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									                                                                                  Ms. Mouzon-SRL-1

                             Ms. Mouzon’s suggested Reading List
                                    Sophomore Seminar

 Book Title                                                       Author
Purple Hibiscus                                                    Adichie, Chimamanda
Jimi and Me                                                        Adoff, Jaime
Death in the Family                                                Agee, James
House of the Spirits                                               Allende, Isabel
The Savage                                                         Almond, David
How the Garcia Girls Got Their Accents                             Alvarez, Julia
Chains                                                             Anderson, Laurie Halse
The Astonishing Life of Octavian Nothing,                          Anderson, M.T.
Traitor to the Nation, Volume II, The
Kingdom on the Waves
Ugly Ways                                                          Ansa, Tina
You Know Better
Egypt V.S. Greece and the American                                 Asante, Molefi
Thirteen Reasons Why                                               Asher, Jay
The Rhyming Season                                                 Averett, Edward
The Boy Who Dared                                                  Bartoletti, Susan Campbell
Best Foot Forward                                                  Bauer, Joan
In the Black                                                       Bell, Gregory S
 The Last Knight                                                   Bell, Hilari
Seize the Day                                                      Bellow, Saul
Store-Brought Baby                                                 Belton, Sandra
Audrey, Wait!                                                      Benway, Robin
Dog Jack                                                           Biros, Florence W.
Naughts & Crosses                                                  Blackman, Marjorie
Wasteland                                                          Block, Francesca
Compound                                                           Bodeen, S. A.
Drop City                                                          Boyle, T. Coragh.
24 Girls in 7 Days                                                 Bradley, Alex
A Great and Terrible Beauty                                        Bray, Libba
Faerie Wars                                                        Brenna, Herble
Home is Everything: The Latin Baseball Story                       Breton, Marcos

                                                                                 Ms. Mouzon-SRL-2

Desert Crossing                                                   Broach Elise
Labyrinths                                                        Broges, Jorge Luis

The Road of the Dead                                              Brooks, Kevin
Kissing the Rain
True Confessions of a Heartless Girl                              Brooks, Martha
Lemon City                                                        Brown, Elaine, Meryl
Ask Me No Questions                                               Bubhos, Marina
Conception                                                        Buckhanon, Kalisha
A Curse Dark as Gold                                              Bunce, Elizabeth
Sophie                                                            Burt, Guy
Can Black Mothers Raise Our Son                                   Bush, Lawson V.
Airhead                                                           Cabot, Meg
Someday This Pain Will Be Useful to You                           Cameron, Peter
Runner                                                            Carl Deuker,
The Education of Little Tree                                      Carter, Forest
Graceling.                                                        Cashore, Kristin
My Antonia                                                        Cather, Willa
Don Quixote                                                       Cervantes, Miguel de
Marisol and Magdalena                                             Chambers, Veronica
Mama’s Girl
The Awakening                                                     Chopin, Kate
Running the Risk                                                  Choyce, Lesley
Kalpana’s Dream                                                   Clarke, Judith
A Stone in My Hand                                                Clinton, Cathryn
Tell No One                                                       Coben, Harlan
Prep                                                              Coburn, Jake
Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist                                Cohn, Rachel and Levithan,
Born in Sin                                                       Coleman, Evelyn
I, Tituba, Black Witch of Salem                                   Condé, Maryse
Waiting for Normal                                                Conner, Leslie
Code Orange                                                       Cooney, Caroline
 Hit the road
The Chocolate War                                                 Cormier, Robert
 Skin Deep                                                        Crane, E. M
What Mr. Mattero Did                                              Cummings, Priscilla

                                                                                Ms. Mouzon-SRL-3

Wonder When You’ll Miss Me                                        Davis, Amanda
Chocolate Thunder                                                 Dawkins, Darryl
Blue Bloods                                                       De la Cruz, Melissa
Mexican White Boy.                                                de la Pena, Matt
I Juan de Pareja                                                  De Trevino, Elizabeth Borton
Robinson Crusoe                                                   Defoe, Daniel

 Impact                                                           Dekker, James C
Just Listen                                                       Dessen, Sarah
How My Private, Personal Journal Became                           DeVillers, Julia
a Bestseller
Great Expectations                                                Dickens, Charles
Little Brother                                                    Doctorow, Cory
A Northern Light                                                  Donnelly, Jennifer
Playing It Cool                                                   Dorfman, Joaquin
A Yellow Raft in Blue Water                                       Dorris, Michael
Crime and Punishment                                              Dostoevski, Feodor
Forged by Fire                                                    Draper, Sharon
Copper Sun
The Souls of Black Folk                                           Dubois, W.E.B.
Joining the Tribe: Growing Up Gay and                             Due, Linnea.
Lesbian in the '90's.
The Count of Monte Cristo                                         Dumas, Alexander
The Three Musketeers
Invisible Man                                                     Ellison, Ralph
Flying Home
Carlos Is Gonna Get It                                            Emerson, Kevin
The Poet Slave of Cuba: A Biography of                            Engle, Margarita
Juan Franciso Manzano
Like Water for Chocolate                                          Esquivel, Laura

