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                                                                                                         Monash Bulletin | 7 April 2009

                                                                                                                 The award winning Clayton Community
                                                                                                                                Centre in Cooke Street.

F  estivities for the Clayton Community Centre’s
   first birthday celebration are kicking off today
with birthday cake, storytelling and giveaways!
Monash Mayor, Paul Klisaris will be cutting the
cake at the official birthday party at the award-
winning Centre, which opened to the public on
7 April 2008.
Cr Klisaris said that the Centre is a great example
of what can be achieved through the co-operation
of the different levels of government.
“The breadth of services under one roof is
 certainly innovative. Soon after the opening,                             Monash Youth and Family Services (MYFS) Clayton team has
 Prime Minister Rudd said that Australia needed to look toward             made over 2,000 contacts with local young people through
 providing similar community hubs offering multiple services,”             street-based and school-based Outreach Programs.
 said Cr Klisaris.                                                         There are 95 families with children attending the Preschool
At $24.2 million, the Clayton Community Centre is Monash                   and four preschool groups for 3 and 4 year olds at Clayton
Council’s biggest ever capital project and Victoria’s largest              Community Centre.
community facility.                                                        Last November, the Centre was the recipient of the Australian
The Clayton Community Centre houses the Clayton Public Library,            Institute of Landscape Architects (Victoria) Design Award.
Clayton Aquatics & Health Club, a theatrette, pre-school, occasional       The first birthday celebrations will include storytelling and
care, youth and family services, maternal and child care services,         activities for children from 10.30am and treats and balloons for
café, Clayton and Clarinda Arts, meeting rooms and MonashLink              children attending the Clayton Aquatic Centre with a special
community health and advisory services.                                    appearance by Minky the whale.
“All of the programs and services that the Centre provides have            For further information, visit
 been embraced by the community and demand continues to                    fitness.htm |m|
 grow. We really have a lot to celebrate,” said Cr Klisaris.
Since moving into the new Centre, the Clayton Library has seen
a 34% increase in visits, a 135% increase in memberships and a
77% increase in attendance at their programmed activities.
The Clayton Aquatics and Health Club has had a huge response
from the community with over 950 memberships signing up in
the past 12 months. There have been over 43,000 casual swims
over the year and more than 2000 people are registered for Learn
to Swim programs at the club.

                                               M   onash Mayor Paul Klisaris and Federal Member for Chisholm, Anna Burke got
                                                   together to score some goals following the announcement of $200,000 in Federal
                                               Government funding to assist in the upgrade of the Oakleigh Recreation Centre.
                                               Located beside the $9.21 million redevelopment of the Oakleigh Aquatic Centre
                                               in Park Road, the Oakleigh Recreation Centre is currently undergoing rectification
                                               following damage by storms in December 2007.
                                               The additional funding will provide for works on the outdoor surrounds, water conservation
                                               initiatives, upgraded parking, landscaping and more accessible walking paths. |m|

                                               Mayor Paul Klisaris and MP Anna Burke score points for an upgrade of the Oakleigh Recreation Centre.
                        Council Decisions at its 31 March meeting

