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									                                      TO UR IS M P R O G RAM • J A M E S C OO K UN IV ERS I TY
Issue 6
April 2005
                                     Confident Not Complacent
 In this issue...
                                     There is much public attention at the moment on           Aram Son. This little group have in total produced
                                     the topic of how to fund Universities and in              10 articles for JCU Tourism.
                                     particular how to fund research in Australia. It
                                                                                               For undergraduates there is an important but
 1     Confident Not Complacent      certainly appears that some form of a research
                                     assessment exercise (RAE) will be implemented
                                                                                               hidden benefit if a strong research culture exists
                                                                                               among the staff who teach you. First, it fosters up-
       TAS ((Tourism Association     by the Federal Government. What does this mean
 2     of Students)                  for Tourism at James Cook University? What does
                                                                                               to-date teaching materials since research active
                                                                                               staff have to know the latest literature.
                                     it mean for undergraduate students, for
       Expedition Cruising                                                                     Additionally research active staff have insights and
                                     postgraduate students, for staff and for the wider
                                                                                               enthusiasm for topics because of direct vested
                                     community and the business world linked to JCU
       Exchange & Employment                                                                   interests and involvement, they know the work of
       Opportunities for Students                                                              other researchers which is sometimes not yet
                                     As a first point of emphasis the research                 published and they can create opportunities for
       Alumni Update – In their
 3     Words
                                     assessment exercise will in part be about picking
                                     winners and losers. Universities and more
                                                                                               employment and students work. And further in the
                                                                                               maze of literature which exists on any topic we
                                     importantly sub-sections of Universities which are        teach, the educator-researcher brings a critical
 4     The Italian Job
                                     judged as not being high quality research                 perspective to the textbook work, seeing its
       Research links to             producers will probably receive fewer funds and           weaknesses and strengths and being able to
       graduates                     face a future of being a teaching only environment.       comment on them rather than simply transmitting
                                     Potentially, the more productive scholars in those        the content. This skill tends to stimulate students
       New Tourism Courses –         units judged as less worthy will become targets for       assisting them to interpret rather than rote learn
       JCU Cairns
                                     other Universities, they will be recruited away           information and in time this kind of skill creates
       Dugong & Turtle Tourism       from their initial institution and bolster the staff of   tourism undergraduates who can be thoughtful
 5     Project Update                another city.                                             effective problem solving employees.
       Using Research in Tourist     By itself JCU Tourism should be a winner in such          For the local community and tourism and business
       Attraction Development        a system – in a number of recent assessments the          interests the researcher educator model is also
                                     research performance and credibility of our staff         valuable and is something to preserve in our
       IJHM Prize                    and postgraduates place us either number one or           Universities. The ability of tourism researchers at
                                     number two in the country. So we should be in             JCU to attack significant tourism issues – analyses
       Indigenous Tourism
 6     Research
                                     good shape if Tourism staff and postgraduate
                                     researchers as a group are the unit of judgement.
                                                                                               of markets, attractions management, branding and
                                                                                               ecotourism concerns are recent examples – may
       Lui Lee – A Special JCU       We could be a significant winner for James Cook           not provide a benefit to a local business today or
       Student                       University and command a formally conferred               tomorrow. It does however add to the total
                                     national prestige which we believe we have                knowledge about key tourism topics and this
                                     earned. But the picture is not necessarily so bright.     knowledge is returned to the community through
                                     If a larger unit of appraisal – such as all of            the applied work of consultants, through the
                                     Business or all of Social Science – is used then the      expanded awareness of tourism graduates and
                                     Tourism effort will be diluted and crossing the           sometimes through direct contact and policy
                                     winner-loser divide will be much more                     changes generated by academic inquiry.
                                                                                               As the Federal Government reveals its full
                                     So what can we do? For the staff if is to continue        approach to funding research in Australian
                                     quite simply as productive, internationally well          Universities JCU will undoubtedly seek to remain
                                     positioned scholars striving to win awards, publish       and endure as a substantial regional and tropical
                                     in reputable outlets and building national and            research provider. JCU Tourism will attempt to be
                                     international networks. Postgraduate students too         a part of this effort for the well being of the
Contributions                        can play a large role in enhancing and supporting         community, students and staff. Our performance in
The Tourism Program at JCU           the research culture of JCU Tourism through               the last 16 years makes us confident we can be a
welcomes all readers. We seek        timely completion of their separate studies,              contributor but we are certainly aware that
to publish this newsletter twice a   conference attendance and strategic publishing            complacency and any reduction of effort would be
year to let existing students,       efforts. The growth of PhD student publications in        ill-advised.
former students and the wider
tourism business community           the last 5 years has risen sharply – it is up to the
knows of activities at JCU           current cohort of students to maintain the standard
Tourism. Please send any notes       set by such students as Diyah Bekta Ernawati,                                                  Philip Pearce
to         Wendy Lee, Barbara Woods, Chiemi Yagi and                                               Professor of Tourism

