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This Code of Ethics is the written guidelines of a business for its employees and partners. This document states that employees and partners associated with the business shall be expected to act in accordance with the company’s values and ethical standards in conducting its business and further outlines the consequences of violating the company’s code of ethics. This form contains standard language and may be adjusted to fit the unique values important to a company.

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									This Code of Ethics is the written guidelines of a business for its employees and
partners. This document states that employees and partners associated with the
business shall be expected to act in accordance with the company’s values and ethical
standards in conducting its business and further outlines the consequences of violating
the company’s code of ethics. This form contains standard language and may be
adjusted to fit the unique values important to a company.
                                      CODE OF ETHICS
                              [Instruction: Insert Business Name]
                                         (the “Business”)

This Code of Ethics shall apply to all employees of and partners associated with the Business.
The Business is committed to highest standards of social and business practices. All employees
of and partners associated with the Business shall be expected to observe the highest possible
standards of integrity as the conduct the day to day operations of the Business and in working
with the clients of the Business. All employees of and partners associated with the Business
shall at all times observe this Code of Ethics of the Business and shall behave ethically and
legally with the highest level of business ethics and personal integrity in all such business
transactions and relations with the Business’ clients.

This Code of Ethics of the Business has been prepared by the key persons/management of the
Business and has been prepared in accordance with the laws of the State of ______________
[Instruction: Insert State] applicable therein.


The Business shall treat all employees and partners fairly and shall not discriminate against any
employee or partner on the basis of age, color, creed, disability, ethnic origin, gender, marital
status or sexual orientation.

The Business shall be an “equal opportunity employer” and shall provide equal opportunities all
of its employees and partners in respect to furthering education and skill development.

At no time shall the Business tolerate any harassment or discrimination to an employee or
partner by another employee or partner and shall not promote such harassment in the Business’


The Business believes that all people should be treated with dignity. Any conduct that fails to
show appropriate respect to others including fellow associates, customers, professional
customers, vendors and suppliers violates the Business' values. The following are examples of
unacceptable conduct: insults; threats; intimidation; profanity; ridicule; vulgarity; discrimination;
harassment; physical or verbal abuse; sexually explicit humor; conversation or behavior; gossip;
slurs or stereotyping; unwelcome sexual advances; unwelcome touching or invasion of personal
space; ignoring the rights of others; and insensitivity to the beliefs and customs of others. The
Business’ activities must reflect the standards of honesty, loyalty, trustworthiness, fairness,
concern for others and accountability. Any act that involves theft, fraud, embezzlement, or
misappropriation of any property, including that of the Business or any of its employees,
suppliers, or customers, is strictly prohibited.

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The Business encourages employees to do the right thing. This includes reporting all violations
of law or company policies, including incidents of harassment or discrimination. The Business
will take appropriate steps to investigate all such reports and will take appropriate action.
Retaliation against any employee for the good faith reporting of a suspected violation of law or
policy or for participating in any investigation of a suspected violation will not be tolerated.

                                       Health and Safety

The Business is strongly committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for its
employees and partners. At all times the Business will strive to maintain the highest level of
safety standards for its employees and partners and shall do all things reasonably necessary to
ensure that its employees and partnership are working in a healthy environment. At all times, the
Business shall treat all of its employees and partners fairly, with respect and dignity. The
Business shall ensure that each of its employees and partners have all of the necessary and
appropriate safety training for the operation of any equipment of the Business and the Business
shall ensure that all of the Business’ equipment and machinery is well maintained and in good
working order. The Business strictly prohibits the use of any illegal substances or the
consumption of alcohol by the employees and partners of the Business in the Business’

                                      Hiring Third Parties

Sales agents, consultants, representatives, independent contractors, external temporary workers
and suppliers of the Business are expected to observe the same standards of conduct as the
Business’ employees when conducting business with or for the Business. No employee may
indirectly or through agents, do anything the employee is prohibited from doing hereunder.
Business integrity is a key standard for the selection and retention of those who represent the
Business. It is extremely important that all persons representing the Business engage in thorough
due diligence before retaining any sales agent, consultant, representative, independent contractor,
external temporary worker or supplier.

                                      Social Responsibility

The Business is committed to socially responsible sourcing practices. The Business strives to
not only do what is required by law, but also what is expected of a leader. The Business expects
our partners to do the same. Accordingly, our partners’ management practices must respect the
rights of all employees, to minimize the impact on the environment, provide a safe and healthy
work place, and promote the health and well being of all employees. As a member of the
Business, when presented the opportunity, you have a responsibility to promote compliance with
the herewith and to report any instances of non-compliance, of which you become aware.

                                         Product Safety

It is essential to the Business to not only provide innovative and inspiring products for the
Business’ consumers, but also to ensure that said products are safe. This helps fulfill the
Business’ responsibilities to the public, enhances the Business’ competitive position in the

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marketplace, and retains the confidence of the Business’ customers. Products must be designed,
produced, and serviced to the Business’ standards and should comply with applicable regulations
and contractual obligations.