                       COMMUNITY SERVICES                                            Oakleigh on the grounds that the proposal                 as Acting Chief Executive Officer in the
                                                                                     does not support state and local policies,                absence of the Chief Executive Officer on
                       » Council endorsed the Municipal Early
                                                                                     will adversely affect the significance of the             annual leave.
                         Years Plan 2009 - 2012
                                                                                     heritage place and will have an adverse
                       » Council requested that the Victorian                        impact on the visual amenity of the area.              COMMITTEE REPORTS
                         Commission for Gambling Regulation
                                                                                  » Council noted the Town Planning Schedules.              » Council adopted the Audit Committee’s
                         (VCGR) adjourn hearings regarding
                                                                                  » Council noted the report and the ongoing                  recommendation to appoint Mr Mark
                         the ALH/Taverner Hotel Group Pty Ltd
                                                                                    relationships that have arisen from the                   Hamill as an independent member of the
                         application to vary their electronic gaming
                                                                                    Technology Capabilities Alignment Project.                Audit Committee for a period of three
                         machines from 59 to 80 at the Matthew
                                                                                                                                              years to March 2012. It set the level of
                         Flinders Taverner, pending Council’s                     » Council accepted the tender of Fercon
                                                                                                                                              remuneration for independent members
                         reassessment of the application.                           Pty Ltd to undertake the road and traffic
                                                                                                                                              of the Audit Committee, at $6,600 per
                                                                                    signal works along Kingsway, Glen
                       INFRASTRUCTURE SERVICES                                      Waverley, between Coleman Parade and
                                                                                    Railway Parade North, for the lump sum of
                       » Council awarded a contract for the supply
                                                                                    $674,199.02 (GST inclusive). Council
                                                                                                                                            NOTICES OF MOTION
                         and delivery of one truck mounted, rear
                                                                                    also noted the additional expenditure for               » Council established a Rating Strategy
                         loading garbage compactor for the sum of
                                                                                    lighting and service authority relocations,               Steering Committee comprising of Crs
                         $183,043.30 (inclusive of GST).
                                                                                    street landscaping, design and supervision                Lake, Dimopoulos and McGill, supported
                                                                                    to the value of $313,280 (GST exclusive).                 by the CEO, Director Corporate Planning &
                       CITY DEVELOPMENT                                                                                                       Finance and Manager of Finance Services,
                       » Council recommended that it make a
                                                                                  CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER’S REPORTS                           to co-ordinate the project for reviewing
                         submission to the Department of Planning                                                                             Council’s rating system.
                         and Community Development that                           » Council agreed to appoint Marilyn Kearney,
                         supports the New Residential Zones and                     Director, Corporate Planning & Finance
                         expresses concern about the combination
                         of the existing building height definition
                         and the proposed height limitations.                         NEXT MEETING OF COUNCIL
                       » Council adopted the ‘DRAFT Guide to                          Monash City Council will be holding its next meeting
                         Student Accommodation in Monash,                             at the Clayton Community Centre, Theatrette, Cooke Street,
                         March 2009’ for the purpose of completing                    on 21 April as part of the ‘Taking Council To The People’
                         a public consultation process and added
                                                                                      initiative. The public is welcome to attend.
                         additional consultative bodies including
                         the Tenancy Union of Victoria and Student                    Council meetings are generally held every three weeks at the
                         Housing Association of Victoria.                             Monash Civic Centre.
                       » Council refused an application for a                         Council papers are available for inspection at Council’s five
                         planning permit at 61 Westminster Street                     library branches and at
                                                                                      meetings.htm Enquiries: 9518 3696.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Highbury Road

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Blackburn Road
                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Stephensons Road
                                                                                                                                                                                                 Huntingdale Road
                                                                                                                                                                                 Warrigal Road


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        High Street Road
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Waverley Road

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Springvale Road

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Lum Road
                                                                                                                                                                                                      Ferntree Gully Road
                                                                                                                                                                    Poath Road

                                                                                                                                                                                                                    3                                                                             4
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Prin                                           M Wellington Road
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           ces                                       on
                                                                                                                                                                                    North Road                                                   Hig                                    as
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       hw                                  h
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   ay                        Fr
                                                                                                                                                                                    Centre Road                                                                                 Police Rd             y

                      1 Joy Banerji        1 Jieh-Yung Lo      1 Tom Morrissey     2 Geoff Lake        2 Greg Male                                                                  PLEASE ADDRESS ALL
                        Mount Waverley Ward Mount Waverley Ward Mount Waverley Ward Glen Waverley Ward   Glen Waverley Ward                                                         CORRESPONDENCE TO
                        Phone: 9808 5524               Mobile: 0402 848 651      Phone: 9888 8112           Phone: 9830 8866             Mobile: 0416 091 189                       PO Box 1, Glen Waverley 3150
                        Fax: 9808 6824                 jieh-yung.lo@monash.      Mobile: 0412 238 976       Fax: 9830 8877               greg.male@monash.                          Councillors’ faxes
                        Mobile: 0418 572 915                 tom.morrissey@monash.      Mobile: 0411 645 281                                 (unless otherwise stated): 9518 3444
                        joy.banerji@monash.                                             geoff.lake@monash.                                            

