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					                            Broadcast Challenges
Five tips for creating a successful submission
   1. Make sure that all aspects of the submission have been created by the students and do not
      include any identifiable product or product logo.
   2. Do not use real names of students and make sure there are no more than 2 identifiers for
      students appearing in the Broadcast submission. Remember: a student's image, their first
      name and their school name count as 3 identifiers.
   3. Check the sound recording level (some Broadcast News submissions would have been
      enhanced by better sound quality). Try to record the submission in as quiet a location as
   4. Check the background lighting. If people’s faces are to be seen, avoid having them standing
      in front of a strong light source such as a window as this makes their features difficult to see.
   5. Be sure that the Creative Statement includes signed permissions from all individuals/team
      members, any person appearing in, or contributing to the production of the broadcast.

Please note: only submissions that comply with all the Terms and Conditions of the Broadcast
Challenges will be approved for uploading to the Broadcast Newsroom.

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