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					Welcome to the Yukon Arts Centre

The Yukon Arts Centre Corporation is dedicated to the development of the arts as an important
cultural, social and economic force in the Yukon. The Corporation shall deal equitably with all
arts groups in the Yukon when determining what use they may make of the Yukon Arts Centre.

TABLE OF CONTENTS                                      PAGE

   1. Contact Information                              4

   2. Booking the Yukon Arts Centre (YAC)              5, 6
            •   Deposit
            •   Holds
            •   Settlement
            •   Cancellations
            •   Capacity
            •   Technical Consultations
            •   Festival Booking
            •   Conferences
            •   Green Room, Studio Theatre and Lobby
            •   Public Gallery
            •   End of Booking
            •   YAC Discretion
            •   Labour
            •   Meal Breaks
            •   Health and Safety
            •   Recycling

   3. Box Office, Publicity and Sales                  7
            •   Setting Up Tickets
            •   Service Charges
            •   Sales locations and hours
            •   Publicity
            •   Merchandise Sales
            •   Complimentary Tickets

   4. Managing Your Event                              8
            •   Front of House (FOH)
            •   Performance Content
            •   S.O.C.A.N. Fees
            •   Performers Watching the Show
            •   Technical Support Staff
            •   Operators

   5. Rental Policies                                  8, 9
            •   Rate Classifications
            •   Traditional Bookings
            •   Donations
            •   Partnerships

   6. Using the Yukon Arts Centre Facility             9
            •   The Stage
            •   Performers’ Entrance
            •   Parking
            •   Security
            •   Safety
            •   Keys
            •   Internet

YAC GUIDE TO SERVICES ― 2009 EDITION                          Page 2
TABLE OF CONTENTS                                     PAGE

        Using the Yukon Arts Centre Facility          9, 10
            •   Telephones
            •   Photocopier
            •   Cleaning
            •   Displays
            •   Media
            •   Set-up in the Lobby
            •   Community Gallery

    7. Food, Beverage and Bar Services                10, 11
            •   Liquor Service
            •   Beverage and Bar Services
            •   Catering Service

    8. Volunteer Program                              11
            •   Volunteers
            •   FOH Volunteers
            •   Technical Volunteers
            •   Volunteer Seats

   9. Front of House (FOH)                            11

   10. Broadcast & Recording                          12

   11. Stage and Workshop                             13

   12. Pianos                                         14
            •   Steinway 9’ Grand
            •   Yamaha and Baldwin Uprights
        Appendix A
        Box Office and Front of House Question Form   15
        Appendix B
        Stage Plot                                    17
        Appendix C
        Technical Question Form                       18
        Appendix D
        Theatre Specifications                        21
        Appendix E
        Audio Inventory                               22
        Appendix F
        Lighting Inventory                            24
        Appendix G
        Rental Rates                                  26

YAC GUIDE TO SERVICES ― 2009 EDITION                           Page 3
1.   Contact Information
     Website:         yukonartscentre.com
     Courier:         Yukon Arts Centre, 300 College Drive, Whitehorse, Yukon
     Mail:            Yukon Arts Centre, Box 16, Whitehorse, Yukon, Y1A 5X9
     Fax:             (867) 393-6300

     Customer Service
     Tammy Vermeersch
     Email         bookings@yac.ca
     Bookings      667-8484
     Box Office    667-8574
     Cell Phone    334-3984
     Technical Director
     Patrick Matheson
     Email           techdir@yac.ca
     Office          667-8568
     Cell Phone      334-6815

     Front of House
     Matt Poushinsky
     Email           fohmanager@yac.ca
     Office          667-8699

     Adrienne Hill
     Email            accounts@yac.ca
     Office           667-8576

     Didier Delahaye
     Email           dda@yac.ca
     Office          393-7108

     Head Technician
     Josh Jansen
     Email         tech1@yac.ca
     Message       667-8579

     Gallery Director
     Mary Bradshaw
     Email           gallerydirector@yac.ca
     Office          667-8485

     Al Cushing
     Email            ceo@yac.ca
     Office           667-8577

     Old Fire Hall
     Kristina Mercs
     Email            firehall@yac.ca
     Office           667- 3473
     Cell Phone       332-4255

     YAC GUIDE TO SERVICES ― 2009 EDITION                                       Page 4
2.   Booking the Yukon Arts Centre
     Please contact Tammy Vermeersch, Customer Service Coordinator, at (867) 667-8484 or at
     bookings@yac.ca for all inquiries about booking the Yukon Arts Centre or the Old Fire Hall.
     Booking Deposit
     You will pay a $100 per event/day non-refundable deposit to secure your booking. The deposit is
     due within 10 business days of making the initial reservation and will be credited against the final
     invoice. In the event that your deposit is not received within ten business days, your reservation
     may be cancelled without further notice and the facilities or equipment made available to other
      Tickets will not be sold until your event is confirmed and your deposit as well.
      If you make a booking within one month of your event, your deposit is due at the time you
         make your booking
     If you are unsure about your plans, you can request a “light hold” on a date that is more than six
     months in the future. If another renter expresses an interest in the same date, the Customer Service
     Coordinator will contact you and give you the option of securing the date by paying the deposit or
     releasing the light hold.
     For ticketed events, any fees owed to the Yukon Arts Centre will be deducted from the Box Office
     receipts. If the receipts are in excess of expenses, then a cheque for the difference will be issued
     within ten days. If expenses are in excess of receipts than payment for the difference is required
     within ten days of receipt of our invoice. For non-ticketed events, full rental payment may be
     required in advance.
     In the event of a cancellation, the Renter will forfeit all deposits and will be responsible for any cost
     (such as pre-printed tickets, offsite equipment rentals, etc.) incurred by the Corporation on the
     Renter’s behalf.
     Total number of seats in hall:                                               428
     Less 10 seats reserved for working FOH volunteers                            -10
     Less 10 seats held for volunteers, Board, sponsors                           -10
     Total number of seats available for sale:                                    408
     10 of the remaining 408 seats can be used for patrons with disabilities. Please keep in mind that
     the number of seats will be reduced if you place video cameras in the audience to record your show.
     Technical Consultations
     YAC staff will meet with you at least 4 weeks in advance of your booking to discuss the specific
     details of your event such as your technical, box office and front of house needs.
     Videographers must hold a ticket and are placed in the wheelchair location to film the show. Book
     these complimentary seats for your staff before your tickets go on sale.
     Festival Booking
     With festival booking, you can have the use of the entire facility, excluding the Public Gallery, to
     present a variety of different performances within a 15-hour day. The festival rate includes the use
     of the theatre, lobby and production area, but does not cover fees for box office services, technical
     services, equipment, concessions or receptions.
     NOTE: After 8 hours, staff will be on overtime at your cost.
     Conference bookings for the entire facility are based on the festival rate. The lobby is also suitable
     for smaller conferences or meetings. YAC staff can assist conference and meeting planners to
     make best use of the facility and equipment. Consistent communication between your conference
     coordinator and the Customer Service Coordinator will ensure a successful event at YAC.

