Personal Appearance Contract

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									This Personal Appearance Contract is made between a sponsor of an event (Sponsor)
and an individual (Talent) to personally appear at the event. The contract sets forth the
material terms and conditions of the agreement including the duration of the
appearance, the compensation details, and provisions regarding cancellation. This
document contains numerous standard provisions that are commonly included in these
types of agreements and may be customized to fit the specific needs of the parties.
This should be used by organizations that sponsor events and individuals who are paid
to make personal appearances.
                                                                 Personal Appearance Contract

      THIS PERSONAL APPEARANCE CONTRACT (the “Contract”), is made this ___ day of
___________, 2____, by and between _________________ (the “Sponsor”) and
_________________ (the “Talent”).


1.    The Talent agrees that he/she/they shall make a personal appearance at the
      __________________ Event (the “Event”) held by the Sponsor on the _____ day of
      ____________, 2____ at ___________________ (the “Location”).

2.    The Talent shall personally appear at the Event at the Location for a duration of not less
      than _______ (___) hours. The Talent shall personally appear at the Event commencing
      at _____ a.m./p.m. and shall remain at the Event for the duration referenced above.

3.    The Talent shall provide the following list of items and/or equipment for use by the
      Talent at the Event:




4.    The Sponsor shall provide the following items and/or equipment to the Talent for use at
      the Event:




5.    The Sponsor agrees that it shall pay the sum of _______________ ($_________) Dollars
      (the “Consideration”) to the Talent for the Talent’s personal appearance at the Event at
      the Location. The Sponsor shall deliver to the Talent or his/her/their representative, a
      deposit in the sum of _____________ ($_______) Dollars upon execution of this
      Contract to be applied towards the total Consideration. The balance of the
      Consideration due and owing to the Talent shall be paid to the Talent or his/her/their
      representative at the end of the Event.

6.    The Sponsor and the Talent shall have the right to cancel the personal appearance by
      the Talent by providing ________ (___) advance days’ written notice to the other party.
      Upon a party receiving such written notice, each party shall be released from any and all
      liability in connection therewith and the deposit shall be returned by the Talent to the
      Sponsor in full.

7.    In the event the Sponsor or the Talent cancels the personal appearance at the Event due
      to accidents, riots, strikes, destruction of the Location, acts of God or sickness or for any
      other reason beyond the direct control of the Sponsor or Talent such party cancelling
      the personal appearance at the Event shall not be held liable in any way.

8.    The Talent hereby agrees that the Sponsor may use the likeness of the Talent for the
      sole purposes of promoting and advertising the Event.

9.    The Talent hereby agrees that he/she/they will be solely responsible and liable for
      complying with all rules, regulations and laws while at the Event.

10.   The Talent hereby agrees that he/she/they will indemnify and hold the Sponsor
      harmless from and against any losses or damages incurred by the Talent while at the
      Event, including indemnifying the Sponsor for any injuries or bodily harm incurred by
      the Talent.

11.   This Contract shall not be assigned by either party hereto without the prior written
      consent of the other party.

       IN WITNESS WHEREOF the parties have duly executed this Contract under their
hands and seals as of the day and year first written above.


                                                    I have authority to bind the Company.

Witness:                                              Talent

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