Notice of Legal Suit Filed

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									This document is used to notify a defendant that a legal suit has been commenced
against them. In addition, the notice requests that the defendant waive formal service
procedure. If the defendant does not consent to the waiver of service, they will be
served a formal summons and complaint in the official manner required by law. This
document should be used by individuals or entities to inform a defendant that they have
commenced legal action against them for a particular matter.
                             NOTICE OF LEGAL SUIT FILED

TO:                                                      (the “Defendant”)

RE:                                                                       (the “Matter”)

This is your formal notice that _____________________ (hereinafter, the “Plaintiff”) has
commenced a lawsuit against you in connection with the above-referenced matter.

A copy of the legal suit has been filed with the Court of _______________ [PROVIDE NAME
AND LOCATION OF THE COURT/COURTHOUSE] in the State of __________________
and has been assigned Court File Number ______________. A copy of the legal suit is attached
hereto as Schedule “A” for your reference.

This notice constitutes notice only of the Plaintiff’s legal suit against you.

Please execute and return the Waiver of Service within ______ (___) days of receipt this Notice,
in order to avoid being served with a formal summons.

In the event we receive the executed Waiver of Service within the time frame prescribed above,
the legal suit will proceed, and it will be deemed that you were served on the date the Waiver of
Service is filed with the Court.

In the event you do not execute and return the Waiver of Service within the prescribed time
frame, we shall proceed to effect service in accordance with the rules of the governing
jurisdiction and shall claim costs against you for so doing.

Please read the enclosed statement concerning the duty of parties to waive the service of a formal

THE UNDERSIGNED hereby certifies that this Notice is being sent to you on behalf of the
Plaintiff on the ______ day of _____________, 201_____.


Attorney for the Plaintiff

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