>> ISSUE 6, APRIL, 2005 >>
TAS (Tourism Association of Students)
G’day, G’day. I’m Theo the new President of                               Masters students astray. The beer was cold, the day was warm and we
the Tourism Association of Students. I am a                               let the lecturers win so we could drink more beer, while they were
third year Tourism Management and Human                                   running around. So who’s really the winner here?
Resource Management student. This year I’m
                                                                          Events on the way include:
keen to run some awesome events for tourism
and business students alike, so to make your                              •     Meat Tray and Alcohol Raffle at the Bludgers on Friday at the Uni
time at uni more pleasurable through a (very)                                   Club from 3:30pm on the 22nd April.
healthy social calendar.
                                                                          •     Chocolate sale: Coming to a class near you.
Through the Tourism Association of Students or TAS, myself and the
rest of the Incredibles, (Vice President – Corrina Van Zandt, Secretary   •     THE BIG ONE: Lawn Bowls and South Townsville Pub Crawl 20th
                                                                                May. Cost to be decided, should be unreal. I’m keen.
– Leia Sheldrick & Treasurer – Melinda Giddy) will be setting up
events so that you can take your mind off uni and have fun and meet       The lawn bowls is not concrete yet but we are planning as you read
others in your degree as well as meeting industry representatives. The    this. If you, as a student would like to get involved in TAS, contact
events we run also give you guys a chance to meet your lecturers (if      myself or one of the amazing students on the committee. We will
you haven’t attended your classes) in a more relaxed atmosphere. For      gladly get you on the band wagon. Ideas for events are also
first year students this may sound like a boring thing to do, but don’t   appreciated. So support your TAS as many before you have done in
worry, we will add beers and music, where applicable, to make the         the past and make sure this year is the best year of your uni life. So get
occasion more like fun and less like uni.                                 involved and have fun.
If you missed the first event, which was the touch game, then you were                                                                Theo Curd
probably enjoying your St Patrick’s Day. Everything went well,                                                                   President - TAS
including myself and another third year student leading a couple of

Expedition Cruising
Many seem to think that my research              But a very special type of cruise ship, in both    as they claim to do? That’s what I am
involves swanning around the Pacific on          their appearance and capabilities with regard      investigating.
cruise ships…it does.                            to tourism. These ships are compact but still      Just the other day we came into Bougainville,
                                                 comfortable, carry on average about 100            a country on the verge of its first autonomous
                                                 passengers versus 1000, visit locations            elections after thirty or so years of bloody
                                                 impossible for large cruise ships to access,       conflict. Over one thousand locals packed
                                                 carry a fleet of small rubber craft for            the dock for our arrival, and over six hundred
                                                 transporting passengers to these remote            high school children applauded our entrance
                                                 locations, and offer a much more intensive         to their school hall and sang their national
                                                 environmental and cultural interpretational        anthem and stated their country’s oath –
                                                 experience via a team of expert guides and         freedom, peace and prosperity. To them, our
                                                 lecturers. I just happen to be one of those        visit, the first tourist ship to visit in over
                                                 team members…who realised that there was           sixteen years, was the sign forward to achieve
                                                 an incredible opportunity to conduct research      these goals. Their future hangs on the future
                                                 on board these ships with a captive sample         of tourism in their country.
                                                 (the passengers). Do they really achieve any
                                                 of the so-called goals of ecotourism, or                                          Kaye Walker
  » Photo: A sea of hopeful faces in the         contribute to sustainable tourism principles,                                    PhD Candidate
     school hall

