; China Tour 2008 – Our Olympic Journey
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China Tour 2008 – Our Olympic Journey

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China Tour 2008 – Our Olympic Journey

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									 China Tour 2008 – Our Olympic Journey
Our 2008 China tour (June 30 – July 11) had 15 students and 2 staff visit on a social, cultural
and historical journey that none will forget.
The first leg was Shanghai where we were treated with an unscheduled tour led by Yuan, our
popular exchange student from last year, and her wonderful mother, Margaret. We had
planned to meet with them, but weren’t expecting them to be so keen to make every minute of
our time in Shanghai count. Highlights in Shanghai were the spectacular Shanghai Museum,
Yu Garden Markets and the visually spectacular Bunt area.
After sad goodbyes to Yuan and Margaret, our 7-hour train journey on one of new high speed
trains brought us to Jinan where we were greeted on the platform by an entourage of friendly
Government officials, including Sam and Joe who looked after our every need throughout our
stay. The International Children’s Festival’s cancellation, while a pity, allowed us to have a
more personalised visit. The Jinan Foreign Affairs Department, our sister school, Jinan
Number 9, Jinan University and
Jinan      Children’s     Palace
extended the hospitality that the
school has come to know over
the past three years’ partnership
with our sister city. Highlights
included our visit to our sister
school Jinan Number 9, our tour
of Confucius’ birthplace, our
visit to the Childrens’ Palace
and     attending    the    Jinan
Acrobatics       show,      which
combined      the     magic     of
acrobatics with the spectacle of
Beijing Opera. It was also
special to visit Jinan University
where we met key staff as well
as two students who are                China Tour group in Beijing in front of the Olympic Stadium
planning to study at our school.
A three-hour, fast-train journey brought us through the Chinese countryside to the city which
has everyone in the world looking at it right now. Beijing is everything and more that we see on
television in the lead up to the Olympics. The pollution certainly needs to be addressed, but
the things that impressed us most were the culture and history of places like the Forbidden
City and the awe-inspiring Great Wall of China, which we not only walked along, but took a

                                     Newsletter No.5   August 8 2008   Page 1
chair lift up and toboggan down. It was also great to see the Olympic venues and the
impressive tree and flower lined avenue leading to it, even though high security prevented us
from being able to enter the venues themselves.
As well as all this, we had lots of fun and have lots of stories to tell-from interesting shopping
and bargaining experiences to encounters with so many friendly (and some unusual) people,
and food challenges, which luckily the group has survived to talk about. The group hope to
share some of these experiences, with photos, at year assemblies soon.

Thanks to everyone who has supported us this year and to the students who were
great ambassadors. We are particularly grateful for the generous support of the
Jinan Municipal Government and the City of Joondalup. We are hoping that the tour will run
again next year. The Jinan Government has told us that they will host a 2009 International
Children’s Festival in either July or October, so when it’s time, be sure to express interest.
                                                                          Carmel Agnello/Barry Manuk
                                                                              China Tour Coordinators

 From the Principal
Term 3 has begun in a very positive manner, despite the very wet and
wintery conditions. There have been a number of occasions recently
where the high standards of behaviour, engagement or work ethic of our
students has been commented on. We all value a school that has high
standards of education and where the students respect themselves, their
teachers and each other. It is important that each individual plays his or
her part in maintaining these standards in order to gain the full benefit
from the opportunities available.
We are incredibly fortunate to have such a proactive and supportive parent body represented
by the P&C. They have done a great job in lobbying for improved conditions and facilities for
the school over the past couple of years. The particular areas of focus have been the new
sports/multi purpose facility, more permanent toilets and obtaining more funding for general
maintenance. There has been good progress made on all these fronts and I would like to
acknowledge the tireless efforts of our P&C President, Mrs Virginia McNamara and our local
Member of Parliament, Mrs Judy Hughes MLA in this regard.
A fabulous new undercover area (see picture last page) was constructed in the Arts
Quadrangle during the holidays. This now means that the P&C has funded nearly 500 square
metres of additional undercover area for students in the past two years. The new areas are
being heavily used by students during break times and also for a number of other activities.
We will now focus on putting additional seating in these areas.
It was wonderful to see so many parents and students attend the Parent-Teacher Interview
Evening last week. This is an important time of the year for all students and it is important that
they should be working hard and trying their best in all areas of schoolwork.
I would like to acknowledge the significant contribution made to the school by our Associate
Principal, Mr Greg Fawell who will be retiring soon, after an outstanding career which includes
nearly 19 years at Woodvale SHS. Ms Ros Wilson (Library) has also decided to retire after
many years of service to public education including eight at Woodvale SHS. I wish both a long
and happy retirement on behalf of the school community.
I would also like to welcome the following new staff who commenced this term:
       Elizabeth Noakes (Art); Lara Sharapov (Home Ec); David Urquhart (D&T);
       Elizabeth Carrie-Wilson (ESL) and Lionel Smith (Business/Info Tech)
                                                                                             Paul Leech

                                     Newsletter No.5   August 8 2008   Page 2
 Newsflash: International Program
Our International Program has been gradually building since its beginnings at the end of 2006.
There is an increasing need by countries to educate their young in countries such as Australia
and there is a definite move by Western Australian government schools to join this global
market, and in turn to not only educate these students, but to better meet the broad
educational needs of ‘local’ students.

The school has been keen to establish an Intensive English Centre (IEC) to cater for the
learning needs of International students and late last term the Education Department branch,
Education and Training International, approached our school to start an IEC. The decision was
made to go ahead and there have been several keen students applying from all over the world,
most notably from China, Thailand, Vietnam and Korea. The majority of these students are
likely to be in the IEC for 6 months before moving into mainstream classes. Apart from running
the IEC, we are still accepting students into mainstream and so far have new students
planning to enrol from places as diverse as Borneo, South Africa and Germany.