     YAC GUIDE TO SERVICES ― 2009 EDITION                                                            Page 5
Green Room, Studio Theatre and Lobby
For workshops, rehearsals and small events, you can rent the green room, studio theatre, or lobby.
If you rent the theatre, the booking includes the use of the green room, dressing rooms and lobby,
but not the studio theatre. If you rent the studio theatre and there is another event in the theatre at
the same time, the theatre renter will have priority use of the green room and dressing rooms.
Public Art Gallery
The Public Art Gallery may be used on a rental basis for presentations, recitals, lectures, meetings
and other events. Use of the Gallery is at the discretion of the Gallery Director and must respect
the policies and environmental controls that protect the exhibitions. Your activities may not interfere
with public access to the gallery during regular hours of operation. Under no circumstances will
food or beverages be allowed in the Gallery.
End of Booking
All of items must be removed from the facility immediately at the end of your booking. Nothing may
be left in the theatre or facility without the prior consent of the YAC event staff. YAC will not be
responsible for items left in the facility at the end of your booking. You may be charged for storage.
Items not claimed after 14 days will be disposed of at the discretion of YAC.
YAC Discretion
YAC reserves the right to decline a booking to any renter presenting material or undertaking
activities contrary to YAC objectives or contrary to the public good, as determined by YACC.
YAC personnel are members of the Public Service Alliance of Canada.
We abide to the terms of the collective agreement.
 Meal Breaks
   The staff and volunteers are entitled to a one hour unpaid meal break or a 30 minute paid meal
   break after a minimum of 4 hours of work or once a day after a maximum of 5 hours of labour.
   15 minutes coffee breaks are to be provided after 2 hours of work.
 Health and Safety
   The YAC facility, its employees and its guests adhere to the policies listed within the
   Occupational Health and Safety Handbook as published by The Yukon Workers’ Compensation
   Health and Safety Board.
YAC has engaged the services of Raven Recycling to decrease the amount of items sent to the
landfill. You will find recycling containers throughout the facility. Please make proper use of them.
You must remove all your set, props and staging items following your last performance. Objects
that are left at the Yukon Arts Centre will be subject to a storage or disposal fee.

YAC GUIDE TO SERVICES ― 2009 EDITION                                                           Page 6
3.   Box Office, Publicity and Sales
     a. Ticket Sales - YAC reserves the right to print the tickets for all events occurring at the Yukon
        Arts Centre.
     b. Setting Up Tickets - In order to set up an event for sale we will need to know price, event
        name, and presenter (see Appendix A).
     c.   Sales locations and hours:
          Customers can purchase tickets at the YAC Box Office from 10 am to 3 pm, Monday to Friday,
          and one hour before performances. Tickets are also available at the Arts Underground Ticket
          Office on Main Street, Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5:30 pm, and Saturday from 10 am to 4 pm.
          Tickets can also be purchased by phone with a credit card by calling the YAC Box Office at
          (867) 667-8574 during business hours.
     d. Service Charges: Tickets sold at the Yukon Arts Centre include a $1.00 box office fee and a
        $1.00 Capital Reserve Fund contribution. The box office charge supports the staffing and
        operation of our box office. The Capital Reserve Fund will support the ongoing maintenance of
        and improvements to our theatre and gallery.
        Please note that tickets purchased at Arts Underground will also include a $2.00 service
        charge. In this case, all the service charge goes to support the operation of the Arts Underground
        box office.
     e. Publicity - Box Office personnel are often asked for information about events, so please
        provide them with promotional material a minimum of 2 months prior to your event. We
        encourage you to discuss your advertising and marketing needs with our Marketing
        Coordinator at info@yac.ca or 867-393-7108. We will be pleased to provide marketing advice
        and assistance if possible.
     f.   Merchandise Sales - If requested, YAC will manage product sales within the facility, for which
          it will charge a 20% commission or a minimum of $25.00. Renters have the option to manage
          their own merchandise sales. Tables are available to rent from YAC for this purpose. Renters
          managing their own sales will not be charged a fee (other than table rental) but must provide
          their own cash-float and sales staff. Access to YAC’s VISA, MC and/or Debit Machine is not
          included in this option.
     g. Complimentary Tickets - Complimentary tickets (comps) are an important way to honour your
        sponsors, volunteers and other guests.
         Presenters may withdraw (‘pull’) tickets from the Box Office to sell or use as comps. There
           is a small fee for all tickets printed by the YAC, including comps. You must select seats for
           the comps at the time they are pulled.
             Tickets that are pulled from the system do not have a dollar amount printed on them.
             If you want YAC to issue comps on your behalf, you must provide the Customer Service
              Coordinator with a list of your guests.
             The Arts Underground Ticket Office is unable to issue complimentary tickets
             You may pull comps during Box Office hours up to 30 minutes prior to show time.
             If your event is sold-out, you can request that any unclaimed comps be returned to the Box
              Office system and made available for sale. You can make this request up to 15 minutes
              before the show starts. In order to facilitate this, YAC suggests that you advise your guests
              to pick up their comps at least 30 minutes before curtain time.
             YAC suggests that you have one person responsible for tickets. Keeping track of ticket
              sales and comps helps you to maximise your sales.

     YAC GUIDE TO SERVICES ― 2009 EDITION                                                         Page 7
4.   Managing Your Event
     a. Front of House - The Front of House (FOH) Coordinator is invaluable to the successful running
        of your show. The FOH Coordinator is responsible for opening the building for your group,
        helping you set up in the lobby, supervising volunteers, ensuring security and providing quality
        customer service to your audience. Renters often have last minute changes. Please have your
        Stage Manager/ Producer/ Booker introduce themselves to the FOH Coordinator 75 min. prior
        to your event to review your event. Any changes or delayed information can also be delivered
        to the FOH Coordinator at fohmanager@yac.ca or 667-8699.
     b. Performance Content - Some performance material may not be suitable for all audience
        members. Please assess the content of your event and include in your advertising whether it is
        appropriate for young audience members or not. We can assist you with the appropriate
        wording in your promotional material.
     c.    S.O.C.A.N. Fees - The Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada
           (S.O.C.A.N) preserves and promotes the rights of music creators. Any group or organization
           presenting live or recorded music in public must obtain permission for the music controlled by
           S.O.C.A.N. and pay a license fee approved by the federal copyright board. If you have any
           question, please call the S.O.C.A.N. office at 1-800-937-6226.
     d. Performers Watching the Show - Performers generally stay backstage or in the studio area. If
        you want performers to be able to watch the show before or after their performance, they must
        have a comp ticket to enter the theatre. Standing in the auditorium or sitting in the aisles is
        against fire regulations. The ‘coming and going’ of any audience member is also distracting to
        both the performers on stage and the audience watching you show.
     e. Technical Support Staff - Your booking of the Yukon Arts Centre includes the services of one
        House Technician to be present and to facilitate the safe and effective use of the facility and
        the theatre’s technical equipment.
     f.    Operators - If you require sound and lighting operators, YAC has technical staff available at an
           hourly rate. The use of YAC technical staff ensures a smooth, efficient presentation. YAC also
           has a small crew of technical volunteers who may be available by request to operate sound
           and lighting consoles for some shows.

