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									                                                                               “Since 1978 we have provided competitive
                                                                                                                    value , a complete range of quality products,
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                                                    13-17 John Street, Lilydale. Vic 3140
                                                                                                                              CAKE & BAKERY
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  We have all types & sizes of paper & plastic                  Resealable Tin-Tie Paper Bags                                  Carry Bags -recyclable & reusable
  bags for packing any kind of product.                         250g Detpak retail bags       500                              Carry Bags Small                 5000
  Plastic HD & LD Bags          qty                             500g Detpak retail bags       500                              Carry Bags Medium                3000
  Produce Roll Bags             ctnx6                           1kg Detpak retail bags        500                              Carry Bags Large/Checkout 2000
  freezer bags -all sizes       1000                            Also available with clear window.                              Foam Trays                       ctn
  Fresh & Crispy Bags           1000                            Great for pre-packed cookies or sweets!                        We stock a full range of foam trays in
  cello bags - various sizes    1000        “Selling Coffee?    Paper & Deli Wrap Sheets      qty          “Great ideas for    all sizes - starting from 5x5, 7x5,
  Low Density Bread Bags        1000        ... ask about our   White News wrap               15kg           pre-packed        8x5, 8x7, 11x5, 11x9 to 11x14.
  Heat sealable poly bags       1000        range of Paper      Silicone Baking Paper         500 sht     cookies & cakes!”    Other Useful Clear Packs         qty
  Brown Kraft Paper Bags        qty           Coffee Cups!”     Greaseproof Paper             ream                             Sho-Bowls -various sizes         250
  1 Long Brown                  1000                            PVC Film & Clingwrap          roll                             S1/S2/S3 clear hinged packs Ctn
  2 Square Brown Bags           1000                            Meat Film (clear) 45cm        1500m                            6 Donut Clear Packs              200
  3 Square Brown Bags           500                             Clingwrap 45cm                600m                             Bar Cake Containers              300
  4 Square Brown Bags           500                             Cake Boxes & Trays            qty                              Clear 4 & 5 Muffin Packs         250
  8 Long Brown Bags             500                             Flat Folded & Pop-Up Boxes 100                                 Ris Vision Ware Cake Domes 300
  Bread Stick Bags              500                             Corrugated heavy duty box 25                                   Fresh-Close Range                100
  Patty Pans                    qty                             Printed “red Bow” Boxes       100                              Detpak Window Boxes              ctn
  Cup Cake Patty Pans           500                             Cake Trays - all sizes        250
  Muffin Patty Pans             500                             Cake Circles & Squares        qty                              If you are looking for somthing specific,
  Mud Cake Patty Pans           500                             Regular White -sizes 7” & up 200                               talk to one of our friendly reps for advice.
                                                                Silver Lined -sizes 6” & up   50
                                                                                                                                  all prices exclude 10% gst

Over 1500 products available including...                                                                      Assistance? call us today : (03) 9739 5735
Microwave & Oven proof containers, bags -all sizes, full range of cleaning chemicals,
custom printing, adhesive labels, food products & spices, kitchen & Wahroom supplies                             Rep:                Mobile:

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