Ms Jen Markich, Mr Barry Manuk and Ms Elizabeth Carrie-Wilson are involved in teaching
English to students involved in the International Program and hope to also target other
students in the school who are learning English.

It has been great to see how accepting and helpful Woodvale students have been to all of our
new international students, who are understandably facing all sorts of new challenges in living
so far away from home. The school is also very grateful to our staff and home-stay
families/guardians for their support.

Introducing our newest International
Henry:Year 8, Hong Kong- China (IEC)
Pokey (nickname): Year 10, Thailand
Mari: Year 10, Japan (IEC)
Jade: Year 10, England
Simona: Year 11, Italian Exchange
student (leaving us soon)
Katerina:Year 11, Macedonia

Carmel Agnello
International Students’ Coordinator

     Interested in Home-stay?
   Visit www.talkaboutours.com.                               Pokey, Simona, Katerina, Mari and Henry

        Principal:  Paul Leech
        Editor:     Colin Zis
        Registrar:  Peter Ratyna
        Address:    110 Woodvale Drive        Telephone: (08) 9309 0808
                    Woodvale WA 6026          Fax:       (08) 9309 3394
        Internet : http//www.woodvale.wa.edu.au
        Next Issues: 12 September 2008
                      7 November 2008

                                      Newsletter No.5   August 8 2008   Page 3
 Program Manager Administration (Year 10)
The start to this term has been particularly busy as we walk our Year 10s
through subject selection procedures for next year. The following should be of

Semester One Reports
One of the key aspects of the counselling process involved me reading
through all 329 Year 10 Semester One reports. Here, I identified the following
    • 3 students achieved A grades for all 9 subjects: Jelena Durmic, Jake
      Friend, Shannen Stanes [awarded a CD voucher]
    • 3 students achieved 8 A grades: Matthew Bunny, Siobhan Crowley, Stephanie
      Maconachie [awarded a CD voucher]
    • 59 students achieved 5 or more A grades [special pancake breakfast]
    • 42 students achieved 2 or more A grades and the remainder B grades [special half day
      motivational session to encourage achievement of more A grades]
    • 44 students were identified as underachievers, largely because they do not use class
      time effectively, do not take set tasks seriously, do not study for tests etc. These
      students are going to be individually counselled where action plans for improvement will
      be agreed to.

Subject Selections
We were delighted with the turnout of parents and students at the Information Night in the first
week of term. Participants had to brave the torrential rain that night, but we were extremely
pleased by the number of parents who contacted us to say that they had found the night to be
very useful.

At Woodvale we understand the complexity of the decision-making concerning choosing
subjects and we sincerely acknowledge that this is a difficult time emotionally. That is why we
are proud of our personalised approach and the various steps we implement to provide as
many avenues for information and help as possible.

40 Hour Famine
From a Community service point of view, one of our major fundraising events, the 40 Hour
Famine, has been launched.
   • The famine will take place over the weekend of August 23 & 24.
   • Students can register and get official booklets by seeing the Student Councillors.
   • Every $10 raised equates to one hour Community Service per student.
   • There is a 40 Hour Famine Quiz Night planned for Friday August 29 to raise more funds
     for this charity. Attendance at this Quiz can count as further Community Service hours
     for our Year 10 & Year 11 students. More details to follow. Here prizes for the top fund-
     raisers will be presented. We are looking for donations of goods, vouchers etc to be
     used as prizes in the Quiz, so if any parents can assist us here, please contact me.

Please remember that you are always welcome to contact me, 9309 0868.

                                                                                            John Stone

                                    Newsletter No.5   August 8 2008   Page 4
 Associate Principal (Years 11 & 12)
Senior School Term Three
As I’ve said to the students, now marks the “business end of the season”
and everything that can be done to maximise final results should be done.
We don’t want anyone to have any regrets in December. Being honest with
yourself, organised, having clear goals, persistent, using all support offered
and maintaining an appropriate balance are the keys to success.
Following the publication of Semester 1 results we analysed the data to
monitor how our students are tracking. In Year 12, students doing very well
who have the potential to receive a Certificate of Excellence were identified and sent a letter.
Students with potential to achieve a TER of 75 have been allocated a mentor who will work
with them to maximise their chances for University entrance. Students whose performance to
date means they are in danger of not graduating have also been allocated a mentor who will
work closely to help them achieve the best outcome possible. In Year 11, students with a
significant number of D or E grades have been identified (thanks to John Stone for his work in
this area) and will be interviewed to ensure they can make the most of semester two and have
chosen the most appropriate courses for 2009.
There are a number of important events for Year 12s this term which require maximum
  • Wednesday August 6 – Scaling, TER and University entrance 1:20pm – 2:30pm
  • Tuesday August 12 – Year 12 Parent Evening focussing on University and TAFE entry
      7:00pm – 8:30pm
  • Wednesday August 20 – University application processes – TISC presenter 1:20pm –
  • Wednesday August 27 – Alternative entry pathways to University 1:20pm – 2:30pm
  • Wednesday September 3 – Apprenticeships and traineeships 1:20pm – 2:20pm
  • Wednesday September 24 – Leavers Week information 1:20pm – 2:30pm
Practical TEE exams are generally held in the first week of Term 3 break and of course our
school exams are in the second week of the break and first week of Term 4. All TEE students
should be going to the before-school Revision Seminars (thanks to Woodvale staff for their
time) and also the external after school Revision Seminars which will be held later this term.
It’s a busy time but with the right amount of effort the rewards will be worth it!
                                                                                           Paul Housley

