Timeline of Recent Toyota Canada Recalls and Consumer Announcements

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					     Timeline of Recent Toyota Canada Recalls and Consumer Announcements
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                                           2009                                                                                                2010

    Sept. 29            Oct. 5             Nov. 26        Dec. 7        Dec. 16           Jan. 21       Jan. 26         Feb. 1        Feb. 3              Feb. 5       Feb. 8           Feb. 9

 Floor Mat Safety
    Investigation                     Floor Mat Safety             Venza All-Weather                   Sticking                      Sticking                            Sticking
Toyota Canada joins                    Improvement                  Floor Mat Recall                 Accelerator                   Accelerator                         Accelerator
   US colleagues in                  Campaign & Venza              Filed with Transport             Pedal Recall -                Pedal Recall -                     Pedal Recall -
  asking owners of                   All-Weather Floor                    Canada                     Suspension of               Pedal repair parts                All North American
   specific Toyota /                     Mat Recall                                                     vehicle                     shipped to                        Toyota plants
Lexus models to take                     Announced                                                    deliveries /               dealers; customer                 resume production
 out any removable                                                                                    production                   repairs begin                        as planned
  driver’s floor mats
  and NOT replace
 with any other floor

                   Floor Mat Safety
                     Investigation                   Floor Mat Safety                 Sticking                          Sticking                            Sticking                 Prius/HS 250h
                  Filed with Transport                 Improvement                  Accelerator                       Accelerator                        Accelerator                  Brake Feel &
                         Canada                         Campaign                    Pedal Recall                     Pedal Recall -                    Pedal Recall -                 Camry Power
                                                      Amendment filed               Announced &                      Comprehensive                       Sales/Vehicle               Steering Hose
                                                       with Transport                 filed with                        pedal fix                     deliveries resume                  Recalls
                                                          Canada                     Transport                         announced                        (all vehicles on            Announced & filed
                                                                                       Canada                                                             Dealer lots                 with Transport
                                                                                                                                                       received repair)                  Canada

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Timeline of Recent Toyota Canada Recalls and Consumer Announcements


                                    Feb. 11            Feb. 12        Feb. 19           Feb. 22          Feb. 23

                                   Tacoma Front                      Sticking                        Toyota Brake
                                Drive Shaft Recall                 Accelerator                         Override
                                Filed with Transport              Pedal Recall -                       Feature
                                       Canada                    Amendment filed                      Extension
                                                                  with Transport                      Announced
                                 Floor Mat Safety                     Canada
                                Campaign & Venza
                                All-Weather Floor
                                    Mat Recall
                                 Amendments filed
                                   with Transport
                                                                                   Toyota Brake
                                                   Tacoma Front                       Override
                                                 Drive Shaft Recall                    Feature
                                                     Announced                       Extension
                                                                                     - Transport
                                                  Floor Mat Safety                 Canada notified
                                                 Campaign & Venza
                                                 All-Weather Floor
                                                     Mat Recall

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     Overview of Recent Toyota Canada Recalls and Consumer Announcements

Recall                                      Details                            Affected Models                     Remedy                                     Customer Action
Floor Mat Safety Improvement                •    Canadian-Designed Genuine     No Vehicle Defect Identified in     Although no vehicle defect has been        •  Customers urged to check
Campaign                                         Toyota and Lexus All-         Affected Models:                    identified, given the importance Toyota       toyota.ca for updated
                                                 Weather Floor Mats Safe for   •    The 7 models are: 2007 to      attaches to customer confidence in their      information or contact 1-
Floor Mat Safety investigation filed with        Affected Models                    2010 MY Camry, 2005 to         Toyota vehicle, as an extra measure of        888-TOYOTA-8
Transport Canada on October 5, 2009;        •    Extra Consumer Safety              2010 MY Avalon, 2004 to        confidence, a safety improvement           •  Toyota has begun mailing
Safety Improvement Campaign announced            Improvement Campaign               2009 MY Prius, 2005 to         campaign will be initiated for Canadian       letters to owners included in
November 26, 2009; amendment (remedy)            Undertaken to Ensure               2010 MY Tacoma, 2007 to        customers to provide:                         this recall. Upon receipt of a
filed with Transport Canada on December          Customer Confidence                2010 MY Tundra, 2007 to        •    reconfiguration of the accelerator       letter to the owner
7, 2009                                     •    Canada-Unique Safety               2010 MY ES 350, 2006 to             pedal for the 7 affected models          identifying an affected
                                                 Campaign Launched                  2010 MY IS 250, and 2006       •    reconfiguration of the shape of the      vehicle, contact your local
AMENDMENT TO FLOOR MAT SAFETY                                                       to 2010 MY IS 350.                  floor surface to increase the space      dealer to schedule an
IMPROVEMENT CAMPAIGN issued to                                                                                          between the accelerator pedal and        appointment for repair
include certain model and year Corolla,                                        Feb. 12/10 amendment added to            the floor for the Lexus ES 350,
Matrix, Highlander vehicles                                                    this certain model and year              Camry and Avalon models
                                                                               Corolla, Matrix and Highlander      •    installation of a brake override
Amendment filed February 11, 2010 with                                         vehicles.                                system for the Camry, Avalon and
Transport Canada; Announced February 12,                                                                                Lexus ES 350, IS 350 and IS 250
2010                                                                           Unique to Toyota Canada, a               models
                                                                               safety campaign (recall) was
                                                                               also initiated for Toyota Venza     As part of the Feb. 12 amendment to
Venza All-Weather Floor Mat Recall                                             vehicles equipped with a            the Venza All-Weather Floor Mat
                                                                               genuine Toyota Canada driver’s      Recall, Toyota Canada has also
Announced November 26, 2009; filed with                                        side all-weather floor mat.         decided to offer certain vehicle-based
Transport Canada on December 16, 2009                                                                              improvements, including modify the
                                                                                                                   accelerator pedal, for Venza owners
AMENDMENT TO VENZA ALL-                                                                                            affected by a separate safety
                                                                                                                   campaign to replace the genuine
to extend vehicle-based improvements for
                                                                                                                   Toyota all-weather floor mat
Venza’s affected by this initial recall
                                                                                                                   purchased as an accessory for the
Amendment filed February 11, 2010 with                                                                             affected model.
Transport Canada; Announced February 12,