                      3 Stephen Dimopoulos 3 Denise McGill OAM                 3 Stefanie Perri           4 Charlotte Baines           4 Micaela Drieberg              4 Paul Klisaris
                        Oakleigh Ward        Oakleigh Ward                       Oakleigh Ward              Mulgrave Ward                Mulgrave Ward                   Mulgrave Ward
                        Phone: 9579 3118               Phone: 9544 5558          Phone: 9543 8268           Phone: 9511 4062             Phone: 9568 5433                           Phone: 9518 3509
                        Fax: 9579 1305                 Fax: 9544 7019            Fax: 9543 8237             Fax: 9511 4062               Mobile: 0403 034 307                       Fax: 9564 8499
                        stephen.dimopoulos@monash.     Mobile: 0406 482 552      Mobile: 0421 038 768       Mobile: 0407 822 825         micaela.drieberg@monash.                   paul.klisaris@monash.
                                   denise.mcgill@monash.     stefanie.perri@monash.     charlotte.baines@monash.                       

                       monash bulletin               page 2
                                             F ifteen community members from over

PLANNING FOR                                   10 different nationalities have been
                                             appointed to Monash’s new Multicultural

                                             Advisory Committee.
                                             The new committee was appointed on
                                             12 March and consists of Frank Yaman,

M     onash City Council has prepared
      a Draft Structure Plan for the
Brandon Park Major Activity Centre. The
                                             Aliki Kyrkou, Mohamed Mohideen, Linda
                                             Fiddes, Tina Douvos-Stathopoulos, Dr
                                             Chan Cheah, Peter Kalathas, Alexandra
Plan considers the potential for future      Pelevaniuc, Vittoria Grossi, Vijay Susarla,
development of the various sites within      Ary Lyimo, Claudia Boghdadi, Peter
the Activity Centre, as well as potential    Spyker, Ross Buscemi and Sue Herbst.
changes in land use, building height         Those community members will be
limits and Planning Scheme zones.            joined by Councillors Joy Banerji, Stephen
The Draft Structure Plan is now on           Dimopoulos, Jieh-Yung Lo, Denise
exhibition for community consideration       McGill, Charlotte Baines and Stefanie
and comment.                                 Perri to form the Monash Multicultural
A copy of the Draft Plan is available for    Advisory Committee.
inspection at the Municipal Offices, Glen    Council invited nominations from people
Waverley Library, Wheelers Hill Library      living or working in Monash who have an
and online at          understanding of the needs and issues
Further information about the Brandon        affecting communities from Culturally
                                                                                           “The applicants appointed to the
Park Draft Structure Plan, can be obtained   and Linguistically Diverse backgrounds.
                                                                                            Multicultural Advisory Committee have a
from Council’s Strategic Planning section    Monash Mayor Paul Klisaris said he             wide range of experiences, backgrounds,
by visiting the Municipal Offices or by      was impressed by the high calibre of           skills and educational qualifications.
calling 9518 3620.                           the applicants and the quality of their        They bring a balance of age, gender,
All comments and submissions about the       applications.                                  ethnicity and geographic region to the
Draft Structure Plan must be in writing      “The diversity of the membership of the        Committee that will enable it to play an
and sent to Council no later than Friday      committee is a true reflection of the         integral role in strengthening Council’s
24 April 2009. |m|                            Monash multicultural community,” said         approach to cultural diversity.” |m|
                                              Cr Klisaris.

                                             ‘WHO’S IN CHARGE?’
                                             PROGRAM RUNNING IN CLAYTON
                                             D   oes your child hurt, intimidate or
                                                 abuse you? Do you feel you are losing
                                             control? Want to better handle conflict?
                                                                                            to help parents develop individual
                                                                                            strategies for managing their child’s
                                                                                            behaviour,” said Mr Gosling.
                                             Monash Youth and Family Services (MYFS)       The program will also provide parents
                                             will be running the ‘Who’s In Charge?’        and carers with a supportive environment
                                             program for parents and carers of young       to share experiences and ideas with those
                                             people who are out of control, violent or     who are going through the same situation
                                             defiant. The program will run on Thursday     that they are.
                                             mornings for 8 weeks, from 9.30am to          The program is open to any parents or carers
                                             12 noon starting from 7 May.                  with school-aged children aged 8 to 18 years
                                             Lucas Gosling, Coordinator of Monash          of age who live in the City of Monash. The
                                             Youth & Family Services, said the             program will be run from the MYFS office at
                                             program will assist parents who live with     the Clayton Community Centre (corner of
                                             challenging young people to feel more in      Cooke St & Centre Rd, Clayton).
                                             control of their family, and less stressed    There is no cost for attending the group,
                                             about their situation at home.                however bookings are essential as spaces
 Comments/submissions should be sent to:-    “The program will help to achieve this by     are limited. If you wish to book a place
 Brandon Park Structure Plan                  reducing the guilt and shame that most       in the program or you require additional
 C/o Strategic Planning , City of Monash,     parents feel when dealing with their         information contact Libby Roden on
 PO Box 1, Glen Waverley, VIC 3150.           children, explore ways of increasing         9518 3900. |m|
                                              safety and well-being, and offer ideas