 Academic Extension
Year 8 Academic Extension Western Australian Museum Excursion
The Year 8 Academic Extension students along with our school Chaplain Carol Stokes visited
the Western Australian Museum’s “Discovery into Ancient Egypt” exhibit as a part of our
“Progress and Society” studies. Students were taken into the basement of the museum which
was designed to give the feel of a real Egyptian tomb. In the tomb students took part in a
number of activities specifically relating to Egyptian society, in particular the pyramid builders.
Students also discussed the importance of the ‘afterlife’ and then took part in a mock
mummification process, where they were able to dress up in ancient costume and extract
various organs from a dummy as well as wrap him up! A good day was had by all!
                                                                                     Janina Haluszczak

                                      Newsletter No.5   August 8 2008   Page 5
 Associate Principal (Years 8 & 9)
                 I would like to thank the many parents who have contacted me commending
                 the school in our initiative to focus on uniform. In particular, the length of
                 girl’s skirts needs to be lowered. I’m sure you all appreciated the
                 photographs for clarity. The majority of our girls do the right thing and it is
                 good that I can let them know how strongly our school community endorses
                 this uniform focus. It is also rewarding that I have been approached by a
                 number of our female students who have appreciated this initiative.
                 In regards to make up, we are approaching School Council on a no make-up
                 policy but need their approval before we can confirm this position.
We have just commenced our Year 12 mentor program after a very close analysis of our upper
school results. A wonderful group of teachers have volunteered to mentor students and we
had our first parent workshop on Wednesday evening. Ms Francis initiated this program a few
years ago and it has enjoyed outstanding success.
All Year 9s will be doing MSE Testing in Society and Environment and Science this month.
The results from National testing are very important to the school as we plan our teaching and
learning around the weaknesses identified in the data.
Our recent Parent/Teacher Interview Evening was very successful and a large number of
parents attended. I love talking to parents as their high regard for our school makes me feel
that it’s all worthwhile.
                                                                             Veronika Sutton

 Mathematics Department
The annual Westpac Mathematics Competition was held across Australasia on July 31.
Students across all years participated in the competition with Juniors (Year 8) having 40,
Intermediate (Years 9, 10) having 70 and Senior (Years 11, 12) having 15. Results are usually
back in schools by the end of Term 3.
We have had some enquiries whether the school is using the Mathletics program this year.
Yes! The only limiting factor is getting access to a set of computers. As all learning areas
require access to computers, booking to use them is quite “competitive”. With students able to
access Mathletics from home, at no charge, further practice and learning is possible. It is an
excellent tutor-based package where solutions to problems can be displayed step by step if
required. We continue to highly recommend this package.
Parents, your contact is welcome if you want to discuss the progress of your child.

                                                                                  Colin Zis/Alison Walker
                                                                                     Heads of Department

                      A memorial service for Alex Gray was held at Woodvale SHS
                                     on Tuesday August 5 at 3:30pm.
               Several of Alex’s friends spoke during a very touching and moving service.
               100 coloured balloons were released to symbolise the brightness of her life.
                    A memorial plaque will be located at the school in the near future.

                                     Newsletter No.5   August 8 2008   Page 6
 English Department
Year 8 Book Reviews

As part of their library and English
courses the Year 8s in Ms
McCartney and Mrs Hunter’s class
presented a review of a novel of
their own choice. A variety of
novels were chosen, from the
always popular Lemony Snicket
and Anthony Horowitz to novels
about skateboarding and crime
mysteries.      Students had to
prepare a speech about their novel
and to create a container to hold
objects associated with the story.
There were some very creative and
imaginative containers and some
excellent oral presentations. Well
done to all students.                                                    Year 8s with their book boxes.

Curtin English and Literature Revision Day

The Curtin University English and
Literature revision day was once
again an informative and popular
event. On June 25, more than
200 Year 12 students attended
Curtin University to attend a
variety of lectures covering many
aspects of the Literature and
3A/3B courses. Students had the
opportunity to experience a taste
of University life including visiting
many different lecture theatres,
hearing from a range of different
lecturers from both Curtin and
other institutions, having the
chance to explore the Curtin
Campus and frequent one of the
many cafes for lunch. Students were able to extend their understanding of many of the texts
and text types studied and to reinforce the skills learnt at school. It was a valuable and
enjoyable day for all.
                                                                                                     Kirsteen McCartney

                 Get curious about Curtin: come to our Open Day, August 17 2008

         Curious about life at Western Australia's largest university? Then come along to Curtin's Open Day on
         Sunday 17 August 2008. Lecturers will be available to answer questions about courses and student
         ambassadors will be on hand to share their experiences. A range of displays, tours, interactive activities
         and competitions will be run across campus to give you a real taste of life at Curtin.

                           For more information go to http://dev.openday.curtin.edu.au/promo/

                                               Newsletter No.5   August 8 2008     Page 7
 Physical Education Department
State Representatives - Congratulations
Morgan Cox (Year 10) and Lyndsey Valentine (Year 12) have been selected to represent
Western Australia in the 2008 State Schools Football (Soccer) team. This team will be
competing at the National Schools Championships Port Macquarie, NSW between August 1
and 9.

The following students were selected to represent Western Australia at the Under 18 State
Basketball team at Ballarat Victoria between July 5 and 12. Corry Wellsteed, Kaila
Arcidiancon, Ben Murphy, Jordan Perrett, Yvette Lysle (Year 12) and Shani Webb (Year 11).

Johnathan Miles (Year 12) has been selected to represent WA in the National Ice Hockey
championships in Melbourne from August 12 to August 17. Good luck Johnathan.

Girls Soccer
On Tuesday July 29, the Year 10 class played in the State Lightning Carnival Championships
for lightning carnivals after having won the Regional lightning carnival.

