Assignment of Judgment

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									This is an agreement which transfers the rights and benefits of a court judgment from
one party to another. A person who has successfully obtained a court ordered judgment
(the "Assignor") can wholly transfer their interest in the judgment to a third party (the
"Assignee"). The Assignee must pay a purchase price for the Assignment of Judgment
and after execution of this document will be the exclusive owner of the rights and
benefits of the judgment. This agreement is ideal for small businesses or individuals
that want to sell or buy a court ordered judgment.
                        ASSIGNMENT OF JUDGMENT

THIS ASSIGNMENT ("Assignment”) is made on this ______ day of ______, 20____
[Instruction: Insert Date] (the “Effective Date”), by and between _______________________
[Instruction: Insert Name of Assignor], of _______________________ [Instruction: Insert
Address] (hereinafter referred to as "Assignor"), and _____________________, [Instruction:
Insert Name of Assignee], of _______________________ [Instruction: Insert Address]
(hereinafter referred to as “Assignee”). Assignor and Assignee are hereinafter cumulatively
referred to in this Assignment as the “Parties.”

WHEREAS, judgment (the “Judgment”) was entered on _________________ [Instruction:
Insert Date], in favor of Assignor against _____________ [Instruction: Insert Name(s) of
Judgment Debtor(s)] in Case Number ________________ [Instruction: Insert Case Number],
short-titled ___________________ v. ___________________ [Instruction: Insert Short Title
of Case], filed in the __________ Court [Instruction: Insert Court Name ] of the State of
______________ [Instruction: Insert Court State], County of _____________ [Instruction:
Insert Court County]. A true and correct copy of the Judgment is attached hereto as Exhibit
“A.” The Judgment [Instruction: Choose One: “has not been renewed” [or] “was renewed
on _________________ (Instruction: Insert Date), and a copy of the renewal is attached
hereto as Exhibit ‘B’”]; and

WHEREAS, the Assignee desires to purchase and take by assignment the Judgment and the
Assignor hereby agrees to sell and assign the said Judgment to Assignee.

NOW, THEREFORE, for and in consideration of the covenants and obligations contained
herein, and for other good and valuable consideration, the Assignor and Assignee represent and
agree as follows:


Assignor hereby, and without recourse, sells, assigns and transfers to the Assignee and
Assignee’s successors, assigns and personal representatives any and all of its right, title and
interest in Assignor has in and to the Judgment, under the terms and conditions set forth in this
Assignment. The rights represented by the Judgment that are assigned to the Assignee are the
rights of the Assignor to receive payments in satisfaction of the Judgment and all other rights
under the Judgment. This is an absolute assignment of the full amount of the Judgment in the
sum of _______________ Dollars ($______) [Instruction: Insert Judgment Amount], together
with accrued interest thereon at the legal rate from and after the date of entry of the Judgment.


In consideration for the rights assigned to Assignee under this Assignment, upon the Effective
Date, Assignee agrees to pay Assignor the total sum of _______________ Dollars ($______)
[Instruction: Insert Purchase Amount].

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   A. Assignor makes the following representations and warranties to Assignee:

      i.   Assignor is the sole party in whose favor the Judgment was entered.

      ii. As of the Effective Date, Assignor has not received any funds in satisfaction of the
Judgment [Instruction: Insert, If Applicable: except for the payments received on the dates
set forth in the schedule attached hereto as Exhibit “C”].

    iii. Assignor has the right, power, legal capacity, and authority to execute and deliver this
Assignment and Acceptance Agreement and to perform all obligations required of Assignor

     iv.   As of the Effective Date, Assignor has made no previous assignment of the Judgment
to any other person or entity, has not transferred, excused or forgiven any part of the Judgment or
any person or entity obligated thereon, and there exists no attorneys’ lien on any part of the

      v. As of the Effective Date, there is due, owing and payable on the Judgment the

       Principal         $_______ Instruction: Insert Amount]
       Interest          $_______ Instruction: Insert Amount]
       Costs             $_______ Instruction: Insert Amount]
       Attorney fees     $_______ Instruction: Insert Amount]
       Other             $_______ Instruction: Insert Amount]

       TOTAL             $_______ Instruction: Insert Amount]

     vi.    No claim has been made known to Assignor as of the date of this Assignment which
seeks to attack, avoid, set aside or invalidate the interests which are being assigned herein, and
no appeal of the Judgment has been filed. The Judgment is fully enforceable and not subject to
any stay of enforcement. Further, Assignor has no knowledge of any defense, offset, or claim of
recoupment with regard to the Judgment.

    vii.   Assignor has not entered into any agreements or modifications to the Judgment other
than as set forth herein. Assignor is unaware of any claims that the Judgment is not fully

    viii. Upon the execution of this Assignment and the documents executed in connection
herewith, the Assignee, to the extent provided in this Assignment, shall have the rights and
obligations of the Judgment Creditor, and the Assignor, to the extent provided in this
Assignment, shall relinquish its rights under the Judgment.

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    B. Assignee makes the following representations and warranties to Assignor:

      i.   Assignee confirms that Assignee has done Assignee’s own due diligence with respect
to Assignee’s purchase of the Judgment and Assignee has received copies of the Judgment, and
further agrees that Assignee has independently and without reliance upon Assignor, based upon
Assignee’s own due diligence and all other actions as it has deemed appropriate, made
Assignee’s own independent decision to purchase the Judgment from Assignor.

     ii. Assignee has the right, power, legal capacity and authority to execute and deliver this
Assignment and to perform all obligations of Assignee in accordance with the terms of this

    C. Each Party agrees to indemnify and hold the other harmless from and against any loss,
cost, or expense, including attorney fees and court costs, which may result from a breach of any
of the warranties set forth in this paragraph.


Assignor agrees to cooperate with Assignee and its designees to the extent Assignee deems
reasonably necessary to assist Assignee in enforcement of the Judgment and the execution of any
further documents or testimony required in connection with any such enforcement. Assignee
shall not be obligated to pay Assignor for any such further actions Assignee may deem necessary
to enforce the Judgment or this Assignment.


    A. This Assignment and the exhibits attached hereto, constitutes the entire and exclusive
agreement between the Parties with respect to the subject matter of this Assignment, and may be
altered and amended only by a writing signed by the party to be charged. All prior or
contemporaneous oral agreements relating to the subject matter of this Assignment are merged
into this written Assignment.

    B. This Assignment shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of the
State of ________ [Instruction: Insert State], applicable to agreements to be wholly performed
therein, with jurisdiction exclusive to the Federal and State courts located in the County of
_____________ [Instruction: Insert County], State of ______________ [Instruction: Insert


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IN WITNESS WHEREOF, this Assignment has been duly executed by the Assignor and
Assignee the day and date first above written.


________________________________ [Instruction: sign]
By: ___________________________ [Instruction: Insert Name of Signatory]

SSN or FED ID: ___________________________ [Instruction: Insert Social Security
Number or Taxpayer ID]


________________________________ [Instruction: sign]
By: ___________________________ [Instruction: Insert Name of Signatory]

SSN or FED ID: ___________________________ [Instruction: Insert Social Security
Number or Taxpayer ID]

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