                                    Business Confidentiality

From time to time, the employees and partners of the Business may be exposed to confidential
information. Confidential information includes things like strategic plans, sales figures,
customer lists, financial information, product designs, information regarding negotiations,
agreements or dealings between the Business and others, the Business’ operations, employee-
related information, software, trade secrets, patents, trademarks, and similar information from
customers or suppliers. Disclosure of any confidential information could result in severe damage
to the Business. Disclosing confidential information to any person or organization, directly or
indirectly, without prior written consent from the Business, is prohibited, as is using confidential
information for commercial or other purposes. In the event the employment of an employee is
terminated or a partner terminates its partnership with the Business, the employee’s and partner’s
obligations to keep such confidential information confidential shall continue to apply.

                                  Accurate Records & Reports

Every employee of the Business has the responsibility to maintain accurate and complete records
and reports. Employees may not make any false statements, misleading or artificial entries, or
material omissions or misrepresentations in any of the Business’ books, financial records, or
other documents or communications. No funds or assets may be maintained for illegal or
improper purposes. All financial transactions must be fully and completely documented and
recorded in the Business’ accounting records. Any report, document, or statement submitted to
the government or communicated publicly must be accurate, complete, understandable, and
timely. Safeguarding the Business’ assets and records is the responsibility of all employees and
representatives. Employees should use and maintain assets with care and respect, while guarding
against waste and abuse. The Business’ goal is to strive for accuracy, transparency, and fairness
in all our records and reports.


The Business is committed to respecting the privacy rights of the Business’ consumers and
employees. The Business has implemented a variety of security measures to maintain the safety
of this information. It is the responsibility of every employee to respect the privacy of the
Business’ consumers and fellow employees. Access to and use of employee and consumer
information is limited to only that which is required to complete the job at hand. Employee and
consumer information should not be used for personal benefit or for the benefit of others.

                                   Outside Business Interests

The Business recognizes and respects the rights of employees to take part in financial, business,
employment, or other activities outside of their jobs with the Business. However, these activities
must be lawful and free of any potential conflicts with employees’ responsibilities at the

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Business. Conflicts of interest arise when an employee uses his or her position at the Business
for personal gain or when the employee’s personal interests conflict with the Business’ interests.
All employees must avoid any actions or relationships that could conflict with, or appear to
conflict with, the interests of the Business. For example, having a substantial investment or
position in any business that deals with the Business, ,and accepting or offering payments, gifts
or favors from or to companies doing business with the Business are situations that could result
in an actual or the appearance of a conflict of interest. As a team member of the Business, you
should not take opportunities for yourself that are discovered through the use of the Business
property, information, or position.

The employees and partners of the Business shall not at any time throughout the duration of their
employment or association with the Business work for any competitor of the Business.


No employee or partner of the Business shall at any time present a bribe to any third party or
coerce any third party for the purposes of offering business to the Business. Any employee or
partner of the Business found to be making bribes or coercing any third party shall face
disciplinary act by the Business and possible termination or disassociation with the Business.

                                         Insider Trading

In the course of work at the Business, employees may become aware of material non-public
information about the Business or other companies that is not available to the public. “Material”
information includes any information that would influence a reasonable investor to buy or sell
the Business’ stock, or to buy or sell the stock of another company with a current or prospective
material business relationship with the Business. The use of material, non-public information by
employees for their own financial benefit or that of a spouse, relative or friend is against the
Business’ policies and against the law. It is a serious violation of securities laws to buy or sell
the Business’ stock (or securities of another company to which the information applies) while in
possession of material, non-public information. It is also illegal to give the information to others
who can reasonably be expected to use the information to trade any stock. The law imposes
severe criminal and civil penalties and fines for individuals who violate this law.

                                    Antitrust & Competition

It is the Business’ policy to compete fairly and vigorously. All employees must comply with
antitrust and competition laws throughout the world. All product and service development,
manufacturing and sales efforts must conform to the highest ethical standards. Antitrust laws
prohibit agreements or understandings among actual or potential competitors to fix or control
prices, fix bids, or boycott specified suppliers or customers, or limit the production and sales of
product lines. Other laws prohibit controlling the resale pricing of distributors and dealers,
disparaging a competitor, misrepresenting the Business’ own products or services, stealing trade
secrets or offering or paying bribes or kickbacks. Antitrust laws are vigorously enforced. Failure
to comply with antitrust or competition laws could result in heavy fines and/or imprisonment.

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                              Compliance with Applicable Laws

All employees and partners of the Business shall, at all times act, in accordance with the laws,
rules and regulations of the governing jurisdiction in which the Business conducts its business
and affairs.

                                  Violations of Code of Ethics

Any violation of this Code of Ethics by any employee or partner of the Business is grounds for
dismissal or other such disciplinary action at the sole discretion of the Business. Disciplinary
action will be taken, not only against employees or partners who authorize or participate directly
in a violation of this Code of Ethics, but also against:

       (a)     any employee or partner who may have deliberately failed to report a violation of
this Code of Ethics;

       (b)     any employee or partner who may have deliberately withheld relevant and
material information concerning a violation of this Code of Ethics; or

        (c)     the violator's managerial superiors, to the extent that the circumstances of the
violation reflect inadequate leadership and lack of diligence.

The undersigned being an employee of or a partner associated with the Business acknowledges
that they have received a copy of this Code of Ethics and further agrees to be bound by same.

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