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					                        INTERVIEW WITH STEVE ASHEIM OF DEICIDE

1. Hello, Steve. It’s Stoyan from Brutallica Magazine, Bulgaria.
- Hi, how are you doing out there?

2. I’m fine, thanks. Where are you calling me from?
- From London.

3. Steve, I was just listening to the album for the 5th or 6th time. “Till Death Do Us Part” is out on
April 28th. The production is killer! Are you personally satisfied with how the album sounds?
- Yes, I am. I’m really happy as a matter of fact. This is definitely one of my best productions ever, if
not, in years. The next one that comes closest would be the “Once Upon The Cross” production. Having
in mind the quality of the tracks and the mastering that was done, this is definitely our top production
piece, talking about technical studio production.

4. It really sounds brutal. I should ask you about the title. Was there any particular reason for you
to choose it? It sounds a bit unusual for DEICIDE?
- Yes, I think it is unusual for DEICIDE. All lyrics, titles and words are basically handled by Glen, so it
always comes from his unique perspective. Considering his current state of affairs, he wrote about his
life, in a very angry manner. So, the titles are maybe a bit unusual for DEICIDE, but looking at the
lyrics, they are probably some of the most hate-filled epics ever; I think his most hateful actually and his
voice is very brutal. If you know what I do, what he’s going through and what he’s trying to say, then,
yes, this is the time to get a fuller picture of Glen and what he is about. If you’ve heard any rumors and
then read the lyrics, then you know what it’s all about and you know it’s real. It’s real anger.

5. I think everybody will agree that the new album is much more brutal than its predecessor –
“The Stench Of Redemption” and it really makes impression that you have brought back the
brutality of your earlier work. Was that intentional or, as you said, it was just a consequence of
what both you and Glen have been through?
- If you remember, when “The Stench Of Redemption” came out, people were saying – “oh, they’ve
brought forth the melodic aspect, the leads are so melodic” and so on, so we were looking to negate any
melodic aspect that this album would have. That is not to say we didn’t want harmony guitars or
melodic solos, no, but we didn’t want the kind of “hopeful”, “happy” melody, you know what I mean?
We just gave the melodies “that” type of dark, disharmonic feeling and that gave the album this dark
tonality musically.

6. You just answered a great part of my next question. It was connected with the fact that “The
Stench Of Redemption” was probably the most melodic DEICIDE album, having in mind the
killer lead guitarwork of Ralph. Now, although he still plays in “Till Death Do Us Part”, the flashy
melodic guitar solos are reduced to the minimum. Does that mean you were not satisfied with how
“The Stench Of Redemption” turned out or it was just a natural thing?
- No, we were all satisfied with “The Stench Of Redemption” for sure. That’s a great record, it stands up
on its own but we didn’t want to replicate it. We were trying to get back to the grimmer aspects of
DEICIDE that people were used to and certainly I was used to. In fact, these melodic aspects have been
there even before “The Stench…”. What happened was that Ralph and Jack were still new in the band
and this was the first recording with them and it was kind of new and exciting for us all. I didn’t want to
come down and say “that stuff is too melodic”. I was just so blown away by all of this guitar work that I
was just happy with everything, because we never had that kind of quality guitar work on our records
before. This doesn’t mean the honeymoon is over; we just felt it was going too melodic, so let’s just start
messing it back right now and see what happens, haha.
7. Steve, I read over the internet that Ralph is no longer a full-time member of DEICIDE and he
only helped you in the studio. Who will play lead guitars on the road and do you plan to look for a
permanent replacement for Ralph?
- There is no problem with that right now because we are not touring, we are not going on the road any
kind soon that I know of. So that’s not something we have to worry about. We are eventually going back
on the road, whether it’s this year or next year or whenever and if Ralph is available, I’m pretty sure he
will step up on the road with us and if he’s not available then we’ll get someone else and we’ve go t
some people in mind. And I’d always expect DEICIDE to have some shredding guitar work. So there
will be someone in there.

8. You say you don’ plan going on the road any sooner. Why is that?
- Well, the fact is that Glen has this personal problem that he has to resolve before he can get back on
the road. It’s a big deal, it hasn’t been resolved yet and it’s going over for a year and a half now and it
has the potential to go on through the rest of this year at least and maybe into next year. So, it’s safe to
say we will not be on tour this summer or this fall. There’s a slight chance we go on the road after that,
but I’m not holding my breath for that either because I thought we were going on the road last month
and we didn’t. I’m not gonna say anything because it hasn’t happened yet and when I say something it
looks stupid every time.

9. Now, in 2008, do you still have problems with censorship in the States?
- Mmm, not really! What happens is that there is freedom of speech in both directions. There are people
that criticize but they are free to do so as we are free to say whatever we wanna say. That’s the good
thing about America. There are always such people but they are not from the government. The come to
our shows and say shit but are not a thing to worry about.

10. It’s good to hear that! Steve, do you personally follow the extreme scene nowadays? You have
some really promising labelmates on Earache like EVILE, MINICIPAL WASTE. What do you
think about this?
- Talking about this whole new generation of Thrash bands, I think that’s really cool. I’m not listening to
much music besides our own so I don’t know if this is as big as they say it is. It is good, because it’s
always been us, CANNIBAL CORPSE and MORBID ANGEL and now there is this new wave of Death
Metal bands coming out. It means that what we’ve done has never rally died if there are living tributes
of it. The more bands are coming out, the better that is for everybody.

11. Steve, judging from your personal experience, especially with DEICIDE, does an extreme
metal band need to be controversial in order to be successful or it could count on good music only?
- It has to be a little controversial, of course, because it’s gonna get your name and pictures out there.
It’s gonna get you on screens, TV shows and internet sites. But you have to have the quality product to
back that up. You have to act both, you got to have the whole package. You can’t just be a good band
with nothing else to show – you’d be e bunch of boring Americans. On the other hand you could be the
most over-the-top band and suck musically. You should try to be both to be successful.

12. Tell me something about keeping yourself fit on the road, especially in your case, being one of
the most intense and technical drummers. How do you keep up through all these years?
- I just basically try and stay in shape, because playing that shit is not easy. You got to really break
yourself in half to get out there and play that shit. You gotta be in shape to play for an hour and be in
general good health to do an entire tour and you have to be in a REALLY good shape to do 80 tours,
haha. Being a drummer in Death Metal, you just have to be in good shape. Look at people who are not in
such good shape and are trying to do it – you’ll see that their skill are lacking or they will need more
help in the studio or they do a pound of cocaine before they do a show or they do a case of Red Bulls.
You know what I mean?

13. Yes. Final question, Steve. I wanna ask you about the personal relationship among the
members of the band now. We all know that you had problems with the Hoffman brothers in the
past. Now the band includes one, so-called “new” member in the face of Jack Owen. What can you
tell us about him and how are things going on a personal level in the band now?
- Jack is a wild man! He is out of his mind crazy, but he is a DEICIDE-do. He stepped up for DEICIDE
from the first moment we needed him and is till with us. A guy like that is actually pretty rare, because
he is very talented and very dependable. Jacko is the man!

14. I am happy to hear that and that everything is OK at least in this respect. Thank you very
much for this interview, Steve.
- Thanks you for your time and for digging the album.

15. Let’s really hope that everything will be solved soon and the band will hit the road.
-I certainly hope so and I would like nothing more than that – getting on the road and blowing people’s
faces off!

                                                                                         Stoyan Tsonev

                                               THE END