Exchange & Employment Opportunities for Students
Exchange – Queensland – South Carolina Tourism Student Exchange Program
Four Universities are participating in the Queensland-South Carolina Tourism Student Exchange Program in 2005/2006 i.e Coastal Carolina
University, College of Charleston, University of South Carolina and Johnson & Wales University. A scholarship scheme has been established by
the Queensland Government to assist eligible Queensland exchange students with overseas travel and set-up costs. The amount of each
scholarship is A$2,000. Scholarships are awarded on the basis of academic merit in areas relevant to tourism and hospitality. South Carolina is
keen for Queensland students to participate in the program and the College of Charleston has agreed to offer a free meal plan to Queensland
students who go to the College to help defray their costs. For further information visit: or contact Dr Laurie Murphy
Northern Territory Government Graduate Vacancies
A number of exciting opportunities exist within the Northern Territory Government for graduates in tourism studies. Employment is available in
the Department of Infrastructure, Planning & Environment and the NT Tourist Commission. If you are interested in finding out more about
employment opportunities within the Northern Territory Government log on to or contact them at

Alumni Update - In their words
                            Hummm my job. I am employed by Access All Areas Event Management officially as an Assistant Event
                            Manager. On smaller events, I manage and co-ordinate the event, attend all management meetings, making
                            decisions and doing most of the work, with the guidance of Jeff Jimmieson, our event producer. On larger
                            events, my primary job is to help Jeff in any way possible. I manage the event in the sense that I maintain
                            the paper work, send out the letters, make all contact with the participants and generally do what ever
                            needs to be done so that the event is on schedule. On top of all our work with the council and our own
                            events, we also are the game day producers of the Cowboys games. Some days it can get really crazy in the

How did I get this job? Through hard work and that dreaded networking! I first met Jeff when he came and spoke to the Conference
and Events Management class. I kept in contact with him and Debbie, his wife, asking for work experience opportunities and
eventually expressing my interest in a position within the company. On employment, Jeff said that they had been impressed with my
forwardness in seeking a job. I guess that’s the secret, you won’t get something unless you ask for it!

I work 8.30am till 5.00pm officially but when you work in this industry, it’s never that easy. You work an event, no matter if it starts
at 5am and doesn’t finish till 11pm. You are the first to arrive and the last to leave. It’s a lot of hard work, but I love it. You meet
some really interesting people and get to experience things that you would usually never be able to.
                                                                                                                 Julia O’Keeffe
                                                                                          Bachelor of Tourism Management(2005)

As a graduate with the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) in the Queensland office (Brisbane) I
am currently working in the Transport and Tourism branch. The first role I have is producing the
New Motor Vehicles Sales publication, which is released monthly. The publication highlights the
latest figures for new motor vehicles sold across Australia. The research skills obtained at James
Cook University have proved to be very useful, in the studying and explanation of the trends.

The second role I have is to produce a draft of a new Survey of Tourist Accommodation,
accompanied by a dissemination strategy. This is an interesting project, as I have a lot of input into
how tables will be published and how information will be presented, together with a lot of exposure
to publishing programs and contact with senior management. So far, proposals for the new
publication I have put forward have been accepted by project board members. The ABS offers
graduates a number of training and development opportunities, as well as a varied working
environment. Overall, with the exception of moving from my beloved North Queensland, I have had
a smooth transition into working life.
                                                                                                  Matthew Neindorf
                        Bachelor of Tourism Management with Honours – Bachelor of Human Resource Management (2005)

                                      I arrived in Guangzhou, China last August. It is my second semester teaching in the Tourism
                                      Department of Guangzhou University and I still remember vividly the first day of my class. As
                                      soon as I entered the classroom all of the students opened their eyes wide in surprise. It seemed
                                      they were excited and full of curiosity to meet the new Korean lecturer. I was quite nervous and
                                      worried about whether I could get along well with them. I realized, however, right after the first
                                      meeting that I had worried for nothing. They are much more friendly and supportive than I
                                      expected. Since English is a second language, it is not easy not only for my students but also for
                                      myself to conduct a class entirely in English. Sometimes it takes a long time to make them
                                      understand one simple word. This barrier, however, does not give us too much trouble because
                                      we know that it is one of the fun parts in the learning process. The language barrier brings us
even “happy times” since my poor Chinese make my students laugh a lot. I think I am very lucky to have such a great opportunity to
enhance my teaching skills and experience the Chinese culture. As tourism continues to grow in China many universities have added
tourism programs and they’ve been looking for qualified teaching staff. Therefore there are many teaching opportunities available to
young lecturers, especially English speakers in the tourism education in China.