Sticking Accelerator Pedal Recall           Toyota has investigated isolated   Total Canadian vehicles recalled:   Toyota’s solution for current owners is    •   Customers urged to check
                                            reports of sticking accelerator    approximately 270,000               simple, effective and quick to deploy.         toyota.ca for updated
Announced and filed with Transport Canada   pedal mechanisms in certain        •    Toyota Division vehicles:      •   A precision-cut steel reinforcement        information or contact 1-
on January 21, 2010; amendment filed        vehicles.                                   o    2009-2010 RAV4,           bar will be installed into the             888-TOYOTA-8
February 19, 2010 with Transport Canada                                                 o    2009-2010                 assembly that will reduce the          •   Upon receipt of a letter to
                                            There is a rare possibility that                 Corolla,                  surface tension between the

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                                     certain accelerator pedal                      o    2009-2010 Matrix,         friction shoe and the adjoining           the owner identifying an
                                     mechanisms may, in rare                        o    2005-2010                 surface. With this reinforcement in       affected vehicle, contact
                                     instances, mechanically stick in a                  Avalon,                   place, the excess friction that can       your local dealer to schedule
                                     partially depressed position or                o    Certain 2007-2010         cause the pedal to stick is               an appointment for repair.
                                     return slowly to the idle position,                 Camry,                    eliminated.
                                     without the presence of floor                  o    2010 Highlander,     •    The company has confirmed the
                                     mats.                                          o    2007-2010                 effectiveness of the newly modified
                                                                                         Tundra,                   pedals that had previously shown a
                                                                                    o    2008-2010                 tendency to stick.
                                                                           •   No Lexus Division or Scion
                                                                               vehicles are affected by
                                                                               these actions. Also not
                                                                               affected are Toyota Prius,
                                                                               Highlander Hybrid, Tacoma,
                                                                               Sienna, Venza, Solara,
                                                                               Yaris, 4Runner, FJ Cruiser,
                                                                               and select Camry models.
2010 Prius / 2010 HS 250h Brake      Some 2010 model-year Prius            2010 Prius / 2010 HS 250h          •    Toyota has responded with a           •   Toyota has mailed letters to
Feel & 2010 Camry Power Steering     and 2010 HS 250h owners               safety recall                           running production change for             Prius and HS 250h owners
Hose Recalls                         have reported experiencing                                                    2010 Prius that was introduced            included in this recall. New
                                     inconsistent brake feel               Voluntary safety recall affects         last month, improving the ABS             vehicles currently at
Announced and filed with Transport   momentarily during slow and           approximately                           system’s response time, as well           dealerships will be provided
Canada on February 9, 2010           steady application of brakes on       •   3,273 2010 Model Year               as the system’s overall sensitivity       with the updated software
                                     rough or slick road surfaces              Prius vehicles                      to tire slippage. The production          before delivery.
                                     when the ABS is activated in          •   309 Lexus Division 2010             change for the HS 250h is             •   Owners of the involved 2010
                                     an effort to maintain tire                HS 250h vehicles                    planned for later this month.             Camry vehicles were also
                                     traction. The ABS, in normal                                             •    The recall involves a software            notified by mail starting in
                                     operation, engages and                No other Toyota, Lexus, or              update on 2010 Prius vehicles             the middle of February.
                                     disengages rapidly (many              Scion vehicles are involved in          sold prior to this running            •   Customers are urged to
                                     times per second) as the              this recall.                            production change. Only Prius             check toyota.ca and
                                     control system senses and                                                     vehicles produced since May               lexus.ca for updated
                                     reacts to tire slippage.              Camry power steering hose               2009 and all HS250h vehicles are          information or contact 1-
                                                                           safety recall                           subject to this recall. First- and        888-TOYOTA-8, or 1-800-
                                     Separately, Toyota will conduct                                               second-generation Prius vehicles          26-LEXUS.
                                     a voluntary safety recall on          Voluntary safety recall affects         use a different ABS system and        •   Upon receipt of a letter to
                                     393 early production 2010             approximately                           are not involved in this                  the owner identifying an
                                     model year Camry vehicles             •   393 early production 2010           campaign.
                                                                                                                                                             affected vehicle, contact
                                                                               model year Camry                                                              your local dealer to schedule
                                     equipped with the 4-cylinder
                                                                               vehicles equipped with the                                                    an appointment for repair.
                                     engine to inspect for a power
                                     steering hose that may be in              4-cylinder engine
                                     contact with a front brake
                                     tube. This contact could lead