5.   Rental Policies
     a. Rate Classifications
        Rate schedules are located in Appendix G.
        There are two rental rate classifications for the Yukon Arts Centre:
             Not-for-Profit - This rate applies to all Yukon artists, Arts organizations, charities and Not-
              for-Profit Societies. A Yukon artist is defined as a practising artist residing in the Yukon. A
              Yukon Arts organization is defined as a non-profit organization or business whose primary
              purpose noted in its documents of incorporation is related to art.
             Commercial: any individual or business that is not registered as a Not-for-Profit Society or
              Charity or is not a working Yukon artist.
          Dark Day Holds are available for events that require the stage to be placed in ‘reserve’ in
          between show dates. You will be charged for this time.
     b. Traditional Bookings - Some renters book their event at the same time every year. If you book
        the same dates or time period for two consecutive years, you will be offered first right of refusal
        for those dates or that time period in the following year. If you do not book the same dates, for
        whatever reason, you will lose your traditional booking status and those dates will be made
        available to other renters. YAC makes every effort to assist all organizations to find the dates
        they need to have a successful event or performance series.
     c. No Donations - In accordance with the direction of the Yukon Arts Centre Act (1988) to “deal
        equitably with all arts groups in the Yukon”, YAC will not make an offer of reduced rates or
        donations of space or equipment that is not offered equally to all renters.

     YAC GUIDE TO SERVICES ― 2009 EDITION                                                             Page 8
     d. Partnerships - YAC is interested in developing co-production partnerships with other
        presenters. YAC may make an investment of funds, staff time or other resources in a partnership
        or co-production venture that assists the YAC to fulfil its mandate. Consideration will be given
        only to partnership proposals that include shared investment, shared risk and an opportunity for
        shared return on investment. Please contact the Artistic Director (ad@yac.ca) with your proposal.

6.   Using the Yukon Arts Centre Facility
     In an average year, more than 22,000 people attend over 100 ticketed events presented by more
     than 30 organizations at the Yukon Arts Centre. Most events are held from mid-September to mid-
     June. As the only facility of its kind in the Yukon, the Arts Centre is in great demand.
     a. The Stage – Please see Appendix “D” for full specifications.
     b. Performers’ Entrance – The Performers’ Entrance leads directly to the studio, dressing rooms
        and stage access. Please advise all of your performers and crew to use the Performers’
        Entrance particularly for rehearsals and shows.
     c.   Parking - There is plenty of parking at the rear of the building for your performers.
           Please do not use the YAC staff parking areas.
           Renters and patrons may not park in the loading docks or any loading areas: these are
              Fire Lanes.
          Any vehicle in these areas will be removed at the owners’ expense.
     b. Security - Only cast and crew are permitted in the production and backstage areas. If you
        want to permit broader access, please inform the Customer Service Coordinator when you
        book your event.
         Please issue some form of identification for cast, crew or others that will be moving from
           backstage to the front of house so that our volunteers can identify them.
         YAC will not be responsible for lost or stolen items.
     c.   Safety - The stage is a potentially dangerous area. Please follow the advice and direction of
          technicians and stagehands with regard to stage etiquette, safety and access. Individuals who
          create a hazard or refuse to follow safety rules will be asked to leave the stage.
     d. Keys – The Customer Service Coordinator or FOH Coordinator can provide you with keys for
        the green room and dressing rooms. We recommend to keep dressing rooms locked when not
        in use, and that valuables be stored in dressing room lockers (bring your own padlocks).
     e. Telephones - There is a telephone for local calls in the green room. There are also two pay-
        phones in the lobby. The phones backstage and in the technical booth are not for public use.
     f.   Cell Phone Service - Only Bell service cellular phones work on the Yukon network.
          Rogers’ GMS service will not work in the territory (no iPhone).
     g. Internet – The facility provides a wireless connection for visiting artists.
        Please note that the territorial service can be intermittent.
     h. Photocopier – You may use the photocopier in the administration area with the assistance of a
        staff member. Copies are $0.15 each.
     i.   Cleaning – Renters are responsible for removing all their items at the end of their booking and
          for leaving the facility in a neat and clean condition. Custodial services are included in the
          rental fees. However, extra cleaning costs will be charged if there is an unusual amount of
          upkeep after an event. It is advisable to restore anything that has been moved, and to check
          dressing rooms, green room and backstage before leaving the premises.
     j.   Displays –Please use the bulletin boards. Easels and display boards are also available for use
          by renters. You may not tape or attach anything to the walls or windows of the lobby or in the
          production areas. If there is damage to the walls you will be charged for restoring them.
     k.   Media - If you are arranging to have media cover your event, please notify YAC. If you plan to
          record or broadcast your event, please follow the House Policy for Recording and Broadcast
          included in this publication on page 12.

     YAC GUIDE TO SERVICES ― 2009 EDITION                                                        Page 9
     l.   Lobby Set-Up - Furniture, traffic flow, audience numbers and fire regulations limit set-up in the
          Lobby. Please discuss your proposed set-up for the lobby with the Customer Service
          Coordinator at your production meeting.
           Advise the Customer Service Coordinator if you would like to decorate the lobby for your
             event; this must be done in the time period in which you have rented the facility. You will be
             charged for additional time if you decide to decorate prior to your booking period. Please
             remember to bring your own supplies, scissors, felt pens, paper, ‘fun-tak’, and other
             material. Remember to take it all with you when you leave.
     m. Community Gallery – The Community Gallery at the west end of the lobby has a shared use
        as a visual arts programming area and an area for audience services. If there is an exhibition in
        the community gallery, public access to this area cannot be blocked during performances or
        regular gallery hours. In the event that the space is also used as an audience service area,
        care must be taken to ensure that the public can still see the art and that the art is protected.
         Protecting the art - No equipment or furniture may be located within one metre of art on
            display. Only gallery staff can touch or move the art. Neither food nor beverages are
            permitted within the gallery areas. The community gallery can be used as an information or
            registration area, technical area, music stage, speaker platform to support an event,
            providing the art on display is protected.

