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									This House Lease is executed by a landlord and tenant whereby the tenant leases from
the landlord certain premises. This house lease provides for the standard terms and
provisions such as keeping the premises in a good state of repair and prohibiting the
sub-letting of the premises without the landlord's prior written consent. This document in
its draft form contains numerous of the standard clauses commonly used in these types
of agreements, as well as optional language allowing for customization to ensure the
specific terms of the parties' agreement are addressed. Use this document if one is a
landlord that wishes to lease property to a tenant.
                                 HOUSE LEASE
             THIS INDENTURE is made in duplicate as of the _____ day of
__________, 201_____.

B E T W E E N:


                                     (hereinafter, the "Landlord"),

                                               - and -


                                     (hereinafter, the "Tenant"),

                 WITNESS that in consideration of the rents, covenants and agreements
hereinafter reserved and contained on the part of the Tenant, his/her heirs, executors,
administrators, successors and assigns to be paid, observed and performed, the Landlord
hereby leases unto the Tenant, his heirs, executors, administrators, successors and assigns
for use and occupation as residential premises and for no other purpose, all those certain
premises known municipally as ______________________________ [PROVIDE
(hereinafter, , the "Premises") upon the following terms and conditions:

1.00          To have and to hold the Premises for and during the term of
__________________ (___) months/years to be computed from the ____ day of
______________, 201______ and ending on the _____ day of ________________,
20_____, (hereinafter called the "Term").

2.00           Paying to the Landlord during the said Term the sum of
________________ ($_________) Dollars, to be payable in equal consecutive monthly
installments of __________________ ($___________) Dollars, with each payable and
due in advance on the _______ (___) [PROVIDE DAY OF MONTH RENT WILL BE
DUE] day of each and every month during the said Term.

3.00           The Tenant covenants and agrees to deliver rental payments to the
Landlord by the date due. If rental payments are not received by the date due, a
collection charge of ________________________ ($_______) Dollars in addition to the
monthly rent will immediately become due and payable. In addition, for each check not
honored by the Bank or Trust Company upon which it is drawn, a collection charge of
__________________ ($_______) Dollars in addition to the monthly rent will become
immediately due and payable.

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{Instruction: Many courts require that a "late" fee and a dishonored check fee not be
unreasonably high. Landlords are encouraged to put amounts that have a reasonable
relationship to the actual costs associated with late payments and/or dishonored

4.00            The Landlord and the Tenant mutually covenant and agree that whenever
in this lease notice is required to be given by either the Landlord or the Tenant to the
other, the same shall be in writing and, except as otherwise provided, be deemed to be
sufficiently given if mailed postage prepaid and registered mail to the Tenant at the
Premises      and     notice    to    the     Landlord    shall   be     addressed    to
__________________________________. [LANDLORD'S ADDRESS] Notice so
given shall be deemed to have been received by the addressee on the fourth postal
delivery day following the date on which it is so mailed.

5.00           The Tenant covenants and agrees to pay rent, maintain the Premises in an
ordinary state of cleanliness, and repair any damage caused to the Premises by his willful
or negligent conduct or that of persons who are permitted on the Premises by him. The
Tenant further covenants to leave the Premises in an ordinary state of cleanliness upon
termination of this Lease in the same condition as now exists, reasonable wear and tear

6.00           The Tenant covenants and agrees that it shall be his sole responsibility to
pay for all heat, hydro, water gas, cable and telephone charge required for the Premises
and the Tenant further covenants and agrees to hold the Landlord harmless for all
accounts aforesaid including arrears and penalties thereof.
{Instruction: Landlord should modify this clause, if Landlord will be paying for any or
all of the above.}

7.00          The Tenant covenants and agrees that he shall promptly notify the
Landlord of any repairs required to be made by the Landlord and, subject to the
applicable provisions of the laws of the governing jurisdiction, the Landlord shall be
permitted to enter the Premises for the purposes of viewing and making any such
necessary repairs. The Landlord shall be permitted a reasonable time within which to
make any such repairs that are necessary.

8.00           The Tenant covenants and agrees not to assign or sublet this Lease.

9.00           The Landlord covenants with the Tenant, and the Tenant covenants with
the Landlord, for quiet enjoyment.

10.00           The Tenant covenants and agrees that he will not at any time during the
Term, use, or permit the use of the Premises for any business or for any purpose other
than as his own residential Premises and will not permit a nuisance to occur with respect
to the use of the Premises.

