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                          ANGELA DAMMERY NDD, ATC (Goldsmiths College), is the owner &
                         resident painting tutor,who together with her experienced tutor team of
                         internationally recognised specialists, has been providing positive
                         inspirational teaching for quality courses at Broadland Arts Centre for the
                         past 21 years. The Centre's enviable reputation for its congenial
                         ambience and relaxed, friendly and stimulating environment has resulted
                         in a large proportion of course participants returning year after year, or
                         joining courses on the recommendation of others.

            Either Angela or her Applied Arts assistant Kit Calladine personally supervises the
            courses, ensuring that all participants gain the maximum benefit from their
            experience and receive every care and attention during their visit.

            Dilham is a typical small rural Broadland waterside village, just 15 miles north east of
            the cathedral city of Norwich and 17 miles from Cromer on the North Norfolk Coast.
            The popular boating Centre of Wroxham, attractive market town of North Walsham
            and the rolling dunes and unspoilt sandy beaches of the east coast are all just 6 miles
            Temporary mooring space is available for your cruiser during your course at BAC's
            moorings opposite the Centre.

UNIQUE COURSES TO BAC - include Sailing/Painting cruises in UK, Classical Northern European oil
painting, Medieval and Renaissance techniques of Fresco, Tempera and Verre É Glomisé (scraped
and gilded glass). Angela's classic Edwardian motor launch "Golden Sunset" is also often used for
short river trips to give participants a feel for the delights of this unique wetland area

On most courses, up to 5 participants can be comfortably and inexpensively accommodated at our
Dilham School with bed and full English breakfast if required. All rooms have tea making facilities.
There is also a comprehensive list, available on request or our website of recommended local
B&B's, guest houses, 4 star hotels, self catering units and caravan parks, either in the village or
nearby, from which visitors can make their own choice if preferred.
Camper vans and tents can sometimes be accommodated in the grounds of The Old School, by
prior arrangement and at moderate cost.
What's new !
We have made a number of changes to the layout of the brochure to bring it in line with the new
2010 website ( we already have our blog (search Google for
Broadlandarts.blogspot) where we will keep you up to date until the new website is running.
Our existing website ( is still operational and there is a link to our blog
from the home page. The layout of the brochure is changing and hopefully things will be easier to
find. The two ways to look for courses in the following pages are by Media or by Date
All the courses are listed under their tutors, which themselves are listed in alphabetical order.

