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									Joint Broward Miami-Dade Traffic Incident Management Team
TIM Meeting Minutes March 2009

Meeting Date: March 4, 2009
Meeting Time: 1:30 PM – 3:30 PM
Location: FHP Troop L Headquarters
         14190 SR 84
         Davie, FL 33325

Attendees: Listing Attached

Call Meeting to Order

Mike McGee of AECOM called the meeting to order. Introductions immediately followed. Reviewed meeting
minutes from previous Joint Broward/Miami-Dade TIM and Broward TIM meetings.

Distributed Documents:
    • Agenda
    • July 2008 Joint Broward/Miami-Dade TIM meeting minutes
    • January 2009 Broward TIM meeting minutes
    • Post Incident Analysis (PIA) lessons learned handout

Review Action Items/Previous Meeting Minutes – Mike McGee

Action Item #1: Broward FHWA TIM Self Assessment results

Discussion: The results from the FHWA Self Assessment that was conducted at the January 2009 Broward TIM
             team meeting has been recorded. The score for the year of 2008 is 89.6%.

Action Item #2: The MUTCD 6I-05 - Use of emergency and Vehicle Lighting.

Discussion: The MUTCD 6I-05 handout on the use of emergency and vehicle lighting was reviewed.

Action Item #3: Ten Cones of Highway Safety video to BSO and Kauff’s Towing

Discussion: BSO and Kauff’s Towing requested a copy of the Ten Cones of Highway Safety video. This item is
             still outstanding and will be addressed at the end of the meeting.

Steve Corbin, District Four ITS Program Manager, presented an award from the 2008 FDOT District Four
Outstanding Services Awards that were held in January 2009. The Public Partnering Award was given to Sgt.
Rodney Brimlow of Broward Sheriff’s Office.

Broward Update

   I-595 Express Lanes – Paul Lampley

   Paul gave a brief overview of the upcoming I-595 Express Lanes project that will begin in May of 2009. Paul stated
   that a more in depth presentation will be given at the May Broward TIM team meeting. The contract will be executed
   by the end of this week. This contract will create approximately 35,000 jobs for South Florida. The construction phase
   will be approximately five years. The active construction should begin in May of 2009. All construction for the full 10 ½
   miles will be started by August 2009. The company that won the bid is ACS and it is a management firm based out of
   Spain. Local agencies will be used for the actual work. Items included in the contract are the Florida Open Roads
   Policy, Level 1, 2, and 3 incidents. The companies will meet with Davie Fire and Police as well as FHP to address

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Joint Broward Miami-Dade Traffic Incident Management Team
TIM Meeting Minutes March 2009

   Construction Report – Mike McGee

           TRAFFIC IMPACT: I-595 will have two EASTBOUND lanes closed east of I-95 Sunday night,
           March 1, through Wednesday night, March 4, from 8 p.m. to 5 a.m. The I-95 NORTHBOUND connector ramp
           to I-595 EASTBOUND will have one lane closed Monday night, March 2, through Wednesday night, March 4,
           from 8 p.m. to 5 a.m.

           DESCRIPTION: Improvements will include replacing guardrails and repaving six of the ramps. Completion will
           be in August.

           TRAFFIC IMPACT: The connector ramp from the Sawgrass Expressway SOUTHBOUND to
           I-595 EASTBOUND has one lane closed AT ALL TIMES until mid-April. The connector ramp from I-595
           WESTBOUND to I-75 SOUTHBOUND now has both lanes open permanently.

           DESCRIPTION: Major renovations are being made to these ramps, which are bridges. Completion will be in

           TRAFFIC IMPACT: I-75/Alligator Alley will have a lane closed IN EACH DIRECTION for
           two miles at a time from the toll plaza just west of U.S. 27 to 16 miles westward weekdays between 7 a.m.
           and 5 p.m.
           DESCRIPTION: I-75 will be repaved, and inside shoulders will be added in each direction. Completion will be
   Road Ranger Program – Guy Francese

   A Press Release was distributed December 18, 2008 announcing State Farm as the new Road Ranger sponsor.
   Three additional vehicles were added, two in Broward County and one in Palm Beach County. State Farm’s
   sponsorship includes wrapping all of the Road Ranger vehicles that patrol the interstates in Broward and Palm Beach,
   which is crisp and highly visible to motorists.