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                                            to a hole in the brake tube and
                                            cause a brake fluid leak,
                                            increased brake pedal stroke
                                            and greater vehicle stopping

Tacoma Front Drive Shaft Recall             Voluntary safety recall was         This condition only involves two     Dealers will be instructed to perform an    •   Toyota will notify owners by
                                            issued to inspect the front drive   specific front drive shaft           inspection to identify the specific lot         first-class mail starting in mid-
Filed with Transport Canada on February     shaft on a small production run     production lot numbers installed     numbers located on the front drive              March, 2010.
11, 2010; Announced                         of certain 2010 model year          in certain 2010 model year           shaft. Based upon the inspection            •   Customers urged to check
February 12, 2010                           Tacoma 4WD trucks. The front        Tacoma 4WD vehicles.                 results, in a limited number of cases,          toyota.ca for updated
                                            shaft in these vehicles may                                              the front drive shaft may need to be            information or contact 1-
                                            include a component that            Approximately 1,400 vehicles         replaced. The inspection is estimated           888-TOYOTA-8.
                                            contains cracks that developed      were affected.                       to take ten minutes. The inspection         •   Upon receipt of a letter to
                                            during the manufacturing                                                 and/or replacement will be performed            the owner identifying an
                                            process. As those vehicles are                                           at no cost to the vehicle owner.                affected vehicle, contact
                                            used, the cracks may eventually                                                                                          your local dealer to schedule
                                            lead to the separation of the                                                                                            an appointment for repair.
                                            drive shaft at the joint portion.
Toyota Extends Brake Override               Toyota Canada today announced       The following models have been       The brake override feature is not an        •   It will be installed on Tacoma
Feature to Provide an Additional            that it will install a brake        added to the list of vehicles that   integral part of the campaigns currently        and Venza at the same time
Measure of Customer Confidence              override system on an expanded      will receive the brake override      being undertaken by Toyota Canada               as the improvements
                                            range of customers’ vehicles to     upgrade:                             which include Tacoma and Venza                  previously announced for
Transport Canada notified on February 22,   provide an additional measure of    •     2005-2010 Tacoma and           models but is being added as an extra           those models are performed.
2010; Announced February 23, 2010           confidence. This braking system           2009-2010 Venza.               measure of confidence for Toyota            •   Notification to customers
                                            enhancement will automatically      •     In addition, Toyota Canada     owners. It will be installed on Tacoma          regarding brake override
                                            reduce engine power when the              will provide the brake         and Venza at the same time as the               installation for Sequoia will be
                                            brake pedal and the accelerator           override system for owners     improvements previously announced for           sent separately.
                                            pedal are applied simultaneously          of 2008-2010 Sequoia           those models are performed.
                                            under certain driving conditions.         vehicles.
                                                                                Toyota previously announced          In addition to upgrades on existing
                                            Extension of the brake override     that the system would be             vehicles, this feature is scheduled to be
                                            system to the expanded range of     installed onto the:                  incorporated into future new production
                                            models is the latest step in        •     2007-2010 Camry,               of most Toyota and Lexus models sold
                                            Toyota’s commitment to building     •     2005-2010 Avalon,              in Canada by the end of 2010.
                                            the safest and most reliable        •     2007-2010 Lexus ES 350,
                                            vehicles on the road and to         •     2006-2010 IS 350
                                            ensuring our customers are          •     2006-2010 IS 250
                                            confident in the cars and trucks
                                            they drive.

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