This year is our twenty second year of operation, with consistent care and quality
Broadland Arts Centre Course Structure 2010
              In the brochure, the courses appear under the Tutor
              The tutors are in Alphabetical order
Oils                  Calladine, William       o   Painting Reality Part 1
                                               o   Painting Reality Part 2
                                               o   Painting Reality part 3
                      Shave, John              o   Edward Seago’s Norfolk in Oils
                      Lang, Roy                o   Bessie’s Cove in Oils
Watercolour           Dammery, Angela          o   A Complete Beginners Watercolour workshop
                                               o   Watercolour Landscapes in Limited Colour
                      Dowden, Joe              o   Paint Water With Joe
                                               o   People on a Beach in Watercolour
                      Fisher, Tim              o   Capturing Norfolk with Ink & Watercolour Pencils
                      NG, Eric                 o   Oriental Landscapes
                      Scott Massie, Ian        o   Atmospheric Watercolours
                      Williams, Sue            o   Flowers in Acrylic Inks & Watercolour
                                               o   A Watercolour Sketchbook
Pastels               Patchett, John           o   Skies & Sunsets in Pastel
                                               o   Mood and Atmosphere in Pastel
                                               o   Secrets of Impressionist Pastels
                      Fisher, Tim              o   Paint Loose and Vibrant Florals
Mixed Media           Dammery, Angela          o   Exploring Textures in Watercolour, Pencil & Ink
                      Hyde, David              o   Wildlife Painting in Acrylic or Watercolour
                      Shave John               o   Portrait Painting in Oils or Acrylic
Medieval &            Fawcett, Andrew          o   Verre E’Glomise and Related Medieval Techniques
Renaissance                                    o   Icons, Fresco and Renaissance Techniques
                      Calladine, William       o Drawing Reality
                      Dammery, Angela          o Life Drawing Day
                                               o Portrait Drawing in Graphite
                      Wilks, Richard           o Sculpture & Casting The Human Figure
                      Joyce, Louise            o Silver Clay Jewellery
                                               o Develop your Silver Clay Jewellery
                      Beaney, Jan              o Stitched Landscapes
                      Graham Jones,            o Further Booking
                      Hedley, Gwen             o   Deconstruct to Reconstruct
                                               o   A Patterned Approach
                      Kuniczak, Ewa            o   Precious Purses& Pockets with Poetic Licence
                                               o   Light Space & Structures
                      Littlejohn, Jean         o   Waterscapes in Creative Textiles
                      Siniska, Debbie          o   Gorgeous Rag rugs
                      Bawden, Richard          o   Lino Printing
                                               o   Intaglio Printmaking with Drypoint & Mezzotint Techniques
                      Rudling, Laurie          o   Monoprinting
                                               o   Experimental Collagraphy Printmaking
                      Dammery, Angela          o   Sail & Paint the Norfolk Broads
                      Evans, Charles           o   Boats, Barges & Beautiful East Anglian Landscapes in Watercolour
                                               o   Charlie Evans’ Pub crawl
                      Newton, William          o   Sail & Paint the East Coast & River Blackwater
COURSES 2010 quick search by date
              In the brochure, the courses appear under the tutor
              The tutors are in alphabetical order
March                                                                                                     Tutor
Sat 6 Sun 7th            Open Studio Weekend
Sat 13th                 1 Taster Day for Watercolour, Pastel, Printmaking & Textiles
Sun 14th Fri 19th        2 Painting Reality Part 2 Evening Start                                    William Calladine.
Sat 27th – Sun 28th      3 Monoprinting                                                             Laurie Rudling
Fri 9th                  4    Deconstruct and Reconstruct                                           Gwen Hedley
Sat 10th – Sun 11th      5    Creative Workbooks: A Patterned Approach                              Gwen Hedley.
Sat 17th                 6    Complete Beginners Watercolour Workshop                               Angela Dammery
Sun 18th Thurs 22nd      7    Oriental Landscapes                                                   Eric Ng.
Sat 24th Sun 25th        8    Mood and Atmosphere in Pastel                                         John Patchett.
Sat 1st Sun 2nd          9 Watercolour Landscapes in Limited Colour                                 Angela Dammery.
Thu 6th Sun 9th          10 Bessie’s Cove in Oils                                                   Roy Lang
Sun 9th – Fri 14th       11 Painting Reality Part 3 Evening start                                   William Calladine.
Sat 15th Mon 17th        12 Lino Printing                                                           Richard Bawden.
Tues 18th Wed 19th       13 Stitched Landscapes                                                     Jan Beaney
Fri 21st                 14 Precious Purses and Pockets With Poetic Licence                         Ewa Kuniczak.
Sat 22nd Sun 23rd        15 Light, Space and Structures                                             Ewa Kuniczak.
Wed 2nd Sun 6th          16    Sail and Paint the East Coast and River Blackwater .                 William Newton.
Tues 8th Wed 9th         17    Waterscapes in Creative Textiles                                     Jean Littlejohn.
Thurs 10th Tue 15th      18    Paint Water with Joe Evening Start                                   Joe Dowden
Thurs 17th Sun 20th      19    Sail and Paint the Norfolk Broads                                    Angela Dammery.
Fri 25th Sun 27th        20    Wildlife Painting in Acrylic or Watercolour                          David Hyde.
Sat 10th Mon 12th        21    Boats, Barges and Beautiful East Anglian Landscapes in Watercolour   Charles Evans
Fri 16th Sat 17th        22    Flowers in Acrylic, Inks and Watercolour                             Sue Williams.
Sun 18th Wed 21st        23    Edward Seago’s Norfolk in Oils                                       John Shave.
Thurs 22nd Sun 25th      24    Atmospheric Watercolours                                             Ian Scott Massie.
Mon 26th                 25    Verre E’glomise and Related Medieval Techniques.                     Andrew Fawcett
Tues 27th – Fri 30th     26    Icons, Fresco, and Renaissance Techniques’                           Andrew Fawcett
Sat 31st – Sun 1st Aug   27    Drawing Reality                                                      William Calladine
Sun 1st – Fri 6th        28    Painting Reality 1 Evening Start                                     William Calladine
Sat 7th                  29    Life Drawing Day                                                     Angela Dammery
Sun 8th Tues 10th        30    Sculpture and Casting The Human Figure                               Richard Wilks
Fri 13th Sun 15th        31    Exploring Textures in Watercolour, Pencil and Pen & Ink              Angela Dammery
Sat 28th Mon 30th        32    Experimental Collagraphy Printmaking                                 Laurie Rudling.
Fri 3rd                  33    Portrait Drawing in Graphite                                         Angela Dammery.
Sat 4th Sun 5th          34    Portrait Painting In Oils or Acrylic.                                John Shave
Mon 6th Thurs 9th        35    A Watercolour Sketchbook                                             Sue Williams
Sat 11th Sun 12th        36    Skies and Sunsets in Pastel                                          John Patchett.
Fri 17th Sat 18th        37    People on a Beach in Watercolour                                     Joe Dowden
Sun 19th                 38    Silver Clay Jewellery – New course                                   Louise Joyce
Mon 20th                 39    Develop Your Silver Clay Jewellery New course                        Louise Joyce.
Sat 25th – Sun26th       40    Further Bookings                                                     Penny Graham
Fri 1st Sun 3rd          41    Charlie Evans Pub Crawl! – New course                                Charles Evans.
Sat 9th Sun 10th         42    Secrets of Impressionist Pastels                                     John Patchett.
Sat 16th Sun 17th        43    Gorgeous Rag Rugs – New course                                       Debbie Siniska
Sat 23rd                 44    Paint Loose and Vibrant Florals – New Course                         Tim Fisher
Sun 24th Mon 25th        45    Capturing Norfolk with Ink and Watercolour Pencils                   Tim Fisher
Sat 30th Sun31st         46    Intaglio Printmaking with Dry Point and Mezzotint Techniques.        Richard Bawden.
Richard Bawden
Richard, a well known Suffolk printmaker, is a superb draughtsman whose energy and enthusiasm is
infectious. He studied printmaking at the Royal College of Art and has had over fifty one-man exhibitions
across this country and abroad.
Richard has a natural sense of design, both formal and decorative. His commissions include murals,
engraved glass, cast iron furniture and book illustrations. His work can be seen in the collections of the V&A
Museum, London, The Tate Gallery, The Queen's private Collection and other public/private collections
worldwide. Richard's expertise, experience and innovative approach to printmaking put him at the pinnacle
of his profession. This coupled with his desire to impart information and skills, make these courses a must for
any aspiring printmaker.

12 - Lino Printing
May; Sat 15th - Mon 17th                                                                              £220
In three days you will be able to design, cut and print at least one piece of work in one or more colours,
depending on size and complexity. This course is suitable for all levels of ability from the complete beginner
to the more adventurous and imaginative printmaker. With Richard's constant encouragement and
guidance, beginners will be taken step by step through every process, and the more experienced
printmaker will be urged to experiment with new techniques and to widen their design horizons.

