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What type of severance offer should I expect?
I was wronfully terminated from a HUGE retailer and got an attorney after the lies they told at the unemployment hearing. She sent an
intent to sue letter and their response is they acknowledge the sexual harassment but not the discriminatory hiring practices. (I have
witnesses) The GM of the store.

What was the court case that said: Courts would appoint you a judge if you cannot afford one?
Gideon v. Wainwright It was not Miranda. In Miranda, the court held a defenfant had to be told of his rights. Gideon holds that a defendant
gets a attorney if he cannot afford one. See the movie Gideon's Trumpet, with.

What's it called when u have an attorney reppersent u for free?
How would i look up, or what are they called, when an attorney will take ur case for free? it's called doing a case 'pro bono'. that's latin
and it's short for 'pro bono publico' which means for the good of the public. - Pro bono -.

What's the difference in filing a claim with EEOC or filing a lawsuit with an attorney?
I've already filed a claim through EEOC. Should I hire a lawyer too? The EEOC has sent a letter to me talking about mediation which I will
probably do, however, should I have a lawyer present for that? Any info. on this will.

What's your opinion?
8 attorney generals have petitioned my to release the names of registered child perverts & they have refused, saying it
violates their privacy contracts.. who do you think its right?. doris p I have issues with registered sex offenders trolling on myspace. IMHO
it violates the conditions they are registered under. If they refuse, they.

When a police officer violate your rights .where can i report to ?
I studied this. Go to internal affairs and complain to them. Then the whole precinct will go under investigation. - A lawyer. Can't goto the
police now can ya? - police station lol - Y attorney. - how did a police officer violate your rights?.

When an attorney requests that the judge in a case be changed, is there a special name for this motion?
Just as there is a 'motion for a change of venue' and a 'motion to dismiss' a case altogether, is there also a specific name for a motion to
change judges? Thank you, Henrietta Also, under a motion to.

When declaring bankruptcy can I get a public lawyer to represent me for free?
it ain't criminal! you may be able to not pay anybody else, but you can be sure you will have to pay your attorney (and a good one will earn
his/her$) - Only if you are a defendant. Bankruptcy court charges a fee however..

When is the right time to get an atty if a woman is claiming to be pregnant with your child?
Y should already have one. - immediately. - As soon as possible! - Now. An attorney can force her to get a paternity test. - Just make sure you get a court-ordered DNA test. Whodadaddy? - As.

When on workmans comp can an employer cancel or stop your health insurance and make you take cobra?
If you are on worker's comp, you need to contact a worker's comp attorney immediately and inform him or her what is currently
happening to you. Each state has its own statutes regarding worker's comp, you need an expert in.

When Subpoena can I ask the attorney who subpoened me to pay for my time?
I have recently received a subpoena from an attorney in a court case. The case involves two neighbors that are disputing a property line.
They are calling me out because I inspected a leaky water heater for the one client 2 years ago. That's.

When you sue someone, can you sue for the attorney fees also?
If you sue someone, can you sue them for the attorney fees also? Say $1500-$2000 Tecnically, you are filing a complaint. If you prevail
you can ask the court to award you your attorney fees in addition to any damages that you were able to prove. If.

Where can I find a low cost attorney that will help me get visitation of my 2 boys?
Houston,Tx. - Family law - Divorce not yet finalized, violating visitation in divorce degree. Dear Friend, I can understand your problem. I
will suggest you to take help from They have the best attorneys for Just $1 a Day. I.

Where can I find the best lawyer? I was in a car accident?
I was riding my motorcyle nicely and some idiot old person slams right into me, I feel like I am going to die can't breath ect. I went to the
hospital ect. broken ribs, chipped spinal cord.. I am just looking for an attorney now. I.

Where do I find the law of confidentiality that preists must follow?
Religious traditional law not American Jurisprudence Is this what you mean? privileged communication n. statements and conversations
made under circumstances of assured confidentiality which must not be disclosed in court. These include communications between
husband and wife, attorney and client, physician or therapist and patient, and.

