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					                                          BOOSTING MeLBOURNe’S RAIL NeTWORk
                         MEETING OUR TRANSPORT CHALLENGES Connecting Victorian Communities                       ACTION THREE

Background                                                               Rail Network Capacity Program (RailNet)
                                                                         The Government will create a new Rail Network Capacity
Victoria’s rail network forms the backbone of our public transport
                                                                         Improvement Program (RailNet) to deliver a range of projects
system. In the past two decades, demand for train travel among
                                                                         designed to overcome constraints and free up capacity in the
commuters has grown by 43 per cent. Increased patronage
                                                                         existing rail network.
places great pressure on our rail system, with Melbourne trains
now operating close to capacity on some lines during peak                RailNet will involve a significant program of works, operational
periods.                                                                 changes and additions to rolling stock to be undertaken over
                                                                         the next 25 years, and will be the biggest investment in the
For the rail network, the largest demands are confined to peak
                                                                         metropolitan rail network since the construction of the City Loop.
periods – between 7.30am to 9.00am and between 4.00pm
to 6.00pm on weekdays. During these periods, extra pressure              Overcoming existing constraints is a priority area for action,
is placed on the existing network by meeting the community               requiring:
expectation that the system will provide a mix of express and
                                                                           Changes to operating patterns for CBD-bound trains – including
stopping services.
                                                                           access to the City Loop;
Short-term ‘technical’ capacity solutions that work on other               Significant infrastructure investments to support these changes;
networks – e.g. the London Underground and the Paris Metro                 and
– such as improvements in signalling, and adjustments to
                                                                           Upgrades to signalling systems.
timetabling would have limited success on the Melbourne network.
                                                                         Given the size of the task and the time span during which
The actual physical constraints of the rail infrastructure – such
                                                                         the works will be undertaken, a series of projects have been
as bridges, over and underpasses, and the length of station
                                                                         developed to address issues in the short, medium and long-term.
platforms – means that seemingly straightforward solutions such
as adding additional carriages to trains and including double-           Short-Term Capacity Solutions
decker carriages are not possible.                                       To address the existing short term (up to five years) capacity
As a result, meeting the increasing demands on the network               issues on the metropolitan rail network, a series of measures
requires not only upgrades to signalling and control systems, but        are planned or are under investigation:
major infrastructure works such the building of additional tracks          Adjustments to the existing 2006 timetable to include extra
along particular segments of the network where constraints exist.          metropolitan peak services.
Priority works are proposed for the Dandenong and Northern Rail
Lines, both of which accommodate multiple metropolitan and               In the AM peak, extra services will be provided on the
V/Line services.                                                         Broadmeadows line (two to three services), and the Sydenham,
                                                                         Werribee and Dandenong (shoulder peak) lines (one each). In the
In addition to this, extra rolling stock will be needed as capacity of   PM peak, an extra service will be provided on the Sydenham and
the rail network is increased.                                           Dandenong lines (shoulder peak) respectively.
While capacity issues on the rail network need to be addressed             Provision of additional peak services from 2007 through
during peak periods, initiatives that encourage off peak usage of          major changes to the current timetable, facilitated by minor
the rail network are achievable and desirable as they maximise the         infrastructure works.
use of the current infrastructure.
                                                                         A new 2007 timetable will be developed, which will enable
                                                                         four to five extra services to be added in peak periods where they
Key Elements                                                             are most needed. The additional services will be focussed on the
  $2 billion for rail network and service improvements.                  Sydenham, Dandenong and potentially Clifton Hill rail corridors.