46 - Intaglio Printmaking; With Mezzotint And Dry Point Techniques
October; Sat 30th - Sun 31st                                                                          £195
A new printmaking course with one of the UK's foremost printmakers.
Richard's expertise and enthusiasm will inspire the beginner and experienced printmaker to reach new
design heights. Drypoint is a direct and straightforward method of engraving a rich line onto a copper or
Perspex plate; shading and tone can then be created with cross hatching or mezzotint.
Students will be encouraged to develop prints with varied textures and effects, using one or more colours.
No experience is necessary; some sketch book ideas, or images to work from, could be helpful.

Jan Beaney
Jan originally trained as a painter but switched to textile art. She is a highly talented and innovative
practitioner who inspires all whom she teaches to explore and develop their creativity. Her ability to
manipulate threads and fabrics using both traditional and new techniques has made her courses and
lectures much sought after both in this country and all over the world. During the 1980's and more recently
Jan presented several highly acclaimed television programmes, taking skills with textiles beyond the
practical and domestic to a new status. Together with Jean Littlejohn she founded Double Trouble
Enterprises through which they publish their own authoritative books and DVD's which have become
classics in their field.

In 2006 on the centenary of the Embroiderers Guild Jan together with Jean were jointly presented with the
“Best Teacher Award”, a highly deserved accolade.

Jan is a member of the '62 group of textile artists and her work forms part of public and private collections
throughout the world.
13 - Stitched Landscapes
May; Tues 18th - Wed 19th                                                                             £175
Using combinations of soluble fabrics and hand and machine stitches, you will be shown
how to create a cloth which captures the essence of landscape features. Composition,
colour texture and pattern will be considered and exploited to best advantage. The use of
an embellishing machine may be appropriate in some instances.
We hope that Coats UK will again be sending us some threads with which to experiment.
William Calladine
William, is an exceptional artist and fine exponent of the Classical Northern European style of oil painting,
using materials and techniques which have changed little since the Dutch masters, Vermeer, Rembrandt, De
Hooch and Steen perfected the art of painting in oil in the 17th century. William studied abroad in the
Classical Dutch style under the celebrated Classical Dutch painter, Jan Everson in Holland. His knowledge,
love and enthusiasm for this medium and painting style are unequalled. He will enthuse everyone, from the
improver to experienced artist to reach new heights in oil painting prowess, made possible by his natural
aptitude and enthusiasm for freely imparting this knowledge. William is currently President of the Guild of
Norwich Painters.
27 - Drawing Reality
July; Sat 31st - Sun 1st Aug                                                                           £180
A time to get to grips with the basic laws of perspective and proportion for the artist and an ideal drawing
primer for those joining any of the three 'Painting Reality' courses, or anyone who needs to strengthen and
develop their drawing skills.

28 - Painting Reality -Part 1
August; Sun 1st - Fri 6th (Evening start)                                                               £295
Classical painting techniques of the `Old Masters' laid bare. Nowhere else will you find this three part series
which makes an in-depth practical investigation into the world and craftsmanship of the great Masters of
Classical European oil painting. Make and use the same materials and learn the techniques of Rembrandt,
Rubens, Vermeer and the 17th century masters of still life. Discover how they used the Camera Obscura and
Camera Lucida to achieve accurate perspectives and proportions. Learn to paint the bloom on a grape, silks,
lace, flesh and shiny metals. Yes you can do it with the help of our exceptional internationally renowned
professional painting tutor William Calladine.

2 - Painting Reality -Part 2
March; Sunday 14th - Fri 19th (Evening Start)                                                           £295
This extremely popular second part of our unique 3 part series of oil painting in the style of the Old Masters
continues to attract interest from all over the world. If you have not worked in these techniques before you
will need to join Part 1, in August before taking parts 2 or 3 the following year.

11 - Painting Reality -Part 3
May; Sun 9th - Fri 14th (Evening Start)                                                                 £295
This Classical European oil painting series culminates in Part 3 when what has been learnt from Parts 1 and 2
allows students to forge their own style and work from personal subject matter. This unique course over the
past nine years has attracted worldwide interest and resulted in a number of gifted students exhibiting and
selling in the RA Summer Show and elsewhere and gaining membership to prestigious societies such as the
Feline Society, Royal Society of Marine Artists, Royal Society of Women Artists and more. William is an
outstanding tutor whose work is of international stature in this traditional oil painting method as used by
the 17th century Dutch Masters.

Non-Participating Partners:-
Are always welcome to join painting partners on Sailing/Painting cruises and can join their partners for light
lunches and pre-course introductory evenings, for a small extra charge.
As a tourist "Hot Spot" the area offers diverse opportunities for non-painters. You can walk along the Weavers
Way or visit the Vicarage Gardens at East Ruston, there are many miles of unspoilt coastline to visit, or follow
in the steps of Nelson who reputedly learned to sail on nearby Barton Broad . Norfolk is rich with history, Tudor
houses such as Blickling Hall are a national pride. Norwich is 15 miles away with good shopping and numerous
attractions especially those of historic interest.
For further details contact Norfolk Tourism Team, Room 501a, County Hall, Martineau lane, Norwich, NR1 2SG
Or visit:-
Angela Dammery
Angela is the owner, Course Director and resident tutor at BAC. She studied for the NDD in painting at
Colchester and at ATC Goldsmith's College, London.
A practising painter, an enthusiastic and patient tutor, she particularly enjoys painting flowers, landscapes
and figures using oil, watercolour and mixed media. Her positive teaching methods set beginners onto the
right path, and develop the potential of the more experienced artist. She has been involved, at every stage
since the initial purchase in `86, of the subsequent restoration and conversion of The Old School to form
Broadland Arts Centre in `89.
6 - Complete beginner's Watercolour workshop
April; Sat 17th                                                                                                  £90
Never painted in watercolour before or been disheartened with your results? Then work with this
enthusiastic and patient tutor who will set you on the right path and prove that anyone can paint in

9 - Watercolour Landscapes in Limited colours
May; Sat 1st - Sun 2nd                                                                                        £175
Explore the ways in which using fewer colours, rather than more, can add strength and dynamic tonal
qualities to your paintings.