During my PhD studies, I was able to enhance my tourism knowledge as well as improve my personal research skills. I feel also
grateful that the Tourism Program at James Cook University provided me with a great chance to make a lot of friends from all over
the world and understand different cultures from them. Due to my rich experience in studying in Australia I haven’t had much
difficulty in adapting to living in a new environment in China.
                                                                                                                        Dr Aram Son
                                                                                                                          PhD (2005)

>> ISSUE 6, APRIL 2005 >>
The Italian Job
It is a cold Spring day in Sardinia, the large lightly populated island to the   eat. Next day teams of students present a 30 minute summary of the key
East of mainland Italy. I am being driven by taxi at about 140 kilometres        content of the previous day and restructure the arguments asking questions
an hour to teach in a Master of Tourism degree program in the inland town        of the Visiting Professors. Students are selected for this English fluency,
of Nuoro. The taxi’s speed is unremarkable – it is Italy, home of the            the quality of their previous degrees (law, economics, business, marketing,
Ferrari and fast driving – but as we round a hilly mountain bend a flock of      tourism) and their perceived ability to cope with an intensive study regime
sheep and their white guard dogs block the road. Panicking mildly I yell to      for a year in a 15 person class.
the driver in my limited Italian – peccorino, carne                                            In 2004 we taught a subject towards the end of the program
(instead of peccora and cane) – thinking I have                                                and in 2005 at the very start of the Master’s degree. It is a
said sheep, dogs! Nonchalantly swerving (now at                                                mutually instructive process. As educators we learn quite a
about 120 kilometres an hour) he laughs pointing                                               lot about European tourism, its issues and dimensions and
out with mime and his English which is only a                                                  hopefully, we bring useful Australian and Asian examples
little better than my Italian that I have yelled out                                           and principles in particular to the Italian students.
cheese and meat instead of sheep and dogs. The
simple message of this episode is indeed than any                                              One particular cultural point of emphasis should be of
experience of Italy whether working or at leisure                                              interest to all Tourism Bites readers. It is very noticeable
is indeed always partly about food, fast cars and                                                                that the Italian students enjoy argument,
beautiful landscapes.                                                                                            discussion and the debating of topics. This
                                                                                                                 extends beyond the classroom to social life
In April this year Gianna Moscardo and I returned to Italy to again                                              and enjoying other people’s company.
teach in the Master of Tourism course set up by the provincial                                                   Animated       discussion     and    robust
Sardinian government to build human resources and planning                                                       conversation as well as joking and teasing
skills for regional tourism development. The structure of the                                                    appear to be the recipe for a good time. In
course is fascinating. The staff are internationally recruited                                                   this context drinking large amounts of
Professors, selected for their global profile in tourism publishing.                                             alcohol is seen as dumb, a blunting of
It includes some friends and previous JCU visitors such as Chuck                                                 abilities and while there is plenty of wine
Goeldner and Alastair Morrison and also boasts key academics such as             and local brews it is a complement to social life not a dominant force. It is
John Urry and George Ritzer.                                                     a cultural and social lesson about how to enjoy oneself which is worth
The visiting Professors teach for 4-6 days from 9.30 to 4.30 with two            thinking about.
breaks and then the students work with a tutor to summarise the day’s                                                                     Philip Pearce
material. They usually finish at about 10.30pm at night before going out to                                                         Professor of Tourism

Research links to graduates
It is always exciting to be involved in industry-based research projects and     Surveys will be distributed both in the region and on-line in September this
even more-so when that research provides the opportunity to re-connect           year, and a major outcome will be feedback to Tourism Whitsundays on
with graduates who are now doing great things out in the work-force.             their re-vitalised brand campaign being launched in July. A second project
                                                                                 is underway with the Economic Development Unit at Thuringowa City
Dr Laurie Murphy, Associate Professor Gianna Moscardo and Dr Pierre              Council where Nikki McVeigh, who graduated in 2004 with a Bachelor of
Benckendorff are involved in two on-going research projects which have           Tourism Management – Bachelor of Marketing, is now employed as a
direct links to graduates. The first project resulted from preliminary           Project Officer. This project also involves Mark Lewis, a current tourism
research on regional tourism destination branding and has been made              honours student, who is helping to develop a self-drive tourist map. The
possible by a $5000 Faculty Research Grant. The research will focus on           project will also include a survey of visitors to the region and some focus
the Whitsunday region where former Graduate Diploma of Tourism                   group research with local tourism operators focusing in regional branding
student Matt Williams is the General Manager of Tourism Whitsundays.             issues.
The aims of the project are:
      •   To identify the brand personality of the Whitsunday region as a        It is good to see our graduates putting their skills to good use out there in
          tourism destination as perceived by both actual and potential          the industry and even more rewarding to know that they are recognising
          visitors                                                               the importance of research and helping to build links between the industry
                                                                                 and the university!
      •   To test the validity of brand personality concepts when applied
          to tourism destinations; and                                                                                                   Dr Laurie Murphy
      •   To examine the effectiveness of current Whitsunday regional
          brand communications.