monash bulletin      page 3
                                                                                                     EVENTS CALENDAR
                                                                                                   APRIL IMMUNISATION SESSIONS
WHAT’S ON AT THE MONASH GALLERY OF ART                                                             For enquires prior to sessions please ring
JULIE SHIELS: SLEEPER                                                                              9518 3539 or contact your local Maternal
Held until 10 May                                                                                  & Child Health Nurse.

Sleeper is the culmination of a four-                                                              Ashwood Hall
year project in which Julie Shiels                                                                 21A Electra Ave
takes discarded mattresses found on                                                                14 April, 1.30pm - 2.30pm
the streets of Melbourne and uses                                                                  Monash Seminar & Training Centre
them as source material for her art.                                                               (Oakleigh)
The mattresses are used in a range                                                                 1A Atherton Rd
of ways, one of which is fashioning                                                                18 April, 10.00am -11.30am
pyjamas from the upholstery.                                                                       24 April, 10.30am -11.30am
ZOOMING IN: ARTIST’S TALK                Julie Shiels Untitled 2007/09 (from the series Sleeping
                                                                                                   Brandon Park Community Centre
                                         with knives 2007/09) ink jet print
Julie will talk about her ideas of                                                                 645 Ferntree Gully Rd
abandonment and redemption and                                                                     15 April, 11.00am - 12noon
the processes that she has used to develop her latest exhibition: Sleeper.
                                                                                                   Mulgrave Community Centre
Held 3pm, Friday, 17 April, at the MGA. Cost is free. Bookings essential.                          355 Wellington Rd
                                                                                                   17 April, 10.30am -11.30am
                                         Children will explore different types of drums            Glen Waverley Community Centre
                                         and the sounds they make by using different               700 Waverley Rd
                                         parts of their hands as well as developing                27 April, 6.00pm - 7.30pm
                                         fundamental skills of rhythm. Book your                   Waverley Baptist Church (Wheelers Hill)
                                         child in for a fun filled drumming workshop               Cnr Lum & Waverley Rds,
                                         and build their self-confidence, musical and              28 April, 10.30am -11.30am
                                         listening skills.
                                         Suitable for 5 – 12 year olds, held from 3pm – 4pm,
                                         Thursday, 16 April at the MGA. Cost is $15 general
                                                                                                   BABY BOOMER SURVEY ONLINE
                                         admission, or $10 Children of Friends of MGA.
                                         Bookings essential.

The Monash Gallery of Art is located at 860 Ferntree Gully Road, Wheelers Hill.
Phone 9562 1569.

Be wowed by magician, ventriloquist and puppeteer,
Bob E Dazzler; learn how to make origami, funky masks and fine-
feathered friends, join us for story time and rhymes, plus more.
Activities cater for babies, toddlers and primary aged children. Please
note some activities require bookings. To view session times and
locations download the program from or pick up
a copy from your local library.

LIBRARY CLOSURE OVER APRIL                                                                         Monash Council have engaged KPMG
Monash Library branches will be closed over Good Friday, 10 April, Easter Saturday,                to assist with undertaking a landmark
11 April, Easter Monday, 13 April and Anzac Day, Saturday, 25 April.                               research study on the Baby Boomer
                                                                                                   generation. As part of the study, a
                                                                                                   community survey has been developed
                                                             ANZACS AND THE HISTORY                with the aim of gaining a wide-reaching
                                                             OF THE SHRINE                         response from residents of the City of
                                                             Bill Cherry from the Shrine           Monash, with respect to their views on
                                                             of Remembrance’s Outreach             retirement and their expectations as to
                                                             Program will talk about the           the facilities and services that the Council
                                                             Anzacs and the history of the         should provide to local residents.
                                                             Shrine.                               Council is inviting residents to complete
                                                             Held at Oakleigh Library,             the questionnaire online at
                                                             2pm on Wednesday, 22 April. 
                                                             This is a free presentation,          or contact Sally Mikkelsen on 9288 6034
                                                             however bookings are                  or by email
                                                             essential. Phone 9563 4138.           to obtain a questionnaire.

