clean flavor and is
                                                                  very drinkable. Its crisp taste
                                                                  makes it a perfect beer for
                                                                  Harpoon Summer Beer goes well
                                                                  with a wide variety of foods,
                                                                  including delicate dishes like salads
                                                                  and seafood. It is available in April
                                                                  in 6-packs, 12-packs and on

HeadyTimes v.58                               Origlio Beverage •                                         13
Stone Imperial Russian Stout                                     Weyerbacher Blanche
            This is a big, big beer hopped with Warrior          A refreshing warm weather thirst quencher,
            hops and designed for aging. Like all Stone          Blanche is a Belgian-style wit beer. This un-
            beers, this one pushes the envelope.... and          filtered wheat ale is slightly cloudy, due to
            then some. Brewed in the authentic historical        the use of raw wheat in the brew kettle.
            style of an Imperial Russian stout, this beer is     Touches of traditional spices are added to
            massive. Intensely aromatic (notes of anise,         Blanche to give it a slightly citrusy
            black currants, coffee, roastiness and alcohol)      finish that’s perfect in the warmer
            and heavy on the palate, this brew goes              months. Blanche is available in April.
            where few can — and fewer dare to even try.
The style originated from Czarist Russia’s demand for
even thicker English stouts. Expect this mysterious brew
to pour like Siberian crude and taste even heavier.
Available in limited quantities in April.

Now Available Year Round—Stone
Sublimely Self Righteous Ale
The Stone brewers’ approach to
brewing allows them to consistently
create works of art such as the
justifiably Self Righteous Ale. Its
bitterness hits the sweet spot. Its
blackness lightens hearts and its liquid
dichotomy pulls it all together in this
sublimely sacrosanct ale. The name                                Blue Moon Honeymoon Summer Ale
they have given it, Stone Sublimely                                                         Like all classic summer ales,
Self Righteous Ale, serves as a                                                               Honeymoon captures a light
reminder of just how good the                                                                  summer taste with a fun Blue
Stone brewers really are! First                                                                 Moon twist. Madhava clover
brewed in 2007 as Stone 11th                                                                    honey is added to give this
Anniversary Ale, this beer was an                                                              brew a hint of sweetness. The
instant hit. Unfortunately, that                                                              honey is carefully melted at
euphoria didn’t last long, as it was                                                       low temperatures to preserve the
soon replaced with the grim reality that                                             flavor and nutrients missing in many
when it was sold out, there wouldn’t be                           commercial honeys. The sweetness is balanced by a
any more. For Stone, that was simply                              touch of orange zest,
unacceptable. So, they have decided to                            giving a slight spice
brew this beer on a full time basis!                              to the finish. The
This brilliantly hopped double IPA                                perfect blend of
provides a wake up call of floral and citrus aromas —             pale malts
backed by a deliciously smooth and dark roasted                   and white
maltiness. You get the best of both worlds with this black        wheat makes
double IPA.                                                       Blue Moon
                                                                  Summer Ale a
              Spaten Mai Bock                                     perfect choice
               Spaten Mai Bock is the authentic German            as the weather
               spring beer with a deep golden color and           warms.
                a rich malt flavor. The precise ratio of          Available in
                 malt to hops guarantees that this strong         May.
                 beer is balanced to perfection. Available
                  in late April.

14                                           Origlio Beverage •                            HeadyTimes v.58
Available Year-Round, Perfect for the Season
Poperings Hommel Bier                                                           Samuel Smith’s Organic
In Northwest Flanders there lies a city                                         Cider
where the hop plant is worshiped. The                                            Bright straw-gold in color with
city of Poperinge is the #1 hop                                                  excellent clarity, Samuel Smith's
producer in Belgium and the home of                                              Organic Cider has a light body with
Brewery Van Eeck.                                                                brilliant conditioning, a crisp clean
This brewery has been working with                                                flavor and a dry finish. The bouquet
local hops exclusively since the mid                                                 smells of fresh apples with a soft
17th century. Their most famous                                                         floral note. This organic cider
artisanal brew, Poperings Hommel,                                                       is perfect for the warm weather
expresses the aromatic and flavoring                                                    and tastes great with salads
powers of hommel (hops) while                                                           with vinaigrette dressing and
staying true to the Belgian                                                             pork dishes. It is also a
tradition of balance.                                                                   wonderful way to clear the
                                                                                        palate when served with
The 7.5% ABV is veiled by a                                                             concentrated or spicy foods.
wonderful bouquet of Challanger,
Goldings and Hallertau hops and a
beautiful malt body. The straw-like
color of this golden ale coupled
with its bright and fresh flavors
make it a great spring beer.