   SIRV Program – Guy Francese

   Currently there are two trucks on patrol for peak rush hours which are 6 a.m. to 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. One SIRV
   truck is stationed at the FHP Headquarters which has easy access to the interstate. The second floor of the FHP
   Headquarters has a satellite TMC with freeway Closed Circuit Televisions (CCTV) and access to view incidents.

   Rapid Incident Scene Clearance (RISC) – Guy Francese

   Guy reported that there will be a RISC Kick off meeting March, 13, 2009. Charlie Creel, Statewide TIM Specialist will
   be attending the meeting to do training on RISC. This kick off meeting will include discussion of the vendors, coverage
   areas, start date, and procedures for RISC incidents.

   I-75 Median Crossovers – Mike McGee

   Guard rails have been installed from the 595 interchange down to the Miami/Dade County line to prevent crossover
   crashes. Mike discussed the issue of the ability of incident responders to make U-turns on the interchange. We
   currently do not meet guidelines from the FHWA for making allowances for emergency U-turns. Mike stated that
   letters have been received and will be sent to Gilbert Soles, FDOT District Four Safety Program Manager.

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Joint Broward Miami-Dade Traffic Incident Management Team
TIM Meeting Minutes March 2009

   Fire Hydrant Study – Gregg Letts

   Gregg Letts reported that Phase I is complete. Two examples of one sign design were received and will be reviewed.
   The signs will be posted on the sound walls. Gregg stated that input from the Fire Departments is very important on
   the sign design as well as sign location. Installation of blue raised pavement markers on the shoulder and on the
   sound walls was presented.

   Joe Gambino of Hollywood Fire Rescue asked if the signs could be installed perpendicular. Gregg stated that all
   comments and questions will be considered and noted.

   The next step is to submit plans to Tallahassee to create statewide standards. A proposal for Phase II to include
   Treasure Coast will be done.

   Treasure Coast TIM Team – Mike McGee

   A new contract has been awarded to DMJM Harris/AECOM for Traffic Incident Management, to include the Treasure
   Coast TIM Team. There will be a Treasure Coast TIM Coordinator who would facilitate meetings and RISC activation.
   The position may be stationed in Fort Pierce at the Treasure Coast TIM Support Office.

   The Treasure Coast Transportation Management Support Office is nearing completion. Ocean Gate General
   Contractors (OGGC) mobilized on site on July 21, 2008, activities by OGGC for this month included the installation of
   an LPG generator tank, rough-in electrical, plumbing, HVAC duct work, door frames, interior drywall system, and 85%
   of the membrane roof system is on the main building. OGGC is scheduled to complete electrical, HVAC, plumbing,
   painting, doors & windows. The installation of Ramp "A", structural steel for walkway canopy, handrails and stucco on
   the main building is also scheduled to be completed.

Miami-Dade Update

   I-95 Express Update – Charlie Robbins

   Incident Management Workshop
              Follow-up Agency Meetings
                      City of Miami PD/Fire Rescue
              95 Express Incident Management Plan
                      Additional Road Rangers & FHP
                      MOT Training
                      Quick Clearance Policies
              Quick Clearance Policies
                      Road Rangers cross double white lines and delineators for incidents
                      Any Travel Lanes Blocked Closes Facility
                      Quickly/safely relocated to designated area (Golden Glades P/R or Right Shoulder)
                      Abandoned Vehicles are marked by Road Rangers with grease pen
                      FHP Trooper sweeps the 95 EL for abandoned vehicles at beginning of shifts
              Need to have continuing education for FHP Troopers
              Quick clearance procedures worked well
              Agency outreach / training helped developed buy in on new TIM approach
              Agency coordination helped provide input into EL Operator procedures

   A Look Ahead…
             Phase 1B Opening in 2010
                    I-95 Southbound from GGI to I-395
                    Extend Northbound south to I-395
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Joint Broward Miami-Dade Traffic Incident Management Team
TIM Meeting Minutes March 2009

