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									This Private Sale Notice is delivered to the current owner of items or collateral. The
notice informs the owner of the items or collateral that the party sending the notice
intends to sell the items or collateral at a private sale being held on a certain date which
is listed in the notice. This notice directs for the owner to pay a certain sum due and
owing prior to the sale date in order to recover the items or collateral. The document
may be customized to fit the specific needs of the individual. It should be used by an
individual or company that is owed money by another party, and in possession of the
other party's property.
                                    PRIVATE SALE NOTICE


                                     [NAME OF RECIPIENT--PERSON WHOSE GOODS ARE

                                         [ADDRESS OF RECIPIENT]

Dear                                 :

Re:      Private Sale Notice

This is our formal Notice to you that the undersigned intends to sell by private sale, on the _____
day of _________________, 201_____, the items listed on Schedule “A” annexed hereto.

In the event you do not wish the items contained on Schedule “A” to be sold by private sale to a
potential purchaser, please deliver the sum due and owed, in the amount of _______________
($_______) Dollars to the undersigned on or before the _____ day of _______________,

In the event we do not receive payment from you by the date indicated above, please note that
you will be held liable to the full extent permitted by the laws of the applicable jurisdiction, for
all costs incurred by the undersigned for the resale of the item.

Yours very truly,

_________________________ [SIGNATURE]

_______________________________________________ [NAME                       AND      TITLE      (IF

___________________________________ [ADDRESS WHERE PAYMENT IS TO BE

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                                                 SCHEDULE “A”

                                              ITEMS TO BE SOLD

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