Integral Calculus Mathematics Project

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					                            Integral Calculus Mathematics Project
Names: ______________________________________________                          Grade: ___________ / 35


        Attach this page with a paper-clip to your writing assignment when you turn it in.
        All dimensions do not have equal weight. This is for you to use as a guide when writing your project and
         for me to use as a guide when grading your project.

                     Dimensions                        Exemplary                      Acceptable     Unacceptable

               Is the problem restated?

 Is there an explanation of how the problem will be

                 Is the answer stated?

 Is there a precise and organized explanation of the

             Is the letter well organized?

    Is the language used appropriate and clear?

 Are the grammar, spelling, and writing mechanics
 Are there appropriate definitions of mathematical
               terms and notations?
    Is the language used effectively to guide the

       Are diagrams clear, helpful, and labeled?

             Are all questions answered?

                Are any sources cited?

             Is the mathematics correct?