The girls started the day with a first up 2-1 loss to Lynwood. In the second match we easily
defeated John Forrest 7-0 and needed to beat Safety Bay in the last game to reach the Semi
Finals. We played an outstanding game and won 2-0. As second place in our pool we had
qualified to play John Curtin in the cross over finals. Despite conceding an early goal, we went
on to record a 2-1 win and advance to the final.

Once again we had to play Lynwood after they won their semi-final in a penalty shoot out. The
Grand Final had Woodvale exact revenge with a comprehensive 6-0 victory.

All of the girls are to be congratulated on playing in very wet and windy conditions.

Woodvale girls have now won the competition in 2005, 2006 and 2008, finishing runners up in

In the Champion schools competition all 5 girls teams have progressed to the knockout stage,
with the Senior A and Junior A already through to the second round.

                                                                                           Aric Forman
                                                                                Girls Soccer Coordinator

Soccer Parent Committee
Midway through 2008, it is pleasing to see that the soccer program is going well both on and
off the field. The Inter- school competition is going well, with 9 out of our 10 teams participating
in the finals. These are based on a knock out competition and it looks as if we are heading for
some heart stopping action if last year is anything to go by.

The Soccer Committee has been working hard behind the scenes. Thanks to everyone who
supported our Campbell's Wine promotion and in particular the Campbell & Hall families who
put a lot of work into getting this up and running. We will be running the wine orders again in
Term 4, keep this in mind for Christmas! We have also got Grand Cinemas on board by way
of their GrandCard, so for anyone looking to purchase your 2009 card please contact the
Soccer Committee.

                                     Newsletter No.5   August 8 2008   Page 8
 Physical Education Department - continued
We have begun to reap the rewards from our fundraising events - the school pitch has been
cleared and levelled and we are in the process of obtaining quotes for a retaining wall to be
constructed. Once this work has been done, the next stage is for the surface to be brought up
to standard by way of top dressing etc. By next year we should be able to use this area for all
of our soccer training and matches.

An awards night is planned for early Term 4. The inaugural awards night last year proved a
great success so watch this space for more details on the 2008 extravaganza.

Thank you to all families who have supported the committee this year. For each family who
has paid the levy – names were entered into a ballot for a Family Pass to a Perth Glory game
and we are pleased to announce that the Eames-Butcher family was drawn as the winner.

A reminder that our committee meetings are held on the 3rd Monday of every month, with our
next one scheduled for Monday August 18. Meetings commence at 7.00pm and are held at
the Woodvale Primary School Staff Room, Keatley Crescent, Woodvale. Please feel free to
contact any of our committee members for information.

Peter Murphy (President) Jenny Murphy (Secretary) Karen Rawes (Treasurer)
0411425321                0413481488              94098762
e-mail : jenny.petermurphy@bigpond.com            raweskar@bigpond.com

                       BEIJING OLYMPICS 2008

The Woodvale community wish past students Tina Morgan (Tae kwon
do) and Casey Dellacqua (Tennis) all the best for the Beijing Olympics.

Tina hopes to replicate Lauren Burns’ gold medal winning performance
in Sydney in the 57-67kg category.

Casey has had a wonderful year on the international tennis circuit and
has also recently been announced as Leyton Hewitt’s partner for the
next Hopman Cup.

          Carine Cats Ball Club                            Edgewater Cricket Club
                                                           Annual Registration Day
             Registration Days for                            Sunday, August 17
             Teeball, Softball and                            10:00am to 2:00pm
             Baseball were held on                             At the clubrooms
           Saturday August 2 at                                Emerald Reserve,
     Carine Open Space Club Rooms                               Emerald Way,              Est: 1987

     Any further questions please call:                           Edgewater.
                                                           We cater for boys and girls 5 to 8 years
    Teeball – Anhneleis on 9447 4305                         (in2CRICKET), 9 to16 years (Junior
      Softball – Kerry on 9448 4662                          Competitive), and Seniors. Contact:
     Baseball - Chris on 9448 2615                          Annette Lynch on 9405 7244 or email
                                                           lynchmob1@westnet.com.au for further

                                    Newsletter No.5   August 8 2008   Page 9
 Veterinary Studies
Mojin And Cinnamon Come To School
Did you know that the wild Alpine Dingoes are almost extinct in Australia?
Did you know that Dingo pups purr like a cat, and love to climb?
A visit by Mojin, a pure Alpine Dingo male and Cinnamon, a female desert Dingo provided the
Year 11 Veterinary Studies class with the opportunity to interact with the Australian native dog.
Mojin is a qualified bomb detection Dingo, and is cared for and trained by Mrs. Surtees who
has two children studying at our school. Mojin and Cinnamon enabled the students to discuss
and experience the features of a pure bred native dog as part of their anatomy and animal
taxonomy studies. We look forward to many more visits from Mojin and Cinnamon in the

                                                                                 Mojin (left) and Cinnamon,
    Mojin the Alpine Dingo and the Year 11                                          Australian Dingoes
            Veterinary Studies class

Elephant Trainer Guest Speaker
The Year 11 and 12 Veterinary Studies classes were
fortunate to attend a talk by Ms Marina Ely, who
spent time in Thailand training to be an elephant
mahout, or trainer. Ms Ely showed the classes a
power point presentation outlining the lives of the
Asian elephant in Thailand, and discussed the
methods used to train these highly intelligent and
powerful animals. A video presentation, which
showed the baby elephants having a bath and                              Ms Ely describing her experiences training
playing with a water hose, was the highlight of the                               elephants in Thailand.
Another Training Partner
Sarah Middleton (Year 11) has recently completed her Structured Workplace Learning (SWL)
during the Term 2 vacation at Wembley Veterinary Hospital. Sarah thoroughly enjoyed her
time there and was provided with very professional and thorough training. Sarah hopes to
complete the rest of her training at Wembley in 2009.
Again Vetwest Animal Hospitals, Belvoir Equine Clinic, Wembley Veterinary Hospital and
Grantham Street Veterinary Clinic have been very generous in allowing our students to
complete their Structured Workplace Learning at their clinics. Our students have been
privileged to be able to work with such dedicated professionals.

