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                                       Breads & Starters

Garlic Loaf - freshly baked with lashings of garlic butter                                3.9

Foccacia Margarita - dressed with virgin olive oil & balsamic coulis                      4.9

Turkish Style Bread - with dukkah & olive oil                                             5.9

Focaccia - topped with goats cheese, caramelised onion, sun dried tomatoes and
           basil pesto.                                                                   7.9

Potato Wedges - with sour cream and sweet chilli sauce                                    7.9

                    Please ask our Staff or look at our ‘Specials Board’                  5.9

                                           SA Oysters
Oysters Natural – served with dipping sauce and lemon                            ½ doz.   12.9
                                                                                 Doz      21.9
Oysters Kilpatrick - grilled with bacon and our blended sauce                    ½ doz    14.9
                                                                                 Doz      23.9

Marinated Seafood Salad - a mixture of pickled seafood served                Entree 12.9
                     with salad greens and drizzled with a tangy mayonnaise. Main 17.9

Maltese Chicken Salad – marinated chicken breast with ricotta, pimento, baby rocket
                        and honey mustard dressing.                                       17.9

Caesar Salad - traditional salad of roman lettuce, anchovy, parmesan cheese,
               bacon, crisp croutons and coddle egg.                                      14.9

                                                             Add chicken                  17.9

Marinated Lamb Salad - spicy lamb shavings served with a salad of
                       lettuce and julienne vegetables with a tangy mayonnaise            17.9
Caesar Wrap - a traditional caesar salad wrapped in a flour tortilla with caesar sauce        12.9

Duck Wrap - roasted duck served warm with julienne vegetables and salad
            with a spicy sauce                                                                14.9

Sweet Chili Chicken and Prawn Stir Fry - with fragrant herbs, rice noodles
                                         and a spicy asian sauce                              16.9

Nasi Goreng - spicy beef and rice stir fry with asian spice                                    14.9

Curry of the Day - see our ‘Special’s Board’ or our friendly Staff                             16.9

Fish and chips - beer battered with our homemade tartare sauce and
                wedges of lemon                                                                14.9

Salt & Pepper Squid - crisp strips of calamari with fries, dipping sauce and lemon             14.9

Seafood Crepes - with prawns, fish pieces & scallops in a creamy wine sauce                    18.9

Garlic Prawns - french style with creamy garlic sauce                                    Entree 12.9
                                                                                          Main 19.9

Seafood Plate - a combination of scallops, prawns, squid and fish fillets                      19.9

Moroccan Lamb Skewer - served with flat bread and mint raita                                   19.9

700gm T-Bone – grain fed beef served with caramelised onions and sweet
               capsicum and chilli coulis                                                      25.9

Fillet Mignon - with bacon and mushrooms served on a bed of potato mash                        24.9

Sirloin Steak - angus beef served to your liking with your choice of sauce                     24.9

Rump Steak - grilled to your liking and served with sauce of your choice                       18.9

Seafood Rump Steak- smothered in a creamy seafood sauce                                        22.9

Vegetarian Lasagna - classic vegetarian lasagna with béchamel sauce                            16.9

Spinach and Ricotta Parcels - baked and served with asparagus spears and
                               napoletana sauce                                                16.9

Spaghetti Bolognaise - a rich tomato sauce cooked with prime beef
                      and tossed through spaghetti                                             15.9

Creamy Risotto - cooked with roasted capsicum, mushrooms, red onion,
                      spinach and parmesan cheese                                              15.9

                                                  Add chicken                                  18.9
                                           Chef’s Selections
Surf ‘n’ Turf - a fillet steak served to your liking with half a crayfish served
                  with asparagus and hollandaise sauce                                      34.9

Spicy Pork Ribs - served with a chili and plum glaze one a bed of rice                      18.9

Cajun Spiced Chicken Breast –served with corn salsa and rice and
                             mango chutney                                                  19.9

Smoked Lamb Racks - roasted and served with honey mustard glaze                             22.9

Grilled Kangaroo – char-grilled fillet served with famous chilli plum glaze                 19.9

Seafood platter for two – a selection of cold and hot seafood, with oysters, prawns,
                         scallops, fish fillets and calamari                                49.9

A Trio of German Wurst - bratwurst, bockwurst and weisswurst with
                        sauerkraut and sweet mustard                                       19.9

Beef Schnitzel                                                                             14.9

Chicken Schnitzel                                                                          15.9

Mawsons Mega Beef Schnitzel                                                                18.9

Mawsons Mega Chicken Schnitzel-                                                            19.9
- all schnitzels are served with wedges of lemon or your choice of sauce
                          (Mushroom, Dianne, Pepper and Gravy)

Parmigana - tomato, herbs and cheese
Forrester - creamy mushroom, blue cheese and bacon
Mexican - hot chili, tomato and cheese                                                  Extra 2.5
Aussie - bacon, onion, cheese and BBQ sauce                                        Mega Extra 3.5
Hawaiian - ham, cheese and pineapple
Seafood – creamy prawn, calamari and fish fillet in seafood sauce                       Extra 4.0
                                                                                   Mega Extra 6.0
                        Kids Menu

                   Kids Meal deal 7.9
              ( includes soft drink and ice-cream )

                 Chicken nuggets with fries

                        Fish and chips

                  Chicken or beef schnitzel

                    Spaghetti bolognaise

                     Sausage and chips

                Hot ham and cheese burger

                      Calamari and fries

       Children’s Meals are for children 12 and under


Please check our ‘Specials Board’ and also our display fridge.

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