16 - Sail & Paint the Norfolk Broads
June; Wed 2nd - Sun 6th                                                                                       £305
A unique waterborn experience taking you through some of the prettiest parts of this beautiful wetland
environment - a painters paradise. Fill a sketch book and relive the days of Edwardian splendour
comfortably accommodated on board the beautifully maintained wherry yacht 'White Moth'. Begin and end
at Horning, including accommodation on board, breakfasts, light lunches and 1 evening meal. Other meals
taken en route at riverside pubs.

29 - Life drawing Day
August; Sat 7th                                                                                               £100
Have a fun and intensive day drawing the human figure in a variety of different, lively and imaginative ways
including pencil, charcoal, paint or pen and ink. A professional female model is provided all day. This is a
useful complimentary workshop for those attending the 'Sculpture & Casting - The Human Figure' (30)
which also provides a £10 discount for this workshop
31 - Exploring Textures in Watercolour Pencil and ink
August; Fri 13th - Sun 15th                                                                                   £215
Gain inspiration from the natural world and man-made structures in the landscape. Discover innovative
ways of depicting a range of different textures using mixed media combinations of pencil and watercolour;
pen and watercolour and watercolour on its own.

33 - Portrait Drawing in Graphite
September; Fri 3rd                                                                                             £95
An intensive drawing day to improve your portrait skills. Get to grips with proportion, bone structure,
descriptive tonal values and different forms of shading as well as the depiction of hair.

Comments from the visitors book:
'The course was fantastic. Tuition was much more in depth than anticipated and I could recommend Joe's tuition to
anyone' Tutor - Jo Dowden
'Thank you for a wonderful 3 days, the weather was fantastic and the sketching and painting great. I have learnt so much
and will carry on trying to improve' Tutor - Angela Dammery
' I would take another course without hesitation and recommend John's courses to anyone' Tutor - John Patchett
Joe Francis Dowden
Joe is a prolific self taught watercolourist. He has a lively, charismatic personality and is a good
communicator, having a strong desire to impart his extensive knowledge of this medium, which has
endeared him to all participants joining his groups. He is a watercolour demonstrator for Daler Rowney and
Teaching Art and features as demonstrator at the A&I show in London. He is also well known for leading Art
Holidays worldwide. He enjoys demonstrating around the country for numerous art clubs and societies. He
has also published books, videos and articles .
18 - Paint Water with Joe
June; Thurs 10th - Tue 15th                                                                           £295
Location based in the Broads National Park and in the studio. This amazing watercolourist is so innovative
and inspiring in the way in which he conjures up a wealth of textural effects and uses awesome washes to
effectively convey brilliant lighting effects. A watercolour course for all including beginners to this medium
which will enliven and change your work dramatically for the better. Joe is a dedicated and charismatic tutor
whose demonstrations and concentrated one to one sessions help everyone to gain the maximum possible
from this course. He is a successful published artist in books and articles for the Artist magazine as well as
videos, and is a sought after tutor.

37 - People on a Beach in Watercolour
September; Fri 17th - Sat 18th                                                                         £180
Learn from this exceptional painter of water in all its nuances. His paintings of children and people in action
are sure to encourage you to include figures in your paintings.

Charles Evans
Charles is a prolific watercolourist and charismatic and lively tutor. His enthusiasm for teaching and desire to
freely communicate his knowledge, coupled with his humorous and friendly personality, ensures that he is
in great demand for tutoring courses and workshops both in UK and abroad. Charles often contributes to
the "Artists and Illustrators" and SAA "Paint" magazine, offering helpful hints and tips to aspiring
watercolourists. He is the chief demonstrator for Daler/Rowney at all the major art materials shows and
frequently appears on his own Tyne and Tees TV watercolour painting programme.

21 - Boats, Barges & Beautiful East Anglian Landscapes in Watercolour
July; Sat 10th - Mon 12th                                                                        £400 App.

Have fun with Charlie painting new venues at and around “Pin Mill” on the river Orwell in Suffolk.
Accommodation at a nearby hotel is included.

41 - Charlie Evans' Pub Crawl
October; Fri 1st - Sun 3rd                                                                            £325
With some watercolour thrown in! Have fun with Charlie painting the Norfolk Broads,
Accommodated in a hired cruiser from Stalham. All food except evening meals included.
Motor from one location to the other through the beautiful Norfolk Broads National Park, sampling the local
brews and dining at riverside pubs. A unique and memorable holiday for sure.
Andrew Fawcett
Andrew developed a fascination for Medieval and Renaissance techniques, resulting in many experiments in
fresco, sgraffito, mosaic, gilding and panel painting. In his worldwide travels over the years, Andrew has
collected many hundreds of pigments which he uses in his own work and in the many restoration and
conservation projects in which he has been involved, including Kings College Cambridge, Hatfield House
and Hylands House, Chelmsford. His own work has been exhibited at the RA Summer Show and in one man
and mixed shows throughout the region. He is currently working in a stained glass restoration workshop.