7.   Food, Beverage and Bar Services
     Liquor Service
     The Yukon Arts Centre is a fully licensed facility and operates under the regulations of the Yukon
     Liquor Act. Alcohol will only be sold and served by YAC staff members. Our liquor license states
     that we are the sole supplier and server of wine and spirits to all events. YAC can arrange, supply
     and serve any beverage that the Yukon Liquor Board provides to the territory.
          Other Alcohol is strictly prohibited from being brought in and/or consumed within the facility.
           We are unable to provide any exception to this Yukon Government regulation.
          The Bar - Service commences 60 minutes prior to performances and at intermission. For a
           fee, the bar may be engaged to be open following a performance.
          Extra Service - Services such as being open after the show, outside lawn service licensing,
           two bar opening and on stage service are available at an extra cost.
          Special Requests - Additions to the standard spirit and wine menu may be requested.
           7 working days notice is required.
          Alcohol free Events - In consultation with the renter, alcohol service may be suspended for
           an event.
          Corkage Fee - $7.00 per bottle for wine ordered through our Customer Service Coordinator.
          Beverages - Due to a contractual agreement with Whitehorse beverages, only Coca-Cola
           brand soft drinks may be served in the Yukon Arts Centre.
          Catering - There is a reception surcharge for facility rentals where food is served. If your
           event is catered, the FOH Coordinator needs the name of your caterer in advance. Remember
           to include in your rental planning the caterer’s requirements for time and space in the facility.
           If you are not using a licensed food provider, please be aware that all food served to the
           public must be approved by Environmental Health Services at #2 Hospital Road, (867) 667-
           8391. YAC will require proof of a health permit. The only exceptions may be for some non-
           public affairs and after-show private functions.
          Last Minute Requests - YAC will strive to accommodate last minute requests and/or changes
           but we regret that not all alterations may be possible. Amendments are subject to extra fees.
          Small Events - YAC can provide a basic coffee station for events that do not require regular
           bar service (workshops, matinees, etc.).
          Host Bar – A gratuity of 15% will be charged.
          Food and Drinks are only allowed on stage or in the house with the express permission of
           the Technical Director. ONLY water is permitted in the auditorium.
     YAC GUIDE TO SERVICES ― 2009 EDITION                                                           Page 10
8.   Volunteer Program
     a. Volunteers - YAC trains volunteers to work as part of Front of House Teams and the Technical
         Crew and Security. These volunteers are available to assist you in making your event a

     b. Front of House - FOH volunteers are arranged when you make your booking. Our volunteers
         provide coat check services, ushering and security during performances and receptions. You
         may also bring your own volunteers to support your event. Please inform the Customer Service
         Coordinator who your volunteers are and what they will be doing for your event, so that we may
         assist them and advise them on how to use the facility effectively and safely.

     c. Technical Volunteers – We strive to teach and instruct members of the community who are
         interested in acquiring theatre technical skills. We have a few dedicated technical volunteers
         that may be available to assist you and your event. YAC will be pleased to forward their names
         and phone numbers so that you may appropriately schedule them to support your

     d. Volunteer Seats - YAC depends on volunteers to produce events. YAC offers a reward system
         that allows volunteers working at events to earn volunteer vouchers that they can exchange for
         tickets to events. For more information, please inquire with the Volunteer Coordinator.

9.   Front of House
     The Front of House (FoH) Team is dedicated to ensuring that renters and audiences for all events
     at the Centre receive excellent customer service. The team is also responsible for maintaining a
     safe environment in public areas and providing security for the patrons and the facility.
     1) The Yukon Arts Centre is a non-smoking facility. Smoking is not permitted anywhere inside the
     2) Every audience member (other than babes in arms) must have a ticket to enter the theatre, or
        an available seat in the case of non-ticketed events.
     3) Children under the age of two may sit in the lap of an adult. Children two years of age and
        older should have a ticket or an assigned seat in the case of non-ticketed events.
     4) Fire regulations do not permit patrons to stand at the back of the theatre or to sit in the aisles.
     5) YAC staff and volunteers wear identification tags and black vests when on duty in the theatre.
     6) Latecomers will be seated only during a suitable and predetermined point in the performance.
     7) Patrons and renters are advised that food and drink (except water) are not permitted in the
     8) Cameras and video equipment are not permitted during performances unless stated in advance
        by the renter and with the formal permission of the artist.
     9) Anyone disturbing other audience members or performers will be asked by FOH team
        members to leave the theatre.
     10) FOH team members will advise parents with young children to leave the theatre if their children
         are disturbing the enjoyment of performances by other patrons.
     11) The Yukon Arts Centre maintains the right to refuse entry to anyone that may pose a health and
         safety concern to the facility and/or the public.

     YAC GUIDE TO SERVICES ― 2009 EDITION                                                          Page 11
10. Professional Broadcast and Recording
   YAC will facilitate sound and video recording at the Arts Centre and encourage broadcast of events
   through radio, television and internet. YAC will also ensure that sound or video recording activities
   do not interfere with the use and enjoyment of the Centre by presenters and audiences.
   Performances may only be recorded or broadcast with the written permission of the presenter and
   the performer.
   The Yukon Arts Centre will:
   1) Appoint a liaison person to host and assist technicians and videographers while at YAC. This
      cost will be charged to the client.
   2) Host a pre-production meeting with the producers and technicians.
   3) Provide assistance in locating camera positions within the theatre. Normally, cameras are
      placed in unused wheelchair spaces. The tickets must be ‘pulled’ in advance of being put on
   4) Provide audio feeds from the sound system, as long as set-up is completed 45 minutes prior to
      the start of the show.
   5) Inform sound technicians of scheduled sound checks and assist in placing microphones.
   6) Provide guidelines on the use of video lighting equipment.
   What YAC requires from the renter:
   7) Contact YAC staff to discuss plans to record events and arrange for a YAC liaison person to
      assist them while they are in the Centre.
   8) Make time for a pre-production meeting as requested by YAC.
   9) Ensure that the media does not disturb the use or enjoyment of Centre by presenters or
      audiences by following these basic guidelines:
       Do not block the view of audience members.
       Do not block aisles or fire exits.
       Do not have unsecured cables crossing aisles or fire exits.
       Do not cross in front of stage during performance.
       Wear dark clothing while in the theatre.
       Complete set-up 45 minutes prior to the start of the performance.
       Do not strike equipment until a break in the performance program.
   10) In the event that sound technicians or videographers arrive at the Arts Centre to record an
       event without prior discussion with YAC staff, YAC may refuse access. If access is granted,
       camera positions may be limited, and access to audio feeds through the YAC sound system
       may not be available. YAC will not guarantee the quality of any recording request made at the
       last moment.

