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                                       A New Training Opportunity
                                          from Health DATA

                     The Data & Democracy
               Performing a Community Assessment
    Train the Trainer Course in Humboldt
                              This is a free opportunity to LEARN & TEACH others
                             how to obtain and use community and research data to
                          benefit YOUR organization and build healthy communities!
                     •     Learn how to access, collect, and use data about your community
                     •     Learn how to document and communicate the needs of your community
                     •     Learn how to teach others to plan and conduct a community assessment to inform
                           policies and programs impacting your community

                         This free course is currently being offered in Humboldt 
                         Representatives of Humboldt community-based organizations
                            serving underserved populations are invited to apply.
                      Training Day 1: Thursday April 23, 2009
                     Schedule: Day 2: Friday April 24, 2009
                               Day 3: Friday May 1, 2009
                               Regional Convening of Course Graduates: June 2009
                        Time: 8:30am to 4:30pm
                     Location: Humboldt Area Foundation – Conference Room
                      Address: 373 Indianola Road, Bayside CA 95524

                                     Application deadline is
                                ***Monday, April 13, 2009, 5PM***
                      You must apply to participate. Submit early. Seating is limited.

                                                    Apply online at:

    Data & Democracy is made possible through a grant from The California Endowment, with additional support from Kaiser
    Permanente. For more information visit us online at or contact
    us at or 310-794-0983.

    Data & Democracy Train the Trainer Course is offered in the Humboldt area in partnership with Area 1 Agency
    on Aging, Community Health Alliance of Humboldt – Del Norte, The California Center for Rural Policy, and
    the following organizations: California Black Health Network, California Black Women’s Health Project, California
    Center for Rural Policy, California Pan Ethnic Health Network, California Partnership, Community Health Alliance of
    Humboldt – Del Norte, Insure the Uninsured Project, and Latino Coalition for a Healthy CA 
The purpose of the Data & Democracy “Performing a Community Assessment” Train the Trainer Course is to
develop the skills of community-based experts to increase the ability of communities to obtain, understand, and
apply data to program development and policy advocacy. Our goal is to produce knowledgeable advocates
who put their data and research knowledge into action to build healthy communities.

Course requirements
Participants of the Data & Democracy Train-the-Trainer course will be required to:
   • Submit a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) affirming your commitment to complete course
        requirements listed below. The MOU must be signed by you and your supervisor and submitted
        prior to the first day of the course.
   • Attend the entire three (3) day training course and complete all assignments.
   • Conduct at least one (1) community assessment workshop in their community within six weeks of
        completing the training course.
   • Complete a workshop audience profile prior to the third day of the course.
   • Attend one (1) regional convening to participate in additional skill building clinics and share experiences
        conducting workshops.

Participant benefits
Participants of the Train the Trainer course will receive:
   • Expert training on how to collect and use community-based data to build healthy communities through
        policy and advocacy.
   • Course binder containing copies of the Performing a Community Assessment curriculum, Trainer’s
        Guide and Toolkit, training materials, and community assessment planning worksheets.
   • CD ROM containing electronic files of the curriculum, training materials, worksheets, and workshop
   • Access to the Data & Democracy Online Workstation to obtain technical assistance, data and training
        tools, networking opportunities with peers to learn and share resources.
   • On-call technical assistance from Health DATA staff.
   • Curriculum workbooks, certificates of completion for community workshop participants, sign-in sheets,
        and evaluation forms for your community workshop.
   • $125 stipend to support your workshop.
   • A Trainer Certificate of Completion upon completing all course requirements.

Eligibility criteria
Executive directors, program managers and coordinators, advocates, grant managers, community organizers,
and community volunteer leaders are encouraged to apply. Eligibility criteria include:
• Applicant must be a staff or volunteer representative of a community-based non-profit organization serving
   low-income, immigrant, homeless, and/or underserved racial/ethnic minorities such as African American,
   American Indian, Asian, Pacific Islander, and Latino populations. Priority will be given to applicants serving
   populations in the Humboldt area.
• Applicant must commit in advance to completing all course requirements.
• Space is assigned on a first come, first serve basis to applicants who meet the above criteria. Up to
   2 individuals per organization will be accommodated.