25 - Verre E'Glomise and Related Medieval Techniques
July; Mon 26th                                                                                        £98
This one day workshop will open your eyes to a beautiful and popular pictorial technique of the early
Renaissance period. Using Gold leaf applied to glass and the design scratched into the surface

26 - Icons, Fresco and Renaissance Techniques
July; Tue 27th - Fri 30th                                                                            £275

A great Opportunity to discover the techniques used by the great artists of the Renaissance. Experience
what it was like to be an artist in an early Renaissance workshop. Learn how to gild with gold leaf, paint in
watercolour on wet plaster (fresco) and work on gesso with colour and gold leaf (tempera). A £10 discount
available if also booking course 25.
Tim Fisher
Tim Fisher is a leading artist, writer and popular art tutor.
Born in Leicestershire, England, Tim became a professional artist in 2000, following a successful career in
research for an international US company. The industry regarded Tim as a highly creative person. He
currently holds two worldwide patents.
Since the launch of his career, Tim has won numerous art awards. He was short listed from 12,000 entrants
for the first Daily Mail Not the Turner Prize competition. His pastel entitled “Pink Hydrangeas” has
subsequently been displayed at the Mall Galleries, London.
Approaching his paintings like a researcher, Tim works with the heart of a purist and the mind of a realist.
Whenever possible he collects his own reference material by observation, field sketches and taking
His work is displayed in public, private and corporate institutions throughout the world.

45 - Capturing Norfolk with Ink & Watercolour Pencils
October; Sun 24th - Mon 25th                                                                         £185
 Tim's approach to line and wash opens up a whole new way of using ink to create loose inspirational
paintings. You will be guided in the selection of clean and fresh watercolours and shown how to fully exploit
line, tone and hues to achieve your painting goals. An ideal course for all abilities (including complete
beginners to painting and drawing). The course aims to be location based to take advantage of the glorious
backdrop of the Broads National Park - an inspiration to any artist. If wet, work will continue in the studio,
from sketches and photographic reference material.

44 - Paint Loose and Vibrant Pastel Florals - New course
October; Sat 23rd                                                                                      £95
 A one day workshop to transform your pastels and infuse them with light, colour and atmosphere. Tim is
every bit as good an exponent of pastel painting as he is a professional watercolourist. You will complete at
least one floral painting during the day encouraged and inspired by this very popular BAC tutor. Some
materials can be purchased, at cost, direct from the tutor.

                Open Studio Weekend Sat 6th - Sun 7th March 2010
Penny Graham-Jones
One of Broadland Arts Centre's real successes, Penny began her art studies as a course participant with us
some years ago, becoming fascinated with textiles and progressing onto a degree course as a mature
student at Norwich Art School, where she gained a degree in Visual Studies winning the "Pioneer
Prize" (awarded by the Alumni for the most innovative body of work). Specialising in textile skills, she has
now made a name for herself through her imaginative use of dyeing, weaving, knitting and felting.
Successful workshops have been held alongside her exhibitions and she has become a very popular teacher.

40 - Further Bookings
September; Sat25th - Sun 26th                                                                          £175

 Another adventure in bookmaking. Make decorative book covers, slip covers, book boxes and bags, using
textiles and threads; paper and card; paint and stitch. Explore different ways of stitching books, using coptic
binding, Japanese stitching and more! This course is suitable for both beginners and those who attended
Penny's successful course in 2009.

Gwen Hedley
Gwen teaches advanced workshops at East Berkshire College and freelance throughout the country at many
centres. She was awarded membership of the Society of Designers-Craftsmen and The Practical Study
Group. She designed the tri-centennial hanging at the Windsor Guild Hall and her buttons have been used
by Zandra Rhodes. She contributes regularly to numerous textile magazines and her work is used to
illustrate many publications. Her own book `Surfaces for Stitch' published by Batsford is a veritable gold
mine of information. Her new book is due for publication in 2010.

4 - Deconstruct and Reconstruct
April; Fri 9th                                                                                           £90
This course explores the exciting possibilities of working with papers, stitch and fabric, and processing the
work to produce eroded and distressed and disintegrated surfaces and forms. They can be coarse and
chunky, or fine and delicate, neutral and subtle or rich and sumptuous - the choice is yours. A sewing
machine is essential, but it can involve additional hand stitching if desired. Suitable for all levels of
There is a £10 discount if booking on both of Gwen's courses

5 - Creative Workbooks - a Patterned Approach
April; Sat 10th - Sun 11th                                                                             £175
 This workshop explores pattern in its broadest sense, opening up new ideas for design. Together, using
various art techniques, we will build little fat books of pattern that will excite and delight, and develop ideas
for future work. You can also begin some stitched trials. The course is suitable for all levels of experience.

Did you Know?
The Accommodation list is available on request
It's also on
That holiday insurance details are available on request.
The group leader place is free on bookings of ten or more.
On longer courses you may be able to join Angela on a short river trip on 'Golden Sunset'
There are discounts for :-Introducing a friend or booking three or more courses.
                 There's a Taster Day at BAC on Sat 13th March 2010
                    Cost £20 - fully refundable if you book any course in 2010
David Hyde
David is a self taught artist who has a natural gift for empathising with his students and is keen to impart his
considerable knowledge and skill through an informal, unpretentious and easy to understand teaching
style. David is a professional fine artist and sought after tutor and demonstrator who works happily in a
variety of paint media including watercolour and acrylic. An experienced community education tutor, his
popular, informative approach and skilful use of these media keep him in demand nationally for workshops
and painting holidays.
He exhibits all around the UK and his work has been shown in London and sold at Christies.

20 - Painting Techniques - In acrylic or Watercolour
June; Fri 25th - Sun 27th                                                                                  £215

 This popular and gifted wildlife artist will inspire you to paint a variety of British birds and animals in either
watercolour or acrylic. David is equally proficient at both. Work will be based on sketches made in the wild,
stuffed specimens or photographic references. Weather permitting it may be possible to join Angela for a
short cruise to see some local wildlife of the Broads such as otters, marsh harriers and kingfishers.

