EVOC Train-the-Trainer (T3) Course

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					           EVOC Train-the-Trainer (T3) Course
   US Department of Transportation Emergency Vehicle Operator Course (Ambulance)
                           National Standard Curriculum

American Integrated Training Systems, Inc. (AITS) will conduct an EVOC Train-The-Trainer
(T3) Course. The course will qualify instructors to present the classroom portion of the training
and provide an orientation to the practical driving exercises. Each participant will act as a student
and coach for ambulance driving exercises.

Participants will make a presentation on one of the lessons from the National Standard
Curriculum and be evaluated. Each presentation will be videotaped and the participant given a
copy of the videotape. Participants who successfully complete the course will receive a
certificate of completion.

Participants will receive a paper version of the EVOC Instructor Guide, a CD-ROM that contains
the Instructor Guide, Participant Manual and PowerPoint visuals, a copy of the Federal
Specification for the Star-Of-Life Ambulance. KKK-A-1822E and a listing of other references
that are available from the federal government. Each participant will practice editing the CD-
ROM Instructor Guide to include local and state rules and regulations. The edited version can be
printed and reproduced to meet organizational training needs.

The Course Director, Billy Rutherford, was the technical manager and US DOT liaison for the
development of the National Standard Curriculum. Billy has conducted numerous T3 courses. He
has managed the development of over 400 hours of prehospital care multimedia and Internet
training. Jeff Leonard is an EMT-P with over 20 years experience in EVOC training and high
performance EMS management.

The cost for each participant including all course materials is $575.00. Interested individuals and
organizations may contact AITS at 703.440.0914, Fax: 703.440.9005 and email:
brutherf@aitstraining.com. Additional information and applications to attend are located at
www.aitstraining.com. Payment may be made by check. The course is limited to 16 participants.

Here are some of the area locations and organizations that have attended the Train the Trainer
(T3) Courses: Gilbert Fire Department; Phoenix Fire Department; Tucson Fire Department;
Austin, Texas EMS; Phoenix College; Rural Metro/Southwest Ambulance, PMT Ambulance,
Tempe; The Fire District of Sun City West; River Medical; Sierra Vista Fire Department; St.
Johns Emergency Services; Lifeline Ambulance, Prescott, AZ; Tonto Basin Fire District and Sun
Lakes Fire Department.

Since 1994, AITS has conducted numerous courses in Arizona. Course have also been
conducted in, Pennsylvania, Florida, Texas, Virginia, Massachusetts and Michigan. Participants
have come from organizations throughout the United States.