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									This Consent to Structural Alterations Agreement is made between a Landlord, and a
Tenant whereby the terms of the original lease agreement made between the landlord
and the tenant requires consent by the landlord for the tenant to make any structural
alterations to the leased property. This agreement contains terms, and conditions that
are standard for this type of agreement, however, additional terms and conditions may
be added to ensure the needs of both parties are met. This document is most useful for
individuals seeking consent to make structural alterations to leased property.

“Agreement”), is made this ____ day of _______________, 2____, by and between
_____________ (the “Landlord”) and ______________ (the “Tenant”).

       WHEREAS, the Landlord and the Tenant have entered into a certain Lease Agreement
(the “Lease”) dated the _____ day of ____________, 2____ for the premises municipally known
as _____________________ (the “Premises”).

       AND WHEREAS, pursuant to the terms of the Lease made between the Landlord and the
Tenant, the Tenant requires written authorization from the Landlord for any structural alterations
to be made to the Premises.

        AND WHEREAS, by entering into this Agreement, the Landlord hereby provides
his/her/its consent to the Tenant making the structural alterations to the Premises which are more
particularly described on Schedule “A” annexed hereto and pursuant to the terms and conditions
of this Agreement.

       NOW THEREFORE THIS AGREEMENT WITNESSETH that in consideration of the
premises, the parties covenant and agree as follows:


1.1      The Tenant shall at its own cost and expense, obtain any and all necessary permits,
         licenses and permission from any municipal or governmental authority to perform the
         structural alterations of the Premises prior to the Tenant commencing such structural

1.2      The Tenant shall provide copies of any and all permits obtained for the structural
         alterations to the Landlord upon the Tenant’s receipt of same and prior to the
         commencement of the structural alterations by the Tenant.

1.3      The Tenant shall either obtain professionally licensed contractors for the performance of
         the structural alterations or in the event the Tenant performs the structural alterations
         themselves, the Tenant shall use all care and skill required to carry out the structural
         alterations and shall complete the structural alterations by a date to be agreed upon by the
         Landlord and the Tenant in writing.

1.4      The Tenant shall bear all costs associated with the structural alterations to be performed
         at the premises and the Tenant acknowledges and agrees that any structural improvement
         made to the Premises by the Tenant or a contractor shall be owned wholly by the
         Landlord and the Tenant shall have no right in or to the structural alterations made.

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1.5      In the event the Premises is reassessed for taxes by the relevant taxing authority, and the
         value of the Premises is found to increase, the Tenant shall pay additional rent to the
         Landlord to accommodate for the increase in property taxes payable by the Landlord to
         the relevant taxing authority.

1.6      The Landlord acknowledges and agrees that by entering into this Agreement with the
         Tenant, the original terms of the Lease shall be in no way altered or amended.

        IN WITNESS WHEREOF the Landlord and the Tenant have executed this Agreement as
of the day and year first written above.

Witness:                                                         Landlord

Witness:                                                         Tenant

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                                                 SCHEDULE “A”

                                       STRUCTUAL ALTERATIONS

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