                                                           Magners Irish Cider
                                                           Now that the weather is warming, our thoughts turn to
                                                           cold refreshing beverages to help quench spring and
                                                           summer thirsts.
                                                           There is nothing better under the sun than a Magners
                                                           Irish Cider. Right out of the bottle or served ‘over ice’ it’s
                                                           crisp, refreshing light apple taste has earned an emerging
                                                           following among US adult consumers who have
                                                           welcomed Ireland’s favorite cider with open arms.
                                                           What’s more, Magners broad appeal makes it an ideal
                                                           beverage to serve at home or bring to a party and it pairs
                                                           perfectly with appetizers including a wide range of
                                                           cheeses from mild to sharp.
                                                           Magners is the only hard cider imported from Ireland
                                                           and still among the leading and growing brands in the
                                                           cider category. Low in calories and 100% naturally
                                                           Gluten free, it’s a premium beverage you shouldn’t go
                                                           without. Magners Irish Cider is available in 6-packs and
                                                           12oz bottles.

HeadyTimes v.58                           Origlio Beverage •                                                15
Portfolio Perfected                                                                Merchant du Vin is the
                                                                                  brainchild of Charles Finkel,
                                                                                who founded the company in
Now More Than Ever,                                                            1978 after having established an
Origlio Beverage “Delivers                                                   enviable reputation in the wine
                                                                           trade. Charles had witnessed the way
the Taste of Excellence”                                                 in which hundreds of thousands of
                                                                       Americans had awakened to the rewards
We continue our series of     of fine wines during the 60’s and 70’s. It was his theory that a similar
articles devoted to all the   audience must exist for beers of distinction and he decided to put his theory to
                              the test. Charles identified two dozen classic styles of beer and set about to
exciting additions to         find the definitive styles of each. It was his idea that you should sell fine beer
Origlio’s portfolio. We       much as you sell fine wine. The secret to this, and the goal of Merchant du
                              Vin, is to educate the consumer and arouse curiosity as to the differences
won’t stop until every        among these classic styles.
brewery is covered, but if
you require immediate,
                              Brewery Lindemans
in-depth information,
                              In 1809, the Lindeman’s family, who         gold, apple lambic). The family
please log onto               owned a farm in Vlezenbeek near             decided to build a new brewery next
                              Brussels, decided to intensify their        the old one in 1991 to meet the               Lambic brewing activities during            growing needs of the market without
                              winter, when less farm work had to          any loss of quality. Today the farm-
for all you need to know      be done. The farm produced wheat            brewery is totally occupied by the
about the great beers we      and barley, the raw materials of the        brewing installation, fermentation
bring to the market.          Lambic. Due to growing success, the         places, stock- and bottle places.
                              brewery became more important and           Brothers René and Nestor Lindemans
                              consequently, in 1930, farm                 assisted by their sons Dirk and Geert
                              activities ceased and Lindemans             and export manager Tony Dillen,
                              started the production of Lindemans         currently own the brewery. In 1985,
                              Gueuze Cuvee Rene (a vintage gueze          Michael Jakson (the beerhunter)
                              lambic beer and the brewery’s only          named Lindemans Kriek one of the 5
                              traditional brew, in that it is filtered,   best beers of the world!
                              pasteurized and has a sweeter taste)
                              and Lindemans Kriek (a cherry
                              lambic, rose in color that offers a
                              bouquet of freshly harvested
                              cherries). Lindemans Framboise
                              (which blends the acidity of a
                              lambic with the delicate flavor of
                              raspberries) was launched in
                              1980 and due to the success of
                              the fruit beers, three new beers
                              were subsequently developed:
                              Lindemans Cassis (a black
                              current beer), Lindemans
                              Peche (a peach beer, golden in
                              color and a nose that fills the
                              room with fresh peaches) and
                              Lindemans Pomme (a glowing
Merchant du Vin sets the strictest standards for the beers that bear their importing label. All Merchant du Vin beers are
“authentic”, meaning naturally made, without chemicals, additives or preservatives. Secondly, the beer must be an
outstanding representative of its style and produced by a brewery of superb reputation. As a result of these standards,
Merchant du Vin’s benchmark breweries appear on nearly every list of the top beers in the world. Merchant du Vin’s
portfolio of beers include such breweries as Ayinger, Traquair House, Lindemans, Pinkus-Muller, Orval, Samuel Smith’s,
Green’s and Zatec.

