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Cape York Bulletin June - September1


Cape York Bulletin June - September1

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									                                  Cape York Bulletin
                                                       Cape York Peninsula Development Association Inc.
Issue 3 July—Sept 2007                                         Enhancing the quality of life of the people of Cape York

WHAT’S BEEN HAPPENING—PROJECT REPORTS                                                         What’s inside this issue
The past three months have been incredibly busy for the Cape York Peninsula Develop-          What’s Been Happening—
ment Association Inc—with no signs of it slowing down either!                                                                1
                                                                                              Project Reports
There have been numerous staff additions and funding applications approved, including         Committee Member Profile.
the continuing funding for the Turtle Nests Protection project and the Coastal and Marine                                    2
                                                                                              Mike Hintz, Treasurer CYPDA
Project, together with the Envirofund and Community Gambling Benefit Fund applications.
                                                                                              New President for CYPDA        2
Preparations are underway for the refit on our new premises to start as there is no longer
enough room in our current premises to house the current staffing levels. Jokes are be-
ing made that people will have to sit on the roof if we employ anyone else!                   What’s Been Happening—
                                                                                              Project Reports cont.
To keep you up to date with what has been happening over the past three months, below         Calendar of Events for July—
is a brief summary of some of the current projects being undertaken by CYPDA.                                                4

CYPDA UHF Fire Communications Tower Construction
In the past 6 months the CYPDA Fire project, through Austek Communications, has
erected towers in two construction rounds. The first round, completed in January, saw
the erection of towers at Astrea, Watson River and Merluna. In the second round, just
completed in June, towers were erected at Bamboo, Koolburra, Battlecamp and Pinnacle.
This has seen an increase in UHF coverage throughout the Cape of at least 500,000 ha –
a coverage particularly along the main road network.
Rangelands Fire Project
The objective of this project is to extend some of the good work that the CYPDA Cape York
fire management team has promoted in the Peninsula. The project will identify a couple
of case study demonstration locations spread out in the state’s Rangelands areas and
look at the fire regime history going back over 20 years. This will assist greatly in
developing best fire management practice.

The project’s first phase is well underway with the establishment of people and
supporting resources. Bryan Cifuentes commenced employment in early February to kick
start the project, Ray Klein was appointed as a Regional Coordinator in early April based
in Roma and Trevor Howard was appointed as a Regional Coordinator in late April based
in Townsville. Initially their primary role will be to build networks and partnerships with
the people on the ground and to establish a decentralised network and extension service
to encourage local knowledge input to identify the real issues.
                                                                                              CYPDA UHF Radio Tower erected at
Steering committees involving all the major land use stakeholder groups and partners          Astrea Station 2007.
have been established at both centres with possible tentacle advisory groups spread wide      Photo courtesy of Austek
and far. The tedious work of fire history identification from Landsat satellite imagery in    Communications.
the landscape demonstration site areas is about to commence.
Community—Planning Fire
This year CYPDA Fire Project members have attended National Parks Fire Planning                   Cape York Peninsula
Workshops for Cape York and the Wet Tropics in Mareeba, the Annan/Endeavour                    Development Association Inc
Catchment Group Community workshop on Fire in Cooktown, and the North Australia
Seasonal Fire Assessment Meeting and the North Australia Fire Managers Forum in                     207 Bunda Street
Darwin. A meeting with NAFI site managers in Darwin was also held regarding NAFI site                  PO Box 646N
upgrades and the use of eCognition software to map firescars.
                                                                                                 North Cairns QLD 4870
Bryan Lynch, who maps the firescars for the NT and WA, provided training to CYPDA staff           Phone: 07 4031 3432
in Cairns in the use of eCognition. We are now using this advanced software to map                 Fax: 07 4031 3049
Queensland firescars.                                                                         E-mail:
Continued Page 3
CYPDA Inc working in partnership with community and
     Cape york bulletin                                                Committee Member Profile, Management Committee
                                                                       Change and Upcoming Meetings