                                                                                                   David Stalker

                                       Newsletter No.5   August 8 2008     Page 10
    Languages Learning Area
We welcome Mr Manuk and Ms Carrie-Wilson to the Languages office. Ms Jen Markich is still
teaching our Year 11/12 English as a Second Language/ Dialect course and Mr Manuk and
Mrs Carrie-Wilson have joined Ms Markich as English as a Second Language teachers.

Japanese Lunch
Last term our Year 8 classes had the opportunity to order Japanese lunch from the Japanese
restaurant More Rice in Kallaroo as an end-of-term reward. We had a choice of teriyaki
chicken, beef or salmon. Everybody in my class chose chicken and it was delicious! The meal
also came with salad, beans, sushi, rice and orange. We had to eat with chopsticks, it was
very difficult but I soon got the hang of it. The salad came with a tangy Japanese dressing that
was something I definitely wasn’t used to. The food was so tasty and I definitely recommend it.
After we finished eating we watched a bit of the Japanese movie Totoro which was translated
to English. I really want to have this lunch again. It was a great end of term reward.
                                                                              Natalie Mankowski

                                                                                          Karen Vardy
                                                                                      Teacher in Charge

                            TEACHER OF THE YEAR AWARDS 
                             Here is a great way to say thank you. 
         The WA Education Awards recognise and reward the skills, creativity, dedication and 
                       passion of the many people who work in our schools. 
        The winners will share in cash pries totalling $375,000. 
        The awards feature the following categories for individuals 
        WA Teacher of the Year (Metropolitan); 
        WA Teacher of the Year (Rural/Remote) 
        WA Principal of the Year; and 
        WA School Support Staff Member of the Year. 
        Nominations from parents are accepted. 
        You can pick up an application kit from school, visit det.wa.edu.au/educationawards or 
        by telephoning 9264 5840. 

                                      Newsletter No.5       August 8 2008   Page 11
 Home Economics
Food Technology
Year 8 have finished the semester in Food Technology by inviting guests along to a morning
tea. Special guests included Mrs Stokes (chaplain) and Mr Jurilj (student services). Students
enjoyed the social side of ‘GI’ Jurilj and
were keen to ply him with goodies.
Parents and guests were both surprised
and impressed by the fantastic spread
produced by students. Not only was the
food delicious but presented beautifully.

During the last three weeks of Term 2,
Mrs Shelley Rhodes joined the Home
Economics Department and has been
getting involved in a variety of classes.
She has taken a keen interest in the
Year 12 food production as she has a
background in the hospitality industry.

Knitting up some winter warmth

Students and staff have been busy knitting for ‘Operation Mother
Help’. This is in order to supply jumpers to new born babies in
the highlands of Papua New Guinea. The nights are extremely
cold in the mountain regions and the little jumpers and hats will
bring much needed warmth to these new born babies.

                                                          Irene Taylor
                                                     Teacher in Charge

                                                                           Parent Tours
     P & C Association Meeting
                                                         This is a guided walk through the school, visiting
                                                        rooms and giving you an opportunity to see what
      Tuesday August 12 2008                                     facilities and programs are on offer.
                                                         The next tour will be held on Thursday August 14
      Staff Room Woodvale SHS                             commencing 9.00am from the Administration
                                                        block. To assist with organising, please phone the
                                                              school 9309 0808 and leave your name.
        All parents welcome.                                              Tour time is one hour.
        Your input is valued.                                                                       Colin Zis

                                   Newsletter No.5   August 8 2008   Page 12
 Student Services
Internet Safety and Cyber Bullying
Unquestionably one of the greatest issues facing parents and school alike is cyber bullying.
The new era of technology whilst making communication much easier can also create many
more problems. Quite often students are able to bully, defame, harass and intimidate other
students from the comfort of their homes without direct confrontation. In turn this can cause
great anxiety, anger and frustration for the victims. Often it is the school that is left to try to
resolve these issues, which in turn consumes significant time and resources.
Seventy percent of cyber bullying occurs amongst females. Woodvale SHS can only
encourage parents to limit and manage the use of mediums such as phones and websites
such as facebook and msn. This would benefit their own child in many ways and hopefully lead
to a more harmonious time at school for all.
In order to learn more about Internet safety a number of Student Services Staff attended an
after school presentation held at St Stephen’s High School. The presentation was conducted
by Greg Gebhart, NetAlert’s Educational Trainer, who is one of Australia’s leading education
technologists. Greg was recently awarded the 2007 Victorian ICTEV ‘Leader of the Year’
award and has won many other awards for his contribution to education and technology in
The presentation – Internet Safety and Your Children – covered a number of topics
• Helping parents understand the ways children use the internet
• Tips and tricks to reduce the risks for children when on the internet
• Potential issues faced by children online (including cyber bullying)
• Marketing/advertising practices that increase children’s vulnerability
• New trends, websites, technologies and how to deal with them.
Much of the information that was covered is available on the Federal Government sponsored
NetAlert website (www.netalert.gov.au). The site is full of useful tips and information on how to
help your family safely navigate the internet.

Boys Education
On Thursday June 12 a number of Student Services staff attended an evening presentation by
Celia Iashlie, author of the international bestseller He'll Be Okay: Growing Gorgeous Boys into
Good Men. In what was a thoroughly entertaining evening Celia outlined her thoughts on how
to get boys safely through the maze of adolescence. She started by pointing out that she was
no academic and that her findings, developed after working in youth prisons, specialist
education services in schools and raising children of her own might not stand up to scientific
scrutiny. This statement immediately grabbed the attention of the 700-strong audience.