   YAC GUIDE TO SERVICES ― 2009 EDITION                                                        Page 12
11. Stage and Shop
   All audio levels are regulated to average level of 94 decibels with peak levels being no more that
   100 decibels. The measurements will be conducted with YAC’s sound pressure level meter, using
   ‘A’ weighting, slow response settings.
   1) YAC will ensure that the stage and backstage areas are clean, well maintained and safe for
      performers and production personnel.
   2) YAC is a non-smoking facility. Smoking is not permitted anywhere within the building including
      the dressing room, green room, lobby and backstage areas.
   3) All onstage and backstage work requires the approval of the Technical Director. Construction
      drawings, lighting and sound designs and production requirements should be approved by the
      Technical Director prior to your event.
   4) The Technical Director may stop any activity that poses a safety concern or that may damage
      equipment, the facility or to the public. The centre maintains the right to refuse entry to anyone
      that may pose a health and safety concern to the facility and/or the public. Crew or members
      of the public that may appear to be under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol will be
      removed from the facility.
   5) The renter must keep all areas of the facility orderly. This includes the stage, the shop, the
      dressing rooms and green room.
   6) Additional cleaning charges may be added to the final invoice if extra services are required as
      a result of negligence, or if special services are requested.
   7) Only qualified operators, approved by the Technical Director, can operate YAC mechanical,
      electrical or stage equipment.
   8) YAC recommends that renters build major set pieces off-site, and develop a detailed plan for
      load-in and assembly of sets.
   9) Painting is not allowed on-stage. The technical shop, if available, may be used for touch-up
      painting. The shop must be left clean and neat.
   10) All tools and equipment must be returned to their proper storage locations immediately after
       use. Damaged or lost items will be charged to the renter. The renter shall be held responsible
       for any damage or theft to the facility or equipment, including draperies and structures, due to
       the act, default, neglect, careless or unapproved actions of the renter, its agents, employees,
       patrons, guests and/or assistants.
   11) The technical director will only approve the use of any pyrotechnics by a certified Canada
       pyrotechnician and with the approval of the local authority having jurisdiction (Fire Marshall).
   12) The use of any open flame anywhere in the facility is not permitted. An open flame for theatrical
       use is only permitted with the consent of the technical director and is subject to the written
       approval of the fire marshal. The hardware and consumable materials used in any fire or flame
       effect must be certified to be used indoors for a theatrical production (i.e.: Pyrotech).
       ‘Homemade’ products will not be allowed in the facility.
   13) All fabric and set pieces used on stage must be ‘flame proofed’ prior to load in. Failure to do
       so will prevent the material from being used within the facility.

   YAC GUIDE TO SERVICES ― 2009 EDITION                                                          Page 13
12. Pianos
   YAC will ensure that pianos at the Centre are properly used, maintained, and stored to preserve
   their value as musical instruments and as a community resource. YAC will facilitate the use of
   pianos to support the development of artists and the sound recording industry in Yukon.
   All pianos are available for use on a rental basis, at the discretion of YAC.
   1) Steinway 9’ Grand
      The Steinway is available for use in the Yukon Arts Centre. The Steinway may only be moved
      by YAC personnel (two) and may not leave the stage level of the facility. The Technical Director
      must approve any percussive use of the piano (drumming, finger plucking the strings, placing
      hard metals in contact with the strings, and contact with the damper area).
   2) Yamaha 6’ Grand and the Baldwin Upright are available for rental use at the Arts Centre or
      for performances and recording projects that take place in other locations approved by the
      Technical Director.
               If taken off-site, the piano will be transported by qualified movers at the renter’s
                expense and will be tuned by a piano technician upon its return to the Yukon Arts
                Centre at the renter’s expense.
               The renter will insure the piano for all perils, or sign an agreement to pay the full cost
                of repair or replacement in the event of damage.
   3) Tuning and Maintenance
      Pianos are tuned and maintained quarterly. Nonetheless, renters may wish to have the piano(s)
      tuned specifically for their show. This can be arranged with YAC’s piano technician at the
      client’s expense.

   YAC GUIDE TO SERVICES ― 2009 EDITION                                                            Page 14
Appendix A                Please fill out and return to YAC

Box Office and FOH Form
1. Name of event as printed on tickets

2. Date and time of performance on tickets

1st Show
2nd Show
3rd Show
4th Show

3. Ticket Prices: Adult      Child     Student      Senior           Other

4. Admission
General            Reserved Seating

5. Presenter

Phone:                                     Email:

6. Contact name for ticket set-up & sales:

7. Date when tickets are placed for sale?

8. Content Concerns
Adult situations          Nudity           Course Language

Hazer/ smoke              Strobe           Gun Shots          Loud Volume

9. Description of show for customer information

10. Comps
Do you need complimentary tickets? If so, please provide the name and phone number of the
person authorized to request comps (note that only names listed will be permitted to pull comps).
11. Lobby Requirements
Do you wish to display items in the lobby? Please list

Do you wish to use the display board?

What do you require in the lobby?
Tables             Table Cloths            Chairs             Coat Racks     Sound System
Please describe your lobby needs

YAC GUIDE TO SERVICES ― 2009 EDITION                                                        Page 15
        12. Bar Service
        Will the YAC bar be used?         No        Yes
        Before Show              Intermission       Post Show         No Alcohol
        13. Merchandise
        Will you be selling product in the lobby?
        Will YAC be selling your product through the box office services?
        Before Show              Intermission       Post Performance
NOTE: Yukon artists and Arts Organisations have the option to manage their own sales and tables are
      available for rent for this purpose. Those managing their own sales will not be charged a 20%
      commission. However, groups must provide their own float and volunteer staff. Please note that
      groups wishing to manage their own sales do not have access to Yukon Arts Centre debit/credit card
        14. Receptions
        Is an event planned?
        Before Show              Intermission       Post show         Indoor       Outdoors
        15. Catering
        Will food be served?     Yes      No
        Who is the caterer?
        Phone Number:
        What are they supplying?

        Are tables and linen required?    Yes       No     Quantity
        Are chairs required?              Yes       No     Quantity
        16. Other Lobby events.
        Live Music        Pre-recorded Music        Speeches          Video
        Details and description please:

        YAC GUIDE TO SERVICES ― 2009 EDITION                                                    Page 16
Appendix C
Technical Questions Form

Event                              Show Time                                      Date

Your Name:

Number                                      Email

Technical Contact:

Number                                      Email

Who is authorised to sign for any extra labour and/or equipment costs?