Committee Member Profile—Mike Hintz, CYPDA Treasurer
Mike Hintz, Treasurer of CYPDA, has been associated with       After six years on the
Cape York Peninsula for over 20 years, is based in Cairns and  CYPDA committee, Mike
currently runs his own tourism business called OzTours Safaris says his vision for the Cape
which provide camping and accommodated tours to Cape York      remains the same - that all
Peninsula, Outback Queensland and the Gulf Savannah.           residents on Cape York are
                                                               provided the opportunity of
Mike grew up in Western Queensland on sheep stations in the progressive sustainable
Winton area. When wool prices dropped significantly the family development including
moved to Brisbane and became established there until the appropriate infrastructure.
mid nineteen eighties. The family maintained rural links as
shareholders in a deer farm near Gympie for many years, and As a n a c t iv e a n d
established a real estate agency. Mike’s Dad Jeff started Oz enthusiastic committee
Tours in 1985 and the family moved north to join the business m e m b e r     Mike,        in
in 1986.                                                       particular, wants to ensure
                                                               that tourism in all its facets
Over the years the family business has been involved with ‘the good, bad and the
establishing low key tourism where it was needed most. ugly’ is understood and
Moreton Telegraph in 1994, as a third shareholder, and leased represented adequately
outright Punsand Bay Safari and Fishing Lodge from 1994 to across Cape York.
1998. The hands on experience gained operating remote area
campground and accommodation facilties has been invaluable Mike is also a member of the Tourism Queensland Product
especially as Oz Tours is working more with fledgling Review Team and a member of the Far North Queensland Tour
homelands and pastoral tourism enterprises.                    Operators Association.

                                         Photos courtesy of Bart’s Bush Adventures Website

      New President for CYPDA                                                          CYPDA
                               John McDowall from Musgrave                     General Meeting Dates*
                               has taken over the role of
                               Acting President of the CYPDA
                               following a Special Meeting of
                               the Management Committee                           Friday 29th June - Laura
                               held in Cairns on the 5th June.
                               John has been a committee
                               member of CYPDA for the last
                                                                     Friday 7th September - Cooktown (AGM)
                               six years.
                                                                               Friday 26th October - Weipa
                               Under the Association’s Consti-
                               tution, a new Management                  Friday 14 December - Cairns
                               Committee will be elected by
                               members at the Annual
                               General Meeting at Cooktown
                               in September. The Manage- * These dates are tentative and are dependent on the
                               ment Committee then elects a weather, availability of relevant representatives and any
                               President and Vice President other factors outside of the control of the CYPDA Committee
                               from the committee members.
                                                               and staff or ordinary member.

     Cape york bulletin                                                               Updates on Projects & CYPDA Staff cont.

GLM Mapping                                                            To finish the aerial incendiary program for 2007, incendiary
                                                                       runs will probably occur over Watson River, Merluna, Batavia
As part of the fire project                                            Downs, Rio Tinto, Aurukun, Southwell and Yarraden.
network building process,
CYPDA conducts mapping for                                             Fire Economics Project
the Grazing Land Management                                            A project contract was developed and signed in collaboration
Project (GLM).                                                         with Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry, Charles
                                                                       Darwin University and CYPDA to investigate the Economics of
Mapping has been taking place                                          Fire Management on pastoral properties.
for various stations including
Merapah, Bramwell, Killarney,                                          Based on the fire frequency history for CYP (1999-2006),
Watson River, Wolverton,                                               pastoral properties have been classified into different burn
Yarraden, Turalba, Kendall                                             frequency classes. These classes include early, dry season or
River, Holroyd, Strathburn, Mt                                         storm burning, and the percentage of properties burnt in any
Jack, Astrea, Artemis, Kimba                                           one year.
and Bamboo. These maps are
in various stages of completion.                                      Joe Miller has been contracted to collect economic data from
                                                                      the Cape York Peninsula pastoral properties that volunteer for
                                GLM Mapping of Pinnacle Station, 2007 the project. This data will be analysed in relation to fire events
                                                                      to estimate the economic and environmental effects of
Turtle Nests Protection                                               managing fire, or not managing fire in Cape York Peninsula
The initial funding for the second phase of the turtle nest           pastoral properties.
protection project was delayed, however arrangements have
been made and Tim White has been employed as a Turtle                 GIS and GPS Training
Project Officer.                                                      CYPDA has also received Landcare and GLM funding to train
                                                                      any landholder in CYP in GIS (ArcMap) and GPS use. These tools
CYPDA is in the process of permanently employing Rangers in           are invaluable to land managers for recording, mapping,
conjunction with the Gulf of Carpentaria Ghost Net Program.           planning and reporting on management issues, including fire.
These rangers will have access to night vision equipment,
satellite phones, a boat and quad bikes.                              being
                                                                       delivered by
Initial information at this stage shows that predation levels are      Peter
still high even after the feral pig shoots last year. Proposals for    Thompson.
the next round of NHT funding (2007—2008) are currently
being developed.
Aerial Incendiary
Lakeland, Musgrave and Weipa Fire Management Aerial
Incendiary meetings were held in April and May to create
awareness of the program and encourage neighbours to find
out what others were intending on doing.