Among many humorous anecdotes that had the audience laughing, her message of her fear
for the future of young men rang loud and clear – a fear that sees young men being overly
represented in suicide, drug and alcohol abuse, car accident fatalities and violent behaviour.

Her main points were to remember that boys think differently, that they need strong accessible
adult males in their lives to act as role models, that boys need to be told “no” sometimes, that
they learnt by watching the interactions (some of which send wrong messages) of their
parents, and that boys wanted and needed clear boundaries.

At the end of the presentation she put forward a list of characteristics that she hoped parents
and teachers would instill in the young men that they had responsibility for.

                                     Newsletter No.5   August 8 2008   Page 13
 Student Services - continued
                                        Characteristics of a Good Man

Trust                                                            Selfconfident (will have a go)
Loyalty                                                          Has the courage to be who he is (knows who he is)
Humour                                                           Follows through on what he promised
Laidback                                                         Committed to belonging to something
Motivated                                                        Being part of something
Honest                                                           Participating
Has dreams and goals                                             Brings humour to a situation
Hardworking                                                      Challenges convention
Generous                                                         Straight talker
Respected                                                        Honest
Respect for others                                               Empathetic
Sets a good example                                              Enjoys his own physicality
Able to persevere                                                Controls his anger
Able to lead from the front                                      Shows love
Acts with forgiveness                                            Can laugh at himself
Has the strength to express his emotions                         Can have fun without alcohol
Principled – sticks up for what he believes in                   Good men don’t sulk
Strong enough to know when to ask for help

With the continuation of a wet and cold winter for several more weeks I would like to reiterate
what was sent to all families in communications at the start of the year.
Items of school uniform not purchased from the uniform shop must comply with the School
Uniform Policy. That is no logos or stripes of any size are permitted to appear on any
garments. That no belts or sashes of varying colours can be worn. That all footwear must be
closed in and cover the top of the foot. Ultimately if students identify with the school and not
attempt to be consumed with fashion trends they are more likely to be engaged in their
Students have been informed from the start of the year that they are provided with one
opportunity to be out of uniform for the year before they are given a detention for each
subsequent breach.
I look forward to gaining the support of all parents on this issue.

                                                                           Steve Jurilj/Mike D’Esposito
                                                         Students Services Manager/Year 10 Co-ordinator

                                            Newsletter No.5   August 8 2008   Page 14
 Uniform Shop
With a cold, rainy start to Term 3, it is time to rug up against winter chills. The uniform shop is
stocking a new navy rain jacket. It has a fold-in hood and is very good value at $40 to wear to
and from school. Come in and have a look.

Also I have plenty of stock of 3 different styles of jumpers and girls and boys pants.

At the end of Term 3 and all of Term 4, I will start to have fittings and take orders for incoming
Year 8 students. These orders can be picked up towards the end of the school year. This
procedure will thus leave enough shop stock on shelves for sale to current students already on

Uniform Shop hours are as follows :
                  Wednesday 8:30 – 9:30am
                  Thursday      8:30 – 9:30am
                  Thursday      3:15 – 5:00pm

Parents can collect garments at the Administration Office (once paid for) if this suits some
working parents.

                                                                                         Genevieve Mann


                                                                STUDENT SERVICES TEAM : TERM 3
                                                          Student Services Manager:      Steve Jurilj
                                                          Year 8 Coordinator:            Steve Berry
                                                          Year 9 Coordinators            Jared Davies
                                                                                         Sheryl Hudson
         507 ARMY CADET UNIT                              Year 10 Coordinators:          Mike D’Esposito
             (JOONDALUP)                                  Year 11 Coordinator:           Mark Soraru
                                                          Year 12 Coordinators:          Patrina Cole
             Friday nights                                                               Liz Povah
       From 6:45pm till 10:00pm                           Nurse:                         Bev Brideson
      Belridge Senior High School                         Psychologist/Counsellor:       Martin Emery
                                                          Chaplain:                      Carol Stokes
      For more information contact                        Student Development Officer:   Leonie Francis
       Captain (AAC) Jackie Parks
              0419 041606

                                    Newsletter No.5   August 8 2008   Page 15
Honour Roll
Many students were recognised for their tremendous efforts during Semester 1. Staff were
asked to nominate one top achieving student and two students demonstrating outstanding
effort in each class. Almost 1500 certificates were accordingly distributed. It is a fantastic
achievement to have been recognised by staff for their continuous academic efforts.

Apart from the great satisfaction gained by this achievement for students (and parents) the
certificates are items that can, and should be kept in portfolios to present on a variety of
occasions. The challenge has been placed to all students to strive to achieve a certificate by
the end of the year. With effort and commitment this can be attainable for all students.

The students listed are to be commended for achieving 3 or more certificates for their studies.
Well done!