Louise Joyce
A certificated Silver Clay instructor, Louise enjoys exploiting the malleable and textural properties of this
material which contrast with her traditional silver jewellery skills, she particularly enjoys the students
delight on completing their first pieces as the clay is transformed into fine silver jewellery.

38 - Fine Silver Clay Jewellery - New Course
September; Sun 19th                                                                                         £90
This one day workshop will introduce you to an exciting method of producing individual fine silver jewellery
which can be fired without the need of a kiln. These courses will give you the skills to continue at home with
minimal equipment. Tools and some silver clay are included..

39 - Develop Your Fine Silver Clay Jewellery - New Course
September; Mon 20th                                                                                         £90
Take a step beyond the basic techniques to produce innovative designs for completed pendants, earrings
or a cross-over ring.
These courses will give you the skills and confidence for further work at home and only minimal equipment
is needed.
A discount of £10 will be applied if you book both of Louise’s courses.
Ewa Kuniczak
Ewa, born in Poland, now lives and works in Scotland. She has always had a studio of her own or workplace
that allows her to produce her own work for exhibitions and high profile craft fairs. She has travelled widely
studying textiles costume and felt making traditions, participating in international conferences and artists'
workshops as well as working with industry in France. She regularly exhibits her highly innovative felt
creations, hats, bags, footwear, scarves, shawls and 3D figures and animals in the UK, USA and Europe
earning many awards. She holds a BA in Art, City & Guilds in embroidery and is an elected Fellow of the
Society of Designer Craftsmen. She has taught in main stream, further and post graduate education, and
now runs her own business from home. She has published five books on felt making.

14 - Precious Purses and Pockets with Poetic Licence
May; Fri 21st                                                                                          £90
 Lucy Locket may have lost her pocket, but you can have fun finding interesting and exciting ways of
creating your very own precious purse or means of enclosing special treasures using exotic felting
techniques. Ideal course for beginners as well as the more experienced.

15 - Light, Space and Structures
May; Sat 22nd - Sun 23rd                                                                             £175
Using natural materials, explore transparency and opacity in relation to light and space in order to create
delicate felt structures that can be used within the home.

Roy Lang
 After Roy's very popular courses at BAC in `08 and '09 we are pleased to announce that this talented
professional Cornish artist will be with us again. He is a highly dedicated and empathetic tutor who is able to
instil confidence in the beginner as well as stretching the aspiring marine painter in oils. His love and
understanding of the sea in all its moods, colours and movements is derived partly from his hobby of fishing
and his own personal observations of the tranquil and often wild water of the coastal areas of his native
West Country.
10 - Bessie's Cove in Oils
May; Thu 6th - Sun 9th                                                                               £275
 We are delighted to again welcome this enthusiastic, patient, talented artist and tutor who will inspire you
to tackle marine painting using his lively Impressionistic style. Suitable for all ability levels
Jean Littlejohn
Jean is an extremely talented, enthusiastic and innovative embroiderer, who inspires all who join her
courses to experiment with new and unusual stitched techniques.

She and Jan Beaney jointly teach many aspects of the higher level course in textiles at East Berkshire as well
as teaching and lecturing throughout the world. Together they formed their own company `Double Trouble
Enterprises' through which they publish their own authoritative books and DVD's which have become
classics in their field. They also promote their lecture tours and courses through this company.
 Jean is a member of the 62 group of textile artists exhibiting both in the UK and abroad.
She is an exceptional embroiderer in all machine and hand stitching techniques. Her lively teaching style
ensures the maximum enjoyment for her students who find themselves inspired with novel ideas and new
directions to pursue. It came as no surprise to those students that she and Jan were joint winners of the
“Best Teacher Award” at the Embroiderers Guild Centenary Celebrations.

17 - Waterscapes in Creative textiles
June; Tues 8th - Wed 9th                                                                            £175
Students will be encouraged to bring their own reference on water patterns from a range
of sources; grids and rhythms from sea and rock pools, encrusted rocks, shorelines, rivers
and streams and even swimming pools. These beautiful colours and patterns will then be
worked into stitched cloths combining hand, machine and embellishing techniques.

Ian Scott-Massie
Ian has considerable teaching experience and holds a B.Ed degree in music and drama and an MA in history.
His artistic roots lie in the British Romantic School of the 30's and 40's. He combines the visual style and
philosophy of artists such as Paul Nash and John Piper with the palettes and painterly freedom of Turner
and Whistler in pursuit of the personality of the landscape. He began exhibiting in `79 and has been
represented at Look Gallery, Cambridge Contemporary Art and Harrods. He is noted for his inspirational
teaching and pursues a parallel career as a musician and is a regular contributor to art magazines.

24 - Atmospheric watercolours
July; Thurs 22nd - Sun 25th                                                                         £275

Learn the techniques needed to describe mist, wind, rain and sunlight using Scott's lively and beautiful
approach and simplistic watercolour techniques of gorgeous swathes of rich colour and strong tones. The
course is suitable for all ability levels including complete beginners. A full wet weather programme will be
available on site if required.
William Newton
William was born in Essex and is a full time professional artist working on gallery, exhibition and privately
commissioned paintings. He is a practising painter and art tutor with experience of teaching both adults and
children. Bill works in most mediums, on almost any subject matter, but notably marine painting and
landscape and is the author of a bestselling book, `Painting with Watercolours'. He is past President of the
famous London Sketch Club in Chelsea and a member of various other art societies. He is also a busy
demonstrator of products for art materials companies and is a sought after demonstrator for art societies
throughout the Home Counties.