As I Lay Dying                                                    Faulkner, William
Abraham: A Journey to the Heart of Three                          Feiler, Bruce
The Sisters of Theta Phi Kappa                                    Ferrin, Kayla
Breathing Underwater                                              Finn, Alexandra
The Skin I’m In                                                   Flake, Sharon
Money Hungry
Begging For Change
Madame Bovary                                                     Flaubert, Gustave

                                                                                 Ms. Mouzon-SRL-4

Breakout                                                          Fleischman, Paul
Fade to Black                                                     Flinn, Alex
Skud                                                              Foon, Dennis
A Passage to India                                                Forster, E. M.
The True Meaning of Cleavage                                      Fredericks, Mariah
Stay with Me                                                      Freymann-Weyr, Garret
The Kings Are Already Here
Lush                                                              Friend, Natasha
China Homecoming                                                  Fritz, Jean
Keesha’ House                                                     Frost, Helen
The Death of Artemio Cruz                                         Fuentes, Carlos
The Wolves in the Walls                                           Gaiman, Neil
 The Graveyard Book
On the Fringe                                                     Gallo, Donald R.
Fat Kid Rules the World                                           Going, K.L.
Lord of the Flies                                                 Golding, William

Dark Sons Poetry                                                  Grimes, Nikki
Mind Games                                                        Grunwell, Jeanne
The Autobiography of Malcolm X                                    Haley, Alex
Shooting Monarchs                                                 Halliday, John
The Healer’s Keep                                                 Hanley, Victoria
Not As Crazy As I Seem                                            Harrar, George
Grand and Humble                                                  Hartinger, Brent
Rash                                                              Hautman, Pete
Olive’s Ocean                                                     Henkes, Kevin
For All We Know                                                   Henry, Bernard Jr.
Kon Tiki                                                          Heyerdahl, Thor
Flush                                                             Hiaasen, Carl
An Ordinary Woman                                                 Hill, Donna
Defiance                                                          Hobbs, Valerie
The Winter Road                                                   Hokenson, Terry
Tweaked                                                           Holubitsky, Katherine
Mates, Dates, and Inflatable Bras                                 Hopkins, Cathy
Burned                                                            Hopkins, Ellen
Why Sleeping Dogs Lie                                             Howard, Tracie
Gotcha                                                            Hrdlitschka, Shelley
Open Ice                                                          Hughes, Pat
Five Miles to Empty                                               Imes, Jarold

                                                                                  Ms. Mouzon-SRL-5

U Can’t Break Me
Perfect World                                                     James, Brian
Worlds Afire                                                      Janeczko, Paul B.
Over A Thousand Hills I Walk With You                             Jansen, Hanna

Out of Order                                                      Jenkins, A.M.
Red Scarf Girl: A Memior of the Cultural                          Jiang, Ji-Li
A Fast and Brutal Wing                                            Johnson, Kathleen Jeffrie
A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man                           Joyce, James
The Trial                                                         Kafla, Franz
The Liars’ Club: A Memoir.                                        Karr, Mary
Flowers for Algernon                                              Keyes, Daniel
Boy Girl Boy                                                      Koertge,Ron
Talk                                                              Koja, Kathe
Born to Rock                                                      Korman, Gordon
Side Effects                                                      Koss, Amy Goldman
There Are No Children Here:…Growing Up                            Kotlotwitz, Alex
in Urban America
 Rebound                                                          Krech, Bob
Harvesting Hope: The Story of Ceasar                              Krull, Kathleen
No Choirboy: Murder, Violence and                                 Kuklin, Susan
Teenagers on Death Row.
Pitch Black                                                       Landowne, Youme and Anthony
The Bottoms                                                       Lansdale, Joe R.
Angry Little Girls                                                Lee, Lela
Day of Tears                                                      Lester, Julius
The Realm of Possibility Poetry                                   Levithan, David

The Boyfriend List: 15 Guys, 11 Shrink                            Lockhart, E.
Appointments, 4 Ceramic Frogs, and Me,
Ruby Oliver
 The Disreputable History of Frankie
The Call of the Wild                                              London, Jack
Home Is East                                                      Ly, Many
Rx                                                                Lynn, Tracy