Year 8

         Cherie Barton               Abbie Gibbs                           Nicole Nel
         Isabella Boldra             Max Hallas                            Rhiannon O’Dea
         Zachery Born                Alex Houareau                         Brooke Paterson
         Meredith Brown              Jamil Hurdoyal                        Benjamin Riches
         Cassandra Burridge          Abbie Ironmonger                      Savannah Robertson
         Chloe Clarke                Jade Lacey                            Madisen Scott
         Ashlee Cook                 Brooke Lazarakis                      Benjamin Sedgman
         Abby D’Cruz                 Quyen Le                              Abby Serna
         Daniel Darwell              Rebecca Lloyd                         Cameron Sinclair
         Naomi Davenport             Lauren Maher                          Rachel Styles
         Chantelle Fernandes         Chloe Malan                           Nelson Thane
         Jessica Francis             Laura Malcolm                         Susanna VanZyl
         Laura Galasso               Tamara Mott                           Mathew Zanatta
         Ashleigh Germain            Jodie Neely

Year 9

         Katherine Baker             Mitchell Joslin                       Monique
         Laurel Baker                Amy Kidner                            Santostefano
         Georgia Biggins             Stacey Lamb                           Robert Sharif
         Alexander Burton            Kerrie Lamb                           Mona Shojaei
         Celestina Cook              Molly Lawrence                        Tayoh Simpson
         Lochlan Coyle               Danielle Lysle                        Dylan Simpson
         Elle Dodds                  David Mellor                          Steven Smith
         James Ellen                 Alan Murphy                           Chantal Surtees
         Katie Evans                 Ryo Nishikawa                         Larisha-Jane Taylor
         Natasha Friedli             Tegan O’Loughlin-                     Ashley Toth
         Hannah Gibbs                Eames                                 Morgan Trench
         Samantha Gould              Cameron Olson                         Sharni Van Eyk
         Kishani Green               Courtney Omodei                       Bayden Waldock
         Holly Gretton               Emma Paape                            Ashley Wilding
         Caitlin Iles                Hannah Pettitt                        Kelie Williams
         Cameron Johnson             Tiaan Roets

                                   Newsletter No.5   August 8 2008   Page 16
Year 10

     Samantha Akehurst            Alexander Dowden                     Prudence McLoughlin
     Richard Barrett              Jelena Durmic                        Timothy Meakins
     Lauren Bilaloski             Anneliese Dyson                      Long Nguyen
     Adam Brown                   Lene Errington                       Callum Ormston
     Matthew Bunny                Sally Ford                           Ashlyn Pilgrim
     Aimee Chappell               Jake Friend                          Yolanda Schuurmans
     Erin Chittleborough          Letesha Goble                        Samuel Seifert-Drake
     Ashleigh Cole                Thomas Hampton                       Charlotte Serna
     Morgan Cox                   Bradley Hayes                        Katie Taylor
     Matthew Creed                Codee Ludbey                         Sean Waterhouse
     Siobahn Crowley              Stephanie Maconachie                 Aaron Zanatta
     Brandon Del Fabbro           Robyn McLean

Year 11

     Rebecca Allan               Aimee Goder                           Cameron Meiring
     Nathan Anderson             Sophie Green                          Gemma Milentis
     Kaila Arcidiacono           Adrian Hansen                         Lucy Millar
     Joel Baeli                  Lauren Hunter                         Ben O’Connor
     Brent Bartelds              Chloe Jones                           Mitchell Olson
     Justin Boskovski            Lauren Keen                           Brett Stevens
     Kristen Brownfield          Lorraine Ker                          Christopher Stronell
     Chelsea Burchill            Janice Malcolm                        Jodie Taylor
     Lachlan Douglas             Jacques Malherbe                      Stephanie Travis
     Aleisha Dyer                Holly Malpass                         Evelyn Wild
     Varun Godbole               Michael McGrath

Year 12

     Ashlee Atkinson             Chloe Ironmonger                      Adele Pummell
     Esther Bello                Troy Jansen                           Jessie Quigley
     Coral Buxey                 Danielle Keen                         Kacey Reader
     Abigail Coleman             Bronwyn Lee                           Jessica Seculovic
     Scott Davies                Simon Lovelock                        Nathan Sims
     Chelsey Flatt               Jordan Mitchell                       Demi Spall
     Jayde Gates                 Sarah Moate                           Melilssa Stevens
     Lynsey Gordon               Tu Nguyen                             Robert Szewczak
     Stacey Hall                 Luke Ovens                            Skye Taylor
     Leisha Holmes               Amy Patterson                         Lyndsey Valentine
     Jenna Hyatt                 Benjamin Pendlebury                   Gary Woo

                           Newsletter No.5   August 8 2008   Page 17
                                    CALENDAR 2008 TERM 3
WK       MONDAY                 TUESDAY               WEDNESDAY                    THURSDAY                  FRIDAY
     21 July                 22 July                 23 July                     24 July                25 July
     School Development      Students Resume         Yr11 Instep 1st day                                Champion Schools
     Day – Pupil Free                                of placement 2                                     Netball finals
                                                     Yr12 Instep return to                              2009 Yr9 & 10 Subj
                                                     placement 2                                        Selections due
                                                     Yr10 Parent Info
     28 July                 29 July                 30 July                     31 July                1 August
2    Leadership Camp→        Leadership Camp→        Leadership Camp             Aust Maths Comp        Music Excursion
     Girls Snr B/B finals    Boys Snr B/B finals     Yr12 Wk St exc z1-5         Yrs8–12 Zones 1-5      WAYJO concert
     Yr8 S&E exc z1-5        Yr8 S&E exc z1-5        Parent Interview                                   Yr11 PE Soccer z1-8
                             Yr10 Champions          Night 2.00-7.00pm
                             Winter Sports
     4 August                5 August                6 August                    7 August               8 August
     Languages Week          Boys Snr B/B finals     Yr12 Biol Testing           Yr8 Winter Carnival    Newsletter #5
3                                                                                Yr10 Counselling →     Yr10 Counselling
     Girls Snr B/B finals    series Z8               7.45am
     series Z8               Yr8,9 10 assemblies     Languages Week
     Yr7 Parent Info Night   Joond Council –         Presentation @ Staff
                             Yr9/10 Stud             Assoc Meeting
                             Councillors             3.25 – 4.25
     11 August               12 August               13 August                   14 August              15 August
4    2009 Yr11 Subj          Boys Snr B/B finals     3B Eng ATB                  Band Festival          Band Festival
     Selections due          Z8                      Yr10 Motivational           School Tour 9am
     Girls Snr B/B finals    Seniors Music           Workshop z3-7
     Z8                      Concert am
     Yr12 Human Biol         Yr12 Parent Info Nigh
     Testing 2.45pm          P&C Meeting
     18 August               19 August               20 August                   21 August              22 August
5    Girls Snr B/B finals    Boys Snr B/B finals     TEE Maths Testing           TEE Maths Instep       Calculus + G&T TEE
     Z8                      Z8                      Yr12 – 7.45am               test 7.45am            Maths Testing
                             Yr11 P&L Exc z1-7       Yr11 – 1.15pm                                      Yr11&12 7.45am
                                                                                                        Yr12 Food exc z1-8
                                                                                                        40Hr famine w’end
     25 August               26 August               27 August                   28 August              29 August
6    Girls Snr B/B GF Z8     Boys Snr B/B GF Z8                                  Wind 3 Seniors         40Hr famine Quiz
                                                                                 Concert (pm)           Night7pm

