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					Cape York Accounting Disclaimer
The information contained on this site is provided by Cape York Accounting, as owner of this
website, for general information and is intended to offer users basic information of interest.

While all care and responsibility is taken, Cape York Accounting does not warrant or guarantee that
this website will not be error or virus free, uninterrupted, or delayed. It is the responsibility of the
user to provide their own firewall and virus protection, and to seek proper advice related to their
specific circumstances.

All information contained on this website is subject to copyright, so any unauthorized use of any
materials on this website may violate copyright, trademark or other related legislation. Should a
user download information contained on this website for personal use, the user must retain all
logos, copyright, trademark or other similar matter contained on the website or on downloads taken
from the website. No information contained on this web site may be modified, reproduced or
publicly displayed, performed or distributed or used for any public or commercial purposes.
Explicit permission is required to use the Cape York Accounting logo. To request this written
approval, write to Cape York Accounting at the address provided.

Any information provided is not intended to replace or substitute for accounting, tax or other
professional advice. Because specific facts or circumstances may vary, the application of laws and
regulations may also vary. You should seek formal advice from our team of professionals at Cape
York Accounting for specific advice relating to your position.

All information, contained on this website is provided without warranties of any kind, express or
implied. Under no circumstances shall Cape York Accounting, it’s directors, agents or employees
be liable for any direct, indirect, or other damages howsoever caused.

Hyperlinks may be provided as a convenience to our users. Cape York Accounting is not
responsible for any information or advice contained on these sites, and does not warrant or
guarantee the performance or content of any website so linked.

Cape York Accounting is not responsible for any information or advice contained on websites,
which provide hyperlinks to Cape York Accounting, and does not warrant or guarantee the
performance or content of the websites so linked. Any such link on other websites does not infer
endorsement or approval of their use of the name or trademark of Cape York Accounting, or
knowledge of or endorsement of other information contained on that website. Cape York
Accounting reserves the right to request to request removal of any link to our website which has not
been properly approved by Cape York Accounting.

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