16 - Sail and Paint the East Coast and River Blackwater
June; Wed 2nd - Sun 6th                                                                                £395

     · Accommodated on the Thames Sailing Barge Wyvenhoe
     · A unique and memorable holiday experience not to be missed
     · Start and finish at Maldon Essex
     · Includes breakfasts, lunches and snacks
     · Tuition in watercolour painting & sketching will take place when possible from the decks or ashore.
     · With an opportunity to observe the Blackwater Barge match on Sat June 5th 2010.
Eric Ng
Eric was born in Hong Kong in 1955. He began studying Chinese painting under Min Leung Chan, a student
of the famous Ling Nam landscape artist Pak Li Ho. In 1995 he moved to England, since which time he has
worked hard to develop his skills. Currently he is a member of the Chinese Brush Painters Society (UK) and is
a much sought after tutor for oriental brush painting groups all over the southern counties, who benefit so
much from his 30 years experience and strong desire to impart his extensive knowledge of this field of
painting. He is a prolific artist himself and has exhibited in solo and joint exhibitions in the southern counties
in UK as well as in USA and Hong Kong.

7 - Oriental Landscapes
April; Sun 18th - Thurs 22nd                                                                           £305
 We are delighted again to welcome this highly acclaimed Chinese Oriental free brush painter and dedicated
tutor onto our tutor team, for an exhilarating five days, painting traditional Chinese landscapes in the
Oriental Free Brush style.
John Patchett

John is an accomplished and prolific artist and experienced tutor, whose impressionistic pastel paintings
show a love for the immediacy of working `en plein air' and a strong sense of light and vibrant colour. After
training at Grimsby School of Art, Kingston School of Art and Brighton College. John feels that the hand can
never achieve anything higher than the heart can command; he therefore chooses inspirational locations,
where he can enthuse about the subject and situations. He is a full-time main stream Art teacher and
experienced adult tutor. He has had twenty five solo exhibitions in UK and Australia; exhibited with the
Pastel Society and Royal Society of Marine Artists and at the Mall Galleries, London.

8 - Mood and Atmosphere in Pastel
April; Sat 24th - Sun 25nd                                                                              £175
This ever popular pastellist will guide you to create exciting qualities for distinctive and original pastel
paintings. This course is suitable for both Beginners and those that have attended John's previous courses

36 - Skies and Sunsets in Pastel
September; Sat 11th - Sun 12th                                                                          £175
 An opportunity to work with this popular talented pastelist and experienced tutor on typical Norfolk
landscape subjects using his impressionistic approach.
John regularly writes for the Leisure Painter magazine, a prolific artist, full time art teacher and sought after
tutor for workshops and demonstrations in the South East. This course is also suitable for beginners
42 - Secrets of Impressionist Pastels
April; Sun 18th - Thurs 22nd                                                                           £175
Learn more impressionist uses of this medium with this pastel painter and accomplished tutor

Laurie Rudling
Laurie is an artist of the landscape and built environment, taking inspiration from direct observation of the
world and mankind's structures and influences upon it. He draws more from the realist rather than from the
naturalist traditions and as such reserves the right to transform, transpose and synthesize in the search for
the essential in any particular place.
He has been a full time printmaker since 1987, prior to which he pursued a teaching career in the Midlands
and London. He is an elected member of the Norwich Twenty Group and has exhibited at the Royal
Academy, Royal West of England Academy, National Print Exhibition, "Art in Action", Norwich Print Fair,
Eastern Open `07 and many other exhibitions throughout UK.

3 - Monoprinting
March; Sat 27th - Sun 28th                                                                             £175
Laurie's popularity goes from strength to strength following his print courses with us in `08 & '09. His
creative energy and enthusiasm is infectious and well suited to all ability levels including complete
beginners to print making. Learn this simple print making technique resulting in unique images with every
print produced.

32 - Experimental Collagraphy Printmaking
August; Sat 28th - Mon 30th                                                                            £220

 Laurie is a popular experienced innovative printmaker and teacher. On this course you will learn to make
collaged plates from normal art materials, exploring and incorporating objects and textures and integrating
these with traditional engraving and mark making techniques. The course offers new directions for
experienced printmakers and is an ideal introduction to printmaking for complete beginners. You will be
amazed at your results and take home numerous quality prints in colour.
John Shave
John has spent much of his painting life in Australia where he is a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts of South
Australia. He studied with renowned artist Leonid Vasin, has won many awards for his paintings in Australia
and has written for `Australian Artist' magazine.

In England he has exhibited at the Mall with the Royal Institute of Oil Painters, the East Anglian Marine
Artists and the Royal Society of Portrait Painters. John Shave now lives in Sussex. As well as painting, John
tutors residential painting courses. He was made a member of the Wapping Group in 2008.

His painting style evokes the competence and skill of painters such as Edward Seago and are resonant of a
bygone age.

23 - Edward Seago's Norfolk in Oils
July; Sun 18th - Wed 21st                                                                                 £275

This practical `hand's on' location based oil painting course will explore the late Edward Seago's
Impressionistic style. John is a fine exponent of this looser style of painting and is a very prolific artist
himself. He has a keen interest in the life and work of this 20th century British Impressionist painter.
Locations will include some familiar subjects painted by Seago and it may be possible to visit Edward's
former home nearby, with the kind permission of the owner

34 - Portrait Painting in Oils or Acrylic
September; Sat 4th - Sun 5th                                                                               £190
Suitable for all abilities this course will give an excellent grounding in the basic skills needed for successful
portraiture as well as stretching the more able portrait artist to the full. John is a notable portrait painter and
popular tutor. Suitable for all ability levels including complete beginners new to oil painting. The course fee
includes male/female professional models throughout.

