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__________________________[insert date], by and between ________________ [name],
ABN/ACN _____________ of ________________[address] ("the Assignor") and
________________[name], ABN/ACN of ________________[address] ("the Assignee")


1.1. Assignor hereby jointly and severally assigns to the Assignee in their entirety any and all
of the right, title and interest the Assignor may have in the Materials (as defined below)
“Materials” means all works created by the Assignor such as
___________________________[insert description], Each Assignor will execute all documents
and do all things necessary to give effect to the assignment in clause 2.1, including executing
further assignments if necessary.


In consideration of the payment of the sum of _____________________ Dollars (AUD $__) by
Assignee to Assignor, the receipt of which is acknowledged by Assignor, Assignee and Assignor
have entered into this Agreement.


Parties agree that ownership to Assignee’s property, whether tangible or intangible, belonging to
the Assignee in the possession and/or control of the Assignor for the purposes of being used in
the creation of Materials, shall remain with Assignee, irrespective of whether Assignor actually
used them during the creation of Materials. Assignor warrants that Assignor shall not reproduce,
alter, or copy such property of Assignee and shall return them upon Assignee’s request. A list of
Assignee’s property is set forth in Schedule 1.


4.1.   Assignor warrants that:
       4.1.1. the copyright (as defined or capable of protection under the Copyright Rights Act
            1968 (Cth) ) and/or intellectual property assigned to Assignee by the Assignor
            under clause 2 consists of original works only, which have not been, and will not be,
            copied wholly or substantially from any other works,
       4.1.2. the Assignee’s and any licensee’s use of the Materials rights of which have been
            assigned to the Assignee by the Assignor will not infringe the copyright or other
            intellectual property rights of any third party; and
       4.1.3. Assignor has the legal right to assign and grant the rights pursuant to this

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       4.1.4. the Assignor is the sole author of the Materials and the sole owner of all rights,
            including the copyright, in the Materials ;
       4.1.5. the Assignor has not created any encumbrance (including without limitation, a
            charge, mortgage, pledge, lien, right of set off) over the Materials that exists, as at
            the date of this Agreement, over the Materials ;
       4.1.6. there are no previous assignments, licenses, options or other dealings with the
            rights assigned under this Agreement that are in conflict with the rights granted by
            this Agreement and the Assignor will not assign, license, grant options over or deal
            in any other way with any of these rights after the date of this Agreement in a way
            that would conflict with the rights granted by this Agreement; and
       4.1.7. the Assignor does not know of any actual, suspected or threatened claim in
            relation to the Materials , including any claim that the Materials infringes any
            intellectual property rights; and
       4.1.8. Assignor is not insolvent within the meaning of the Bankruptcy Act 1966 and is
            not subject to any arrangement or composition with creditors.

4.2. Assignor unconditionally indemnifies and will defend the Assignee against any claim,
liability, loss, damages, cost, expense and Tax suffered or incurred by the Assignee as a result of
any breach of the warranties given by the Assignor under clause 4.1.


5.1. Assignor must pay any applicable tax which arises from the execution, delivery and
performance of this Agreement and any
Description: Copyright Assignment is an assignment agreement which conveys a simple assignment of copyright in artwork and graphics between two parties: a company in artwork and graphics (the Assignor) and the person/entity acquiring the copyright (the Assignee) which is either a company or an individual.
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