Disputed Balance Notice


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									This Disputed Balance Notice is used when customer disputes the balance owing on a
statement of account. The notice informs the company that the outstanding balance is
in dispute, sets forth the reason for the alleged discrepancy, and requests that the
company adjust the account accordingly. This forms lays out a template for drafting a
disputed balance notice and it should be customized to fit the specific needs of the
drafting party.
                         DISPUTED BALANCE NOTICE
___________, 201__(DATE)

_________________[RECIPIENT'S NAME]
_________________[RECIPIENT'S NAME] (Recipient’s Address)

RE:    Disputed Balance Notice in respect to: __________________________
       Customer Account Number: __________________________________

Dear Sir/Madam:
       We acknowledge from you a receipt for our account statement for the period from
_________,      201__,  ending   on     ________________,      201__,     and     dated
__________________201__, which shows a balance owing of __________ ($_______) Dollars
on our account.

       This is our formal notice to you that we dispute the outstanding balance on the account
statement received for the following reason indicated below:

       (Select one of the following options)

       (a) We are not in receipt of the goods which are currently invoiced to us on the account
           statement; or

       (b) The cost associated with the goods purchased is in excess of our prior agreed-upon
           amount; or

       (c) We have previously paid this outstanding balance by way of ___________
           [SPECIFY TYPE OF PAYMENT] on ________________, 201___; or

       (d) We have previously returned the goods invoiced to us on ______________, 201___,
           [PROVIDE DATE GOODS WERE RETURNED] for reason of the goods being
           defective; or

       (e) For another reason, as follows:______________________________

       Would you kindly adjust our account accordingly and provide us with an amended
account statement at your very earliest convenience.

      Should you wish to contact us to discuss further, please contact our office directly at
________________ ext. _____.



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