Samuel Smith’s
Samuel Smith’s is one of the                          emerging                                 intense, dry tangy
few remaining independent                             craft beer                             character of roasted barley),
breweries in England — the                            movement. All of                 Samuel Smith’s Nut Brown Ale
Old Brewery at Tadcaster was                          the Samuel Smith’s           (a walnut-colored specialty with a
founded in 1758 and is                                offerings are vegan          round, nutty flavor and a wonderful
Yorkshire’s oldest brewery. It                        products and several are     balance of roasted Crystal malt and
is among the last to utilize the                      organic, including the       aromatic hops), Samuel Smith’s
classic Yorkshire Square                              Raspberry, Cherry and        Oatmeal Stout (almost opaque in
system of fermentation. Now                           Strawberry Fruit Ales,       color, with an unusually silky texture
in its fifth generation of family                     Organic Lager, Organic       and complex, bittersweet finish),
management, the brewery                               Cider and Organic Ale.       Samuel Smith’s Pure Brewed Lager
continues to maintain its rich                        Also available from this     (an all-malt beer, brewed using
brewing tradition. The yeast at                       brewery — Samuel             bottom-fermenting yeast), Samuel
The Old Brewery has not been                          Smith’s Imperial Stout (a    Smith’s Pale Ale (a pale ale with a
altered in over a century. Only                       Russian Imperial stout       beautiful balance of malt and fresh
whole Kent hop flowers,                               originally brewed in Great   hops) and the extremely popular
which are dried and hand-weighed by      Britain), Samuel Smith’s India Ale        winter seasonal, Samuel Smith’s
the master hop blender, are used and     (the brewery’s version of an IPA with     Winter Welcome (a holiday beer that
the brewing water is drawn from a        restrained maltiness and an emphasis      changes each time it is released, but
well, sunk over 200 years ago. First     on the aroma and flavor of hops from      always a strong, tasty ale, full-bodied
introduced to the U.S. market in         England’s finest vineyards), Samuel       with the brewery’s signature “nutty”
1978, Samuel Smith’s beers quickly       Smith’s Taddy Porter (a very dark,        and sherry-like aspects).
became the benchmark ales for the        fairly full-bodied porter with an

Ayinger Brewery
Brauerei Aying has a long-standing       their beers. In a land of                              fruitiness of roasted malt
reputation for excellence in beer and    wonderful breweries,                                and whole hop flowers),
hospitality. The Ayinger Brewery was     Ayinger is considered a                           Ayinger Altbairisch Dunkel
founded in a picturesque village, 25     benchmark of excellence. The                    (a dark lager with an inviting
kilometers from                                          Ayinger family of beers   taste, created in a style which is the
Munich in 1878. The                                      includes Ayinger          most traditional in Bavaria) and the
beers are                                                Braü Weisse (a            seasonal selections, Ayinger
characterized by                                         delicious, lemon-         Oktoberfest (a full-bodied, flavorful
their delicious                                          scented wheat beer),      Märzen lager, brewed and lagered to
balanced maltiness                                       Ayinger Ur-Weisse         celebrate Bavaria’s famous
(not found in beers                                      (an old-fashioned         Oktoberfest), Ayinger Maibock (a
of the major Munich                                      Bavarian dunkel (dark)    big-bodied lager with a sweet, malty
breweries). Ayinger                                      wheat beer), Ayinger      aroma, a rousing head and a fruity
uses a significant                                       Celebrator                long lasting aftertaste) and Ayinger
portion of locally-                                      Doppelbock (a             Weizen-Bock (a classic Bavarian
grown barley and                                         profoundly dark, rich     weissebeer; a powerful and astonishing
wheat to produce                                         elixir with a complex     winter seasonal).

