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					Migration and Integration
  in the West Midlands

          Tallinn - 19-22 October 2009

Clare Daley – WMSMP: c.daley@wmleadersboard.gov.uk
          Website: www.wmlga.gov.uk/wmsmp
• Partnership role, structure & impacts
• Regional Social Inclusion Strategy
• Asylum dispersal & refugee
  integration in the UK
• Regional refugee / migrant
• Cohesion, integration & migration
• Integration issues & responses
               WMSMP Role
• Regional consortia set up in 2000 to oversee
  asylum dispersal & refugee integration in region

• Became West Midlands Strategic Migration
  Partnership (formerly WMSPARS) in June 2007
  – also took on new migrant remit

• Partnership consists of local authority, statutory,
  private, voluntary and community organisations
  from across West Midlands
WMSMP Structure
           Regional Impacts
• Influencing local strategies and plans

• Sharing and developing practice / procedures

• Facilitating co-ordination and collaboration

• Presenting local issues and responses nationally

• Providing information and policy interpretation
 Regional Social Inclusion Strategy

• Recognising the                       • Encouraging inclusion
  impact of poverty,                      and mainstreaming of
  inequality and                          responses to refugee
  discrimination                          and asylum needs
• Addressing the                        • Supporting refugees to
  challenges faced in                     play a full, active and
  refugee integration                     equal part in the region
    Developed through a regional process of partner involvement,
         strategy group and consultation events and drafts
               Available at
             Theme Areas
• Information, Advice   • Volunteering
  and Language          • Media
• Accommodation         • Community Cohesion
• Health                • Community
• Children                Development
• Adult Education and   • Culture, Leisure and
  Training                Sport
• Employment
  Strategy Delivery & Review
• Co-ordinated by WMSMP
• Cross-sector Regional Implementation Groups
  (RIGs) take forward actions by theme –
  Cohesion, Media, Employment & Training,
  Children, Health, Housing, Women
• Link with Regional Partnerships & Bodies, Public
  Services, Local Authorities & Strategic
  Partnerships, Voluntary Sector
• Partnership review of achievements, outstanding
  and new actions, issues and policy context
         UK Asylum System
• Dispersal areas: urban multi-cultural areas
• Asylum dispersal on a no-choice basis, often to
  vacant property and areas of deprivation
• Home Office contract asylum accommodation
  and provide basic support (2/3 income support)
• Unaccompanied asylum seeking children
  supported by Local Authorities where arrive
• People seeking sanctuary are not allowed to
  work and often live in poverty, fear and ill-health
• New Asylum Model 2006; Case Resolution 2011
        Refugee Integration
• On receipt of status, refugees have 28 days to
  find their own accommodation and support
• Tend to settle in dispersal areas that have
  members of own cultural community
• Refugees are able to access housing, services,
  employment and support like any UK Citizen
• Refugees are often highly skilled and qualified
  and have contributed significantly to Region
• New National Refugee Employment and
  Integration Services started – October 2008
Regional Refugee Populations
• WM refugee population    • Over 85 different
  estimated at over          languages and dialects
  76,000, over 1% of         spoken. Range of faiths
  regional population        and backgrounds.

• About 4350 asylum        • The largest refugee
  seekers currently          groups are Somali,
  supported by UKBA          other African and Iraqi
  (plus UASCs & refused)
                           • Areas of dispersal and
• About half of regional     settlement mostly inner-
  refugee and asylum         city, disadvantaged and
  populations in Bham        multicultural
New Migration in West Midlands
• Global, national & local   • Largest populations in
  changing migration           urban areas (Bham,
  patterns & movements         Coventry) but largest
                               growth in rural areas
• Dramatic increase in
  migrant workers in         • Polish, Indian and
  region following EU          Slovak biggest groups
  accession in 2004
                             • Regional study on
• About 47,000 overseas        economic impact of
  nationals registered         migrant workers
  NINOs in region in
  07/08; 13,000 in Bham      • Migration Matters
                               conference & report
• Highly contested term focused on refugees until
  recent CLG Migrant Integration Review
• Recognition that two-way, long-term, dynamic
  and multi-dimensional but not in practice
• Bias to functional rather than social integration
• Tension between targeted & universal services
• National ‘Integration Matters’ Strategy 2009
• Regional Social Inclusion Strategy - review
• Local Integration Strategies and Forums
(Castles et al, 2002; Ager & Strang, 2004; ECRE, 2005; Korac, 2001)
         Community Cohesion
• Policy term emerging after 2001 social unrest
• Recent shift from multiculturalism to cohesion
  blamed for tensions and segregation
• Linked with ‘race’, migration and assimilation
• Social capital model – bonding, bridging, links
• Based on shared futures, goals and equality
• Commission for Integration and Cohesion report
  and CLG response
• Much policy guidance and paradox
(Forrest & Kearns 1999; Cantle 2005; COIC, 2007; Temple & Moran 2005)
     Cohesion and Migration
• Refugees and migrants more likely to be victims
  of and to under report crime and exploitation
• New arrivals face difficulty accessing services
• Areas of asylum dispersal and migrant
  settlement often of existing deprivation
• ‘Scape goating’ of new arrivals v. contribution to
  cohesion e.g. volunteering
• Frequent movement / instability / work hrs make
  it difficult to form links within local communities
• Lack of accurate data about populations of new
  communities, particularly destitute
                  Key Publications
• Welcome to Birmingham Website - A guide to information,
  support and services in Birmingham for people new to city
  Available at: www.welcometobirmingham.org

• 'Migration Matters: Mainstreaming Migration in the West
  Midlands' Conference Report - June 2009

• Where Our Journeys Meet - A West Midlands Resource for
  Raising Awareness of Refugee, Asylum and Migrant Issues

• Maternity, Mortality and Migration: the impact of new
  communities - 2008
  All available at: http://www.wmlga.gov.uk/Policy_Areas/Migration/Publications/Publications.aspx