monash bulletin     page 4
T   o help promote a sustainable future for the Monash community,
    Council last year invested more than $3 million in environmentally
friendly products such as recycled paper and garbage bins.
Monash City Council has been a member of the ECO-Buy
program since 2001. The ECO-Buy Annual Report released last
month shows that in the last financial year, Monash invested
a total of $3,270,479 on environmentally preferable products,
which is more than $1 million above the average of other                   Joe Lunardello, Monash Recycling and Disposal Manager, celebrates the
Melbourne metropolitan councils.                                           contribution his beautiful and sustainable garden makes to the planet.
Manager of Recycling and Disposal, Joe Lunardello said that

                                                                          MONASH TARGETS 155
green purchasing is just one of the tangible ways that Monash
Council reduces its environmental impact.
“Council actively supports sustainable practices within Monash.
 As a member of the ECO-Buy program, Cities for Climate
 Protection and our World Environment Day Awards, we
 encourage community members to also employ energy
                                                                          M    onash Council is encouraging all Monash residents to get
                                                                               behind the State Government’s ‘Target 155’ program to cut
                                                                          water use to less than 155 litres per person per day.
 reducing and efficient practices in their everyday lives,” said          Melbourne’s water storages dropped by almost 56 billion litres
 Mr Lunardello.                                                           over summer after one of the driest ever starts to the year for our
Council is now calling for entries from schools, individuals and          catchments and we’re entering Autumn at the lowest levels since
businesses for its annual World Environment Day Awards.                   the Thomson Dam was built in 1984, with storage levels at only
Categories include: Community, Sustainable Business, Greenest             30.9 per cent.
Household and Sustainable Renovation/New Building.                        The first step in achieving Target 155 is working out how much
There is also a School Poster Competition, where primary                  water you are currently using, which you can calculate simply by
students are asked to design posters for the theme ‘Your Planet           looking at the latest bill from your water retailer. Each retailer
Needs You – Unite for Climate Change’. Student work will be               includes your average daily household use on the bill. Just
displayed at The Glen Shopping Centre after the awards night.             divide this figure by the number of people in your household to
                                                                          get the average water use per person per day.
“Many organisations and households in our area are making
 remarkable changes towards saving energy, water, decreasing              Here are easy ways you can achieve your 155 target:
 waste and contributing to increased biodiversity. We would like          » Cut your shower time to 4 minutes
 to encourage and acknowledge members of our community                    » If you are buying a new toilet, washing machine or
 who are leading the way in living more sustainably,” said                  dishwasher buy one with a high water savings rating
 Mr Lunardello.                                                           » Turn the tap off while brushing your teeth or shaving
The Awards are sponsored by Monash Council, VISY, Fasham,                 » Keep bathwater to a minimum and divert to the
CETEC, Fonterra, Maroondah Credit Union and the Monash                      garden if possible
Journal. Entries close on Friday, 24 April.                               » Don’t wash your dishes under running water
Entry forms are available by calling 9518 3597 or visit |m|

A   FL Premiership player,
    Hawthorn defender Rick
Ladson and Mayor Paul
                                    Rick said he uses energy-
                                    saving light globes, water
                                    efficient showerheads, takes
Klisaris saw the low-energy         shorter showers and uses
light at Waverley Park Stadium      mulch in the garden.
on the eve of Earth Hour.           “It’s easy to do your bit to
They took the opportunity to        help save our resources.”
remind residents to sign up for     The LESS program can
free energy-saving light globes     save     individual      Monash
under the LESS (Low Energy          householders up to $100 per
Supplies and Services) program,     year for 15 years, the average life
which provides the globes to        of the energy saving bulbs.
Monash residents installed at
no cost.                            Residents can sign up to have
                                    LESS visit their home by
“I’m happy to help by reminding     calling 9935 5214 or email
 Monash residents that they can |m|
 combat climate change and
 save money by signing up with                                            Hawthorn Hawks defender Rick Ladson and Mayor Paul Klisaris
 LESS,” said Rick.                                                        celebrate a bright idea - a free energy saving light globe scheme.

