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									JESSE KENDALL, CNOR, RN                           123 Elm Street ▪ Hialeah, FL 32003 ▪ 904-555-5555 ▪

January 2, 20XX

Mr. Bailey Addison
ACME Enterprises
456 Oak Street
Orange Park, FL 32003

Dear Mr. Addison,

Your organization's recent advertisement for an operating staff nurse piqued my interest. After reading further details
about the position, I am confident that I would make an outstanding addition to your medical team. My résumé confirms
dynamic leadership skills, the ability to provide high quality patient care, and train staff to competently handle any
emergent situation.

As an operating room staff nurse for ABC Hospital, I lead a team of registered nurses and nursing students in providing
incomparable patient care. In this role, I design curriculum and deliver professional development trainings focused on
medical best practices, innovative research, and emerging surgical techniques. Under my leadership, the staff is more
than adequately prepared for critical situations and highly trained to provide each patient with optimal care.

In addition to patient well-being, it is imperative that workflow, work functions, and overall operations run efficiently across
the operating room. I do my best to ensure systems are top notch and functioning properly. My proactive approach
recently led to a strategic analysis of operating room functionality and culminated in a systematic redesign of procedures
and surgical schedules to streamline operations and maximize overall performance, which resulted in better patient care
and higher levels of satisfaction. Perhaps skills such as mine would be of benefit to your team.

The enclosed résumé highlights my nursing expertise and selected accomplishments. If you would like to discuss my
experience and abilities in greater detail, please do not hesitate to contact me at 904-555-5555.


Jesse Kendall
Jesse Kendall
Enclosure: Résumé

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