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									           Making a

Department of
Public Works
The Department of Public Works is committed to
effectively handling complaints in a timely and
professional manner. Your complaints and
feedback provide us with information to help
improve our services.

What can I complain about?
You can make a complaint about any aspect of the
services or actions of the department or its staff,
including privacy breaches. If we cannot assist you
with your complaint we will give you advice about
where to get help.

If I have a complaint, what should
I do first?
If you have a complaint or a concern, there are some
steps you can take to help us help you.

1. Go local first
Many concerns can be resolved quickly and easily by
speaking with local or frontline staff.

2. Act quickly
Please tell us about the problem as soon as possible.
The earlier you tell us, the sooner we can act.

3. Make your complaint clear
To help us assess and resolve your complaint, please
advise details such as dates, details of the issue,
phone calls and any other supporting information.
Please also tell us the outcome you are seeking or
the action that you want the department to take.
Anonymous complaints will be accepted. However,
in circumstances where an anonymous complaint
is received, the department may find it difficult to
thoroughly assess or respond to the complaint if
there is insufficient detail. In this situation, the
complaint may not be assessed.

How will my complaint be handled?
In the event that you make a complaint:
•	your complaint will be treated seriously and
  investigated promptly
•	reasonable assistance will be provided to you
•	the department will handle the complaint in a way
  that is culturally appropriate and responsive to any
  special needs you may have
•	as a complainant you will not be victimised
•	attempts will be made to resolve your complaint
  within the local area in most instances
•	how the department deals with your complaint will be
  commensurate with the seriousness, frequency and
  consequences of the complaint
•	 confidentiality will be observed as far as possible
•	you will be given timely feedback about your complaint

Who do I contact to make a complaint?
The Department of Public Works is made up of a
number of business units, divisions and directorates.
Depending on the nature of your complaint, please
contact one of the following areas:

Accommodation Office
Complaints Coordinator, Accommodation Office
GPO Box 2457, Brisbane Qld 4001
Phone: (07) 3224 6644 Fax: (07) 3224 4034

Executive Liaison Unit
GPO Box 279, Brisbane Qld 4001
Phone: 1300 366 262*

Compliments and Complaints Coordinator,
Strategy and Planning Branch, CorpTech
GPO Box 5078, Brisbane Qld 4001
Phone: (07) 3721 9827

Complaints Coordinator, GoPrint
Locked Bag 500, Coorparoo Qld 4151
Phone: (07) 3008 6823

Prequalification (PQC) System for Building Industry
Consultants and Contractors
Principal Policy Manager (PQC), Building Policy Unit
GPO Box 2457, Brisbane Qld 4001
Phone: (07) 3224 5502 or freecall 1800 072 621*

Project Services
Complaints Coordinator, Project Services
GPO Box 2906, Brisbane Qld 4001
Phone: (07) 3225 8352

For the contact details of local QBuild offices look
for QBuild in the White Pages or visit
•	QBuild Head Office is located at
  Level 12, 295 Ann Street, Brisbane Qld 4000
  or send correspondence to the Complaints Coordinator
  QBuild, GPO Box 2937, Brisbane Qld 4001
•	QBuild’s customer feedback and complaint line is
  freecall 1800 654 625*
Send us an e-mail at
Complaints Coordinator, QFleet
GPO Box 293, Brisbane Qld 4001
Phone: (07) 3224 4292 or freecall 1800 668 283*

Queensland Government Chief Information Office
Complaints Coordinator, QGCIO
GPO Box 2457, Brisbane Qld 4001
Phone: (07) 3224 6142

Queensland Government Chief Procurement Office
Complaints Coordinator, QGCPO
GPO Box 123, Brisbane Qld 4001
Freecall 1800 631 991*

Queensland State Archives
Manager, Marketing and Communications
Queensland State Archives
PO Box 1397, Sunnybank Hills Qld 4109
Phone: (07) 3131 7732

Roma Street Parkland
Complaints Coordinator, Roma Street Parkland
PO Box 13145, Brisbane George St Qld 4003
Phone: (07) 3006 4545 Fax: (07) 3006 4546

Customer Service Manager, SDS
PO Box 344, Zillmere Qld 4034
Freecall 1800 801 123*

Shared Service Agency (SSA)
Customer Feedback, SSA Client Relationship Management
GPO Box 474, Brisbane Qld 4001
Phone: 1300 SHARED (742733) Fax: (07) 3225 2067

Technical Services
Complaints Coordinator, Technical Services
GPO Box 2457, Brisbane Qld 4001
Phone: (07) 3224 4283 Fax: (07) 3224 8289

All other areas of the department
Integrity Services Unit
Corporate and Executive Services
GPO Box 2457, Brisbane Qld 4001
Phone: (07) 3227 8585

What if I need help to make
my complaint?
We can help by:
•	providing an interpreter if you have language
  difficulties or are visually or hearing impaired
•	letting you know where you can get further help
  and information

Privacy and your personal information
In the course of investigating and taking action in
response to complaints, personal information will
be collected and handled in accordance with the
11 Information Privacy Principles in the Information
Privacy Act 2009 (Qld).

Storage of complaint information
Documentation relating to complaints is stored on
a file which is retained in locked storage. Information
relating to complaints is accessible only by those
staff members whose duties require them to use
the information.

* Calls from mobile phones are charged
  at applicable rates

How will I know what’s happening
to my complaint?
The departmental staff member managing your
complaint will keep you informed about the progress of
your complaint and any action taken.

What can I do if I am unhappy with
the outcome of my complaint?
If you are dissatisfied with how your complaint has
been dealt with, you can request that your complaint
be reviewed by the department.

What can I do if I am unhappy with
how the department has handled
my complaint?
If you are dissatisfied with any action taken by
the department in relation to your complaint,
and after you have exhausted all available
avenues of review within the department, you
can request that the decision be reviewed by
the Office of the Queensland Ombudsman
(Phone: (07) 3005 7000, toll-free 1800 068 908
or e-mail
If your complaint is about a breach of privacy and
you are dissatisfied with the department’s resolution
of your complaint, you can lodge a complaint with
the Office of the Information Commissioner
(Phone: (07) 3234 7373
or e-mail

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