              Phase 2
                     I-95 Northbound/Southbound from GGI to Broward Boulevard
                     Increased Agency Coordination

   Incident Response Vehicle (IRV) Update – Charlie Robbins

              Started on November 24, 2008
                      Operations from Noon to 8pm Monday – Friday
                      Modeled after FDOT D4 SIRV
                      Shared FDOT D4 SIRV resources to facilitate rapid start-up of pilot project
                      Early Benefits justified continuing IRV Program

   Lessons Learned:
              Improved agency coordination
                      Previous FHP experience of IRV assisted with agency coordination
                      Agency outreach prior to start-up
                      IRV Staff conducts training
                      On-scene education by IRV
              Staging works for IRV and flat-bed tow
              Additional FHP resources

   A Look Ahead…
             Expand program in late 2009
                     Expand hours to 6am to 10 pm
                     Cover I-95 Express Lanes Northbound and Southbound
                     Expand staff to 1 Supervisor and 2 IRV Operators
                     Expand fleet to 2 vehicles
             Include IRV/Flatbed tow truck on new, major construction projects

   Ramp Signaling – Charlie Robbins

              Started on February 4, 2009
              8 Ramps I-95 Northbound; NW 62nd ST to NE 2nd Avenue
              Operate typically from 3pm to 7pm Monday thru Friday
              Operating at maximum rate

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Joint Broward Miami-Dade Traffic Incident Management Team
TIM Meeting Minutes March 2009

               Speed increased 5-8 mph
               Throughput increased 21-51 mph

   Charlie showed a snapshot video of traffic conditions before and after ramp signaling was started.

   Lessons Learned:
              Expect issues to arise after testing and have staff/resources in the field
                      Need field observations (Students/CCTV)
                      FHP enforcement
                      ITS Maintenance crews
              Expect motorists to adapt to Ramp Signals
              Need to turn on Ramp Signals before it is too late
              ELW proved to be a valuable tool

   A Look Ahead…
             Analyze data to adjust metering rates
             Incorporate operational experience into SOGs
             Start selective enforcement
             Conduct post implementation study
             Turn on 95 Southbound ramps shortly after Express Lanes open in December 2009

   Road Ranger Program – Charlie Robbins

               Reduced service due to Budget Cuts
                       12 hours of service on SR 826/I-75 on weekends
                       Reduced fleet size
                       Increased response times
                       Fewer shoulder events; same lane blocking
               95 Express funding help maintain levels on I-95
               Piggybacked on FDOT D1 Road Ranger Contract
               Advertised new District-wide Road Ranger Contract

   Lessons Learned:
              Identified need for 24/7 operations
              Less than 4% of events require tows
              Need for modifying scope of services and contract terms (fuel adjustments)
              Need piggyback option as back up
              Understand project controls for Road Ranger services under Construction Projects

   A Look Ahead…
             Start new district-wide contract in July 09
             Restore 24/7 coverage
             Separate out unit pricing
                     Add staged flat-bed tow trucks focused on incident management
                     Patrolling pick-up focus on motorist assistance
                     Allow for separate hourly rates for Road Ranger Operators for additional FDOT training

   FDOT District VI TIM – Charlie Robbins

               Provided forum to help facilitate 95 Express coordination
               Ended bi-monthly meetings in November 2008
               New format started in 2009
                      Semi-Annual Meetings
                      One-on-one agency outreach
                      More Post Incident Analysis

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Joint Broward Miami-Dade Traffic Incident Management Team
TIM Meeting Minutes March 2009

               PIAs Conducted
                      October 1, 2008 PIA with Miami Beach PD and City Miami Fire Beach
                      October 24, 2008 PIA with FHP
                      December 19, 2008 PIA for Road Ranger MOT
                      December 23, 2008 PIA for Asset Management Response Limits
                      January 23, 2009 PIA for Fatality Event within the Lower Keys

   Lessons Learned:
              New Meeting Format has been more productive
                    Identified specific training needs/opportunities
                    Improved agency communication/cooperation
                        •    Better Understanding of responding agency procedures for events
                        •    Review Current Policies
                                     - DMS policy within Monroe County
                        •    Implement New Policies
                                     - Notification Procedures for Monroe County
                    Improved on-scene coordination
                        •    Movement of Responders in Groups During Event Relocation