                                                                               Ms. Mouzon-SRL-6

Eddie’s Ordeal                                                    Lyons, Kelly Starling
Crush                                                             Mac, Carrie
Jellicoe Road                                                     Marchetta, Melina
The Fisher King                                                   Marshall, Paule
Back                                                              McClintock, Norah
The Member of the Wedding                                         McCullers, Carson
John Adams                                                        McCullough, David
Hooked on Hoops                                                   McNutt, Kevin
Doormat                                                           McWilliams, Kelly
Twilight                                                          Meyer, Stephenie
New Moon
Makeovers by Marcia                                               Mills, Claudia
The Man in My Basement: A Novel                                   Mosley, Walter
Fearless Jones
Walkin’ the Dog
Dairy Queen                                                       Murdock, Catherine Gilbert
Bad Boy: A Memoir                                                 Myers, Walter Dean
145th Street Stories
The Righteous Revenge of Artemis Bonner
A Time to Love: Stories from the Old
Street Love
Rhymes with Witches                                               Myracle, Lauren
The Other Side of Truth                                           Naidoo, Beverly
Out of Bounds: Seven Stories of Conflict
and Hope
Ahab’s Wife                                                       Naslund, Sena, Jeter
The New Rules of High School                                      Nelson, Blake
Jailbait                                                          Newman, Leslea
Seeker                                                            Nicholson, William
Going Going                                                       Nye, Naomi Shiahab
A Good Man is Hard to Find                                        O’Connor, Flannery
Freaky Green Eyes                                                 Oates, Joyce
Unseen Companion                                                  Orenstein, Denise
Cuba 15                                                           Osa, Nancy
A Different Kind of Heat                                          Pagliarulio, Antonio
The River Between Us                                              Peck, Richard
Unexpected Development                                            Perez, Marlene

                                                                                 Ms. Mouzon-SRL-7

Keeping You a Secret                                              Peters, Julie Anne
 Between Mom and Jo
Terrier                                                           Pierce, Tamora
The Bell Jar                                                      Plath, Sylvia
The She                                                           Plum-Ucci, Carol
Hot Bodies, Cool Styles                                           Polhemus, Ted
The Conspiracy to Destroy Black Woman                             Porter, Michael
Malka                                                             Pressler, Mirjam
Dead Connection                                                   Price, Charlie
After                                                             Prose, Francine
Slumming                                                          Randle, Kristen D.
33 Snowfish                                                       Rapp, Adam
Harmless                                                          Reinhardt, Dana
Always Running: La Vida Loca, Gang Days                           Rodriguez, Luis
in L.A.
Hunger of Memory: The Education of                                Rodriguez, Richard
Richard Rodriguez
The Burn Journals                                                 Runyon, Brent
God Went to Beauty School                                         Rylant, Cynthia
Finding Our Way: Stories                                          Saldana, Rene
Almost a Woman                                                    Santiago, Esmera;da
Chew on This: Everything You Don’t Want to                        Schlosser, Eric & Charles Wilson
Know about Fast Food
The Foreshadowing                                                 Sedgwick, Marcus
The Boy from the Basement                                         Shaw, Susan
Flavor of the Week                                                Shaw, Tucker
The Schwa Was Here                                                Shusterman, Neil
Pool Boy                                                          Simmons Michael
The Corner: A Year in the life of an Inner-                       Simon, David, et al
City Neighborhood
Dust.                                                             Slade, Arthur
Test                                                              Sleator, William
A Really Nice Prom Mess                                           Sloan, Brian
Hamlet’s Dresser: A Memoir                                        Smith, Bob
What My Mother Doesn’t Know                                       Sonya, Sones
Club Dread                                                        Sorrells, Walter
Neighborhood Odes                                                 Soto, Gary
Doppelganger                                                      Stahler, David

                                                                                 Ms. Mouzon-SRL-8

Under the Persimmon Tree                                          Staples, Suzanne Fisher
Can’t Get There from Here                                         Strasser, Todd
Headlock                                                          Sweeney, Joyce
Waiting for June
Bonesetter’s Daughter                                             Tan, Amy
Why Are All the Black Kids Sitting Together in                    Tatum, Beverly
the Cafeteria?
The Cay                                                           Taylor, Theodore
Knights of the Hill Country                                       Tharp, Tim
The Prodigal Husband                                              Thomas, Jacqueline
Please Don’t Kill the Freshman: A Memoir                          Trope, Zoe
Inside Out                                                        Trueman, Terry
Riley Park 9                                                      Tullson, Diane
Lucky                                                             Vail, Rachel
Snitch                                                            Van Diepen, Allison
Deep                                                              Vance, Susanna
Runaways: Volume One                                              Vaughan, Brian
Trigger                                                           Vaught, Susan
The Brothers Torres                                               Voorhees, Coert
Skin                                                              Vrettos, Adrienne Marie
Playing without the Ball                                          Wallace, Rich
Surviving Hitler                                                  Warren, Andrea
Generation Dead                                                   Waters, Daniel
Quad                                                              Watson, C. G.
Claws                                                             Weaver, Will
Thirteen Stories                                                  Welty, Eudora
Peeps                                                             Westerfeld, Scott
Certain Slant of Light                                            Whitcomb, Laura
Boy Kills Man                                                     Whyman, Matt
The Kayla Chronicles                                              Winston, Sherri
Behind You                                                        Woodson, Jacqueline
 After Tupac and D Foster
Prozac Nation                                                     Wurtzel, Elizabeth
Dragon’s Gate                                                     Yep, Laurence
The Book Thief                                                    Zusak, Marcus
Getting the Girl


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