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11.00           The Tenant covenants and agrees that, in case the Premises shall be
abandoned or vacated by the Tenant, the Landlord, in addition to all other rights provided
under the Act and all other rights hereby reserved, shall have the right to enter the
Premises as the agent of the Tenant, either by force or otherwise, without being liable for
any prosecution therefore, and to re-let the Premises as agent of the Tenant and to receive
the rent therefore; PROVIDED that, if the rent is overdue and the Premises are vacant, it
shall be presumed that the Tenants have vacated or abandoned the premise and the
Landlord shall be entitled to take immediate possession thereof. Nothing in this Lease
contained and no entry made by the Landlord hereunder shall in any way release the
Tenant for payment of the rent hereby reserved during the Term hereof beyond such sum
as may be realized by the Landlord by the re-letting permitted under this clause.

12.00         The Tenant covenants and agrees that the Landlord is not in any event
whatsoever liable or responsible in any way for damages caused for:

       (a)     any personal injury or death that may be sustained by the Tenant,
               members of his family, his guests, visitors and invitees or any other person
               who may be upon the Premises, unless due to intentional or reckless
               conduct by Landlord, or by Landlord's agents;

       (b)     any loss or theft of or damage or injury to any property, including motor
               vehicles and the contents thereof, which may be in or about the Premises;
               without limiting the generality of the foregoing, such damage shall include
               any damage caused to any property situated in or about the Premises from
               gas, water, steam, water works, rain or snow which may issue or flow
               from any part of the Premises or the Landlord's property or from the pipes
               or plumbing works of the same or from any other place or quarter;

       (c)     any damage caused by or attributable to the condition or arrangement of
               any electrical or other wiring;

       (d)     any damage caused by anything done or omitted to be done by the
               Landlord; or

       (e)     any loss or spoilage of food on account of the failure or impairment of the
               electrical system,

and the Tenant hereby releases and forever discharges the Landlord, his successors and
assigns, from all and any actions, claims and demands for damages, including exemplary
or punitive damages, loss or injury, however arising, which may hereafter be sustained by
the Tenant or his personal property.
{Instruction: Many courts will NOT enforce many of the above exclusions, as being
against public policy.}

               12.01.                Since Landlord and Tenant agree that Landlord is
not responsible for loss of, or damage to, Tenant's property, and since both parties agree

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that Landlord is not responsible for providing insurance coverage for any of Tenant's
insurance coverage, solely at tenant's expense. By initializing or signing, separately, at
the end of this clause, Tenant acknowledges that he or she has been specifically informed
about the tenant's responsibility to obtain any personal property insurance.
{Instruction: This clause may be deleted or crossed out, if Landlord elects to make it
mandatory for Tenant to obtain insurance. (See, clause 14.01, below)}

13.00          The Tenant further covenants and agrees to give the Landlord prompt
written notice of any accident or other defect in the water pipes or heating apparatus,
telephone or electric wiring or lighting or to any other part of the Premises of which the
Tenant is aware or ought to have been aware of by reason of his use and occupation of
the Premises.

14.00           The Tenant covenants and agrees that he shall not do, nor permit anything
to be done, in the said Premises or bring or keep anything therein which will in any way
increase the risk of fire or the rate of fire insurance on the Premises or conflict with any
of the rules and ordinances of the Board of Health or with any statute or municipal by-

               14.01               The Tenant shall take out and keep in force during
the said Term, or any extension or renewal thereof, insurance upon his contents and
property damage and public liability insurance in an amount equal to or greater than
_________________ ($________________) Dollars and shall provide proof thereof to
the Landlord if requested.
{Instruction: This clause may be deleted or crossed out, if Landlord elects to make
obtaining such insurance discretionary (see Clause 12.01, above).}

15.00           The Tenant covenants and agrees that he shall be liable for any damage
done by reason of water left running from the taps in the Premises or from gas permitted
to escape therein due to his or her negligence or unreasonable action. Tenant agrees to
promptly notify Landlord of any malfunctions in the Premises (including, but not limited
to, gas, water, and all other utilities), and Tenant agrees to be responsible for all damages
that are a result of Tenant's failure to report any such problem. The Tenant further
covenants and agrees that the toilets and other water apparatus shall not be used for any
purpose other than those for which they were constructed and no sweepings, garbage,
rubbish, ashes or other substances shall be thrown therein. Any damage resulting to them
from misuse or from unusual or unreasonable use shall be borne by the Tenant. The
Tenant further covenants and agrees that he shall be liable for any misuse of the heating,
plumbing or electrical systems situated in or on the Premises.

