Maternity Leave Notice

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									This is a template for a letter from an employee to the employer giving notice of the
employee’s pregnancy and intended maternity leave. The letter sets out the anticipated
date of leave and the expected date of return. This document is intended to provide
standard language and can be customized to fit the needs of any employee seeking to
notify a company manager or human resources department of that employee’s intent to
take maternity leave.
                                        MATERNITY LEAVE

_______________, 201___) [DATE LETTER IS WRITTEN]

________________________ [COMPANY NAME]
________________________ [COMPANY ADDRESS]

Re:      Notice of Intention to take Maternity Leave

Attention: ________________

Dear                        :

Please accept this letter as my formal notice that I, ____________________ [PROVIDE NAME
OF PERSON REQUESTING MATERNITY LEAVE], am expecting a ______ child, which
is due to be born on or about ______________, 201___.

It is my intention and desire to begin my maternity leave on the _____ day of ____________,
201____, and I anticipate remaining on maternity leave until _____________, 201______ , in
accordance with the laws governing maternity leaves in the State of _______________. Should
the circumstances arise that require that I must begin my maternity leave sooner than the date
anticipated, I will provide you with as much advance written notice as possible.

I confirm that it is my wish and intention to exercise my entitlement for the maternity benefits,
which are currently available to me through the Company’s benefit plan.

In the event that I wish to return to my employment with the Company sooner than anticipated, I
will provide advance written notice of my intention to do so. In the event that I must extend my
maternity leave past the date of my anticipated return, I will promptly notify you of this fact and
the reasons for any such extension.

Would you kindly contact me at your earliest convenience confirming receipt of this maternity
notice letter and your confirmation that you have accepted my notice.

Yours very truly,

_______________________ [SIGNATURE]

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