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					                                    Midge Pomplun is a qualified Early
                                    Childhood Teacher and mother of five who
                                    is in the process of developing, designing
                                    and producing a range of Learning Aids
                                    for children. Her experience as a Pre-
                                    school/Special Education Teacher and
                                                                                 Clever           Chook
                                    Mother has shown the need for interesting    Educational Resources
                                    practical and durable resources.
                                    All resources have been designed and
                                    constructed to be of the highest quality
                                    in durability and safety, and as with any
                                    resources used by children should be
                                    regularly inspected and maintained.

                                       Clever Chook
                                       Educational Resources
                                          •   Dramatic Play Clothes
                                          •   Activity Quilts
                                          •   Tactile Quilts
                                          •   Dolls Clothes
                                          •   Customised orders for
                                              Special Needs Children

Midge Pomplun offers a consulting     Midge Pomplun Dip.Ed.(EC)
service for special education
requirements. Resources can be        Telephone: (07) 3300 9880
custom designed to accommodate        Facsmile: (07) 3300 9666                            Activity Books
the specific needs of children in     Email:
special education.                                                                  Quilts • Pillows • Books
                                                     Swags • Dolls Clothes
A repair service for                                                                Tactile Quilts • Banners
Clever Chook Educational                                                         Customised Orders for Special
Resources is available.                                                                 Needs Children
Dramatic Play Clothes are designed to       Customised orders welcome.           The resources are all machine
be durable, practical, multi-functional,                                         washable, overlocked and double
and with generous sizing. The current                                            stitched, and any adornments such
range covers skirts, vests, capes, veils,                                        as buttons are double hand stitched.
service shirts, doctors/chef, vet coat
and aims to enhance                                                              Discount for bulk orders
a groups dramatic role
play equipment.

                                            Quilts can be used as a teaching
                                            medium, an addition to book corner
                                            and comfort toy.
                                            Activity quilts, books, pillows
                                            encourage fine motor skills,
                                            vocabulary development, colours,
                                            shapes and number recognition.

                                                                                 Dolls clothes have been designed
                                                                                 and made in a ‘T’ pattern for easier
                                                                                 manipulation, large buttons and
                                                                                 generous button holes to facilitate
            Tired or ill fitting dramatic                                        fine motor development. Sets come
            play materials can be           Tactile resources offer              in three sizes covering “My Baby”,
            redesigned and remade.          important sensory experience.        Newborn, Ethnic and anatomical dolls.

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