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CONFIDENT COMMUNICATION Public Speaking (10 weeks)


CONFIDENT COMMUNICATION Public Speaking (10 weeks)

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Public Speaking (10 weeks)
Public Speaking is a lifetime investment! Learn how to present with confidence! Giving
presentations without fear gives you ‘the edge’ at mastering the art of Public Speaking. Body
Language is part and parcel of Public Speaking. Use Body Language to your advantage when
giving a speech. Become the confident Speaker you wish to be! As Martin Luther King once said, “I…
have a dream”… you have heard the speech, but…are you aware of the pauses? This course will
also give you a high confidence level on both a personal and professional level. Take up the
challenge – enrol today!

The benefits of learning how to speak in public are achieved through covering important aspects
of Public Speaking which include:

   •   How to structure a speech
   •   Use of Body Language to enhance a speech
   •   Presenting an ‘Impromptu’ speech
   •   Using a lectern
   •   Speech, Speaker, Audience – how the three work together
   •   Role Plays
   •   Constructive Critiques to help one become aware of where to improve.

Testimonials . . .
   •   The Lecturer was very informative and an asset to the Public Speaking Course.
   •   The Public Speaking Course was well presented and very beneficial. The lecturer
       delivered all the tools required for a successful outcome.
   •   Dorothy is an excellent teacher. I feel my confidence and speaking skills have grown
       considerably under her guidance. I would definitely recommend the course to friends
       and maybe take it again myself.
   •   Excellent Course – would recommend the Public Speaking Course to anyone!

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