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									                                                                                            Mail room news vol: 1
                     7 the Boulevard moonee ponds 3038 tel 03 9375 2456

Yum Yum
I have always had a thing about tex-
tures of food long before I became
                                              summer in the sun
a chef; it was half the battle for my
mum and is now half the battle for
me as a chef preparing dishes for
                                               at the boathouse
others. Crispy, crunchy, smooth and
creamy – for example, I am a sucker
for a warm soft poached egg, the
oozing fatty yolk is luscious and sat-
isfying yet the very thought of just the
wibbly wobbly egg white served on
its own can turn my stomach.

How do we decide what we like and
don’t - its definitely cultural, what we
grew up with, the sum of our expe-
riences, conservative or adventur-
ous. It is also a little scientific; they
have proven for example that chil-
dren have a hypersensitivity to the                                               Monday                             10am-5pm
                                                                                  Tuesday – Friday              10am Till late
taste of certain foods such as greens
which taste very bitter – explains a        OPENING HOURS                         Saturday – Sunday                 8.30-late
lot doesn’t it.                             Enquiries If you have any enquires please contact our restaurant managers Caitlin
                                            Smith & Henry Livingstone on 03 9375 2456
So how acceptable do you find ducks
tongues, chickens feet or offal’s such
as hearts, brains and kidney’s? See          Last day at work!!
what I mean about your upbringing.
                                             If you were not planning to make the
Over the restaurant table we struggle        last Friday before Christmas day a big
to sell mussels but they are delicious       one then reconsider. An evening at The
- yet a cheese made from the warm            Boathouse is a great way to kick off the
milk of a goat has instant appeal.           long weekend. The menu will be full of
Makes you think doesn’t it.                  tapas and tasty bites to help one of Henry’s
                                             long iced mojitos or a succession of chilled
I’ll let you chew it over and I’ll see       beers ease you into Christmas Day. It will
you soon for a bowl of fish cheeks.          be casual as usual so big tables are no
Just kidding!                                problem. Call Caitlin or Henry 9375 2456
                                             for a reservation
Gary Mehigan
                                             opening times for the Break
                                                                                            If you think you have left it too late
                                             The Boathouse will be closed on Boxing
                                             Day & 27th December. In January we are         then think again - it is a perfect
                                             only closed for New Years Day - otherwise it   time to book your Christmas party

                                             is business as usual.                          especially the last working Friday
                                                                                            before the big weekend. Melissa
januar 07                                    thank you for your support

                                             For those who did not catch us in The Age
                                                                                            Biczo has put together her Christmas
                                                                                            party menus already and they look
at the                                       M magazine check out http://www.theage.        great! Christmas Day is nearly

boathouse                           We were
                                             very pleased with the review by Dani Valent
                                             who commented favorably about our food,
                                                                                            booked out so if you definitely do not
                                                                                            want to cook – call us now!
                                                                                            Caitlin or Henry would love to discuss
                                             service and lovely views – but then you        making your party as spectacular
                                             knew that already!
                                                                                            as you dare
                Mail room news vol: 1                       page 2
                 7 the Boulevard moonee ponds 3038 tel 03 9375 2456

Summer has a lovely                                                                Golden, lime green in
effect on our collective                                                           colour, this stand out wine
moods, a stroll along the                                                          is delicate yet aromatic on
river after work or dinner                                                         the nose delivering hints
cooked on the barbecue                                                             of gooseberry and green
instead of the stove does                                                          apple. The palate is very
us the world of good. So                                                           much like the bouquet,
too does the seemingly                                                             it delivers a burst of
natural switch from earthy                                                         fruit that is green almost
red wines to light and                                                             grassy in character yet
invigorating whites, fruit                                                         delicate and refreshing.
driven and lightly chilled.                                                        Drink this fabulous wine
2006 Maven Sauvignon                                                               with seafood and salads
Blanc from Marlborough
in New Zealand packs just
the right punch when it
                                                 dr.booze                          or mix with ice and soda
                                                                                   water as a refreshing
comes to summer sipping.

Charity begins at home                                     Fenix has re-opened
As you know one of our chosen charities is the Cancer      Fenix looks absolutely fabulous! New menu,
Council of Victoria and specifically “Brumby’s Babes”      extensive new wine list and of course Raymond
which is a local organization that directly supports The   has surpassed himself with dishes that are truly
Peter McCallum Cancer Institute. Our Oaks Day party        beautiful. Michael Harden from The Age Epicure
was a great success not only for those who enjoyed         awarded Fenix 15.5/20 two weeks after re opening
the fun of the day but more importantly for the            so we can assure you this is just the beginning.
Institute. We would like to thank all who attended for
their generosity of spirit and for raising an incredible   Look out for our coverage in the summer issue of
$2,500 – well done.                                        The Gourmet Traveler. For bookings call us on
                                                           9427 8500 and speak to Alastair or Paul for
Not a lot of people know that……..                          reservations.
The “frankfurter” or “frank” was created in 1864 and
named after the city of Frankfurt it was the precursor     Looks like rhubarb – but its not
to the American hot dog so named in a cartoon by Tad       Silver beet is a beautiful and often ignored
Dorgan in 1901. Americans eat an average of 60 each        vegetable. It has broad dense green leaves full of
per year and on Independence Day alone eat around          iron and silvery white stems. Strip the leaves and
155 million! Only in America!                              slice the stems thinly, fry with a splash of olive oil,
                                                           garlic and a table spoon full of raisins or pine nuts.

news’n’stuff                                               Add a squeeze of lemon a pinch of salt and serve
                                                           steaming hot.

Tune in your TVs to Channel 7, 3pm Monday to Friday
                                                           Even if we say so ourselves ‘Good Chef Bad Chef” is
                                                           the best cooking show on daytime television - Gary
                                                           Mehigan & Janella Purcell host a very topical show
                                                           about what you know you want to eat versus what
                                                           you know you should eat! Great recipes and much
                                                           playful banter about fat, carbs, diets, steak & chips,
                                                           tofu and chocolate cake. We think you might take a
                                                           little from both sides of the stove and of course the

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