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                                                       One of the most interesting developments in
                                                       the medical cosmetic industry recently is the
                                                       advanced outcomes that we are now achieving
                                                       with injectable treatments. As we age, the
                                                       tissues beneath the skin lose volume causing
                                                       the facial features to sag, fold and wrinkles to
                                                       form, resulting in a look which is seen as old,
                                                       tired and drawn. This is one of the earliest forms
                                                       of ageing and is not unusual to see in females in
                                                       their early 30s.

                                                       In the last few years we have seen wonderful
                                                       new injectable techniques supersede cosmetic
                                     Before            outcomes that were only once available
                                                       through surgery with subsequent anaesthesia
 Hair Loss From A                                      and significant down time. One of the most
 Different Angle                                       innovative and successful of these treatments
                                                       is the replacement of lost facial volume with a        discussion for those who over-use the product
                                                       product such as Restylane SubQ. Known as the           resulting in the “pillow face” phenomenon.
 Hair loss or thinning is often a sensitive issue
                                                       non-surgical face lift or liquid lift, the clear gel
 for both men and women and the process of                                                                    Bags can be masked under the eyes, jowls can
                                                       product is injected into the deep layers of the
 discovery and what you can or should do about                                                                be lifted and diminished, natural shape can be
                                                       facial skin in a simple 30-minute procedure that
 it is slightly different for each person. However                                                            restored to flattened cheeks or temple areas
                                                       provides instant, long-lasting results with no
 the following stages are often a part of the                                                                 and corners of the mouth can be lifted. Choose a
                                                       down time.
 process.                                                                                                     skilled, advanced injector who shares your view
                                                       The liquid lift has been available in Europe for       of natural beauty and enjoy a look that reflects
 The realisation there may be an issue with your                                                              how you feel on the inside.
                                                       several years and has become one of the most
 hair thinning sometimes happens when you
                                                       popular choices with international celebrities,
 are away from your bathroom mirror. Different                                                                Lisa Price RN RM :: The Jade Cosmetic Clinic
                                                       keeping them looking toned and rejuvenated at
 lighting angles or mirrors can make hair look                                                                :: 4041 0067
                                                       all times. It has also been the subject of recent
 thinner than you previously thought. Other
 situations include seeing a photo or video
 showing your hair from an unfamiliar angle or
 your hairdresser making a subtle hint that you
 do not have quite as much hair to work with as        The importance                                         muscles and strengthen the weakened muscles.
                                                                                                              They can also teach you good sitting and
                                                       Of Good Posture
 before. Regardless of how the initial discovery
 about your thinning hair situation unfolds, it will                                                          standing positions and the best way to move
 probably come as a bit of an unwelcome shock.                                                                with minimal stress on your body.
                                                       Are you aware that poor posture can be the
 The most common reactions to this can include         cause of a lot of headaches, neck pain, shoulder       What are the benefits of a good posture?
 questioning whether your hair is thinning or          and back pain? It can even stop that perfect           Posture is crucial to how we present ourselves
 whether it is just your imagination, if you are       dress from not quite fitting right, or the annoying    to the world and to how we move. Without good
 being over sensitive and possibly vain about it.      problem of your clothing’s straps falling off your     posture, all our day-to-day movements are
 You could even question whether it is a problem       shoulder. Poor posture can even be responsible         unduly laboured and we are at greater risk of
 at all. In some cases, people see it as an issue,     for making your shoes wear in one place more           injury. Good posture reduces headaches, neck
 but hope it will go away. These are quite normal      than the rest.                                         strain and back pain.
 thoughts individuals have about an issue that
 is important to most of us – keeping our hair         So what are the causes of poor posture? Firstly        If you are not sure how good your posture is,
 – and to the possibility that some of it may be       consider how you spend your day – after driving        then take a look at a photo of yourself, one taken
 leaving us faster than we want.                       to work, you sit at your desk and work the whole       from a distance, when you did not realise it was
                                                       day, then you get home from work exhausted             being taken. Have you got the body position you
 It is not really important what others may think      and after dinner you relax and watch the TV.           want other people to see? Because that is not
 about thinning hair, what is important is what        Where has your body been all day? Hunched              just a bad photo, that will be how you stand most
 you think about it. If you like or love your hair,    over, that is where. We have repetitive lives and      of the time your natural body posture. If you
 if you enjoy how it helps express your different      our body gets into bad habits, some muscles            do not like what that photo shows you, maybe
 moods, styles, creativity, or if you just like hair   stretch too much and others tighten up and             you should think about getting an assessment
 to make you feel normal, than it is important to      shorten.                                               from a physiotherapist to help you achieve the
 do what you can to keep it.                                                                                  posture and body you want to have.
                                                       So how can you improve your posture? The best
                                                       method is to have a physiotherapist analyse            Fiona Reid Physiotherapist
 Peter Hassell :: Advanced Hair Studio
                                                       your posture. They can then prescribe gentle           :: Amanda Gale Physiotherapy :: 4041 7717
 :: 4053 2299
                                                       stretches and exercises to lengthen the tight


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