New Tourism Courses – JCU Cairns
A Graduate Certificate of Tourism and a                destination marketing and environmental              For all course enquiries, please contact Dr
Graduate Certificate of Ecotourism are now             tourism. There are two core subjects in each         Heather Zeppel telephone 4042 1446 or email
available at JCU Cairns.                               course with a wide choice of other tourism 
                                                       elective subjects.
These tourism courses involve 4 subjects or 12                                                                                       Dr Heather Zeppel
units of study at postgraduate level. The courses      Entry to these courses requires a 3-year                                  Senior Lecturer - Cairns
are for people interested in gaining professional      undergraduate degree or 5 years of industry
training and updating their skills or knowledge        experience at a supervisory or managerial level.
in key areas of tourism. The topics covered            Completed subjects in these courses may be
include global tourism trends, visitor services,       credited towards the Master of Tourism.

Dugong & Turtle Tourism Project Update
The second phase of the research project “Towards Sustainable Dugong             on the Codes being sought from Traditional Owners, tourism operators,
and Turtle Tourism” led by Dr Alastair Birtles, is currently evaluating a        Government management agency staff, researchers, conservationists and
series of Draft Codes of Practice for the sustainable management of              experienced members of the local community.
tourism interactions with these vulnerable and charismatic animals around                                           Arnold Mangott & Matt Curnock
Australia. Master of Tourism student Will Hyams is working closely with                                            Research Assistant & Project Manager
the research team, conducting a research project on the process of
developing a National Code of Practice, with a particular focus
implementing appropriate consultation and engagement with Indigenous
Traditional Owners. Recently completed Master of Tourism student
Arnold Mangott has also joined the project as a Research Assistant.
Evaluation of the Draft Codes of Practice is now well underway, with
completion of the project expected in August 2005. More than 130 experts
from around Australia have been enlisted to participate in an Online
Workshop to provide feedback to improve the Draft Codes, whilst the
Draft Codes are also being evaluated via Visitor and Key Informant
Surveys at sites around the country. 800 visitor questionnaires have been
collected so far from Mon Repos (for nesting & hatchling turtle                    » Photo: Research Assistant Arnold Mangott and friends rescued
interactions) and from live-aboard dive boats on the Great Barrier Reef (for         these hatchling flatback turtles attracted to Townsville City lights
in-water interactions with turtles) and their analysis is well on the way.           on the Strand, Nov. 2004 (Photo by Katerina Kupcikova)
Interviews with Key Informants are also ongoing, with detailed feedback

Using Research in Tourist Attraction Development:
The Flinders Chase National Park Visitor Centre Study
Many academic papers conclude with a statement that reads something              visitor facilities developed with the visitor centre provided a quality and
like “this research has major applied or practical implications”. But often      sustainable set of tourist experiences.
the actual implications are left up to the reader to determine. Even when
the practical implications are detailed it can sometimes be hard to track        The Flinders Chase Visitor Centre and new wildlife viewing facilities were
actual changes in tourism practice that happen as a consequence of a             completed in 2003 and in 2004 the JCU Tourism team was able to return
research finding. But a project being conducted on Kangaroo Island off the       to Kangaroo Island to survey visitors again. This time the focus of the
South Australian coast shows that with enough time and an ongoing                research was on how visitors used and evaluated the new facilities and
commitment from both academics and tourism managers it is possible to            interpretive centre. The results were very positive with the research
build strong links between research and practice.                                showing a significant improvement in the number of wildlife visitors
                                                                                 reported seeing during their visit to the national park and a significant
Philip Pearce and Gianna Moscardo have had a long association with               increase in their overall satisfaction with the Flinders Chase experience.
tourism on Kangaroo Island starting with an in-depth analysis of local and       The visitors were also very satisfied with the new centre and nearly three-
regional destination planning in 1994. In 1999 they were asked by staff at       quarters of those who were able to spend time in the interpretive display
South Australian National Parks and Wildlife Service to help in the              reported learning a lot or quite a lot from the interpretation. In addition the
planning and design of a new visitor centre for the gateway to Flinders          results also highlighted some areas for minor adjustment and improvement
Chase National park. So in late 1999 a team of JCU Tourism staff spent           within the centre. The results of this 5 year research program are currently
nearly two weeks surveying visitors at a variety of locations in and around      being written up as both a journal article and a report for public release by
the park to assess their motivations, desired and actual activities in the       the South Australian government. The team was also asked to be involved
park, and their evaluations of the park experience. This information was         in a similar long-term research project at Seal Bay, another major tourist
used as the basis for a series of design guidelines aimed at ensuring that the   attraction on the island. Kristy Brooker, a JCU Tourism student, is
content of the interpretive information included in the new visitor centre       currently on Kangaroo Island surveying visitors for this new project as part
was a good match to visitor interests and needs and that the additional          of her honours thesis.
                                                                                                                                          Gianna Moscardo
                                                                                                                                        Associate Professor