   A Look Ahead…
             Continue with New Format
                     Agency Outreach
                         •   Inform First Responders of TMC Assets
                         •   New Deployments
                     Annual Monroe County TIM Meeting
                     Quarterly Newsletters to TIM Partners
              Develop Procedures for New Format

Miami-Dade Expressway Authority – Jerry Cosme

    • Dec 2008 implemented SunGuide 4.1.1 onto MDX servers

   •   Road Ranger program remains a 24x7 operation providing all services

   •   Expanded RISC program to include disabled heavy vehicles that block travel lanes.

Lessons Learned:
   • Implementation of improve version of SunGuide 4.1.1 increased operations quality

   •   A 24x7 Road Ranger program continues to provide a positive relations with the motoring public

   •   RISC program expansion provides services that have immediate impact on traffic

Future Plans:
    • Increased CCTV coverage
           – SR 924 – 7 CCTV–estimated completion July 2009
           – SR 112 – 7 CCTV–estimated completion Dec 2009
           – SR 878 – 4 CCTV–estimated completion Dec 2009
           – SR 874 – 9 CCTV–estimated completion Dec 2009

   •   Increased inter-agency coordination through PIA

   •   Road Ranger of the Month Awards

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Joint Broward Miami-Dade Traffic Incident Management Team
TIM Meeting Minutes March 2009

Southeast Florida Regional Transportation Operations Committee (SEFRTOC) – Bob Murphy/Steve Corbin

SEFRTOC includes District IV TMC, Palm Beach ITMS, Miami-Dade Expressway (MDX), Miami-Dade District VI
TMC, and Florida’s Turnpike TMC. This group meets on a monthly basis to discuss regional activities going on.
Some recent topics of discussion include information dissemination to the motoring public and working together
on the new software that will be used by 511.

STIX - One topic from the most recent meeting was the Southern Traffic Incident eXchange Program (STIX); part
of the I-95 Corridor Coalition communication plan. This group was formed in the Spring of 2008 and involves
TMCs from North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida. STIX deals with communicating information on
major incidents that occur on the main interstate routes.

511 Update – Steve Corbin

Steve reported that Florida is the leader in information dissemination and has improved communication abilities.
FHP CADD data has been integrated to facilitate information to partnering agencies as well as the public.
Southeast Florida has been using 511 providers for eight years. By the end of March the TMCs will directly
disseminate travel information. The information disseminated by 511 is automatic and accurate. Steve reported
that currently the TMC is working with BSO to integrate their CADD data for information dissemination.

Training Safety Tip: MOT Tapers (Hollywood Fire Rescue/FHP) - Mike McGee

Cleo March brought up an incident he witnessed regarding a traffic crash on the Turnpike where a fire truck was
blocking two lanes and there was a fire fighter standing in front of the fire truck. Cleo felt the fire fighter’s safety
was in danger should someone hit the fire truck from behind. There was also discussion on how fire apparatus
are used at incidents on the freeways to block traffic and to also be used as a barrier to be struck if necessary.

Assistant Chief Joe Gambino of Hollywood Fire Rescue presented photos of traffic crashes. Hollywood Fire
Rescue had their fire apparatus hit from behind and damaged from motorists not paying attention. Assistant Chief
Gambino stated that their Standard Operating Policy (SOP) has been revised to reflect two engines are to
respond to every incident on the interstate.

Lt. Hingson also presented some photos of FHP troop cars damaged from motorists not paying attention and
running into the back of the cars.

Mike explained the proper use of cones for a taper at an emergency scene. He showed a map that depicts a
crash scene and examples of how to set up cones properly to protect a scene. MOT tapers are set up depending
on the number of cones available and the speed of the interstate.