Debbie Siniska
 British Textile Artist Debbie Siniska has worked professionally from her home in East Sussex as a designer,
maker, teacher and writer for the past 20 years specialising in rag rug making using the shuttle hook and
recycled textiles. Her rag rugs are made using traditional and contemporary techniques. Debbie is also a felt
maker, and makes felt clothing and jewellery. Recycling and sustainability are an integral part of Debbies
work and the enduring thrift craft of rag rug making has survived the span of time, to be as relevant today as
it was in the early 1900's. She has taught in schools and colleges, at young offenders centres and at women's
refuge. She also visits textiles groups up and down the country. The Tate Gallery in London commissioned
and sold her Bloomsbury rugs which accompanied an important Bloomsbury exhibition to celebrate the
millennium. Debbie is listed on the register of makers at the Crafts Council

43 - Gorgeous Rag Rugs
October; Sat 16th - Sun 17th                                                                               £180

A wonderful chance to come and enjoy working with this innovative and imaginative textile artist. Debbie is
an experienced tutor with new and original approaches to this traditional method of producing rag rugs.
Inventive and quirky ideas come to life using recycled textiles.
On this two day course, you will learn the techniques of hooky and proddy, using traditional hand tools and
recycled textiles. There will be plenty of inspirational books, work, and funny old tools for you have a go
with. Please bring along old tee shirts, and fine knit woollies, and any scraps of fancy fabrics you may have.
There will be a general rag bag for you to work from. Please also bring sewing kit and a good pair of sharp
scissors. Hand tools will be available to try with the option to buy.
Richard Wilks

Richard has extensive experience in 3D construction, sculptural techniques and ceramics, working in various
forms of sculpture and mould making using plaster, fibreglass and silicone. He has a wide experience in the
commercial world and in teaching to all ages, including at two HM Prisons, where he initiated and taught 3D
art programmes. He is currently a full time art teacher at Thorpe St Andrew High School. Norwich. For some
time he worked in the London Fine Art Foundry with sculptors Anish Kapoor, Bill Woodrow and Rachel
Whiteread. Richard is keen to impart his knowledge and love of this art medium and will enthusiastically
motivate all who join his group.

30 - Sculpture and Casting - The Human Figure
August; Sun 8th - Tues 10th                                                                          £250
A suitable course for all abilities or those who have never tried sculpture before. Create a unique 3D piece of
work based upon the human figure or portrait head. Clay and some other materials included.

Sue Williams
After a B.Ed Degree course at St Martins School of Art, London, Sue illustrated children's books, book jackets
and calenders. She has tutored watercolour classes for Adult Education since 1981. She exhibits regularly at
both the Mall and Westminster Galleries in London, writes for "The Artist" magazine and has had numerous
greeting cards published.
She is one of our most popular and dedicated tutors, who is keen to impart all she knows in a concise and
easy to understand teaching style.

22 - Flowers - In acrylic Inks and watercolour
July; Fri 16th - Sat 17th                                                                            £180
Join Sue in a fun two days of imaginative flower painting with acrylic inks and watercolour Sue's own work is
exceptional in its imaginative and highly skilful use of these media used together or on their own. She is one
of our most popular prolific artists who enthuses all her students and is so keen to pass on all she knows.

35 - A Watercolour Sketchbook
September; Mon 6th - Thurs 9th                                                                       £275
Using watercolour and watercolour pencils fill a sketch book with quick and spontaneous images made on
location, weather permitting. Enjoy the beauty of this wetland area and produce a body of imaginative
sketches from which to work once back at home and to keep you enthused throughout the winter. A rare
opportunity to work with this exceptional professional illustrator and accomplished tutor.
How to get there
By Air
Dilham is in range of all London airports with Stansted and Luton being closest.
Norwich Airport has international connections via Amsterdam (Schipol).
By Sea
Harwich is the nearest ferry port, but there are good connections from Dover and the Channel Tunnel.
By Rail
Norwich is the main rail hub with hourly trains from London (Liverpool St.).
Norwich also has good connections to Ely and Peterborough which links in to the rest of the country.
From Norwich the local service to Cromer stops at Hoveton & Wroxham. A taxi would be required from the
station to Dilham, however some of the local B&B's will arrange collection.
By Road
Dilham Location :-         Postcode          OS Grid            Lat/Long
                           NR28 9PT         TG331252        N52:46:39 E1:27:17

To Locate Dilham on a map, use Norwich as a marker.
Follow the A1151 North East out of Norwich through Wroxham until it joins the A149.
At the A149 junction turn north towards North Walsham.
After a mile you enter the village of Smallburgh with The Crown pub on the right.
The Dilham turning is 100 yards past the pub on the right hand side - Turn right onto "The Street".
Follow The Street into the village, past the Cross Keys pub on the right and the Village Hall on the left.
Immediately after the village sign - The Art Centre is the next entrance on the left (set back from the road)
Turn left into the school yard and park.
Course participants are asked to use their own cars to reach painting locations (furthest 15 miles) and to car
share whenever possible to avoid congestion on country lanes. Those without transport can usually
accompany the tutor in their transport. Taxis can be pre-booked on a daily basis to meet your transport

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Guests are asked to vacate their rooms by 10:00 a.m. on the last day of their stay.

                   Acommodation                                     Room Rate                   Nights       Total (£)
    Single room (when available)                                    £25 Per person per night

    Twin room used as a Single (when available)                     £30 Per person per night

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Final payments must be received NOT later than 8 Weeks before the course commences.
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Balance of payments may be made in two equal stages providing the 8 Week deadline has not passed.
Reminders will not be sent - receipts will be sent but an SAE is always appreciated.
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