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									Jesse Kendall
                                123 Elm Street | Miami, FL, 33183 | Cell: 305-444-4444 |

Traveling Nurse
Solution-oriented and dedicated nursing professional with proven versatility in the various aspects of critical
care. Exemplary communicator who demonstrates professionalism and compassion when working with patient,
their families, and other health-care professionals.

Nursing Experience
09/20xx to 11/20xx ABC MEDICAL CENTER, Miami, FL
                   Registered Nurse / Travel Nurse: Progressive Care Unit
                   Provided post-surgery nursing care services to cardiac patients within 33-bed step-down
                   unit from ICU and CCU. Assisted CABG patients and provide nursing care to address acute
                   coronary syndrome, deep vein thrombosis, congestive heart failure, and myocardial infarct.

                       Pioneered the introduction of a swarm team comprising technicians, nurses, and case
                       managers, charged with immediate response to newly admitted patients.

06/20xx to 09/20xx BCD MERCY HOSPITAL, Columbus, OH
                   Registered Nurse / Travel Nurse: Progressive Care Unit
                   Administered specialty drug infusions for nitroglycerin, dopamine, Integrilin, and insulin.
                   Assessed patient health problems and needs, developed and implemented nursing care
                   plans, and maintained medical records.

                       Conferred with cardiologists and medical doctors to report and discuss patient changes,
                       lab values, and emerging patient needs.

12/20xx to 06/20xx CDE MEDICAL CLINIC, Madison, WI
                   Registered Nurse / Travel Nurse: Cancer Care Unit
                   Delivered chemotherapy administration for cancer patients in a 33-bed unit. Completed
                   PRBCs, platelets, and immunoglobulin infusions, assessing patients’ reactions to
                   chemotherapy drugs and blood products with high-risk side effects.

                       Elevated patient satisfaction through collaboration with nursing staff and support team to
                       deliver procedural enhancements.

04/20xx to 12/20xx EFG HEALTH SERVICE, Sacramento, CA
                   Registered Nurse / Travel Nurse: Cancer Care Unit
                   Managed patient pain, continually re-evaluating pain management regimens. Conferred
                   with medical staff to provide the best outcomes possible. Handled patient and family
                   member questions and concerns. Controlled inventory and availability of necessary
                   supplies for patient care.

Nursing Credentials
                    Associate Degree, Nursing: Cerritos Community College, Norwalk, CA, 20xx
                    Certification: RN Certification, CPR, ACLS, PALS, BLS, Chemotherapy

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