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Chemical Log


Chemical Log

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									Chemical Log
The Australian wool industry has become increasingly aware of the problem of chemical residues in the wool clip. Recording the use of
chemicals provides valuable information when assessing the risk of residues in your clip. This log can be easily copied and applies to meat and
wool. Different versions of chemical logs may be used by growers, provided the key information is recorded and can be accessed to verify
animal treatments. It is extremely important to always follow the manufacturer’s instruction and, especially, to observe any wool harvesting
interval or other withholding periods.

* Check the label for a wool harvesting interval and sheep rehandling interval or withholding period for meat and/or wool. The wool harvesting
interval for wool means the period during which the sheep must not be shorn. A withholding period for meat means that animals must not be
sold for slaughter within this period after treatment. If stock is to be sold for export an export slaughter interval may apply-check with your stock

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