     1 September             2 September             3 September                 4 September            5 September
7    Yr11 Instep Block Wk    Yr11 Instep Block Wk    Schoolgirls Breakfast -3    Yr11 Instep Block Wk   Life Saving Cadets
     Yr11 Work Exp           Yr11 Work Exp           Yr11 Instep Block Wk        Yr11 Work Exp          Camp
     (optional)              (optional)              Yr11 Work Exp (opt)         (optional)             Yr11 Instep Block Wk
     Yr12 Human Biol                                 Yr12 Geog exc z1-8          Cheerleading State     Yr11 Work Exp
     Testing 2.45pm                                  2A/2B Eng ATB 1.20pm        Champs                 (optional)
                                                     TEE Music Night 7pm                                Yr12 Food exc z1-8
     8 September             9 September             10 September                11 September           12 September
8    Soccer Semi Finals      Soccer Semi Finals      Soccer Semi Finals          Soccer Semi Finals     Soccer Semi Finals
                             Junior B/B Beach        Staff Assoc Meeting         Yr8.9 10 assemblies    Yr11 OE Camp
                             League Carnival         3.25 – 4.25                                        Newsletter #6
                             Int/H Aths Carnival
                             P&C Meeting
     15 September            16 September            17 September                18 September           19 September
9    Lower School            Soccer Grand Final      Achper Dance Ed             School Tour 9.00am     Senior Cabaret
     Excursion Free                                  Rehearsal/perform                                  Calculus + G&T TEE
     Week                                            Yr12 Biol Testing                                  Maths Testing
                                                     7.45am                                             Yr11&12 7.45am
     22 September            23 September            24 September                25 September           26 September
10   Yr12 Music Moc Prac     Yrs 8/9/10              TEE Maths Testing           TEE Maths Instep       Last Day of Term
     Yr11 P&L Excursion      Immunisation            Yr12 – 7.45am               test 7.45am            Last day for Non-TEE
     WA Electoral Com.       Yr 12 Graduate Art      Yr11 – 1.15pm                                      Yr12s
     11.30am-2.00pm          Show                    Junior Music Concert
     Yr12 Human Biol
     Testing 2.45pm

                                           Newsletter No.5   August 8 2008      Page 18
 Music Department
Semester One Concert at St Mary’s
Congratulations students on your outstanding effort at the Semester One Concert, at St Mary’s
on June 20. The performance level and professionalism of the students on the night was a
result of the hard work they have put in, and their desire to make their concert a success.
Parents, I am sure that you enjoyed the concert, as much as we enjoyed presenting it to you!
A special thank you to Colin Zis, Bev Brideson, and Steve Jurilj for their help assisting the
music staff at the concert.

      Year 10 Trombonist Aimee Chappell                                Year 9 Trumpeter Alex Perrozzi

WA School’s Band Festival
All three concert bands will be performing this
term at the WA School’s Band Festival.

These are fantastic opportunities to perform
under competition conditions and to listen to
ensembles from other schools. Family and
friends are always welcome to the
performances for a small door charge of
$4.00 for adults and $2.00 for concessions.

Each band has its own detailed information
sheet, which students will receive very early
in Term 3. The venue for the festival, for all
three bands, is Perth Modern School, Roberts
Road in Subiaco. Wind Orchestra 2 will be
performing at 3:45pm on Saturday August 16,
Wind Orchestra 3 at 9:00am on Sunday
August 17 and Symphonic Winds at 4:10pm
on Sunday August 17.

                                                                 Percussion Ensemble Members
                                                           Hannah Dodds (back) and Bronwyn Lee (front)
                                                                          both Year 12

                                     Newsletter No.5   August 8 2008     Page 19
 Music Department - continued
Term 3 Junior Concert – note the change of date!

When: Wednesday September 17 (previously 24th)
Where: Music Centre
Time: 7:00pm to 9:30pm
Who: Wind Orchestra 2 and 3, Junior Choir, Junior Stage Band, Junior Classical Guitar
Ensemble, and soloists.
Cost: $5.00 adults, $3.00 concessions. No charge for performers. Tickets will be available from
the Administration office mid-term.

                                Senior Cabaret Night – SUPERHEROES!!

                                When: Friday September 19
                                Where: School Gymnasium
                                All students in the Symphonic
                                Wind Orchestra, Jazz Encounter,
                                Senior Choir, and Senior Classical
                                Guitar Ensemble are involved.
                                Cost: Approx $25.00

                                                                                 Bronwyn Matthews

                 Arts quadrangle undercover area, ready for use at the commencement of Term 3.

                                     Newsletter No.5   August 8 2008   Page 20

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