  Rail Network Capacity Program (RailNet), including short and
  long-term measures.
  New train stations in growing suburbs.
Rail Capacity Improvement Program 2006-2030                      Clifton Hill Rail Group / South Morang Rail Extension
Dandenong/Caulfield Rail Corridor                                Commencing 2007 the Government will progressively:
Commencing 2008 the Government will progressively:                 Stage 1 – implement the Clifton Hill Loop reversal and layover
  Construct a third track between Caulfield and Springvale;        removal (Funded);

  Upgrade Pakenham Station and train stabling;                     Stage 2 – construct a second track between Clifton Hill and
                                                                   Westgarth (Funded);
  Add a new stabling to the Cranbourne Line;
                                                                   Stage 3 – construct a second track between keon Park and
  extend the third track from Springvale to Dandenong;
                                                                   epping; and
  Construct new platforms at Dandenong and Sandringham
                                                                   Stage 4 – extend the rail line from epping to South Morang.
  stations; and
  Upgrade the stabling at Frankston Station.                     City Loop and Inner Core Program
                                                                 Commencing 2008 the Government will progressively:
Northern Rail Group
Commencing 2006 the Government will progressively:                 Upgrade Loop signalling;
                                                                   Upgrade Flinders Street Station; and
  Upgrade the North Melbourne Station interchange;
                                                                   Upgrade Richmond Station.
  Upgrade signalling on the Werribee rail corridor;
  Construct a third track between Sunshine and West Footscray;   Funding
                                                                 $1970 million
  Upgrade signalling between Sunshine and Watergardens;
  Upgrade the Werribee Rail Corridor - station and stabling;
                                                                 New Train Stations
  Provide a Broadmeadows Corridor stabling;
                                                                 New train stations are required to support increased patronage in
  Investigate the Roxburgh Park to Upfield link;                 growth areas and increase transfers between trains and buses as
  Construct a third track between Altona Junction and Newport;   the network expands.
  Upgrade the Old Geelong Road level crossing; and               Commencing in 2008, the Government will build new stations on
  extend the third track from West Footscray to Footscray and    existing rail lines at Point Cook, Cardinia Road and Lynbrook.
  potentially build a fourth track from Sunshine to Footscray.
                                                                 $60 million
                                                                 From 2011-16.
                                               RAIL CAPACITy IMPROVeMeNT PROGRAM
                           MEETING OUR TRANSPORT CHALLENGES Connecting Victorian Communities                                           ACTION THREE
                                                                                         18   South Morang

                                                                   12                Epping
                                       Broadmeadows       11


                                                                           5   Clifton Hill
                                                  4            4     1,2
                                         22                                                             Box Hill
                                                                               21                                                      Ringwood

                                                                               Caulfield                              Glen Waverley
                                                                                    13                              Springvale

                                       Port Phillip
                                          Bay                                                                                                               Berwick


                                         NORTH                                                                                           14
                               0           5          10 km



         Passenger rail network                            Rail network                              Existing urban area                              Major road

Rail Capacity Improvement Program 2006 - 2030

2006 - 2011                                           2011 - 2016                                                      2016 - 2021
1 Clifton Hill Loop reversal                           8 Flinders Street - upgrade and track modifications             17 Keon Park to Epping - duplication
2 City Loop - signalling upgrade                       9 Werribee corridor - new station, stabling                     18 Epping to South Morang - extension
3 West Footscray to Sunshine - 3rd track and          10 Old Geelong Road level crossing upgrade                       19 Newport to Altona junction - 3rd track
  Sunshine to Watergardens - signalling upgrade       11 Broadmeadows corridor - stabling                              20 Frankston Line - stabling
4 North Melbourne station - interchange upgrade       12 Upfield to Roxburgh Park - link
5 Clifton Hill to Westgarth - track duplication       13 Sandringham station - 2nd platform, stabling                  2021 and beyond
6 Caulfield to Springvale - 3rd track                 14 Cranbourne station - stabling                                 21 Richmond station - upgrade
7 Laverton to Werribee - signalling upgrade           15 Springvale to Dandenong - 3rd track                           22 Footscray to West Footscray - 3rd track
                                                      16 Pakenham station - 3rd platform, stabling                        and Footscray to Sunshine - 4th track
                                                                                                                       23 Dandenong station - 4th platform

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