                                                                                   IJHM Prize
                                                                                   Congratulations to Adjunct Professor Glenn Ross on being
                                                                                   awarded the International Journal of Hospitality Management
                                                                                   Prize for the Best Paper published in 2004. The paper entitled
                                                                                   ‘Ethics, trust and expectations regarding the treatment of disabled
                                                                                   staff within a tourism/hospitality industry context’ was published
                                                                                   in IJHM Volume 23, No 5.
                                                                                   The paper met all the criteria for the award and was given the
                                                                                   highest rating amongst short-listed papers. The Prize which has a
                                                                                   value of US$3,000 will be presented to Glenn at the EuroCHRIE
                                                                                   conference in Paris in late October.
   » Photo: The Flinders Chase Visitor Centre, Kangaroo Island, SA

 >> ISSUE 6, APRIL 2005 >>
Indigenous Tourism Research
Research on Indigenous Tourism in Australia featured at the annual                   Australia) reviewed investment in tourist accommodation and tours owned
CAUTHE tourism conference held in Alice Springs, Northern Territory, 1-              by Aboriginal communities (eg. Kakadu, Kings Canyon).
5 February 2005.
                                                                                     The panel noted individual enterprises had the least funding support but a
Hosted by Charles Darwin University, a panel discussion at the conference            higher success rate while government grants focused on new products
highlighted challenges for Indigenous tourism. Paul Styles (Kakadu)                  rather than support for existing businesses. Papers were also presented on
wanted research useful for small tourism enterprises, with tools and                 cultural interpretation at Uluru, land issues, tourism planning, research,
models for developing Aboriginal tourism including business support,                 Indigenous rights, wildlife interpretation, and Aboriginal tourism in
training, and joint ventures. Paul Ah Chee Ngala (Aboriginal Art &                   Western Australia. A final session included researchers from tourism,
Culture Centre) stated Aboriginal-owned businesses needed more support               geography, anthropology and all mainland states of Australia. Linking
from inbound operators and tourism organisations. Joc Schmiechen                     research to industry outcomes is a key issue for Indigenous tourism.
(Desert Knowledge CRC) noted the high interest but low conversion in
buying Aboriginal tourism products. Trudi Ridge (Indigenous Business                                                                    Dr Heather Zeppel
                                                                                                                                    Senior Lecturer - Cairns