16.00           The Tenant and the Landlord covenant and agree that neither of them
shall, during the occupancy of the Premises by the Tenant, alter or cause to be altered the
locking system of any door giving entry to the Premises except by mutual consent.
Altering the locking system includes the installation of additional locks to any door

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giving entry to the Premises. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES WILL TENANT
LANDLORD (or its authorized agent) A KEY OR ACCESS CODE TO THE NEW

17.00            The Tenant covenants and agrees that he will not make or cause to be
made any alterations, additions or improvements or install or cause to be installed any
fixtures without the prior written consent of the Landlord, and agrees that any addition or
improvement made or fixtures installed with the prior written consent of the Landlord
shall be of first-class quality, installed at the sole expense of the Tenant and shall become
the property of the Landlord as part of the reversion upon termination of this Lease.

18.00           The Tenant covenants and agrees that he will not, without the prior written
consent of the Landlord, which consent may be arbitrarily withheld, erect or cause to be
erected on the Premises or any part thereof any television or radio antenna or any other
device or apparatus of similar purpose. The Tenant further covenants and agrees that, if
any such television or radio antenna, device or apparatus is erected on the building with
the consent of the Landlord, the Tenant will, at his own expense, upon the termination of
this Lease or any renewal thereof, repair any damage done to the Premises by reason of
the erection, maintenance or removal thereof and will indemnify and save harmless the
Landlord, his servants or agents from all liability for damages to persons or property as a
result of the erection, maintenance or removal thereof.
{Instruction: In some locations, local laws or regulations Require that a Landlord
allow a tenant to install an antenna. Landlords should check with a local attorney or
rental board before denying a tenant's request, to ensure that Landlord is acting within
its rights.}

19.00           The Tenant covenants and agrees that if it is his intention to terminate this
Lease at the end of the Term hereby created, notice of such intention shall be given, in
writing, by the Tenant to the Landlord, not later than _________ (___) days prior to the
expiration of the said Term; PROVIDED that, if the Tenant remains in occupation of the
Premises after the expiration of the Term hereby granted without a written agreement and
no such notice has been given, he shall not be deemed to be a tenant from year-to-year,
but shall be a monthly tenant at a rent equivalent to the monthly payment of rent herein
provided for plus any increases permitted by law, payable in advance, and all the terms
and conditions hereof, so far as applicable, shall apply to such monthly tenancy.

20.00           The Tenant covenants and agrees that, upon written notice of termination
of this Lease being given, the Landlord shall have the right, at reasonable times, to enter
and show the Premises to prospective tenants and should the Landlord list the property
for sale, he shall have the right to erect signs to that end and thereafter, shall have the
right, at reasonable times to enter and show the Premises to prospective purchasers;
otherwise, except in cases of emergency and except where the consent of the Tenant is
given at the time of entry, the Landlord shall not exercise a right to enter the Premises
unless it has first given written notice to the Tenant at least ________ (___) hours before
the time of entry which shall be specified in the notice. If at any time during the Term

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thereof, the Landlord wishes to show the Premises to prospective purchasers who wish to
purchase the Premises and assume the position of Landlord under this Lease, the Tenant
will allow the Landlord to show the Premises to such prospective purchasers upon
_______________ (___) hours written notice to the Tenant. Landlord will always have
the right to make immediate entry to the Premises in the cases of emergency, including,
but not limited to: actual or suspected cases of fire, plumbing failures, gas leaks,
structural failures, or auditory evidence that an immediate threat to a person's life or
health is occurring within the Premises. In the event that Landlord makes an entry to the
Premises without prior permission of Tenant, and when Tenant is not present at the time
of such entry, Landlord agrees to leave written notification of entry, including the time of
entry, the approximate length of time Landlord or its agents were inside the Premises, the
reason why immediate entry was necessary, and--if applicable--if any subsequent entry
by Landlord is anticipated.

21.00          The Tenant covenants and agrees that if he is obliged to vacate the
Premises on or before a certain date and the Landlord has sold or has entered into a Lease
with a third party to rent the Premises after such date and the Tenant fails to vacate the
Premises thereby causing the Landlord to be liable thereunder, the Tenant indemnify the
Landlord for all reasonable losses suffered by reason of his failure to vacate.