How to Apply
Apply online at or complete
the attached application form and fax to Health DATA at 310-794-2686, attention Jazmin Zane. Applicants will
receive a course registration confirmation via e-mail, and a username and password to access the online
WorkStation which contains the MOU to be signed by applicant and supervisor. MOU must be submitted prior
to start of course. Courses fill up fast. Apply early!
                   Data & Democracy Train the Trainer Course Application
                              Due Monday, April 13, 2009, 5 PM
    Apply Online at:

TO APPLY BY FAX: Complete this 2-page application form and fax it to 310-794-2686, attn: Jazmin Zane.

All applicants will receive course registration confirmation via email. Once you confirm your spot, you will
receive directions on how to access the MOU, which must be signed by a supervisor (or board chair) and
submitted prior to the start of course on April 23rd, so please provide current email address.
        Your name:
        City:                                                                   Zip:
        Phone:                                                                  Fax:
        Do you have any specific meeting needs? (i.e., wheelchair accessibility, large print materials,
        dietary restrictions, etc…)

Before completing this application, please complete the following checklist to be sure you
understand the Train the Trainer course requirements:
       I can attend all 3 days of the Humboldt course: Thursday April 23, Friday April 24, and Friday May 1,

       I will plan and conduct a workshop based on what I learned for staff, partners, or volunteers in my
       organization or community within 6 weeks following day 3 of the course.

       My supervisor will support my participation in the 3-day course, planning and conducting my community
       assessment workshop, and my attending the Regional Convening. My supervisor’s name and contact
       information is: (Note: if you are the Executive Director, CEO, or lead person of your organization,
       you must identify your Board Chair or someone above you as your supervisor. You CANNOT
       identify yourself as the supervisor)
       Name:                                                  Title:
       Email:                                                 Phone:

       If notified I have been accepted into the course, I will complete and submit the MOU prior to April 23rd,
       the first day of the course.

       After acceptance into the course, if I cannot meet all course requirements, I will notify Health DATA
    Please tell us about yourself and your organization. This information will help us to identify and meet your training needs. Your
    answers to these questions are NOT used to determine course eligibility.

    1. What area(s) does your organization serve? (please              5. What is the size of your organization, including full- and
    check all that apply)                                              part-time staff? (please check one)
       Los Angeles County or surrounding areas                             1-5 staff
       The Inland Empire or surrounding areas                              6-10 staff
       Fresno County or surrounding areas                                  11-20 staff
       Humboldt County or surrounding areas                                More than 20 staff
       Other: _________________________

    2. How would you describe your organization? (please               6. What is your organization’s annual budget? (please
    check all that apply)                                              check one)
        501(c)3 status non-profit                                         Less than $100,000 per year
        Community-based or grassroots                                     $100,000 to $250,000 per year
        Private or incorporated                                           $250,000 to $500,000 per year
        Academic institution                                              $500,000 to $1,000,000 per year
        Municipal/County dept of health or other public office            More than $1,000,000 per year
        State dept of health or other public office
        Hospital, clinic, or other service provider
        Other:____________________                                     7. Do you have experience with training groups of people
                                                                       (e.g., providing a workshop)? (please check one)
                                                                           I have trained groups many times
                                                                           I have trained groups a few times
                                                                           I do not have experience with training groups

    3. What is the focus of your organization? (please check all       8. Do you have experience with collecting health-related
    that apply)                                                        or other types of data? (please check one)
        Advocacy/Public policy                                             a lot of experience
        Care/Service delivery                                              some experience
        Consulting                                                         little or no experience
        Health outreach/Promotion/Education
        Program planning/Implementation                                9. Do you have experience with analyzing health-related
        Research/Evaluation                                            or other types of data? (please check one)
        Volunteer                                                          a lot of experience
        Other:______________________                                       some experience
                                                                           little or no experience

    4. What target populations are served by your organization         10. Do you have experience with using health-related or
    or program? (please check all that apply)                          other types of data to inform organizational, programmatic,
        Spanish monolingual                                            or advocacy decisions? (please check one)
        Low-income                                                         a lot of experience
        Immigrant                                                          some experience
        Homeless                                                           little or no experience
        African American
        American Indian                                                11. Do you have experience with conducting a community
        Asian-Pacific Islander                                         needs assessment? (please check one)
        Latino                                                             I have previously worked on a community needs
        Non-Latino White                                                   assessment myself
        Other community: ___________________                               I have had contact with others in my organization
                                                                           who have conducted a community needs assessment
                                                                           I have little or no previous experience with or
                                                                           contact with those conducting a community needs

    Participants accepted into the course will receive their registration confirmation via email. For more information, contact
    Health DATA at Or visit us online at

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