Portfolio Perfected
A Taste of… MExICO
     When you think of Mexican beers your
     mind probably wanders to beautiful sun
     tanned tourists drinking light-bodied pale
     lagers on picturesque white sand
     beaches. Possibly you think of
     celebrations with sombreros and
     maracas. Mexican brews make great
     sessionable, party beers. Though you will
     see some variation from one style to the
     next, they all have an extremely refreshing
     quality to them. Say “Hola” to Mexican
     beers and stock up this month. Don’t let
     this weather fool you, spring is right
     around the corner and that means we will
                                                                 Corona                 Pacifico            Dos Equis Ambar
     soon celebrate Cinco De Mayo!
                                                              Corona Light              Bohemia                    Sol
                                                             Modelo Especial         Carta Blanca                Tecate
                                                              Negra Modelo     Dos Equis XX Special Lager

Origlio Beverage
Brewed for Success 2010 Trade Show
On Sunday, May 16, 2010, from                      in the Philadelphia five county area
1 PM-5 PM, Origlio Beverage will be                to learn more about our supplier
hosting its second bi-annual Brewed                partners and the beers they represent.
for Success Trade Show. This                       You and two guests will be able to
invitation only event is a great way for           sample beers from over 50 different
the beverage professionals                         brewers and importers.
                                                   You must be at least 21 years of age
                                                   to attend and we strongly encourage
                                                   designated drivers! You will be
                                                                                                Molson x —
                                                   receiving your invitations shortly,
                                                   we hope you can make it!
                                                                                                Tip In
                                                                                                Molson Canadian X features the
                                                                                                great taste of Molson Canadian
                                                                                                and Molson Canadian Light in a
                                                                                                slim, sleek 8.5 oz can and an
                                                                                                alcohol level of 6% ABV. This hip
                                                                                                new package had an extremely
                                                                                                successful launch and is now
                                                                                                being rolled out all over the
                                                                                                Northeast region. Additionally, all
                                                                                                Molson Canadian and Molson
                                                                                                Canadian Light 24-packs will
                                                                                                contain 2 bonus cans of Molson
                                                                                                X to promote trial. The goal is to
                                                                                                introduce young adult (21+)
                                                                                                consumers to the Molson
                                                                                                franchise via Molson Canadian X
                                                                                                through sampling.

18                                                 Origlio Beverage •                               HeadyTimes v.58
                            Heineken Plug into Summer
                            Heineken encourages and empowers you to seize the
                            moment and “Plug Into Summer” to experience great
                            music occasions that only the #1 European import
                            brand can offer! This summer will generate
                            excitement for a blockbuster Heineken music
                            All-summer long, Heineken’s compelling program
                            will feature a unique under-the-cap promotion,
                            providing consumers with the opportunity to win
                            exclusive music tracks, limited-edition
                            merchandise or access to the hottest music
                            events. One in nine will be a winner! Don’t
                            miss out!
                            There’s even a fun, engaging experience for the tech-savvy consumer.
                            Heineken is introducing breakthrough technology that allows consumers to simply snap a
                            photo of the “shotcode” image (imprinted on all packages of Heineken and Heineken Light) with
                            a Blackberry or iPhone and instantly gain exclusive access to apps, music downloads, interviews
           Shotcode         with artists and more! It’s an easy three-step process. Simply download, launch and enjoy all the
                            premium features of the ultimate summer music application!