1. House Crew.             House Tech        Lights       Sound        Stage         Other

2. Volunteers supplied by Renter. Stage Manager               Lights         Sound       Stage    Other

3. Stage Items
Please refer to Appendix G for pricing.
Please use the attached Stage Plot (Appendix B) to indicate the stage set-up.
Baby Piano        Grand Piano         Tuning Required?         Chairs          Stools
Standard Risers        Choir Risers         Music Stands           Numbers           Lectern
Tables            Easels   Drum Set         Bass Amp          Guitar Amp         Congas
Portable Sound       Orchestra Shell        Banners          Dance Floor         Extra Cleaning
4. Renter Supplies
    Please list everything that will be loaded into the facility.

5. Lobby Items
Please refer to Appendix G for pricing.
Baby Piano        Grand Piano          Tuning Required?            Chairs       Stools
Standard Risers        Music Stands         Numbers                Lectern      Tables
Easels            Drum Set       Bass Amp             Guitar Amp       Congas            Portable Sound
Orchestra Shell        Orchestra Risers        Banners         Extra Cleaning

6. Storage Need
Before and after Show (there may be an extra cost):
Load in                             Load Out                                      Other

YAC GUIDE TO SERVICES ― 2009 EDITION                                                                Page 18
7. Tentative Schedule               DAY 1                             DAY 2

Load in and Set up
Piano Tuning(s)
Meal Break
House Opens
End of Event
Length of Strike
8. Program Information
RUNNING TIMES:            ACT 1 =               Intermissions = 20’   ACT 2 =
Running Notes


9. Sound
Please attach a separate input list.
Stage Monitors

Archive Audio Recording?            YES     NO         Format
Pre-Recorded Formats:               MINI DISK        IPOD       CD    DVD       OTHER

10. Audio/ Visual
LCD Projector             Screen            DVD playback              VHS playback

Video Recording of Show by Renter
Reserved Seated is required at time of booking
11. Rigging/ Masking
Will you be ‘hanging’ anything on stage?

YAC GUIDE TO SERVICES ― 2009 EDITION                                                    Page 19
12. Lighting
Please indicate your needs:
Rehearsal Lights        House Plot      Rehang Plot and New Design               Followspot

13. Dressing Rooms, Green Room, Production Room
How many people will be using these areas?
DR 1 (small)             DR 2 (small)            Large #1                Large #2
Green room
Production room
14. Please list anything else that would be helpful.
NOTE: All production items and operators must be approved by the Technical Director or their
      assignee before your event. Actions and/or materials that pose a safety risk will not be

Patrick Matheson
Technical Director. Yukon Arts Centre
1 (867) 667-8568

YAC GUIDE TO SERVICES ― 2009 EDITION                                                     Page 20
Appendix D - Theatre Technical Specifications
The YAC Theatre was opened in 1992, next to Yukon College in Whitehorse, Yukon. It is a wheelchair–
accessible, climate controlled facility featuring a Class “A” Art Gallery, rehearsal hall and a carpentry shop.

Seating:                                 Main Floor: 312 Balcony: 112 Wheelchairs: 4 Total: 428
Stage description:                       Elevated proscenium with removable apron, orchestra pit and fly loft.
                                         No traps unless custom fitted within apron sections.
Stage Floor:                             Black 1/4” marmoleum on 1/8” cork on 3/4” plywood.
                                         NOTHING MAY BE SCREWED OR FASTENED TO THE STAGE FLOOR

Stage Width:                             47’ / 14.33m
Stage Depth:                             37’ / 11.28m
Proscenium opening:                      Width: 48’ / 14.63m / Height: 24.5’ / 7.47m
Clear height to P.A. cluster:            22’ / 6.71m

Plaster line to U.S. wall:               32’ / 9.75m

Plaster line to D.S. apron edge:         13’ / 3.96m

Centre line to S.R. flyrail:             41.5’ / 12.65m
Centre line to S.L. wall:                46’ / 14.02m

1 & 2 - 10’ X 23’ w/ showers, washrooms, sinks, prep and dressing tables.
Clearcom communication.
3 & 4 – 7’ X 7’ w/ shower, washroom, sink, prep and dressing area. Clearcom communication.
Green Room: 21’ X 23’ w/ fridge, range, microwave, sink, telephone, irons, ironing board, steamer
Clearcom communication.
Total line sets:                                    36
Occupied linesets:                                  Please Request Current List
Loading Capacity:                                   1700 lbs / 771 kg
Length of Pipes:                                    60ft. / 18.29m
Diameter of Pipes:                                  1.5” / 3.81cm. Schedule 40
Grid height:                                        62.5’ / 19.05m
Operation - 2 sets of locking rails:                S.R. at stage level and S.R. fly floor (26’)
1 Main Valance (Navy Blue NEW COLOUR) - lineset 1
1 Main Curtain (Navy Blue NEW COLOUR) drawn or flown - lineset 2
6 sets of black 28’ X 10’ / 8.53m x 3.04 legs
4 sets of black 32’ X 6’ / 8.53m x 1.82m legs
2 traveller tracks with blacks, 1.5 fullness, split at Centre - linesets 24 and 39. Operated S.R.
1 white 28’ X 60’ / 8.53 X 18.29m cyclorama
1 white 28’ X 60’ / 8.53 X 18.29m cyclorama
STAGE PLANS: Please contact the Technical Director.

YAC GUIDE TO SERVICES ― 2009 EDITION                                                                     Page 21
Appendix E:              Audio Inventory
1. FOH Console:           Soundcraft Vi6 Digital Mixer. NEW 2009.
        64 mono balanced inputs into 35 outputs
        Mono inputs linked to create stereo inputs
        Inserts: 24 insertion points
        Busses: 32 Grp/ Aux/ Matrix plus Main LCR Mix and LR Solo Bus
        Stage Box:       64 XLR inputs and 32 XLR outputs
2. FOH Speakers:           Adamson System
        2 x S218 subwoofers.             1 per side House Left & House Right.
        4 x MH121 mid /hi cabinets.      2 per side House Left & House Right.
        2 x MH121 mid /hi cabinets       1 flown for Centre Line cluster.
        All amplifiers are Crest.
        Klark Technik DN 9848 Speaker Processor
        Cablefactory ISO-4 Isolation Box x 2 installed
3. FOH Outboard
         1 x TC Electronic D-TWO Multi-tap rhythm delay
         1 x TC Electronic M-ONE Dual Effect Signal Processor
         1 x Yamaha SPX1000 Multi-effect processor
         1 x Lexicon MPX 550 Dual Channel effect processor
         3 x Ashley 31 band graphic EQ (House L&R & Cluster up & down)
         1 x Ashley 31 band graphic EQ spare for inserts
         4 x Rane 31 band graphic equalizers for Monitors or inserts
         6 x Yamaha Q2031 stereo graphic equalizers for Monitors or inserts*
        * Check for availability