Aerial incendiary flight-plans were developed by CYPDA and             Regional Natural Resource Management Facilitator
incendiary runs completed by the Rural Fire Service for
Brooklyn, Groganville, Karma Waters, Mt Mulgrave, Bellevue,            Deb Pople has been appointed as the Regional NRM Facilitator
Hurricane, Turalba, Maitland Downs, Mt Gibson, Artemis,                for Cape York, based at CYPDA. Regional NRM Facilitators are
Astrea, Glen Garland, Merapah, Crystalvale, Lochinvar, Kendall         part of a national network funded through the Australian
River, Lakefield and Mungkan Kandju National Parks.                    Government’s Natural Heritage Trust to support community
                                                                       engagement in natural resource management.
                                                          run near     Part of Deb's role is to support and communicate natural
                                                          Mt           resource management policies and initiatives to people across
                                                          Mulgrave,    Cape York, and to encourage greater community involvement in
                                                          2007         natural resource management planning and programmes.
                                                                       She can also offer support and advice to Cape Yorkers about
                                                          of Jamie     applying for grants for NRM and caring for country activities
                                                          Haskell,     from Envirofund, Community Water Grants, and similar funding
                                                          Rural Fire   programmes.
                                                                       Deb can be contacted at CYPDA on 07 4031 3432, by mobile
                                                                       on 0429 385 567 or via email at

CYPDA Inc working in partnership with community and

  Jim Petrich returns as A/CEO                                              Calendar of Events*
Former Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the CYPDA from 1996–       July
2005 Jim Petrich AM has returned as Acting CEO for 3 months.
                                                                   1            Naidoc Week
Jim’s brief is day to day management, to oversee the appointment                Aboriginal & Torres Strait Island Sunday
of a new CEO and to evaluate the organisation’s processes and                   Coming of the Light
procedures for handover to the new appointee.                      7            Naidoc Day Napranum
                                                                                Celebration of Poruma Native Title
Jim can be contacted at CYPDA on 07 4031 3432, on mobile           9            Pupil Free Day for School Students
0409 257 111 or via email                             Warraber Island Native Title Day
                                                                   10           Third School Term commences
                                                                                Malanda Agricultural Show
   Membership - get involved                                       13
                                                                                Atherton Annual Show
                                                                                Innisfail Annual Show
                                                                   14-15        Mareeba Rodeo
Becoming a member of CYPDA gives you a voice in                    20           Cairns Annual Show
determining Cape York Peninsula’s quality of life                  23           Mossman & District Annual Show
today and its future development.                                  25           St James Day Lockhart River
                                                                   27           Tully & District Annual Show
                                                                   28-29        Kowanyama Rodeo
Name                                                               30           Kowanyama Rodeo Holiday
                                                                   1            Saibai Island Annexure Day
                                                                   4            National Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander
Phone                            Fax                                            Children’s Day
                                                                   5            Wear Your Footy Colours Day
Email                                                              6            Celebration of the Transfiguration
                                                                                Pormpuraaw Rodeo
                                                                   9            International Day of Indigenous People
Membership Fees                                                    12           Youth Day
                                                                   13           Kowanyama DOGIT Day
Personal $25.00         Corporate $150.00                          15           Yam Festival
                                                                   18           Bamaga Show Day
                                                                   24           Qld Cancer Fund’s Daffodil Day
Amount                            Date                             25           Mareeba Multicultural Festival
Signature                                                          31           Doomadgee Day

Proposer                                                           September
                                                                   2            Father’s Day
Seconder                                                           7            Naidoc Day Umagico
Signature                                                          10           Bamaga Consecration Day
                                                                   21           International Day of Peace
                                                                                Torres Strait Cultural Show
Please enclose cheque/mail order and post to:                      22           School Holidays until 7 October
PO Box 646N North Cairns Qld 4870                                  29           Church Day Injinoo

                                                                   * These events were sourced from the web and the AQIS
                                                                   Cape York calendar. Apologies if we have missed your event.
                                                                   Send contributions to CYPDA on the details below.

                                                                               Cape York Peninsula Development
                                                                                        Association Inc

                                                                                      207 Bunda Street
                                                                                         PO Box 646N
                                                                                   North Cairns QLD 4870
                                                                                    Phone: 07 4031 3432
                                                                                      Fax: 07 4031 3049


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