monash bulletin      page 5
                                                                           WHEELERS HILL TEENAGER WINS
                                                                           YOUTH WEEK PHOTO AWARD
                                                                             “My intention was to show my ideal                » Monash Gallery of Art, 860 Ferntree Gully
                                                                            body image, which is not dependent                   Rd, Wheelers Hill, from 1 April - 3 May
                                                                            on physical appearance or unrealistic
                                                                            images and digitally-altered models. I             » Clayton Community Centre, Cooke Street,
                                                                            believe that positive body image is being            Clayton, from 3 April – 30 April
                                                                            comfortable with oneself, in conjunction           Other National Youth Week 2009
                                                                            with living free of society’s superficial          activities in Monash included ‘Youth On
                                                                            pressures,” said Christina.                        Show’ theatre performance and ‘Theatre
          Above: Christina Maniatakis’ winning image                        Emily Nitsikas was awarded second prize            Sports’, the premiere of a short film

                                                                            for her untitled photograph representing           called ‘The Family’ and the annual Glen
               heelers Hill teenager Christina                                                                                 Waverley Youth Music and Skate Festival
               Maniatakis was chosen as the winner                          the fact boys, not only girls, feel the pressure
                                                                            to look a certain way. Stephanie Dickson           at Central Reserve. |m|
          of Natural Confidence, A Positive Body
          Image Digital Photography Competition                             was third place winner for her entry ‘Look
          and Exhibition at the launch of National                          Deeper’ and the Young People’s Choice
          Youth Week 2009.                                                  Award went to Melanie Desa for ‘Just the             Bethany Fisher
                                                                            way I am.’ Entries by Bridgette Stewart,
          Christina was selected as first prize                             Christopher Robinson and Rachel Brian
          winner for her entry ‘I’m more than                               were Highly Commended.
          paper.’ The entry portrays a girl lying
          on various newspapers and magazines,                              All of the short listed entries will be on
          metaphorically representing her genuine                           display at the following locations:
          superiority and substance compared to                             » Civic Centre, 293 Springvale Rd, Glen
          the media that she is photographed on.                              Waverley, from 1 April - 17 April

          S  ixteen year-old singing sensation
             Bethany Fisher is set to bring her fresh,
          fun and funky show to the Mulgrave
                                                                            “A few weeks ago I performed at the
                                                                             Oakleigh Festival and it was awesome.
                                                                             Hopefully there will be another great crowd
          Family Fun Day on Saturday, 18 April.                              at Mulgrave who are in the mood for a bit
          The Wheelers Hill resident and Caulfield                           of fun and dancing,” said Bethany.
          Grammar student said that performing at                           Joining Bethany will be 12 year-old                Gang’, who will be bringing their own
          Monash’s festivals this year has been a great                     prodigy Julian Steel, a multi-talented             blend of homegrown songs to entertain
          opportunity for her to showcase her talent                        drummer, guitarist and keyboardist who             children of all ages.
          and contribute to the community spirit.                           was recently accepted into the Victorian
                                                                                                                               There will be free workshops, activities
                                                                            College of the Arts.
                                                                                                                               and performances by the Snake Handler
                                                                            “I love music, juggling, riding my unicycle,       Reptile Show with Charlie the Crocodile.
                                                                             playing with my firestick, guitar, drums,         The Mulgrave Family Fun Day will be
                                                                             piano/keyboard, all music and I love              held at Wellington Reserve, Mackie Rd,
                                                                             festivals,” said Julian who cites the Red         Mulgrave on Saturday, 18 April from
                                                                             Hot Chilli Peppers, Bob Marley, Arctic            11am to 3pm.
                                                                             Monkeys and his whole family among
                                                                                                                               For further information, visit
                                                                             his many influences.
                                                                            The festival will also include ‘Have2Dance’,
          Julian Steel                                                      a local dance group and the ‘Flower Pot

                    Monash Civic Centre, 293 Springvale Road, Glen Waverley, 3150
                    Hours: 8.30am to 5pm Monday to Friday

                    Oakleigh Service Centre, Atherton Road, Oakleigh, 3166
                    Hours: 8.45am to 5pm Monday to Friday
                                                                                                                                                                             KRD 3/2009 MN 436 - 7 Apr

                    Telephone 03 9518 3555                                Facsimile 03 9518 3444
                    TTY (Hearing impaired) 03 9518 3655

Monash Bulletin is a tri-weekly published by Monash City Council. This edition was printed in an environmentally
conscious manner on Maxi Satin featuring the highest environmental credentials including EMAS registration.

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