4. Monitor Mixer/ Alternative FOH Mixer
    1 x Allen Heath GL-2400
     24 Mono Inputs
     2 Stereo Inputs
     L, R and M Outputs
     4 Groups
     6 Auxiliaries
    Monitor Mode
     Can provide up 6 mixes
5. Monitor Speakers
        6 x EAW SM122e passive monitor speakers
        2 x JBL MR835 passive 3 way speakers
6. Playback & Recording
        1 x Denon DN – C635 CD/ MP3 Player
        1 x Denon DN – D6000 DUAL CD/MP3 Player with full wired remote
        1 x Sony MDS-JE630 MiniDisc player / recorder
7. Wireless Microphones
    Wireless Receivers
     Sennheiser          EW 300 Receivers                                4 Units
     Body Pack           SK 300 G2                                       4 Units
    Wireless Mics
     Lav Mic             ME 2 Cardioid Capsule                           4 Units
     Handheld Mic MD 835 Cardioid Capsule                                4 Units
     Head worn Mic ME 3 Super Cardioid                                   2 Units
     Head worn Mic HSP 4 Cardioid Capsule                                4 Units
    All mics are black in colour.
    All use AA batteries.

YAC GUIDE TO SERVICES ― 2009 EDITION                                                Page 22
    EW ANT 4RG2                                                           1 Set
    Splitter kit for 4 receivers and 2 remote antennae.
    Microphone Transmitter
    SKP 500 G2        Fits dynamic and condenser microphones
                      Unit can supply 48V phantom                         2 Units
    Wireless In Ear Monitor. IEM Kits
    Sennheiser EW 300 IEM G2 Transmitters                                 4 Units
    Includes body pack and ear phones
    All units ear buds are black in colour
8. Microphones
       6X   Shure 58
       6X   Shure Beta 58 A
       2X   Shure Beta 58
       5X   AKG 535 Condenser
       6X   Shure SM81 Condenser
       2X   CAD E - 100 Conneaut Audio Devices Equitek
       2X   AKG C 480 Condenser
       2X   Sennheiser MD 421
       1X   Shure Beta SM 57
       7X   Shure SM 57
       1X   AKG D112
       2X   AKG C 1000 S
       3X   AKG C418 Clip On Drum
       4X   Crown PCC
       6X   Countryman Active Direct Boxes
       4X   Cablefactory Di-Pro-P1. Passive Direct Box
       2X   Sennheiser Shotgun Mics Permanently Mounted For Program And I.R. Feeds
9. Clear-Com
       1 x 4 channel Master station located in lighting booth
       1 x 4 channel Master station located S/L wing
       1 x 2 channel RM201 station located in sound booth
       1 x 2 channel RM201 station located in lighting booth
       6 x belt-packs with headsets
       (Note that dressing rooms and green room each have one KB-112 speaker station)
10. Additional Audio Equipment
       1 x 32 channel transformer isolated 3 way splitter snake
       1 x 50’ 8 channel x 4 return sub snake
       1 x 50’ 12 channel sub snake
       6 x FOSTEX SP11mkII speakers. These are mounted in the wings for dance performance
11. Audio Accessories
       Tall Mic Stands         24
       Short Mic Stands        12
       Music Stands            50
       Music Stand Lights      12
       Guitar Stands           6
       Various adaptors and ground lifts
         FOH console / booth is located on the main floor at the back of the hall just off centre.
           It is under the balcony. The equipment may not be removed from this location.
         All console rear panel connections, outboard gear connections, tie lines, amplifier
           inputs etc. are accessible via a patchfield located in the FOH booth.
         There are 24 mic lines and 16 tie lines located in wall boxes on stage and terminate in
           the patchfield in the FOH booth.

YAC GUIDE TO SERVICES ― 2009 EDITION                                                       Page 23
Appendix F:              Lighting Inventory
ETC Insight 3 with 2 LCD Monitors
Wireless Focus Remote.
Note: we do not have a designers remote
284   Colortran ENR Dimmers 2.4 K
2     Colortran ENR Dimmers 6 K
3. LIGHTING INSTRUMENTS           * Subject to changes during season
Wattage                           Total Units     Spare Units     Used in House Plot
750 watts                         80              28              68
575 watts                         16              0               16
Degree                   Total Units              Spare Units
19 Degrees  38 barrels   12                       11
26 Degrees  38barrels    6                        18
36 Degrees  40 barrels   21                       19
50 Degrees  28 barrels   10                       18
Degree                            Total Units     Spare Units     Used in House Plot
12 Degrees                        0               0               0
20 Degrees                        18              0               18
30 Degrees                        0               0               0
40 Degrees                        0               0               0
Size & Wattage                    Total Units     Spare Units     Used in House Plot
6” 1K                             14              5               9
8” 2K                             10              1               9
6” Fresnels = 6 Colortran, 8 Strand units
8” Fresnels = 8 Colortran units
Altman Cyc Lights                 4 Cell Units.   2 by 2 mounting, ‘not in-line’
Size & Wattage                    Total Units     Spare Units     Used in House Plot
20” x 20” 1K                      5               0               5
Altman Cyc Lights                 Single Cell
Size & Wattage                    Total Units     Spare Units     Used in House Plot
20” x 20” 1K                      6               0               6
Lens Options: Very Narrow, Narrow, Medium, Wide
Size & Wattage               Total Units    Spare Units           Used in House Plot
6” 750 watts                 24             5                     19
Metal Construction, Black
Size & Wattage                    Total Units     Spare Units     Used in House Plot
MFL 1K                            20              12              8
10 x Chroma Q Scrollers. Rosco Gel String
Gel String = 3204, 03, 09, 313, 21, 23, 332, 339, 349, 348, 355, 367, 368, 69, 389, 90

YAC GUIDE TO SERVICES ― 2009 EDITION                                                     Page 24
10 x    VL 1000 (tungsten with shutters. No iris unit.)
6x      VL 2000 (575 watt HMI)
Separate Rental and Operator rates apply for this equipment.
Please contact the Technical Director for more information.
Floor Plates                              16 wooden bases
Side Booms                                10 metal base stands – 6 x 8 feet and 4 x 10 feet
     6”                                   8 - ‘8 way’ barndoors
     6”                                   16 - ‘4 way’ barndoor with gel extender
     8”                                   10 - ‘8 way’ barndoors
     Source 4 Drop In Iris Kits           8 Units
     Colortran                            0 Units
Gobo Holders
   Source 4. A size                       16 Units
   Source 4. B size                       20 Units
   Source 4. Single glass gobo holder     11 Units
   Source 4. Double glass gobo holder     11 Units
   Colortran Gobo Holder                  6 Units

