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Eating Protein to Gain Weight and Build Muscle


The best food to gain weight is protein, for many reasons. Here we will explain how to build muscle by eating protein as part of a weight gain diet plan. We’ll also explain what protein does in your body and why it’s important to building muscle size and strength.

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									                  Eating Protein To Gain Weight
                   And Build Muscles Quickly
                                           There are many reasons why people would
                                           like to gain weight and build muscle mass. For
                                           some, the reason is for a stronger and tougher
                                           body, so that they can perform better in their
                                           respective sports. For others, it’s because
                                           they’re too skinny and want to be bigger.

                                           Typically for a guy, looking good means
                                           having a bulky muscular body that is ripped.
                                           In their quest for weight gain, the use of
                                           protein supplements and a high protein diet
                                           will accomplish this objective of gaining
                                           muscle mass.

                                            But how does protein actually help muscle
growth? What type of food is protein-rich? What are some of the supplements that can be
used to increase your daily protein intake to feed that muscle growth? These are some of
the questions we’ll answer in this article.

I’m sure we all remember the balanced diet pyramid diagram from our school days. In the
balanced diet pyramid, protein occupies the middle third of the pyramid, which means
that in terms of volume of protein product intake, it should be moderate to fulfill the
needs of the average person.

Protein serves two main purposes in the body. First, it provides the building blocks in
amino acid form for growth and development of the body, in particular the muscles.

Second, protein helps the body to repair damage tissues in the body. For a person
performing intense weight training to gain weight and build muscles, protein is more
important than for the average person.

When there is exercise at high intensity, not only does stimulation takes place for the
muscles to grow bigger, muscles and tissues also suffer from damage and break down.
These need to be repaired and protein nutrients provide the materials for this repair work.

In addition to that, muscle growth can only take place when sufficient raw materials
(proteins) are available within the body system. For someone on a serious weight gaining
program, the intake of protein must be increase from what is recommended in the old
balanced diet pyramid you remember from school.

Most fitness and health experts recommend 1.5 - 2 grams of protein intake for every
pound of bodyweight for a person on a weight gaining and muscle building program. If
the person weighs 150 pounds, he will have to ensure that he consumes up to 300 grams
of protein in a day during his training period.

This average is certainly more than what is recommended for someone on a normal diet.
To get this amount of protein, you’ll have to eat a lot of lean meat, fish, eggs, milk and
other dairy products.

These sources are high in protein, because they are essentially muscles of animals and
fish. Lean beef for example is actually muscles of beef from non fatty regions like the leg
and so on where less fat is found. Eggs and milk contain lots of high protein content that
promotes muscle repair and growth.

Trying to get all the protein from food can be a challenge. Sometimes, the protein intake
from these natural sources has to be supplemented by protein powder to ensure that
sufficient amount of protein nutrients are available for growth.

Protein powders are widely available in the market in health food stores and online.
These powders are easily mixed into drinks and shakes for easy consumption. But when
choosing your protein powder it’s important to avoid products that contain too much
sugar and calorie laden. These forms of protein powders can promote fat gain, which is
really not what we want.

Your best bet is sticking to protein isolate. It’s more expensive than protein concentrate,
but it’s a more pure form of protein and is more easily digestible.

Now you can see why protein is an important food to gain weight. It's necessary to repair
muscle fibers that get broken down during high intensity exercise. When you've got
enough protein in your diet you allow your muscles to grow back bigger and stronger.

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