For more information on the MUTCD and traffic control standards go to:

Action Items:
     • Set up a meeting with Department of Environmental Protection agency for notifications of events from
          TMC. A follow up meeting was scheduled. (Complete, March 24, 2009)
     • Ten Cones of Highway Safety video to BSO. (Pending)

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Joint Broward Miami-Dade Traffic Incident Management Team
TIM Meeting Minutes March 2009

Meeting Attendees:

Ackers               David               Wilton Manors Police Department
Adkins               Allen               BSO Motor
Adkins               Al                  BSO Traffic Ops
Baeringer            John                HCR
Balcaitis            Stan                HNTB
Brimlow              Rodney              BSO
Bundy                Erich               Kauff’s Towing
Campbell             Donnie              BCT
Cariola              John                BCT
Casale               Anthony             HTS Towing
Chung                Derrick             FDOT D4 Maintenance
Collins              Craig               BCT
Corbin               Steve               FDOT D4
Corbo                Ray                 Anchor Towing
Cosme                Jerry               MDX
Cowart               Mike                DBI
Curran               Steve               Sunrise Police Department
Davis                Paul                PDVN
Dawson               Tommie              MPO
DeFago               Alicia              QCA – PIO - DOT
Dickson              Tom                 SIRV Broward
DiLiello             Al                  Pembroke Pines fire Rescue
Dobens               Peter               QCA – PIO - DOT
Fimbel               Richard             DBI
Francese             Guy                 FDOT D4
Gambino              Joe                 Hollywood Fire Rescue
Gannon               Ana                 FDEP
Gartner              Terry               FDOT MCCO
Gazzano              John                Pembroke Pines Police Department
Gonzales             Alicia              MRG (I-595 Project)
Hingson              Earl                FHP
Holcombe             Brett               Westway Towing
Ingles               Marcos              ICA
Janson               Mike                Sunrise Fire Rescue
Jennings Jr.         Jim                 Emerald Towing
Jones Jr.            Roger               FDOT – D4 Maintenance
Kleynhans            Gerald              DBI
Kunz                 Fred                Miramar Fire Rescue
Lampley              Paul                FDOT D4
Letts                Gregg               AECOM
Lopez                Gloria              FDOT – D4
Lopez                Hugo                ICA
Loscalzo             Sean                A Superior Towing
Margoles             Glenn               BC Emergency Management
Marsh                Cleo                FDOT
Martin               Ron                 Davie Police Department
McGee                Mike                AECOM
McGlynn              Nicole              AECOM
McKissack            Mac                 Florida’s Turnpike
Millard              Mike                SRS - 511
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Joint Broward Miami-Dade Traffic Incident Management Team
TIM Meeting Minutes March 2009

Mirones         Alex                     AECOM
Mitchell        Jimi                     FDOT D6
Murphy          Bob                      AECOM
Nelson          Robert                   BCT
Newman          James                    HNTB
Nolte           Brian                    Davie Fire Department
North           Fred                     BSO Fire Rescue
O’Connell       Tom                      Sunrise Fire Rescue
Pagano          Mike                     Miramar Fire Rescue
Palmer          Robert                   Miramar Fire Rescue
Perez           Ed                       TCG
Quitoni         John                     Deerfield Beach Fire Rescue
Ramos           Alexis                   Sunshine Towing/Road Rangers
Ramos           Maggie                   Sunshine Towing/Road Rangers
Robbins         Charles                  SunGuide TMC D6
Rodriguez       Javier                   FDOT D6 – ITS Operations Engineer
Rodriguez       Javier                   FDOT D6
Rolon           Javier                   ICA
Salzman         Mari                     Florida’s Turnpike
Savits          Monica                   Anchor Towing
Scott           Jeff                     BCT
Sexton          Melanie                  TCG
Sievers         Richard                  BSO – Fire Rescue and Emergency Services
Snyder          Joe                      SunGuide D6 TMC
Soles           Gilbert                  FDOT D4
Solinger        Donald                   Fort Lauderdale Police Department
Steinkamp       Tim                      Driscoll’s Towing
Summers         Robb                     Cliff Berry Inc.
Torrez          Alicia                   SunGuide TMC D6
Tutt            Harold                   BCT
Waters          Craig “Mud”              FDOT – D4 Maintenance
Werner          Catherine                Florida’s Turnpike
Wysocky         Mark                     FHP – Troop L

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