    NOTE: We have a reasonable stock of Rosco gel filters.
    However artists are asked to bring their own colour.
    Please contact the Technical Director if you will changing the house plot.
    Some lighting instruments may not be available due to servicing.
15. Useful LINKS.
     Soundcraft Vi6 Mixer
     Adamson Speakers
     Sennheiser Microphones and IEM
     TC Electronics
     Allen Heath GL-2400
     Shure Microphones
     Electronic Theatre Controls. Lighting Fixtures and Control

YAC GUIDE TO SERVICES ― 2009 EDITION                                                          Page 25
13. Appendix G:                  Rental Rates
   Effective September 1, 2009
   Theatre *Ticketed Events*                                            Not-for-Profit              Commercial
                                                                    $2.10 per occupied seat,   35% of gross ticket revenue,
   (Up to a 6-hour performance call)
                                                                    minimum fee is: $350.00     minimum fee is: $1000.00

   Additional hour                                                          $45.00                       $90.00

   Theatre *Non-Ticketed Events*
   When no admittance is charged                                           $450.00                      $900.00
   Additional hour                                                          $45.00                       $90.00
   * Reception Surcharge (flat rate)                                       $100.00                      $200.00
   * School Matinee                                                        $250.00                      $500.00
   * Dark Day Hold per day                                                 $350.00                     $1,000.00
   *Cabaret Set Up (JOTW style) flat rate                                   $90.00                      $180.00

   Stage Rehearsal/Load-In/Set-Up (No Audience)
   8 - hour booking                                                        $350.00                      $700.00
   4 - hour booking                                                        $175.00                      $350.00
   Additional hours/hour                                                    $45.00                       $90.00
   Stat Holiday Surcharge                                                  $100.00                      $200.00
   Extra Cleaning Charges. Flat Fee                                         $75.00                      $150.00

   Festival And Convention Rate
   (rental of several spaces within the facility ) 15 hrs per day         $1,000.00                    $2,000.00

   Studio Theatre (for groups in production at YAC )
   8 - hour booking                                                         $60.00                      $120.00
   4 - hour booking                                                         $35.00                       $70.00
   Hourly rate                                                              $25.00                       $50.00
   Weekly rate (at max. 8 hours per day)                                   $350.00                      $700.00

   Studio Theatre Only
   8 - hour booking                                                         $90.00                      $180.00
   4 - hour booking                                                         $60.00                      $120.00
   Hourly rate                                                              $35.00                       $70.00
   Weekly rate (at maximum 8 hours per day)                                $500.00                     $1,000.00

   8 – hour booking                                                         $90.00                      $180.00
   4 – hour booking                                                         $60.00                      $120.00
   Hourly Rate                                                              $35.00                       $70.00

    YAC GUIDE TO SERVICES ― 2009 EDITION                                                                 Page 26
Green Room Only                                             Not For Profit   Commercial
8 - hour booking                                               $60.00          $120.00
4 - hour booking                                               $35.00          $70.00
Hourly rate                                                    $35.00          $70.00
Weekly rate (at max. 8 hours per day)                          $350.00         $700.00

Per 6-hour booking, may include use of Green Room
and/or bar service                                             $210.00         $420.00
Additional hour                                                $60.00          $120.00
RECEPTION SURCHARGE (flat rate)                                $90.00          $180.00
(no audience) up to 4 hours                                    $90.00          $180.00

Steinway 9' Concert Grand piano / per day                      $60.00          $120.00
Yamaha 6' Concert Grand piano / per day                        $60.00          $120.00
Baldwin Upright piano / per day                                $35.00          $70.00
Piano Tuning                                                   $120.00         $240.00
Pearl Drum Kit (kick, snare, floor tom, 2 rack toms, high
hat and assorted cymbals and stands) / per day                 $60.00          $120.00
Sanyo 6500 ANSI LCD Projector                                  $110.00         $220.00
Elmo 2000 ANSI LCD Projector                                   $40.00          $80.00
Wireless microphone, each / per day
(includes 1 new battery per rental per week)                   $15.00          $30.00
Allen Heath Monitor Mixer                                      $60.00          $120.00
Monitor EQ 4 x stereo units                                    $60.00          $120.00
Wireless IEM                                                   $15.00          $30.00
Portable Sound System outside of theatre per day               $60.00          $120.00
Acoustic Sound Shell. Theatre only.                            $60.00          $120.00

Isolated Splitter Snake                                        $65.00          $130.00

Fender Bluesmaster Jr. Tube guitar amplifier                   $30.00          $60.00
Fender Bassman 100 Watt Bass Amplifier                         $30.00          $60.00

Conga Drums - Set of 3 with stand                              $55.00          $110.00
Rosco Dance Floor. Includes floor tape                         $55.00          $110.00
Wagner Risers (per unit. 8 available)
(Requires volunteers or extra staff to set up)                 $12.00          $24.00
Table Cloths (6 'banquet table sized' cloths available)
each / per day                                                  $6.00          $12.00
Banquet Tables or round tables each / per day                   $3.50           $7.00
Banquet Tables may be rented for use outside of YAC
facility, each / per day                                        $6.50          $13.00

 YAC GUIDE TO SERVICES ― 2009 EDITION                                            Page 27
Technical Services
Lighting or sound operator per hour                                $33.00                $66.00
Lighting or sound operator per hour after 8 hours                  $49.50                $99.00
Recording Events (includes 1 X CD or mini-disc
recording media. 70 minutes) flat fee                              $35.00                $70.00
Orchestra Pit (flat fee to change configuration of pit/
apron proscenium on request)                                      $330.00               $660.00

Box Office Services
Initial Set Up Fee (1st performance)                               $60.00               $120.00
Set up charge for subsequent performances                          $18.00                $36.00
plus charge / per ticket sold (including presenter
comps)                                                             $0.30                  $0.60

Credit Card Charges
Current Credit Card charges will be applied on ticket sales (approx. 5%)
Return any unsold “off site sales” tickets to YAC box
office system                                                      $15.00                $15.00
Refunds in the event of cancellation - services to handle
refunds of tickets sold through YAC Box Office service      5% of gross refunded   5% of gross refunded

Sale Commission
*Sales Commission - The Yukon Arts Centre collects
20% of all product sales managed by YAC staff.                  20% of gross          20% of gross


 YAC GUIDE TO SERVICES ― 2009 EDITION                                                      Page 28