Where do I research my divorce attorney's track record?
Hi all, I am about to retain an attorney, but I want to find out how well he's done in previous divorce cases that have gone to court. I'm
expecting a nasty fight from my ex (alcoholic) and he will spend any amount of money to win this, so I.

Who knows whats a decent price for a traffic attorney?
i'm not sure what a 'traffic attorney' would be. an attorney that handles traffic violations? Usually it's not worth your money to hire an
attorney for a traffic ticket. That being said, if it's something like a DUI, there are many attorneys that will do that. Otherwise, you'll.

Who thinks this judge/attorney filing a lawsuit against the dry cleaners is just disgusting?
This guy has an issue with his ego and it's not right what he's putting this family through, over a pair of pants..Its very sad and I feel kind of
sorry for him, but also would like to tell him off.. This judge is what.

Why do attorney's where suits to court?
What's wrong with wearing blue jeans, togas, sweats, etc. . . ? What does an attorney's wardrobe have to do with the case? Because
wearing a suit reinforces that there is a right and wrong in society. Of course this is an illusion propogated by those in power. But, most
attorney's have.

Why do people assume it is ok to just drop by an attorney's office without an appointment?
People don't do this to doctors. What is a nice way of saving you need an appointment like everybody else. I don't need smart hiney
answers I have enough of them myself. Thanks. 'I'm so sorry but you must understand that on.

Why do people get mad when they call for an apt with an attorney when you can't give them one for the next day
People get mad when you say it will be 2 weeks or more and they get mad when you explain he is in court he is in trial prep he is in trial.
If it.

Why does the city of park ridge, illinois municipality on its website not indicate who is its city attorney?
the city of park ridge city hall paralegal and its police personnel do not want to identify its city attorney. why? the website for the
municipality is silent on its city attorney? allow me to ask you a question in.

Why does the FDA approve drugs like vioxx,recall them after people become ill from them ?
Why are they approved in the first place ? There is always an 'ambulance chaser' attorney with melodramatic commecials regarding this.
Because the FDA does not look at the long term side effects of drugs. They try to find some sort of drug.

does a district attorney have more power over a judge in a ruling?
No - no, the final decision is up to the judge - Heck no judge have decision to overpower them - No. The judge runs the court room. The
DA can be held in contempt by the judge. Only way to reverse judge rulings are.

Why isn't NAMBLA illegal??
Ask a liberal. Ask Ruth Bader Ginsburgh. Ask an ACLU attorney. - simple answer The ACLU The most anti american group of retards on
the palent - I thought it was. - Because they and their partner, the ACLU, give millions to the Democrat Party each election. NAMBLA,

Why would a lawyer want power of attorney over a patient in a nursing home?
We are very suspicious of this lawyer's request to get power of attorney for a mentally ill aunt. What would be his benefit for doing this?
He is very insistant on this matter and has called several family members. She has not previously needed.

Will a judge usually grant someone an extension of time in a probate case?
Its a guardianship of the estate case. I am supposed to file an accounting before my hearing but I am not sure how to do that. I am going
to have to get an attorney to assist me. Can I go to the hearing and.

Will the EEOC provide me with a attorney since i have a case and no money?
The first answer is correct. I'd add that you don't need a lawyer if the EEOC pursues your case. I handle a lot of EEOC complaints and
don't recall any in which the employee had counsel. - The EEOC doesn't provide anyone.

With an attorney how do you fight a hit and run case, with no physical evidence and alibi?
I have had the judge only trial, aquitted of the careless driving charge, had my employer testify, and time cards showing alibi, no one has
viewed the vehicle, the sentencing is this week, the judge's sentencing has not occurred, but once.

Would an expert witness bother to set up a consultation with my attorney if he didn't think there was a case?
I was wondering if anyone might know whether or not the expert witness surgeon that looked at my medical records would bother to set
up a consultation with my attorney if he didn't think there was a case?.

341 Bankruptcy Question.What paperwork do I need to bring?
I have a 341 meeting for a chapter 7 case on June 14th. Ive filed bankruptcy without an attorney so I don't know what paperwork I need to
bring with me. I contacted the trustees office who's handling it and they said they would need 2 months of bank statements.

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