                                             Celebración Heineken
                                             Heineken and Heineken Light encourage consumers to elevate their at-home
                                             parties and celebrations to the ultimate level. Look for selected Heineken
                                             displays providing excellent entertainment ideas, along with other party-
                                             relevant offers.
                                             Heineken is also offering their drinkers a chance to go from being the star of
                                             their celebrations to becoming the host of Celebración Heineken. To
                                             participate, they will simply post their favorite pictures and upload their best
                                             party videos to, which in turn is linked to
                                             Facebook. The best images and videos showcasing Heineken will be selected
                                             for the grand prize, the experience of hosting a Heineken party. The party will
                                             be captured on video and featured on and
                                             other social media. Twenty additional winners will be selected to have their
                                             entries featured on Offer your customers a
                                             chance to show the world how to throw the ultimate party!

   Moosehead In-Case Program
   This April through July, Moosehead will be rewarding its
   drinkers with 1 of 4 new high quality, trendy T-shirt
   designs or 1 of 4 cool new hat designs inside each
   specially marked case of Moosehead Lager and
   Moosehead Light. An instant bonus! Moosehead
   will be supporting this in-case promotion with
   radio advertising in the Philadelphia five
   county market. Celebrate summer with

HeadyTimes v.58                          Origlio Beverage •                                                     19
                              Dos Equis and Tecate “Cinco Ways to Celebrate”
                                  Dos Equis and Tecate are revealing details of the brands’   destinations where consumers are invited
                                    most interesting and unconventional ‘Cinco Ways to        to receive instant access to fun, exciting
                                      Celebrate’ program, designed to inspire consumers       and easy to execute entertaining ideas
                                       to take their celebrations to a new level, while       and to purchase the essentials – Dos
                                         helping to keep cash registers ringing.              Equis and Tecate – for throwing a more
                                           The Cinco Ways to Celebrate program urges          interesting Cinco de Mayo party. Text-in
                                            consumers to text CINCO to 49737 for fun          promotion codes will guide consumers to
                                             suggestions, sure to elevate their party         recipes and party tips as well as provide
                                             experience including: Musica, Outdoor            valuable offers that will help give their
                                              Cantina, Mysterioso, Fiesta De Luna and The     party a kick.
                                              Great Feast. Each unique theme suggestion       On-premise, Dos Equis will provide a
                                              includes unconventional tips needed to pull     range of materials and engaging tools to
                                              the party off in Dos Equis and Tecate style.    educate consumers on the lost art of
                                             The Cinco Ways to Celebrate program will         celebrating Cinco with ingenuity and style
                                            help consumers host the best Cinco de Mayo        – the Most Interesting Man way. Table
                                           party ever while at the same time providing        tents, coasters and posters will convey
                                             on and off-premise with the materials and        the voice of the brand and share insights
                                                 support to help drive their Dos Equis and    on how to master the lost art of
                                                    Tecate sales.                             celebrating Cinco. Make your Cinco de
                                                        Off premise POS materials will        Mayo celebrations fun and ultimately
                                                            help create Cinco Ways to         rewarding with the Dos Equis and Tecate
                                                               Celebrate in-store             ‘Cinco Ways to Celebrate.’

Dos Equis Most Interesting Cargo Hunt                                                           Verdi Mothers Day
While returning from his latest                As luck would have it (or by serious
circumnavigation of the globe to collect       amount of skill) the Most Interesting                Show Your Mom That
artifacts, rare objects and lost treasures,    Man landed the plane safely.                         You Love Her
the Most Interesting Man’s plane began         However, his possessions are now
experiencing some technical difficulties.      scattered across the country, and he
To preserve his newly acquired (not to         needs help in recovering them.
mention rare and valuable) possessions,
                                               This summer, consumers will be
he was forced to parachute them out of
                                               urged to become the Most Interesting
the plane.
                                               Man’s personal collectionneur. Dos
                                               Equis drinkers will be on the lookout
                                               for 4-digit codes on cargo crates at
                                               local stores, bars and special events.
                                               Once they have their code, consumers
                                               will text or go online to receive the
                                               artifact. Those that collect the most
                                               artifacts and return them to the Most
                                               Interesting Man in the World, will be
                                               handsomely rewarded. The hunt
                                               continues online and increases the
                                               chances of uncovering instant prizes
                                               and hidden rewards. Special
                                               promotional packs and the website
                                               will provide more information. The
                                               Most Interesting Man suggests
                                               beginning the search immediately!