Lui Lee – A Special JCU Student
Many readers of Tourism Bites will have had               the topic of tourist motivation, completed all the    successful in the best academic sense, winning
some contact with Uk-il (Lui) Lee. It is with             groundwork for his doctorate and sailed               the Best Paper award at the Asia Pacific Forum
considerable sadness that I have to write these           through his exit seminar distinguished by his         for Graduate Students in 2003 and jointly
notes and tell his fellow students and contacts           use of technology as he introduced the seminar        authoring an article in the Journal of Travel
that Lui died of cancer in Seoul in early March.          with movie like images and credits.                   Research repositioning travel career approaches
                                                                                                                to tourist motivation. Lui was also entertaining
Few international students were                                       In the last six months at JCU in          company, he was an original member of the
quite as central to the JCU                                           2002 Lui formed a friendship with         Korean-Australian indoor cricket team, he
Tourism group as Lui. He arrived                                      Yongzhi (John) Wu and was able            travelled with Chiemi, Erna and myself to
at JCU in the mid 1990’s as a pre                                     to take advantage of the JCU-Xi’an        Macau to the First Asia Pacific Forum and
degree student and undertook six                                      partnership by teaching in China          provided much comic relief to the group. Who
months of study to prepare for an                                     for a part of 2003-4. He also             else would say when asked what their favourite
undergraduate tourism degree. He                                      surprised some of us and at times it      book was would answer The Ulysses Factor or
then completed a Bachelor of                                          seemed like he surprised himself          Tourism Bridges Across Continents? He and
Administration (Tourism) degree                                       by getting married to his attractive      Wendy Lee (no relation) were excellent hosts
and proceeded to do an Honours                                        Korean girlfriend Sabine with the         when Gianna Moscardo and I visited Korea in
degree. Lui received an Honours                                       happy result in time of having a          2003. A lot of people will miss Lui and of
2A degree showing genuine                                             daughter.                                 course his wife and little daughter have our
ability as a researcher. It was                                                                                 deepest sympathy.
typical of Lui that he probably spent too much                         It was distressing to learn that his
time on the thesis and the statistics at the              employment in Xi’an and his final completion          We hope to establish an annual memorial prize
expense of other subjects but his ability and             of the doctorate was cut short by further health      in his name for the best international student in
enthusiasm carried him through to commencing              problems. Few at JCU knew quite how serious           tourism at JCU. In some ways Lui would
a Masters degree which was then upgraded to a             the problems were and only a sad email from           probably be amazed at this kind of gesture as he
PhD. As a PhD student Lui was a lively and                fellow Korean PhD student Aram Son alerted            was often surprised at how the world worked. It
thoughtful character with bursts of work                  us to the seriousness of his situation and his far    is however a mark of respect something Lui
followed by mini disappearances. It took some             too premature final illness.                          always sought and has fully earned.
time to establish that apart from Lui indulging           Lui Lee was more than just another student in                                         Philip Pearce
his passions for music, technology, Japanese              several ways. As a long time postgraduate he                                  Professor of Tourism
comics and sleeping, he was at times quite                was a link between staff and students and even
unwell. Despite these health issues Lui pursued           between eras of PhD students. He was

                                                                                                                                     We’re on the Web!
     Tourism Management
     Tourism is a dynamic and rewarding field of study. In 1989 JCU became a pioneer in tertiary tourism education by    
     establishing Australia’s first specialised undergraduate tourism degree. From its humble beginnings, the tourism
     program has prepared graduates with a world-class tourism education that incorporates a specific focus on developing
     strong management skills. Over 500 students have graduated with a JCU tourism qualification since 1993.
                                                                                                                                          Tourism Program
     Most of JCU’s tourism scholars hold a PhD and a number are internationally recognised tourism researchers. Four                     School of Business
                                                                                                                                       James Cook University
     JCU staff have been ranked among the top 25 most prolific tourism scholars worldwide. JCU’s Tourism courses are
                                                                                                                                      TOWNSVILLE QLD. 4811
     offered at undergraduate, honours, masters & PhD levels.                                                                               AUSTRALIA

     Townsville Campus Staff                                       Cairns Campus Staff                                                  Phone 61 7 4781 5134
     S Prof Philip Pearce BA DipEd Adel PhD Oxf                    S Prof Bruce Prideaux CertEd BEc JCU BA UQ MEC JCU PhD UQ              Fax 61 7 4781 4019
     S Associate Prof Gianna Moscardo BA PhD GCertEd JCU           S Dr Rupert Holzapfel MA, DipSec.Edu, PhD.                     Email:
     S Dr Pierre Benckendorff BAdmin (Tourism) (Hons), PhD JCU     S Dr Heather Zeppel BSc UWA GradDip PhD JCU
     S Dr Alastair Birtles MA Oxf PhD JCU                          S Mr Christian Ware BAdmin (Tourism) (Hons) JCU
     S Dr Laurie Murphy BA Wat MSc NCSU, PhD JCU                   S Adjunct Associate Professor Neil Black BEd BA PhD JCU
                                                                   S Adjunct Professor Glenn Ross BA Qld MA PhD MAPsS
                                                                     Cpsychol AFBPsS CMAHRI

                                                                                     Tourism Management in the Tropics


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