22.00          The Tenant covenants and agrees that no sign, advertisement or notice
shall be inscribed, painted or affixed in any way on any part of the outside of the
Premises whatever.
{Instruction: Many courts will not enforce the above clause, as it relates to types of
speech given the strongest First Amendment protections. Landlords should consult
with legal counsel before prohibiting, for example, signs relating to political elections
or issues.}

23.00          The Tenant covenants and agrees that all glass, locks and trimmings in or
upon the doors and windows of the Premises shall be kept whole; and whenever any part
thereof shall become lost or broken, the same shall be immediately replaced or repaired
by the Tenant under the direction and to the satisfaction of the Landlord; and the cost of
such replacements and repairs shall be borne by the Tenant.
{Instruction: Many courts will not enforce this clause, when damage is not due to
tenant's actions, under the theory that Landlord is responsible for ensuring a secure

24.00         The Tenant covenants and agrees that he will be responsible for any
damage to the Premises caused by moving furniture in or out of the said Premises.

25.00          The Tenant covenants and agrees that it shall keep no animals, birds, fish
or pets of any kind whatsoever in or about the Premises without the prior written consent
of the Landlord, which consent may be arbitrarily withheld.
{Instruction: Most or all courts will not enforce the above clause in many situations.
A physically-disabled tenant will have the right to a seeing-eye or guide dog under
federal law. Most locations also require a landlord to allow a "therapeutic" pet, when

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a licensed medical provider documents a physical, mental, or emotional need for the
pet. Landlords are strongly encouraged to consult with an attorney specializing in
housing rights, disability rights, and discrimination rights before prohibited a tenant
(who has documentation) from keeping such an animal. The penalties for violating
the Americans with Disabilities Act (or similar local or state laws) are often severe, and
will usually include attorney fees, as well as possibly punitive damages, in addition to
any usual award of damages.}

26.00           The Landlord shall have the right to make reasonable rules and regulations
as in his judgment may from time-to-time be necessary for the safety, case and
cleanliness of the Premises and for the preservation of good order therein and the same
shall be kept and observed by the Tenant, his family, visitors, guests, servants and agents
Such rules and regulations adopted by the Landlord from time-to-time are hereby made a
part of this Lease and the Tenant's failure to keep and observe such rules and regulations
shall constitute default under this Lease in such manner as if the same were contained
herein as covenants of the Tenant.

27.00          It is understood and agreed between the Landlord and the Tenant that no
assent or consent to changes in or waiver of any part of this Lease in spirit or letter shall
be deemed or taken as made, unless the same be done in writing and attached to or
endorsed by the Landlord.

28.00          The Landlord covenants with the Tenant that the Landlord will pay all
taxes which during the herein said Term may be charged upon the Premises. This Lease
is made on the understanding that the Tenant is a public school supporter and it is agreed
that if the Tenant should designate that the taxes in respect of the Premises should go to
the support of separate schools, any increase of taxes occasioned thereby shall be borne
by the Tenant and if the Tenant refuses or neglects to pay the amount of such increase to
the Landlord, the Landlord shall have the same remedies to enforce payment of same by
the Tenant as the Landlord has in respect of the rent reserved by this Lease.

29.00          This Lease shall be construed and governed by the laws of the State of
____________________ applicable therein. Should any provision or provisions of the
Lease and/or its conditions be illegal or not enforceable, it or they shall be considered
separate and severable from the Lease and its remaining provisions and conditions shall
remain in force and be binding upon the parties hereto as though the said provision or
provisions or conditions had never been included.

30.00          Whenever throughout this Agreement there is any mention of or
references to the Landlord or the Tenant, such mention or reference shall be deemed to
extend to and include the agents, heirs, executors, administrators, successors and assigns
of the Landlord and of the Tenant and sub-tenants of the Tenant as the case may be, and
if the Landlord or Tenant shall be a female or male, or if there be more than one Landlord
or Tenant, the pronouns used throughout shall be taken to be altered accordingly.

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              IN WITNESS WHEREOF the said parties hereto have hereunto set their
hands and seals as of the day and year first written above.

___________________________ [SIGNATURE OF LANDLORD]
___________________________ [NAME OF LANDLORD]

_____________________    ________________________

_____________________    _________________________

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