20                                              Origlio Beverage •                                      HeadyTimes v.58
Newcastle Walk the Dog                    Newcastle Your Beer, Your Glass
“Walking the Dog” is a state of mind.     The Geordie Schooner was originally      fresh and lively. Its compact design
It originates from the town of            called a Wellington glass, but, like     means easy storage, which means it
Newcastle upon Tyne, where factory        anything famous, it eventually           will surely be a favorite of bartenders.
workers used the term as an excuse to     changed its name. After being
                                                                                   This summer, Newcastle Brown Ale
get out to the pub to enjoy a pint of     embraced by the people of Newcastle,
                                                                                   will help bring The One and Only
Newcastle after a rough day at the        known as Geordies, the glass came to
                                                                                   experience to consumer’s homes with
office. It is an activity for those who   be called the Geordie Schooner. It has
                                                                                   their exciting Geordie Schooner glass
demand the most out of their beer         been used as the official Newcastle
                                                                                   offer. Newcastle drinkers will collect
and their social engagements.             glass in the UK ever since. Its wider
                                                                                   six Newcastle bottle caps, mail them
Whether you work in a factory or not,     rim allows for a better release of
                                                                                   in and have the opportunity to
there’s never a bad excuse for getting    aromas and improves the beer’s
                                                                                   receive a brand new Geordie
out and walking the dog. Need help        flavor. Think of it as returning
                                                                                   Schooner glass. Let Newcastle reward
coming up with one? How about the         Newcastle to its natural habitat. The
                                                                                   your customers with this One and
combination of light and dark malts       nucleated bottom (featuring the star)
                                                                                   Only glass for drinking The One
resulting in a smooth delicious taste.    increases CO2, keeping the liquid
                                                                                   and Only.
Now that’s a great reason to get out
and walk the dog!

  New Graphics for Unibroue La Fin Du Monde
   For approximately three months
   (April through June) Unibroue
   La Fin Du Monde will have new
   eye catching packaging. The
   cases will be extremely colorful
   with a perforated front piece
   that tears off to display the La
   Fin Du Monde 750 ML bottles—
   perfect for distributors and take
   out stores. In addition, Unibroue
   has a three case display stacker
   available to properly showcase
   the beautiful packaging.

HeadyTimes v.58                           Origlio Beverage •                                            21
Retail Edge: A Marketing Makeover
The times they are a changin’…and so are marketing trends! The
World Wide Web was first introduced into pop culture in 1989 and
the popularity of cell phones continued to grown almost
simultaneously. Communication has snowballed ever since. As a
business owner, it is up to you to keep up with the trends and
market yourself ahead of the competition. There are a few simple
ways to do this…Facebook, Twitter and iPhone Apps. If you are not
on board yet, we recommend you saddle up ASAP. If you have
access to the internet then you have no excuses. It’s easy, it’s free
and it’s effectively reaching thousands on a daily basis!

Facebook                                 iPhone Apps
Facebook is a social networking          Whether you own an iPhone or not,
website launched in February 2004.       they are an innovative marketing
Facebook allows users to join            resource for business owners. With
networks organized by city,              Apple’s revolutionary technology and
workplace, school and region to          networking connections, they have
connect and interact with other          created an “app” store. iPhone owners
people. With Facebook you have the       have an endless amount of knowledge
ability to reach over 400,000,000        at their fingertips. There are dozens of
active users! Use Facebook to post       apps to use to advertise your business.
events, specials, bands, new products    A good example is The Philly Happy
etc. With Facebook you have the          Hour Guide. This app displays bars in
ability to track your progress with      Philadelphia that have happy hours
real-time reporting, gain insight into   and the specials they offer. Once the
who’s clicking on your page and          user finds their location of choice they
make modifications to maximize           can use Twitter to communicate the
your results.                            meeting spot to their friends.
                                         All you have to do is email your
Twitter                                  happy hour information to
Twitter is quickly becoming the
coolest and easiest way for people to    and your information will be added to
connect. Social media is a new way       the app.
for people to discover, share and read
news and information on the internet.
Twitter is a free service that allows
users to share information through
140 character posts. You can include
links to images or videos as well. Up
and coming businesses are finding
that Twitter is a great place to share
information about their companies
and communicate with customers. It’s
the new wave of advertising.

22                                       Origlio Beverage •         HeadyTimes v.58
The Beer Guy: Two Brewers, Brewing as One
                    by Lew Bryson           talking at the Great                                     There will be three brews,
                                            American Beer                                            all done by founder Ken
                    A brewer brewing        Festival back around                                     Grossman with pioneers
                    beer at a brewery       2003, and soon                                           of craft brewing: a big
                    that is not their       realized that each                                       stout with Fritz Maytag, a
                    own is nothing          were making a beer                                       barleywine with New
                    new. Craft brewers      called Salvation;                                        Albion founder Jack
                    have been doing it      Adam’s a Belgian                                         MacAuliffe, and an
for years, contracting to use the           golden, Vinnie’s a                                       Imperial helles lager with
equipment and space of established          strong Belgian type.                                     homebrewing pioneers
breweries to make their own beer.           Cease and desist                                         Fred Eckhardt and
Royersford Brewing is doing it at Sly       letters would have                                       Charlie Papazian. (There
Fox now; that’s how Samuel Adams            flown in other                                           will be a fourth beer from
was brewed until they bought their          industries (and have, on occasion, in      the brewers at Sierra Nevada: a blend
own breweries.                              craft brewing). Instead, they decided to   of Oak-aged Bigfoot, Celebration and
A new version of this sharing has           keep brewing their beers — both still      Pale Ale). I talked to Ken Grossman
been happening, and it doesn’t              named Salvation — and blend them to        about the beers, and mostly what
involve a contract. It’s called             create a third, new beer that they         came across was what a great time it
collaborative brewing. It’s about           called Collaboration Not Litigation Ale.   was getting together.
brewers sharing ideas, techniques,          They first did that in 2006, and they’ve
                                                                                       I asked Ken what these beers from
combining their talents and insights        kept it up (mainly because it tastes so
                                                                                       pioneers meant to today’s craft beer
to make a beer together, a beer             darned good).
                                                                                       drinkers. “They may not have heard
neither of them made before.                Avery and Russian River were in on         of them,” he admitted. “People who
These beers are rare, often unusual         another collaborative project, one that    know the industry know the roots.
and of great interest to beer               also involved Allagash, Lost Abbey         We’re not selling a ton of these. It’s a
enthusiasts.                                and Dogfish Head. Isabella Proximus        thank you to the pioneers who
                                            started with barrels of sour beer from     helped put the craft beer movement
Part of the allure of collaborative beers   each brewery, tasted collaboratively,      on the map.”
is that the brewers who brew them           and then blended into one grand
tend to be celebrities in the world of                                                 That’s a great reason for doing
                                            bottling of less than 400 cases. There
the beer geek: Sam Calagione of                                                        collaborative beers: they’re personally
                                              are a tiny number of bottles still out
Dogfish Head, Rob Tod of                                                               significant, and put the brewers’
                                                    there, mostly in cellars at bars
Allagash, Mitch Steele of Stone,                                                       friendships in a bottle. Another is to
                                                       and homes, snapped up as
Vinnie Cilurzo of Russian                                                              increase a brewery’s reputation as a
                                                         soon as they hit the
River and Tomme Arthur of                                                              maker of serious beers, a significant
Lost Abbey. These brewers                                                              artisanal brewer. A brewer has to be
are already making some of                                Even a big craft brewer      pretty comfortable in their own skin
the most interesting,                                     like Sierra Nevada gets      to join another brewer in making a
innovative beers out there;                              involved. Last year they      beer they’ll sell together.
what might happen when                                  did a collaborative brew
                                                                                       Not everyone can do them: a brewer
they get together is what                              with Sam Calagione that
                                                                                       has to develop a certain reputation
drives the interest.                                yielded two beers: Life and
                                                                                       before a collaborative beer is viable.
                                               Limb, a strong ale (10+%), and
But it also exemplifies the cooperative                                                Not everyone can sell them, either. If
                                            Limb and Life, a brown ale made from
nature of craft brewing. Craft brewers                                                 you don’t yet have a customer base
                                            the second runnings of Life and Limb.
have been sharing in a way that’s                                                      that’s savvy enough to know what the
                                            The two beers were the subject of much
foreign to most industries. Usually, if                                                fuss is about, you might be better off
                                            tweeting and special tapping events.
one company even gets a hint that                                                      waiting before you get these beers in.
another company is doing something          Now Sierra’s doing it again in this,       But if your customers are always
similar, it’s lawsuit time.                 their 30th anniversary year, and           anxious for the next new thing, you’re
                                            they’re doing collaborative beer in a      ready to quench their anticipation
That could have happened when               way that is deeply significant.            with collaboration.
Adam Avery and Vinnie Cilurzo started

HeadyTimes v.58                             Origlio Beverage •                                              23
                                                                                                                      First Class
                                                                                                                     U.S. Postage
                                                                                                                    Landsdale, PA
                                           3000 Meeting House Road                                                  Permit No. 325
                                           Philadelphia, PA 19154

Coors Light NFL Draft                            Yuengling Orange County Chopper Giveaway
“Get Drafted”                                    Yuengling and Orange
The NFL Draft program leverages                  County Choppers have
Coors Light as the official sponsor of           teamed up to bring an
the NFL during the NFL Draft time                exciting program to
period. Designed to drive draft beer in          the Philadelphia
the on-premise and the Home Draft                marketplace this
unit in the off-premise, the NFL Draft           summer. Yuengling
program gives consumers the                      drinkers will have
opportunity to “Get Drafted.” It                 the chance to win
capitalizes on the prime-time NFL                a Yuengling
event, connecting target consumers               Chopper built by
to the game they love, as only Coors             the OCC crew.
Light is able to do.
                                                 Through radio
The grand prize is a VIP trip to next            advertising in
year’s draft and season tickets to their         our market,
favorite team in 2010. The program               consumers will
will also be supported with secondary            be driven to
prizing — NFL merchandise.                       Yuengling/OCC
Consumers in the on-premise will                 themed displays where they will
look for an entry code on point of sale          find text-to-win information for their   chopper.
materials to gain access into the                chance to win a trip to the Orange       On premise accounts can
promotion. After they locate the code,           County Chopper headquarters, in          create a buzz by utilizing
they text it in for an exclusive chance          Newburgh, NY, for a once in a            Yuengling/OCC themed table tents,
to “Get Drafted.”                                lifetime celebration this fall. The      hats and tees for Lager and Light
                                                 Yuengling Chopper will be given          Lager promotions.
                                                 away at this event and consumers         Yuengling is also using this unique
                                                 who win this trip are guaranteed to      program to benefit the Intrepid Fallen
                                                 have a 1 in 100 chance at taking the     Heroes Fund. During this program,
                                                 Yuengling Chopper home with them!        the brewer will donate a portion of
                                                 Off premise retailers can use this       the sales to this organization, which
                                                 exciting programming to increase         provides financial support to the
                                                 Lager & Light Lager sales by driving     dependents of U.S. military personnel
                                                 consumers to the point of purchase       lost in performance of their duty. To
                                                 with a motion display piece which        learn more about this program, set to
                                                 allows consumers to keep their eye on    hit the market in May, contact your
                                                 the prize, featuring pictures of the     Origlio representative today!

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